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tv   Doc Film - Young Mormons on Mission  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CET

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saturdays this week the government gave in to some of the yellow vests demands. time for an upgrade. our furniture their grows all white. house with no roof. design highlights you can make yourself. steps in tricks that will turn your whole special. upgrade yourself with g w interior design channel on you tube. do you believe in god know. that love when you look at all the suffering in the world you think if there were a god surely he would do something about it. the rules say you may call home one
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christmas and one other time during the year. isn't that really tough on you. we thank you for bringing know what to us. of this quote suppose it's nearly seven in the morning not exactly my facia neris for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints better known as the mormon church. they're spending eighteen months here trying to convert people. and they follow what i think are some pretty strict rules for. they're not allowed visitors and definitely not male visitors so there will be chaperones at our meeting. as i thought should i take my shoes off we also needed to get official approval from the church to make a report on the left is sister baker on the right sister case the two in the middle are the chaperones. this is all in the camera man.
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ok i'll just leave this here to breakfast sure of the good idea everyone seems a bit nervous ruth. but. i am too to be honest oh and by the way the missionaries only had six weeks of german language classes before they came here sister baker and sister case are nineteen and twenty they've been in germany a few months now while they're here they're only allowed to use their missionary names we always pray before so that's ok with you we'll pray now. yeah sure what do i need to do. this we close our eyes. we thank you lord for what we're about to receive and we ask you to bless our food we thank you for being know what to us we thank you for our new day in the name of jesus christ amen.
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if you pray before every meal. i can't remember when i last tried to talk to god i'm an atheist i've never been religious so this awful is a bit strange. sister case and sister baker spend several hours a day preparing for their mission which mainly consists of proselytizing they didn't choose to come to germany that was decided by the church headquarters in utah this guy next to me is joseph smith the founder of the church. it must be hard work. every day the mormon missionaries spend about three hours studying the book of mormon. then they do language practice and then they read aloud the missionary rules every single day but they don't seem stressed out here at least not in front of the camera. thank you for everything you have
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given us father we thank you for the opportunities you have given us. it seems like they're praying all the time and to my surprise i let them roll me into .


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