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tv   Kino - Dished up - Culinary film moments  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2019 12:15am-12:31am CET

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campaigners staged a demonstration comparing teresa mayes course to the ill fated titanic heading for an iceberg the protesters are calling for a second referendum a people's vote something the prime minister has repeatedly ruled l. but tonight the question might just be how much longer is arisa may hang on at the helm lots of icebergs out there you're watching t.w. news live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company more news at the top of the hour. on. the people the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. how to. discover your concept discover it with. a school.
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after one hundred gives the ideals of the font house a more relevant today than they were. shaped seems to come the ball in the past people sign is a way of shaping society. with ideas. powerhouse world this week on d. w. . hite and walked the special edition of you know faber. so they show on school stuff
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and i are serving up what we think are the best food scenes in cinema but in the movies food is not always food our menu is filled with drama and you see that you have all the conflicts that hashed out all over the dinner table some of our dishes are sweet and spicy others like revenge are best served cold and some are just kitchen chaos here our entrees and your wig. eating with a knife and fork can be tricky and sometimes lead to little mishaps. but luckily none of the other guests seemed to notice and the poultry started hare excess free states hidden at least at first but of course you should never ask the drunk waiter to clean up your mess. in the party a simple dinner turns into total mayhem food as
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a catalyst for what's to follow an excessive frenzy of slapstick. she's a prison dinner was always a big thing. we had a pasta course and then we had a meat or fish you know what when you think of prison you get to wait a minute ago or maybe dinner in prison get about in a good fellows even lobster is on the menu here fine food stands in for the privilege lifestyle enjoyed by the mafia food as a symbol of power even prison isn't punishment just a different place to enjoy your pasta. the successful hotel yeah a clean felt hunston is celebrating. his sixtieth birthday with
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a grand banquet for his family and friends some of the guests stand up to give toasts to the host though including his son christiane good to speak with a beer. or two it's gotten a books up this will be sauce. also leno's pro and con by some new asked me do all boys who was with us six when it has six missing here. shocking everyone promote the sun unmasks his father is a pedophile who sexually abused his own children in the dining room as a place of reckoning and liberation certainly a lot to chew on i asked him if it were some of the dough for a store. back and really ruin your appetite. i run for the main course hope you like it spicy we've got food as social status food is confrontation and food as sex they again.
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this is. cooking is death in love with the three focal points of martha's life but recently this top chef has lost graphic art she wants to break free try something new maybe an overcooked steak will change everything. but in china if one is even if it is something that means someone a steak is a. disputed couldn't. you need something to fill the places cackling interests of it's just a little noticed. thing to be introduced to. a piece of raw meat becomes a turning point in martha's life when he gives them both but it is called the.
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wrong glass served. polite society clashes head on with two guys to settle a score dining scenes in films are often used to illustrate social differences but rarely as directly or as effectively as in the blues brothers. how much for their little girl. the women how much what the women what their women are i want to buy your women the little girl your doctors seldom send me your children made a better day. to
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piss on someone's parade is a common idiom but michael douglas takes it a bit too literally. i guess i'm going to piss on the fish in the post out there this dinner party is a battlefield in an ugly marital war a battle of the sexes played out in the kitchen. i would never humiliate you like this you're not equipped to honey. a family if seems to be developing i don't know if we should leave but i definitely advise skipping the fish course. oh yeah right now oh in a restaurant most people want to enjoy a nice quiet meal with private conversation so how awkward is that when the lady next to you decides to shut the guy up every claims no woman could make an orgasm
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with him yes. yes yes yes. yes yes yes. yes yes yes. oh oh. oh oh. i'll have what she's having. but she's having the real joke is the director rob reiner cast his own mother to say that line and it still holds up but now we're ready for dessert we've got a lovely lady here but have you ever tried monkey brains on ice cream. or no i don't really like for. our next bill is about food as a day here this scene from steven spielberg was banned in india and you can kind of
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understand why our number three. a dinner has the power to bring people together and can help make new friends sometimes a shared meal can be a bridge between cultures. but. if you think. you have anything simple like st. stephen spielberg knows how to bring strange customs and traditions to the boil. the menu here stands for the nasty character of an indian despot just delicious choose among you think.
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the restaurant is a place of safety your go to a tallying conveys a feeling of security you won't come across any surprises here but just about good wine and passed. this restaurant. the young michael corleone finds himself cornered by the boss of a rival mafia family and the nasty corrupt police chief both want to blackmail and humiliate the boy and. what they don't know his men had a gun in the restroom for him coldly yoni is about to mix up a very different kind of tomato sauce. thank you thank you thank you. and so a business meal turns into the last meal in the safe place into
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a fatal trap perfectly served up in the godfather. yeah remind me to never invite a corleone to guy thanks. who's your dinner date from hell. let me think hard about mc talk yeah that would probably end up being the meal but we can't leave him off our menu for our final dish we turn to hannibal the cannibal and a scene guaranteed to make you toss your cookies are number one. when you perform in front of hannibal lector you better stricter right chords or else he might just well bite your head off. for hannibal the cannibal the act of eating is
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the ultimate expression of both his mental and physical superiority i must say. speaking for the rest of the herd. i'm sorry for the symphony board that these little soirees of yours are always the highlight of our year yeah yeah me too kind i do feel a bit guilty enjoying such a lovely evening when one of my musicians is still listed as missing person yes well where is the poor guy like interest something wicked i can't help feeling just the tiniest bit. relieved. but it sounds awful i know but let's face it so does the man's playing. in fact. to find the king. if i tell you. i'm afraid you want to try. me like go. on empty one of. those where our favorite food
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scenes from the movies more a website and on facebook we're back next week and told them cheers and. good. singer. after. a stylish preview of the new face of. the g t x experimental concept. glimpse at imposing the trophy challenge. to space reduced in gemini. family and snoopy is yet the box office site seven feet.
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berlin. but the criminals don't reckon with the detective superintendent comes to get out. of the mission offices the whims of procedures and establishes an extensive record system laying the foundations for model school. when metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. on t w. hello and welcome to drive a v.w. motor magazine this week stuff big said test drive in a snazzy luxury coupe a the lexus l c five hundred opals vision of the future then she t x experimental and the new singer to rocco.


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