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big dreams on the big screen. in movie magazine on t.w. . this is the dubliners live from above and hundreds of german politicians and public figures fall victim to a massive and dates of preach documents private phone numbers and credit card details have been published on twitter we'll bring you the latest on this developing story also on the program aid agencies voice concerns over the health of nearly fifty migrants stuck on paul to rescue ships off the coast of malta as
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european governments of refused to allow the vessels to dock despite requests from the european union. has only been president for three days but brazil's paulson our own house already begun a purge of officials who don't share his far right idea ology on the move to give police impunity so how far will he go. i'm still going to welcome to the program. the personal details of hundreds of german politicians have been stolen and published on twitter john and security agencies are now investigating the data breach which include cell phone numbers and credit card details the government says law makers at all levels have been affected journalists and celebrities were also targeted the identity of the hackers has not been established. even german chancellor angela merkel has been affected the leaked
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data includes a fax number e-mail address and several letters purported to come out of her office it's not clear yet if the leaked documents are authentic said sim file however even if a large part of the data concerned where authentic experience that in such cases falsified data might have known extends to. hundreds of other german politicians were targeted by the hackers from every german political party except the right wing populist party the cyber terrorists then use twitter to make public personal data such as phone numbers id documents chats invoices and even photos of their children germany's justice minister catalina barly condemned the leaks as an attack on the country's democracy the left's parliamentary party co-leader says he's deeply shocked. it's an attack on the social cohesion of our country. i've read and heard that many artists journalists and politicians are
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affected. the aim is obviously to create a climate of fear a climate of insecurity in our country and the leak was first discovered thursday evening however it appears the first document started appearing in december with a twitter account releasing information daily in the style of an advent calendar none of the internal documents that were released are reported to be highly sensitive at the moment there is no known suspect nor motivation. let's not deceive ourselves we are obviously transparent and at the mercy of such attacks. this is intolerable at least so far as i know. it's not the first time that german politicians have been hacked russia was accused of a series of cyber attacks that stole data from computers in the german parliament in two thousand and fifteen and last year the german government's i.t. network came under a fresh attack russian hackers were allegedly also to blame. chief
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political correspondent linda crane well. said despite what we just heard but government says no sensitive data has been leaked what do they mean. they mean that so far what we know is that most of this data is data of a personal nature as you heard in the report that means maybe credit card numbers private e-mail addresses apparently a chat or two now the authenticity to city of the data that has that has been seen could not yet all be confirmed it may be that some of. these items are in fact falsified but at any rate this differs from those previous attacks as we've just heard those were attacks on the physical infrastructure of the german government of the parliament that is not the case here so that's why so far at least it appears that the information is of a personal nature and doesn't for instance relates to diplomatic or political
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sensitive information and so what has been the german government's response. well the cyber defense coordinating body which is essentially a unit that brings together security agencies from the federal the regional level agencies responsible for domestic security as well as agencies that look at international security all of those are under the roof of this cyber defense organization which is now conducting a very comprehensive investigation but the early days as as the report said the theft only became evident apparently yesterday evening so so far we don't know that much about how they're proceeding or what they found out. as we've just been hearing and you've been telling us that this is not the first time the german political establishment has been caught. who is the other fingers being
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pointed out this time. well last time around let's start there there seemed to be pretty clear indications that the group behind the hack was known as a p twenty eight it is a russian based hacking organization that is very closely linked to the russian spy agency the g r u naturally one of the first suspicions when this newest attack came to light was that perhaps this once again might be might be due to russian hacking now though some cyber experts say they're not so certain some cyber experts are saying perhaps this is coming from the political right here in germany one reason to believe that is that so far it appears that no politicians from germany's right wing a.f.d. party were affected by this hack but again it's early days we don't know for sure others other cyber experts are saying possibly this hack was something that that's
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called hacktivism a somebody who's trying to make people aware how easy it is to breach private data and perhaps somebody who's putting this out there as a as a wake up call melinda crane thank you so much. staying in germany shots have been fired in the center of cologne and police are still looking for three people who fled the scene i placed a call to this residential building in the city center after receiving reports of the shooting one man was arrested special forces then searched the building for a no holds of the suspects or injuries sources are not confirming why the shooting occurred we continue to follow this developing story. as we're going through now on some of the other stories making news around the world at least one person has died after tropical storm made landfall in thailand the storms moving quickly across the south of the country bringing heavy rain storm the seas despite the high winds products actually weaker than expected and is likely to be downgraded to
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a tropical depression. a third woman has entered a sacred hindu temple in the southern states of catalan the first visit by two women on wednesday triggered protests across the state traditionally women have been forbidden from entering they strive. india's supreme court lifted that ban last year. but in sweden says it has admitted a patient with a suspected case of a boa patients being treated in isolation in it's believed he had recently returned from a trip to brandy health workers who came into contact with him with a patient are also being treated. avalanche warnings have been issued for several mountain regions across europe heavy snow for even temperatures as low as thirty degrees celsius recorded in poland tatra mountains ski resorts in slovakia and austria have ward of increased avalanche danger and in no way are sources of called off
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a search for four schemes missing since an avalanche on wednesday. brazil's on your present job also has only been in office since tuesday but he's already proposed a string of major changes to the far right leaders now asking for impunity for police and soldiers on active duty so they can tackle with countries high crime rates and on thursday he authorized the dismissal of three hundred public servants on temporary contracts targeting officials who don't share his administration's foreign ideology the president's chief of staff has described the move as cleaning the house. no not tomato is from the institute for latin american studies of the for university in brotherton welcome to the doubly let's start with these dismissal so three hundred civil servants gone partly ideological ground so how does that work it's a soap words like we've seen from many dictatorships so they are they have been working for their workers' party and they are considered to be allied with social
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was because most of the irish government has created this enemy that he was going to free brazil for socialism and that's what he started doing of although we know that there was never a socialist government in brazil so the this is the situation there in brazil is what the civil servants work for political parties because it's aims of the president would come in as i will or everyone who worked for the last lot you've all got to go to actually they are civil servants they say in the state a state officials they are think officials but they have cognition. responsibility adults they are commission for specific leader roles and for that you get. nominated by the government so you can have a responsibility post. or something because that every contract they can just say right thank you you can all go they go they go back to the ministry and they will probably have no political role they would just minutes of just. getting paid i
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think bringing down brazil sky high crime rate was also one of his campaign pledges now he's asking for laws to protect police and soldiers from prosecution went on active duty. again to european is this just sounds outrageous is he likely to get his way i think we already had an experiment in that direction doing the military intervention in vegas and they had this last year where police killings increased and i think. you might be able to to advance. the possibilities of the legal possibility of doing that but what we he will probably fail to do is to reduce violence with violence because actually he's not fighting the causes of criminality the high social inequality the lack of opportunities the lack of will give a chance he's only been in office three days yeah let's see but he already within
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three days brings this the ministry of education and nec to the measure to abolish the secretary for diversity which fights for. more opportunities for women for blacks for indigenous education for instance ok so this is a man who took fifty five percent of the votes he sounds like quite a divisive figure you know what are you expecting from brazilian politics and over the next five years i think even the opposition still taking its time to organize their opposition. the media's house of being attacked by both journalists were not allowed to follow all the steps in the inauguration. join a list were encouraged not to move brusquely because they could be sought so i think most institutions that would control this government is still trying to
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understand how his power of the exercise so. you cannot the predictions are not easy to do and the prognostics are sort of fit either way it's going to be an interesting a few years thank you so much for joining us ransom otter from britain's institute for latin american studies thank you. it's not to malta where concerns are growing over the health and wellbeing of dozens of migrants stranded on board two german rescue ships they were picked up during the past two weeks but all starts his info has refused to allow them to disembark one of the wagons had to be pulled back on board after he jumped into the water and the time to swim to shore incident happened while several german members of parliament were on board the ship see watch three. imagine being stuck on a boat in such rough seas not knowing where you go next since their dramatic rescue of the libyan coast in december this is spending reality for about fifty microns
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they are in limbo in the narrow confines of the two ships operated by eight organizations and c i q a p n countries have so far refused to let them disembark but mayors of several large italian cities refused to obey the country's official tough anti immigration law slamming it as unconstitutional. and other cities we apply the laws only if they conform with the constitution thus the constitution prevails are the ordinary laws if people's rights are restricted according to the color of the skim the constitution must prevail. and this official letter to majesty offered to let the watch come to the heart of naples assuring them that the refugees will be able to disembark. but according to see watch this is easier said than done official rescue centers have to assign available ports and the weather conditions are simply too bad deeply affecting the
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people on board. but the biggest problem is also that. the thirty two people that we have here on board know already for thirteen days. of the show mental problems florence and palermo as. several german cities have also offered the migrants refuge as more and more official to unite in solidarity with the refugees hoping creases for those in desperate need of help. it's famous for its iconic neon signs which have been lighting up the island shops and restaurants for decades but as modern alternatives increase in popularity the territory is that risk of losing the bright lights and signs unless art is answered activists can save them. is one of the last to master craftsmen of neon signage in hong kong business people bring in
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their hand drawn designs that he makes the neon signs that hong kong is famous for . he works with glass tubes which he painstakingly bends into shape it's precision work who found his profession by chance i was the boss when i felt it was the summer holidays when i was eighteen my father thought i was doing nothing so we got me a job with the neon sign make you know. who was offered the opportunity to stay on and he decided not to go back to school it's quite a challenge to form the complicated chinese characters the work has remained the same bending the glass attaching the ignition coil. and filling the tube with fluorescent gas all is done by hand but for wu much has changed and. up until fifteen or twenty years ago i worked every day for seven or eight hours
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making me own chub. so. today it's maybe four or five days a month. in his income now comes mainly from other jobs the neon signs that used to be hong kong's trademark are becoming a rare sight card in china has been documenting those that remain i mean. this is closer to. the hong kong that used to. she runs a group that hopes to protect hong kong's neon heritage many old signs have been taken down because of new safety regulations and a cheaper alternative to neon is replacing those that remain. here and the blue and yellow one here i have to the l.e.d. and one thing and just. to catch. the signs symbolize wealth in a city that once set trends for the rest of the continent for chan
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a part of hong kong's identity is fading. russia's antidoping law passed failed to meet an end of year deadline for submitting data to the world anti-doping agency wada now this was a condition of the ban on russian competitors being lifted now sports bodies and athletes are pushing for wada to re-impose its sanctions. the world anti-doping agency wada is again under scrutiny the criticism first flared up in september following its surprise decision to reinstate recess under the condition that the russian agency provide access to data by year's end while this handling of the scandal and lax response to russia missing that deadline has sparked anger among athletes and anti-doping agencies and as you know it is a joke and frankly in the barest minutes for all of us not just water themselves but all of us who are in the global fight to protect clean athletes because you know athletes are wondering what the world is going on i'm after time after time
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after time there's a lot of talk but no action criticism hasn't only come from outside of what is rein the anti doping agency's own athlete committee and what is vice president who voted against to such a september reinstatement expressed their disappointment with the agency's response to the situation it was suspended in twenty fifteen following a report from wada investigator richard mclaren which concluded that widespread doping by russian athletes was state sponsored shortly before missing the deadline the head of the agency made a plea to russian president vladimir putin. we're on the edge of an affair and i ask president putin to protect the present and future of clean sport present and future generations of athletes. critics want recited to be banned a mediately for failing to comply with the conditions outlined in september twenty eighth seen what is compliance review committee will meet in montreal in generation fourteenth and fifteenth so a final course of action could be determined then. well in football peter bosch has
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been officially unveiled as. new coach had taken charge of his first training session with he's well known to win this thing the fans have been coached door to sas for six months last season he was fired after just fifteen league games despite an initially strong stocks he now believes that experience. has given him the tools required to succeed at leverkusen. fear of the dark. me him i mustn't make the same mistakes again here yes. i know i made mistakes. everybody makes mistakes and doesn't learn from these but it's important you learn from them. and put them down to experience what brought these lessons with me here to late accusing. manchester city beats title rivals liverpool two one in the premier league's top of the table showdown on thursday the game pitted former bundesliga coaches pep guardiola and you're going to clock
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against each other in the first half or citysearch a. goal to put liverpool under pressure but the visitors responded in the second half brazilian spike the birth of no tying the game on the hour in the seventy fourth minute leno sahni got the winner to move manchester city within four points of league leaders and the. this is now with. the global rally for stocks we're the party has just begun the dax and they are really surging this hour thanks to a promising us jobs report and hopes of progress on the trade front china says american representatives will visit beijing on monday for two days of talks to try easing tensions president donald trump and his chinese counterpart xi jinping had agreed to hopes additional tariffs as of december first degree meant lasts ninety days while they work out a more permanent solution the negotiations will start by focusing on steel
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agricultural products and cars reciprocal tariffs have affected hundreds of billions of dollars worth of material that budget us. over to. frankfurt correspondent why so much excitement i can see the dax for there behind you why so much excitement when. nothing's really happened jeff. well but if you had spent the week on the trading floor you'd be looking for any sort of positive news it has been very sad to look at some people have asked if maybe some shares are now even under priced and looking for opportunities now the opportunity came this is still a positive sign though because it is the first face to face contact between the u.s. and china since the truce and the situation has changed a little bit some of the leverage from the u.s. side has gone after apple said well these china policies are really affecting us
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too. and so both sides now have maybe little bit more of an incentive to get together and to figure this out even though no immediate breakthrough is expected but has the overall global economic situation changed at all because a slowdown is going to be able to play. well yes there is certainly a fear of a slowdown in the markets and has been in the past weekend even months even fed chair jerome powell said so today which by the way gave the docs another hit. he would be watching the markets but we're going to have to look at the data and the data the economic data is not very clear it's mixed today we've got positive news on the on the jobs report for example. popular joke goes the markets predict nine out of five recessions. so that fear factor may be maybe a problem in itself some economists say that if we worry too much without reason we
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may actually cause a downturn because we're investing too little and thereby creating economic problems because then puts in frankfurt. talking about the fear factor the woman who now oversees the u.s. banking sector wants to investigate the nature of don't you bunts dealings with u.s. president donald trump in an interview with him is n.b.c. chair of the national services committee maxine waters said she wants to find out if the oil. i had been involved in money laundering and whether the lender facilitated any financial dealings to russia a comments come just weeks after investigators raided george's offices in germany in a separate money laundering probe. it's a man's world when it comes to gaming women only make up a quarter of workers in the sector of the in marketing and graphics programming and game design are reserved for men to every rule is an exception meet linda kusa she's a games designer. linda cruz is going back in time
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to ancient rome through the use of her phone she's testing a new app that shows what things may have looked like here two thousand years ago when the german city of cologne was the roman settlement of colonia the app aims to bring ancient times back to life and young people back into museums. the opportunity to expand everything you see in a museum of digitally. museum only has limited space so only certain things can be displayed still or through a mobile device i can have many more links and take exploration of the past to a whole new level. becomes a. game designer is thirty two years old and passionate about her work as a child already she created board games and years later began programming at twenty six she launched her own game studio she won the german developer prize for her
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language learning game squirrel and bear. cruises for employees and plans to hire two more but she wants to keep operation small was. one hundred sixty growing means you also have to take a look at how you're structured and of course when you have four teams all working on projects someone also has to manage organize and get money for it all. that would probably be my job but that means i could no longer work creatively which wouldn't suit me. cruz's game serena super green aims to get girls more interested in technical jobs she says women are missing out on ideal work that plays to their strengths and offers the flexibility many want that they need to overcome old obstacle. or. there's a correlation with technical jobs and opportunities we've neglected. within our cultures and been telling young women that's not for you you can't do that in
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certain jobs don't even land on their list of possible career paths. to. crucify and her own career ideal for women game development is a communicate a field that can be combined well with family needs and flexible working hours but for more women to become game designers cruise a says they need to consider it in the first place. to do that and a reminder of the top stories we're following for. hundreds of german politicians as well as other public figures cell phone numbers and credit card details were posted on twitter germany security agencies are investigating. and dozens of migrants are still stuck in stop the ships rescued them from the mediterranean last month's aid workers say their health is deteriorating and if. you let them in. they're watching the news from berlin more news next hour with this from
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a. to twenty nine hundred eighty s. in cap. kick off line checks out this major political events. with the favorites and the long shots. and oppose plenty of expertise. odd only about the trendy nineteen occasion kept on.
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top of g.w. . to see altercations nurse at least not seen ya must walk up to twenty kilometers a dame she can't afford a car she's the only medical professional available and one of or maybe a spurious distress often she can only provide basic care it's just one of many examples of how many us health care system is failing. in sixty minutes d.w. . how do you want to live in a radical way discover the bauhaus go to house world church january thirteenth call g w. where is home. when your
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family is scattered across the globe. with this is due to listen to the book was a journey back to the roots we should get a minimum of the. bush on traveling from somalia move around a little don't want to go to urgent assistance and. move family george generally twenty on w. touch. was up. to the asian cup stall space we came and kick off takes
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a look at two massive countries that are still footballing minnows inside the maldives dolphin boy is going to have begun.


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