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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2019 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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austria before the weekend. meaning the chaos in the northern alps is set to continue. here washing the debris news we said have a lot more to tell you about including a german court throws out a lawsuit against a clothing chain desh in hopes for some compensation for victims of a deadly fire at one of its suppliers factory cub here is coming right up with that story and your business up. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. look us up with this is that you don't listen to me because it's a journey back to the roots should get a minimum of the. bush family from somalia to move around the. time when he did urgent assistance. only starts january twenty eighth.
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w. . if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make an accident raring to. never read a book like this. mr jermyn on the streets. the . president prevented a german court rejects a lawsuit against a clothing chain that would have made it partly liable for a deadly fire at one of its suppliers factories. also on the program u.s. off already slapped half a billion dollars in fines on fiat's chrysler as a battle's its own version of folks violence diesel gate crisis. it's time for business on the w m how you got to us it's good to have you with us
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we begin with a very big that is upsetting to a group of pakistani plaintiffs hoping to set a potentially far reaching precedent but a german court has rejected compensation claims aimed at retailer kick survivors of a blaze at a textile factory in pakistan in twenty twelfth the court ruled that according to pakistani law the claim was no longer valid quest the main contractor at the chief factory survivors accused germany's biggest clothing discounter of being partially responsible for the fire two hundred fifty people lost their lives and many more were injured if the lawsuit has succeeded it could have set a precedent for claims against other german companies operating in low wage countries. now a short while ago we spoke to miriam zog a mosque she's with the european center for constitutional and human rights and represented one of the plaintiffs we asked her if this case has had any impact
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despite the claims being rejected. so the merits have not been decided which still means that the whole industry needs to be on their toes because when ever there is a new tick factory disaster the next claim will be brought and we will again ask the courts to make a decision on liability questions also. and i think at least for the german debate this case has also highlighted that we are desperately in need of better laws and make us need to be thinking about the plate apply chain liability rules like the german car maker for chrysler has fallen foul of us all four days in the diesel emissions scandal it's now due to pay more than five hundred fifteen million dollars in settlements the us italian company is accused of using illegal softer and more than one hundred thousand of its jeep cherokee s.u.v.s and ram pickups it however denies any wrongdoing the settlement is a far cry from for its violence the german automaker has already paid more than
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twenty billion dollars in the u.s. alone meanwhile fia chrysler says it will issue an emissions recall for the affected vehicles but will not offer to buy them back to. you doubly correspondent my actuator has been following this story for us in washington my it's good to see you and let's start with the basics this all sounds very much like diesel gate scandal where the company as we know used illegal software to alter emission levels so why is feared chrysler settlement so much lower. a lot of this has to do with the volume of cars in the u.s. chrysler simply sells far fewer diesel cars than volkswagen does and diesel cars are far less common in the u.s. than they are elsewhere in the world the number of cars being recalled is also far less than what you had to deal with i think v.w.
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had to recall or even buy back around six hundred thousand cars and that will only have to take back around one hundred thousand but it's also there's a very different way that the scandal affected both these companies or as a v.w. the it was the top executives who were aware of this cheating software that was part of their cars and they specifically built this software to circumvent testing and make it look like they were pushing down emissions when in fact they were at chrysler in fact what it was was the company that makes the software that regulates these things in cars bosch just snuck of the software into the cars without chrysler knowing which is part of the reason why they're pleading not guilty they're found out guilty and prosecutors are not pushing further with this but let's talk about the customers because we know as you mentioned it's fewer cars in this case it's also for customers probably but has there any been any reaction to these revelations from effect to customers. well i'm sure if you're
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a chrysler car owner this is going to be extremely annoying but fortunately there's only two models of cars that have been reported to be affected by this recall and it's just models that were built between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and sixteen so again. in the grand scheme of things not that many cars will be affected and chrysler and as part of this package this this payout that they're giving out they are setting aside between two hundred sixty and two hundred eighty million dollars the civically to compensate their customers who will have to have their cars recalled it started very small at that time and folks like us well let's see how this one goes thank you very much might have twitter in washington for us. we stay in the car industry because precisely and ford will join forces as they develop new technologies the two companies are set to unveil details of a deeper alliance at the detroit auto show next week sources close to management
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say the carmakers are hoping to fend off why bulls and electric and autonomous driving among them software companies like google another reason for working together the continuing trade frictions between the u.s. and china v.w. and ford have said in the past that any alliance would not involve a merger. germany's influential industry association has called on the european union to adopt a tougher policy towards china and the paper presented on thursday the beady eyes stressed that germany and the west must do more if they don't want to lose their competitive edge on world markets the tougher tone is the latest sign that european policymakers and business leaders are becoming increasingly worried about china as a competitor and its state driven economic model. chinese market has long been a gold mine for many german companies with high end carmakers like audi and mercedes making an ever larger share of their profits here but the b.t.i.
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federation for german industry claims the chinese market is far from a level playing field. the business lobby accuses beijing of using a combination of protectionism price dumping and state subsidies to bolster china's economy and cement the central government's control. in the development of a free market isn't on beijing's agenda. that's what the central government is trying to expand the communist party control of the economy and civil society. and that's become more apparent in the last three years because. there is also growing concern that china shopping tour of buying controlling shares of german high tech companies like robotics manufacturing kuka could soon lead to a strategic disadvantage for europe in the report the b.t.r. is calling on berlin to take action to make the economies of germany and europe more resilient among the demands increased scrutiny of china's state support for firms that compete with european companies and more oversight of chinese acquisitions the b.t.i.
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also says western countries must do more to defend their lead in technology as. of course we need to do our own homework first and increase our own competitiveness by investing more in infrastructure and education including research by expand the research budget. of the but often. the medion also believes you members must close ranks to ensure china does not eventually gain a competitive edge in technology. now if you are like me you probably have no clue what to do if your washing machine breaks down but we all have that one friend or relative who can help us write well that apparently is slowly changing as home appliances become more complex and digitally networked consumer advocates fear that normal users are losing the ability to make basic repairs they have pushed for a so-called right to repair and a new regulatory committee is taking up the issue this month. the household appliance industry seems to have developed
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a love affair with new technology promising smart homes full of network refrigerators washing machines and other electronic devices but many consumers are actually pining for a return to the good old days when appliances lasted much longer and were easier to fix when they broke evidence is mounting that home appliances are breaking down earlier and becoming too complex to fix. in many cities activists are setting up volunteer repair shops to help people overcome what many see as planned obsolescence. politics like with. this sense more and more known for the so-so on green bay and three create tweaks so that we buy it with more stuff that's why the european commission is in the final stages of approving regulations to build repairability into the very manufacturing process.
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the new rules would make it easier for people to disassemble appliances ensure that spare parts are readily available and that repair instructions are provided. the european appliance manufacturers association says it is basically behind the new regulations as long as they are applied to all competitors and that amateurs safety and liability issues are addressed. before we go it's one of the most iconic buildings in the world's most famous. chrysler building is for sale again. to. be a little bit lower of. the building. you
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gets underway germany has become a known permanent member of the united nations security council but it's the u.n. is divided under funded in my opinion efficiency so walk down the berlin achieve find out shortly on poetry come. next on d w.
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it takes a person only. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans was a leg up more than football online. her first school in the. first clueless and. then tours grand moment arrives join the arena tang on her journey to freedom in our interest to turn german tourists entering into and returns home. to one to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. i'd return to. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i
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lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. following a very warm welcome indeed to the first edition of parker acre in twenty nineteen and it's the new year get some the way germany house alongside four other countries become a norm permanent member of the united nations security council now there are high expectations about what germany can achieve but two year stint on the council comes at a very difficult time with the devastating ongoing conflicts in both syria and in ukraine .


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