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this is the news live from britain's parliamentary vote. the prime minister admits to lawmakers of the deal doesn't have enough support to reason to brussels for more talks the e.u. would be willing to compromise also on the program french president emanuel. prepares to address the nation following weeks of violent protests planned fuel tax increases. the u.s. over the indictment of a senior who executive. really undermine u.s.
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sanctions against iran or is washington using her as a pawn in the trade conflict with. a mom a cold dr miracle we meet a doctor who's helped scores of women in the democratic republic of congo overcome horrific injuries and the trauma of right today he received the nobel peace prize in recognition of his achievements. welcome to the program british prime minister theresa may has delayed the u.k.'s parliament's vote. in a noisy session the prime minister told us they would not be voting tomorrow on the draft deal she spent two years negotiating a reason simply not enough support as pro and protesters marched outside inside this. i promise to return to brussels and some more negotiations it is clear
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that this house faces a much more fundamental question. does this house wants to deliver bricks it. i. think it is now still. does it want to do so through reaching an agreement with the e.u. if the answer is yes and i believe that is the answer with a majority at this house and we all have to ask ourselves whether we are prepared to make a compromise because there will be no enduring and successful grex it without some compromise on both sides here today. many of the most controversial aspects of this dealing kluge in the past are are simply inescapable facts of having a negotiated brix it those members who continue to disagree need to shoulder the
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responsibility of advocating an alternative solution that can be delivered. straight to london then we're joined by correspondent barbara vai's will welcome barbara does anyone besides the prime minister believe she can pull together a parliamentary majority for this deal. we lost the line am afraid so that's that's a problem if bob are available can't hear very. we will do something else and come back to. let's do the back stuff the main sticking point in the current deal is the so-called the bad stuff arrangements over the border on the island of ireland the aim is to maintain an open border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which would which of course is not going to remain a member of the european union if you carry a leaves the e.u. without an all encompassing deal the backstop would keep northern ireland within
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the e.u. customs union but that would create different conditions between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. in the eyes of some that would effectively mean a kind of border within the u.k. others say the measure would keep britain under the e.u. customs rules and leave the country tied to the union so today theresa may said she would take those concerns back to the european union leaders and seek great a clarification on the issue i spoke to a number of e.u. leaders over the weekend and in advance of the european council i will go to see my counterparts in other member states and the leadership of the council and the commission i will discuss with them the clear that this house has expressed. despite that it's by no means clear at this stage that european leaders will be willing to make the kind of concessions that would allow me to get the deal through parliament. as president you can sense this is the best and only deal possible we're not renegotiate our position has done for not changed and as far as we are
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concerned the united kingdom is leaving they are playing union on the twenty ninth of march two thousand and ninety so i can only say what i said earlier we've already offered a lot of concessions along the way we ended up with the backstop with the central agreement because i hope all the red lines of the u.k. laid out on the way this is with all agreements which are supported twenty eight member states it's not possible to open up any one aspect of this without opening up all aspects of the great i've no difficulty with you know statements that clarify what's in them which are all agreements but no statement of capitation can contradict what's in the control agreement. ok so it makes certainly has a mountain to climb scally is the irish times that correspondent welcome to d w those sounded like very hognose from the e.u. . we've been talking about hot breakfast and saw how how hob of those nose those nose are hard from now if this is a game of chicken it's
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a very dangerous game of chicken for took it from an irish perspective i'm from arlington for two and a half years we've been waiting for clarity i mean this backs up they're going to talking about it's rather technical term it's effectively an insurance policy people say we have a very good system in our own and we have a soft border trade goes back and forth and not trade and not prosperity is the current or peace twenty year old twenty years of peace in our land and if you start thinking with that if you have insecurity on that and people are wondering where is that going to go what's going to happen what's going to happen to trade what's going on and people lose their jobs will they be if there's lots of pied pipers in northern ireland still higher and thinking they can pick off people and go back to the bad old days and i think is just this is just an experiment it's like performing an experiment without an honest static and this is been going on for two and a half years so if britain is playing hardball the playing hardball back but it's really getting down to the wire because it's set us to speak out a couple of strands within the us first of all it is clear that regardless of political fudges that have been done no doubt in part of the u.k.
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divide and. its own sovereign entity within the e.u. it's going to have to be a border somewhere and people around the world are going to look at this people with around the world who don't have long memories are going to look at this is what we have borders everywhere that's what happens between political entities and sovereign countries up people in ireland really going to start shooting the moment the they see a border post go no but what's really going to happen is we've got the european union has said it's backing our than the republic of iran the staying inside the european union why would it want to sell down one of its members down the river. so what they're saying is no i'm sorry mrs may you called the election after brag that you wanted to boost your political support you ended up coming back to prom with less support you're not depend of one of the parties in northern arledge who was actually also in favor of break that effect if there's a i think you're going to have to double crossed i'm going to do some sort of a deal because the notion of of a hard border is far less than the notion of putting some sort of border through
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the irish sea so you'll actually have trucks being checked while they're on a ferry which is far less damaging at least you don't have traffic johns like if you have people waiting twenty four hours on a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland i've been trying hard border i think poland the border with ukraine people talk about all we can of technology it'll all be magical there won't be anything there are fourteen football fields worth of infrastructure every bit of technology on there the sun and yet the trucks are still waiting twenty four hours so i don't think anyone wants trucks waiting twenty four hours but the british government have been basically pussy footing around for two and a half years saying it'll all be fine and we want to have our cake we want to eat our cake and at this stage the government in dublin is getting very nervous because if the rest of europe thinks yeah we will just have to we'll just have to sell dublin down the river this is. just just look the point is obviously that there is
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a relationship between dublin and brussels but this relationship between london and dublin as well the u.k. as i was biggest simple part the number two in terms of exports nobody wants no deal because everybody loses it but it seems odd that leo varadkar should be maintaining such a hot stuff well don't forget this two things at play here there was breaks it and then they decided after this oh we're also going to leave at the customs union that's a separate thing entirely if threesome and said we're going to stay inside the customs union the trucks could keep rolling but that was something she decided to do that was a political decision i don't know of. people who voted for brags that or voted against break the news that the customs union thing was coming up as well so she's painters' off into a corner she's paynter self and her allies in northern ireland into a corner and yes as you say it's could be really hard ball but at this stage we're now three months away from something they've had two and a half years to prepare for she said there was a widespread and deep concern over the deal she was putting to pond we've had
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widespread and deep concern for two and a half years so this is their rendezvous were reality and i think many people in europe are saying to quote mrs may get on with it very steadily for be honest times thank you. let's go back to date of the barbara faisal london on the back of the new sentence reduced by high supper spode this vote. barbara we've just been talking about the buck stop and that the situation and i haven't is that we hope in london for theresa may to get on with it. if there is any hope it is completely illusionary because everybody who's a realist even in her own rose even in her own party knows it must know off to all these months of talking back and forth that the irish backstop is not to be removed the european union will do one saying not it will not sort of leave behind member country arland in order to save to reason may that will simply not happen and of
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course if you look at british media everybody says so and she my snow's is no this is the problem is is she going back to brussels and giving it another try just for show just to demonstrate demonstrate that she has tried everything and indeed there he is and then she will need to come back here talk to parliament again sort of soften the noise again and all that yelling and screaming and say ok listen folks i did my best but it didn't happen so now please vote for me so the chances are really not very good for her that she can push to deal through in that way so you think there are there are no crumbs that they can throw. can they stroke her something they can give her a friendly sentence in the political declaration where they say that both sides the european union and britain do not intend the backs up to last indefinitely of
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course it even the e.u. doesn't want that really because it is a piece of cherry picking britain gets a relatively good conditions there and doesn't have to pay into the budget for instance for the free access for trucks rolling back and for us it gets. so it is not something that is supposed to last but we know that the political declaration is just a piece of paper it's not a contract it doesn't mean that much and everybody can change their minds during the course of next year when the real negotiations about the future relationship begin so yes that's possible but will it sway palm and i have my sincere doubts so if you are union chooses not to change the deal on the table a deal that it looks like the british parliament will reject it what then are three some a's next options. but options are of course to try again and failed their option is of course to be somehow thrown out of
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government voted out by her own party who suffers still the idea is still there vote of no confidence even though the labor party is really aiming at having new elections the option also is of course a heartbreaks it and that is coming closer now because time is really running away from the british negotiators in brussels there is not really much to do the european parliament needs to needs to sort of say yes agree to the deal and we're only three months more or less from britain leaving the e.u. so the heartbreaks it can still happen it becomes more likely the more trees a make kicks the can down the road today there are rumors in london that she might really push things out into the general the trainees first of january is the last day she will have to hold a vote that's a lot of time for parliamentarians to stew over breaks it and whether that will
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save her head and the powerful party nobody knows precisely in london thank you. so some of the other stories making news around the world left wing groups in the philippines coupled. monella international human rights day by protesting against president deter plan to prolong martial law in the south of the country they said the measures of fuels political killings a crackdown on dissent and fear it could be expanded to the home of the top. russian former policeman who was already serving a life sentence for multiple murders has been found guilty of fifty six more killings making him the country's most prolific serial killer of recent times the pop culture was jailed in twenty fifteen for breaking the given twenty two women he'd given lists to duty. i mean years reformist prime minister as a further cements of his wealth or after winning snub parliamentary elections and
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giving a crushing blow to the long time ruling party former newspaper editor nick called question ian came to power after spearheading massive protests earlier this year. the french president is due to address the country in the next hour as he tries to diffuse weeks of violent unrest earlier today he held crisis talks with business leaders at the laissez palace the yellow vest protests began last month because of a planned fuel tax increase since that have spiraled into a mass movement against the president's economic reforms power saw more violent clashes between protesters and the police this weekend many shops and businesses closed as a precaution. is in paris she's a journalist and former spokes person for a manual macross presidential campaign welcome to the w c what was president macro trying to achieve with this morning's talks with the unions and business
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leaders. he tried to tell them that he's in charge and that he's going tonight to another set of sayings to appease the nation but nobody knows at this moment in france if it's going to be enough people or all over the nation people are watching from the speech it's going to be an official speech to the nation and it was supposed to be an interview with john east but last we need to present on this a need to address the nation and again everybody yank perry sending from it's going to keep right on going to watch to put it to shands to praise and of course they get all that has to be good everybody wants to know how presidents matt has been silent in the past to a how he's going to address these two parts on to move on which is going at this moment over the country see what's interesting about that and it's interesting have
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you on the program because you say you've been part of my home across campaign but this was a grassroots campaign this is something that started with the people it did not start with business leaders and with trade unions they're doing this over their heads so why is he meeting with them what's he going to do with them. because he's trying to reach from the country and that's was interesting at this moment you know joe let me stick way to other guys president's man who was elected to reform fronts to make it challenging to bring the hope and that you know that france is a very difficult country to reform for many reasons true surety speaking and going to meet you speaking it's not a good time to present i'm trying to do i don't have seeing so far i don't talk he probably had my process i repeat and did some mistakes in terms of communicating with the walking keep communicating with cows and dismemberment just trying to do
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just seeing as he's doing it maybe to try to tell new people tend to business need trust me believe in me to be needed in my gift columns and the other thing now has . to tend to the walking cows to do get to jackets he has to tell them please. believe in me because i'm going to try to do something for you so it's going to be extremely difficult for him but again he's trying to read from a difficult country and there not to be part of his vision in barry's saying that he spank at this moment false starts. but you see we should be that but we thank you sir for giving us that insight lawrence in paris thank you for. you and. all those protests of course economic implications for the country have allocated for my business that's possible thank you very much so indeed of course we're looking at what is happening in france the protests are taking
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a toll on the country's growth forecast right now the french central bank cut the growth outlook in the half for the last quarter of this year to zero point two percent the yellow best protests have led to store closures and vandalism and that affects key sectors of the economy like tourism and retail. traces of destruction plain to see cafes and shops looted many stayed closed over the weekend fearing further violence a source of frustration for tourists and locals alike. but now we cannot really imperative for three days so it's such a shame for us not to take advantage of that holiday shopping. to. sponsor the match who got us all i think it's a shame the business owners because they're the ones who pay the price i understand that the yellow vests angry i respect that unfortunately their actions are not responsible in light of the current difficult economic situation good and you could
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show. after weeks of protests the government says that the french economy will lose around two billion euros this quarter compared to the previous one. with some of his new reporting quitting i think it's very bad for the french economy very bad for business owners very bad news for small and small and medium sized businesses for artisans for all those who were counting on the end of year sales to bring in higher revenue and perhaps to pay their employees better that will not be possible . along with retailers hotels and airlines are also taking a hit since the yellow vests took to the streets four weeks ago many tourists have decided to stay at home the central bank says that the protests have also interrupted supply chains in industry as well and so the government hopes that this current wave of protests will subside as soon as possible.
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a chinese court has ruled to ban the import and sale of most i phones in china the ruling comes after a lawsuit launched by u.s. chip maker qualcomm the company says apple infringed two of its patents for bad affects i phone models between the six s. and the i phone ten apple stocks fell one point three percent into negative territory for this year the chinese market is worth about eleven billion dollars a quarter to apple welcome stocks on the other hand rose two point eight percent on the news. and saying in corporate news from china the arrest of wild ways chief financial officer main one show is dragging asian markets down after her arrest in canada last week she is fighting to be released on bail for health reasons the u.s. requested her extradition for apparently violating the u.s. sanctions against iran but the arrest comes at a time where the u.s. and china are to start decisive trade talks that could now be affected with consequences for the global economy. another day another sign that bugs the rust
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could spill over into the u.s. china trade dispute this time claims of poor treatment in the media. now there already some media reports revealing details of mung one shows treatment in custody including some inhumane measures such as not giving her fundamental medical support . feel. we believe this is inhumane and infringes on her human rights issues. and that's one more reason for investors to worry stocks in asia continue to slide this week in the wake of the arrest tech stocks are among the biggest losers in tokyo hong kong and south korea chip makers like hynix and producers of smartphone displays like japan display among them. the chinese foreign ministry accuses the u.s. of violating the legal rights of man one joe it urged the americans to withdraw all
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the arrest warrant. among was taken into custody in canada last week while changing flights in vancouver her arrest followed a u.s. federal warrant and is expected to lead to an extradition effort by the americans federal prosecutors allege that huawei used a hong kong shell company to sell equipment to iran in violation of u.s. sanctions they also said that monk personally misled american banks about while ways business dealings in iran among is fighting to be released on bail for health reasons. the u.s. government is trying to downplay the impact of her arrest washington says it's a criminal matter which is separate from the ongoing trade negotiations but investors seem to doubt that it will work out that way. employees of germany's main railway company deutsche bahn went on strike this morning long distance traffic came to a standstill affecting millions of passengers the workers are demanding a payroll that negotiations broke down over the weekend. it was the first story
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japan rail strike in three and a half years and no one was fully prepared for it especially not the affected passengers he knew nothing of the pay dispute between d.p. and its employees. company's ill and i'm going to limit my kind can't. the strike ended after just a few hours but it was several more hours before services returned to normal here so we'll be uplifted because we're going to make a business trip to my primary so we're now in the trouble that will try to catch the next train. possibly. the roughly one hundred sixty thousand employees a demanding a seven point five percent pay rise d.p. is currently offering five point one percent with an option to take extra time off instead it's not clear when talks will resume and might not be long before the next round of strikes rolls and. that's all for business it's time now for some sports action of the hand you back to fill now thanks so much i will start with the button
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does lead i'm glad needed a victory on sunday to defend that second place in the table and they managed it in convincing style lackluster defending on the part of visiting stuttgart but all the difference. that back home crowd haven't seen their team lose all season and the foes had reason to feel confident against stuttgart who had managed just eleven points from thirteen games. the hosts would have had to lead after half an hour when michelle lang mopped up some pinball in the penalty area but for an unwelcome intervention from an offside allison a player that calls the goal to be kissed and now. lost it until late in the second half when some standoffish to got defending left rafael free to turn in florian moyes houses cross i had started to rain on stuttgart it promptly began to pour. with. men between the ball and the goal they still couldn't manage
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a challenge and moir house was free to get his own name on to score sheet i seven minutes after that it was three now and i own goal from world cup winner benjamin todd providing a fitting conclusion to a disastrous defensive display by the guests i enjoy for cut back meanwhile they've held on to second place after their tenth home victory in a row. so however without so when away from home in twenty games after some late drama in that match against mines on sunday and have held on to the late for seventy seven minutes but a controversial penalty gave the hosts the chance to rescue opponents of the death . and over coach andre bragging rights made seven changes to his starting line up and putting hendrick by johns up front paid off fast as he gave the visitors the lead in the twelfth minute the third goal of the season for the former amateur
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league striker. things got strange five minutes before the end the ref fell for some play acting for mine says john felipe. the video assistant somehow didn't intervene and danielle brzezinski converted the ensuing penalty to make it one all the hosts had the momentum and hansen a huge up found the net in injury time but this time video replay did get involved and ruled it offside. the second yellow card for hand over his other bizarre was also the right decision but his team had to feel rob to come away with only one point. watching b.w. news live from battle and still to come christmas markets for its full swing in general have one of this country's up biggest tourist attractions in the weeks leading up to christmas. so we'll have a look at. the rest of the days to news and sport and business in just about.
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climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing our fundamental. or the best. to us to make a difference let's explain. the political environment magazine. w.
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what's coming up going to sleep you'll have plenty to talk about here. as cuts take a look at what all that means for the paper of course. the going to sleep every weekend here on w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word in the coax in germany. why not learn with. its simple line on your mobile and free. w z learning course. german made easy. continental is reinventing itself as africa's tech scene
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discovers it's true potential inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business. history and everyone. is the. digital africa starts december twelfth d.w. . this is from coming up in the next fifteen minutes at minutes in the next fifteen minutes just migration because if you can take you now come to this high rate of unemployment and there is crime and other ills and those. impacted by that come to our country our look at migration from. africa and what people on the continent are saying about people like. me to talk to medical
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this year's adjoins nobel peace prize where that we have a story from a culture stems from a keg weigh on the work he's been doing in the democratic republic of congo that's earned him a solid. first though world leaders from around one hundred sixty countries gathered in morocco today to adopt a landmark you impact on migration the u.n. says there are now more migrants worldwide than ever before some two hundred and sixty million our next report takes us to a town in senegal that's saying many of its people leave for your. in senegal fishing has always been a way of life here but for years now the industry has been unable to sustain the townspeople and many dream of a new life in europe in traditional wooden pier oaks they set off for morocco and spain mormon bengay has watched their numbers grow until september. around eight hundred fishermen left between september last year and july and more
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are preparing to leave right now as i speak at the preserve. more lends a hand to repairs on a pier oak he's actually a fisherman but he can't earn a living from his catch more made it once to europe he spent nine days at sea and almost drowned it took him all his strength to reach the spanish coast after a short time he was deported movie. we fisherman know how to navigate our provokes we use g.p.s. we know how to set off and remain undetected when. we met more for the first time two years ago even then he was finding it impossible to get by. there was no room for your money in the past we didn't have to go far out to catch fish our father's fish much closer to the shore but our population is growing and there are more and more fisherman plus the
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fleets of foreign boats. isn't it isn't going to be three months in a good on a deal. big foreign trawlers legally and illegally depleting stocks in the seas off africa. more still uses traditional methods today's catch again is meeker. we go fishing every day and still don't catch enough but what can we do there's no other work than it was written up it was no work and no money to support their families the outlook for many fishermen in senegal is bleak and the lure of europe is strong even though democracy in senegal is stable enough. where. we don't think of those who have drowned at sea we think of those who've made it who send money home to support their families who. need them the new. senegal has
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a long tradition of migration around seventy percent of families here have relatives abroad many settle in neighboring african countries but europe is also a frequent destination. migrants make a significant contribution to the local economy sending home remittances of more than one point seven billion euros a year more is joined a trade union to fight for the livelihoods of fishermen in k r but there's little hope things will improve soon. he says he gets frequent calls from people across the country asking him how to get to europe. to get over or going to get over someone is trying to organize a journey then i'll give them advice because we know all the routes and the means people need to get. these men say they won't lead such an expedition themselves but more again harper's dreams of europe. to seize all we
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have here but we can no longer make a living from it if i could i would leave again one member of his family has made it to europe after crossing in the same boat as more he talks often to his cousin. i don't want to. today abdul lives in germany for more it's an encouraging success story. now while africans back up a sizable number of migrants heading for europe most migration happens within the continent with more than eighty percent of migrants moving across the african lambaste u.n. statistics from twenty seventeen show that most africans who solved a new life within africa went to south africa that's around two point two million people last year the ivory coast to use in second place with two point one million migrants uganda ethiopia nigeria and kenya have all accepted more
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a million so we took to the streets of johannesburg and nairobi to get some insight as to how people feel about migration in fact countries. become having. fun fun fun fun it's not what don't. you go to other countries you can't just like that but just like you are these are human beings you. want to come here they come in large numbers some of them are the cause of insecurity when you are like terrorism. it's like you do. if you can't come to this high rates of unemployment and crime and ills and those is a mostly impacted by the emigrants that come to our country for misuse well what he says is there is a mellow jail is the hospital's soul so the pecans don't get such resources because
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we have to share with people from other countries. let's get more on this from journalist a two so camillo in johannesburg welcome to day w two so so south africa took in the most migrants from the rest of the continent last year and we heard there and i report. south africans feeling that foreigners are a burden on the threats to their livelihood what do the facts say yes definitely to the who go most of the laughers they think in foreign of the squeezing the space is special in that comes to getting jobs they think it most migrants they took up jobs that they could be taking here and there's also accuse them of taking even their women and even in most dollars they are being accused of crowding hospitals and even when it comes to housing other government officials they point for announcing the kind provide enough housing to their lookouts but
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also what an ass so they're not of accusations that look kind of give it to foreigners and of course you don't understand because as you have saved quite a number of foreigners from almost all of the countries that have come in south africa. ok so given all those criticisms do the facts actually bad ass out definitely not because for example the accusation that they're coded most doesn't discover that most of the health service is here in deteriorated not because of the foreigners but because they have not been mundane but. also. go to to make sure it can't as well it's not as if that's one of the jobs up and sent you also and just in the south african it's only exists in going into twenty seven percent unemployment. ok looks like we're lost. there's a kemal or not jobless but i think we got the gist but i call him dr miracle and
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the democratic republic of congo this because. i helped scores of women in the eastern part of the us a to overcome the injuries and trauma of sexual abuse and rape for two decades has been focal about right being used as a weapon of war by militias today dr richard way was awarded the nobel peace prize in a ceremony in the norwegian capital oslo a backhoe hospital outside of the book of the war torn the eastern part of the d.l.c. his work continues. yet they are learning to fight back these patients at the panzi clinic haven't rolled in self-defense courses. most of those being treated at the hospital or survivors of rape or sexual assault. dr dennis mcveigh originally had the idea for the program the country does not believe. when they arrive here they all have serious mental problems. traumatic
7:40 pm
memories that make them unable to have normal relationships with. panzi hospital is located in bukavu a city in eastern congo a civil war has been raging in the country for years women and children are the ones bearing the brunt of the conflict dr mccoy vegas clinic is the only refuge they have me about. there was seven people who raped me not by that but. after a while my vagina tunnels and. maybe my hand and made me an invalid. i also became pregnant. they like i do it. they like to destroy me. they
7:41 pm
laughed and spoke badly to me. no one so they did what they wanted with me been good enough to run for. dr mcveigh goes team not only performs restorative surgery on the women they also provide them with psychological care married women often remain alone their husbands leave them because they have been raped this says document vega has great consequences. that you don't understand how right can destroy not only the victim but our hope is destroying the fun we as a community and or as a curve. and i think that to really put a target on this question for me is very important we move. really hard to a lot to break silence. dr mcveigh has long been a hero to his patients now they're happy to celebrate his winning the nobel prize.
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but seventy years ago today the united nations adopted the universal declaration of human rights in the creating a better world after the horrors of world war two it was drafted in one nine hundred forty eight and the chairmanship of the under the roosevelt is regarded as the foundation of international human rights law it was the first time the countries agreed that fundamental rights and freedoms should be protected on a universal scale for all people these rights remain under threat women still face discrimination in many parts of the world but as i was to internationals the latest human rights review highlights women also leading the fight for human rights this year. that. it was a powerful year for women all over the world they were at the forefront of human rights. and in india thousands took to the streets to protest against endemic sexual violence
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a poll released by the thomson reuters foundation named inge. the most dangerous country in the world for women. sometimes women's cries went on heard sexual assault allegations against brett kavanaugh did not prevent him from becoming the united states' one hundred fourteenth supreme court justice. but in other countries this year marked a major breakthrough in june two thousand and eighteen the ban on women driving in saudi arabia officially ended it was a struggle until the very end only a few weeks before the kingdom's longstanding policy was set to be lifted or thirty's arrested prominent woman's right at the kids. parker also experienced the country's tough stance she had already driven through the streets of riyadh back in one nine hundred ninety and consequently lost her job received death threats and had to move house now or so seaney stood up for freedom most
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women take for granted showing one's hair in public in general is took off her head scarf and held it aloft on a stick in the rounds capital of tehran. she was sentenced to three months in prison and had to pay a hefty fine he jobs are still men atory in iran but she hopes her actions will encourage more women to demand equal rights. and so women around the world continue the fight taking advantage of the global reach of social media to make sure the issues they are fighting for stay in the spotlight. in germany honesty international celebrates the seventy three of the un declaration of human rights by giving copies of it to seven hundred members of parliament. to the deputy president of the german parliament claudia roth. vice president of german parliament. and long time human rights activist seventy years after the declaration
7:45 pm
of the human rights hope. we come and how successful have we been of course we are successful to have this declaration this very important declaration which is universal so it belongs to any human being in the be it black or white man or women be it. gay or lesbian or had to have sex so this is something which is wells of us all which is our kind of global constitution this is positive very very positive but we more and more we see that enemies of human rights anime's of democracies populism is increasing we see that there's a kind of erosion of international law and of the power of human rights which belong once again to anybody of us what about germany what should a country like germany do for the human rights. germany should be
7:46 pm
important i really speak about short could be could be more important and could be a kind of for run could could but this is based on credibility and speaking about human rights celebrating the declaration but sending exporting weapons to saudi arabia that's not that's not compatible speaking about human rights but not doing enough against a crisis a critical climate crisis not compatible speaking about human rights but being part of the construction of a fortress europe not compatible so i do think we have the historical responsibility to do the most today another treaty was signed the global compact for safe order and regular migration homeport into this compact especially
7:47 pm
for the human rights. it is a very important compact i'm happy that the big majority of the verge of the nations signed it i deeply regret that especially nations within the european union who are refusing to sign it to contrie peut but you cannot you cannot deal with migration which is the normality in the global bird only on a national level of course it's the framework of the united nations who is the best framework for it to deal with this and to give migrants to give refugees to give internally displaced people their proper rights and that it will one dignity of any human being and therefore the global compact of migration is so important because it's beaks for the first time of rights of these people who lost everything claudio or vice president of the german bunds talk to german parliament thank you very much
7:48 pm
. well let's take a look at some stories making news around the world live new zealand's prime minster just into and has issued an emotional apology on behalf of the country and to the family of a british back i think killed and you claimed the disappearance of twenty two year old grace millan attracted you know this attention in britain i'm just musing the amount has been challenged with how bad. global arms sales rose for the third consecutive year in two thousand and seventeen is according to the sweden based research group sipri the world's top one hundred groups target told the three hundred ninety eight billion dollars in sales the u.s. remains the world's biggest supplier of ministry equipment and services followed by russia and britain. and more than three hundred thousand households in the southeastern united states have been left without power after a storm hit the carolinas bringing sleet snow and freezing right the severe weather paralyzed the road and transpose the national weather service is forecasting more
7:49 pm
disruption on monday. only two weeks to go until christmas here and germany about mates at christmas markets are in full swing christmas markets are one of the country's biggest attractions for the four week period leading up to christmas the period known here as advocates itself has a wealth of stuff from v.w. culture is here to tell us welcome welcome so have you been yet started. first weekend of advent already had my first. and my first mulled wine and lots of roasted knots and many other yummy things that i don't know for my family i think we really can get to it anyway always have to block a couple of days to get to them but it's a great way to sort of get into the christmas spirit actually chased away any of those winter blues that might be hanging around it's a good way to sort of make it all the way to the holidays and and there are so many
7:50 pm
wonderful things to eat before we talk about some of the most famous let's have a look at what's on offer right here in the german capital. it's the season to be for the german word for surely merry just partly german capital having more than sixty christmas markets are doing a roaring. trade. even here bright shiny plants the scene of a horrific rory attack two years ago visitors are not to. many of those who come bring candles to leave at the memorial to the twelve people who lost their lives here. on the other side of town the. christmas market is situated between an ensemble of historic buildings. many of the visitors here come from overseas to enjoy the traditional furs and unique spirit
7:51 pm
of the german christmas market. oh. yeah and it's great that we climbed out so we didn't mean to come from there i mean . it's been very good so far a little cold especially christmas. yeah we we got here yesterday i'm in the states today going to do some since really good so yes yes pretty great. by. letting a little line into the winter darkness when it comes to christmas it seems nobody does it better. than the. you might have a bone to pick with about you know it's hardly surprising i would say because the
7:52 pm
germans have had a hand in creating many of our major christmas traditions are for the christmas tree to the decorations all the way to christmas. and as you know coming from birmingham they've also inspired german christmas markets the world over the german christmas markets all over britain it's like to over the last ten years it's been a big thing that you know you have to pick and choose the whole christmas markets are not necessarily of the same quality they're going to bad ones as well as the right you've got to ensure that the great things to eat. what you have to try me i do like a brought the best it's got to be said maybe we are going to get a good crop first at the christmas market but i would also suggest you try something called gluten quit when the you can try that in any of the good markets in northern germany like it's green kale stewed and shut off and with that you have screened the stuff good for you have passed this for us though and with lots of different kinds of sausage and. so those kinds of if you like those kinds of things that's what streets are obviously the real highlights starting with the traditional
7:53 pm
live cooking the best of that you're going to get in known back obviously but you can get it everywhere not to mention the lovely things like mulled wine one. the most famous markets in germany is the streets are marked in dresden in southeastern germany now that dates back to fourteen thirty four. and it's named that way because of it's one of a kind of christmas cake which is called a pizza or more commonly a stunt and that's like a long bread made with tons of butter and jam packed with raisins and candied fruit and in fact just yesterday on sunday they cut into a giant one that weighed three thousand eight hundred fifty kilograms so obviously and whittled away at now i'm going a little less but that's always a great draw for tourists and quite frankly i have to say christmas really christmas in my house growing up with my parents there was never christmas unless you had a good start it starts with a show and it starts from the start so definitely a few pounds definitely. can be so different from what.
7:54 pm
clearly they go back many hundreds of years you know there's a couple of really strange ones i can tell you about one really old tradition that goes back to pagan times and has survived in certain parts of austria and also in a slightly different version in southern germany the crime parade centers around this nasty old whose name to come first he's half man and sort of a half goat demon kind of like santa evil twin and he can look quite scary with his army of ill tempered elves now according to legend these guys go around without being lazy people on kids and drunks and the to use him to actually scare their disobedient children into better behavior and they are quite proud of him at the same time because he offers a really interesting counterpoint to the commercialization of our traditional santa claus so villages there in those in that part of the world actually hold crumpets festivals and they're quite huge and they have
7:55 pm
a feature these races where the entrance raced along to try and run the krampus and of course there's a lot of drinking involved with some of those scary costumes you can imagine that's maybe not. in the event we want to take the smallest children. so for it ok i'm not old up first of either but. thank you for. that thank you so much you're welcome. just aren't reminder of our top stories. about stories of mine has postponed a plot to palm entry folks that deal such an insurgency british prime minister said she would seek more assurances from the european union on the main sticking points out of the irish border in the last a few minutes european council president of the toaster said the e.u. is willing to talk but he made clear that the deal is not up for renegotiation he's calling a meeting to. confront president emanuel must crawl is due to go on national television in the next few minutes is expected to offer concessions in on attempt to and would
7:56 pm
survive of protests across the country either protests have escalated into a mass movement to get him stating his economic reforms. i'm over here our crossing live to the french toppling just a few minutes without live coverage of the press or to michael holmes that speech at the top of the. enemy talk of a good day. the
7:57 pm
man who saved the lives of tens of thousands of women who conducted one operation not for another nobel peace prize laureate dr mccuaig. the school. children were conceived through rape and couldn't fathom having to treat their grandchildren someday. she's lived to fighting sexual violence in the come the off the hook up a. lot of the stuff in thirty minutes on d w. kickoff. so how was. ours was the best. the best place for. the best go. to going to sleep the highlights. pick up on t.w.
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. the world over information. the plans they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. belonging to an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. returned to. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters double made for mines. ok you know this is you know five minutes four minutes yeah.
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has an hour and a beauty combine. has it all. fits in the pantheon of the great tenors certainly his one for the ages. of ten or for the ages starts december twenty second on t w. more. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connections road and trail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and trialling services. biala guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from.
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this is due to be new fly from both an unforgettable welcome to the program emanuel mccrone six when the weeks of violent protests across france the french president is due to address the nation in the next few minutes is expected to offer concessions in tends to end weeks of violence a protest let's go straight to the french president. is even more the sit down yet so many.


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