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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2019 12:02am-12:16am CET

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surprisingly upbeat jobs report for the u.s. in december is welcome news on the new york stock exchange where shares short up also an intensification of no more rate hikes from the fed. and we want to stay in the e.u. but with nestle sterrett and fewer rules that's what many italian entrepreneurs told us here on d w. this is your business update on how the homefront in berlin glad you could join me wall street stocks are off to a monthly labor market report showed that some three hundred twelve thousand jobs have been added to the u.s. economy in the month of december those figures far outweight analysts expectations and investors were also feeling upbeat after a federal reserve chair powell implied that there were no imminent plans for
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further interest rate hikes he also said he had no intention of resigning over the fed's previous decisions to increase rates that's despite facing fierce criticism from u.s. president donald trump. for more i want to bring in our man on wall street now yens quarter yens huge job numbers being added wildly beating expectations any explanation for that and how is it affecting the market there. i actually do not have a neck and i can't really explain the engine voted that way how analysts could be so off with their expectations expectations were that we would be creating one hundred sixty seven thousand new jobs for the month of december at the end it was three hundred twelve thousand new jobs so we did see gains in the health care industry construction manufacturing leisure retail so in a lot of areas jobs got created some economists actually pointed to that the data was collected early on in december so before the shutdown happened and also before
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all the turmoil on wall street really got started but bottom line is this was a very strong jobs report and that is good news for an economy that mostly runs on consumption and not on trade all right some good news that ben fed chief during powers also been talking today what he had to say oh well obviously wall street was quite pleased what paul had to say by the end of the trading session chip shot up by almost seven hundred fifty points what he basically said when asked what might happen to interest rates that if you look in the rearview mirror things look pretty bright but if you look at the wrote these things are less certain specially was expected calling of economic growth globally and maybe also in the u.s. and he used to want patience so obviously the federal reserve will be patient at this time and that does not sound like interest rates are going to get higher any
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time soon and then we worked the trick why we saw this huge rally here shortly before the weekend i n's quarter eight in new york thanks yes have a good weekend. evan has written meanwhile here in germany unemployment has reached an historic low the german jobs report released today shows that the year closed out with less than five percent of the country unemployed so right there hasn't been reported since one nine hundred ninety one. rarely has it been easier to get a job in germany anyone who has the proper training and fluent language skills is likely to find what they're looking for. the latest jobs report marked the lowest unemployment rate in decades and a considerable improvement over the past five years in two thousand and fourteen the unemployment rate was six point seven percent dropping last year to an average of only five point two percent. the rate in december even dropped below five
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percent a level economist consider full employment that means the greatest number of skilled and unskilled employees available are active in the workforce and the demand for skilled workers remains high with nearly eight hundred thousand jobs still waiting to be filled. does coast guard say they believe three containers carrying attention a dangerous peroxide have sunk off to becoming dislodged from the vessel that they've been loaded on the m.s.e. we have been traveling from up in belgium to but they may have been in germany when it encountered rough waters and lost its cargo but experts say accidents like this are the result of the recent booming global strait pushing supply chains to the limits. as almost four hundred meters long the m.s.c. zoe is one of the biggest cargo ships in the world this footage from the dutch coast guard shows containers becoming dislodged before tumbling into the sea. two
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hundred seventy of the nine hundred thousand containers the vessel had been carrying fell overboard. over the years the size of cargo ships and their capacity has increased significantly when accidents happen the containers often end up washed ashore that was the case for the cargo on board the m.s.c. zoe too some twenty containers have so far been washed up on dutch and german shores. three of the containers lost by the m.s.c. zoe are said to contain peroxide a potentially harmful chemical. the number of containers lost at sea is difficult to ascertain the world shipping council says the number is about sixteen hundred per year but others say could be as high as ten thousand. now just before the holiday season rowe managed to clinch a budget deal with brussels that will avoid disciplinary steps against italy but
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doubts the italian economy continue and many italians are growing tired of the a huge fiscal policy so we went to northern italy to haiti opinions of some entrepreneurs that. this company and has been processing natural stone and marble for more than one hundred forty years but since two thousand and six that the new has dropped by eighty percent that the my view was that if we used to have higher profits that allowed us to invest in the workforce and on materials but nowadays with high taxation and bangs that explosions we don't make the same profits anymore there's no lack of work it's the taxes that are killing entrepreneurship they're too high with us are. basically slow economic recovery since the financial crisis still weighs on entrepreneurs some say they're tired of living under the e.u.'s strict fiscal rules. and i still think that the e.u. is a good thing. but in asking too much of a silly i don't see this is
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a good thing. but leaving the e.u. i don't know. despite growing disaffection with the e.u. most entrepreneurs would prefer to stay in the common marcus. political problem is that i believe that the problem with the e.u. is the one size fits all rules from member states but we're all in different situations we need more flexibility in the different situations of every state need to be taken into account on that what you call your new play is a. company produces sparkling wine exports to the e.u. account for thirty percent of sales. and i hope our politicians will think of companies out of those of us who don't want to leave the european union and with them will see that the italian government has backed down in its budget standoff with the e.u. but until the country finds a way to boost its economy more confrontations can be expected.
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now it is a man's world when it comes to gaming a women make up only a quarter of workers in this sector and most of them are in marketing and graphics programming and game design all reserved for men but to every rule there is an exception so meet linda clears that she's a kokoda writer who's also started her own company. linda cruz is going back in time to ancient rome through the use of her phone she's testing a new app that shows what things may have looked like here two thousand years ago when the german city of cologne was the roman settlement of colonia the app aims to bring ancient times back to life and young people back into museums. the opportunity to expand everything you see in a museum not digitally. museum only has limited space only certain things can be
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displayed. through a mobile device i can add many more links and take exploration of the past new levels. becomes a. game designer is thirty two years old and passionate about her work as a child already she created board games and years later began programming at twenty six she launched her own game studio she won the german developer prize for her language learning game squirrel and bear. crew says for employees and plans to hire two more but she wants to keep operation small. business one hundred sixty growing means you also have to take a look at how your structured and of course when you have four teams all working on projects someone also has to manage organize and get money for it all. that would probably be my job but that means i could no longer work creatively which wouldn't suit me. cruz's game serena super green aims to get girls more interested in
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technical jobs she says women are missing out on ideal work that plays to their strengths and offers the flexibility many want that they need to overcome old obstacle. was heard by the industry as an. there's a correlation with technical jobs and opportunities we've neglected within our culture is all you've been telling young women that's not for you you can't do that image that certain jobs don't even land on their list of possible career paths. to . crucifying thrown career ideal for women game development is a communicate a field that can be combined well with family needs and flexible working hours but for more women to become game designers cruise a says they need to consider it in the first place. and i think i might be paying a visit to colonia sometime soon that set you up to date now with the latest from
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the walled off business for more of course you can always find us on facebook you can find us on twitter. on the school business i'm there as well helen to see humphrey is my handle and of course you can always that goes for website e.w. dot com slash c.c. .
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we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me also think up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w for minds. of for. the world population is increasing the climate is changing it's getting warmer and there are going to be more and more places waiting connel wrote produced no problems we have to fix that some the white to do that is to use the modern genetic modification methods to make better crawl it is a lot safer than anything we've done by traditional genetic modification you take
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one gene you know exactly what it is you put it into another plant to come out exactly where it's gone i think we will be able to provide enough food for people by twenty fifty if we can make crops the who grow and send the arid conditions this will lead to eat a much greater stability in the food supply that we have at the moment.


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