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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2019 6:00am-6:15am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin british prime minister theresa may faces a no confidence vote after parliament throws out her breaks that deal nice to the right two hundred and two. windows to the left four hundred and thirty to. two thirds of the lawmakers voted against the divorce deal from the european union can may and her government survived we're live in london in brussels also coming up the kenyan government says it has secured the hotel complex under siege from
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insurgents in the capital nairobi but explosions and gunfire are still being heard to get the latest on the volatile situation live from nairobi. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us british prime minister theresa may and her government face a no confidence vote later today after lawmakers threw out her breaks that deal it was the biggest and most humiliating defeat in modern british history if may's government loses the confidence vote it could trigger a general election and fresh chaos for the acrimonious breaks that process the ice to the right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two. it's the biggest defeat for a government. the house of commons in over
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a century. more than two thirds of lawmakers said no to teresa mayes divorce agreement with the e.u. it is clear that the house does not support this deal but tonight spirit tells us nothing about what it does support nothing about how. the nothing about how or even if it intends to honor the decision the british people took in a referendum parliament decided to hold thursday the people may hopes to return to parliament with a new bret's had planned by next week across the channel there was a lot among evil leaders at the prospect of a no deal bracks that commission president john clarke again urged the u.k. to clarify its intentions noting that time is almost up a sentiment echoed by dutch prime minister mark oaten who tweeted that the e.u. was preparing for all scenarios and that the next step was up to the u.k. . french president emmanuel mccall had words of caution for those calling for
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a no deal for exit evolve and if the british push for a no deal scenario it will scare everyone and the british have the most to lose in that situation that. after the vote there were happy faces to be seen outside the houses of parliament. hundreds of pro demonstrators had gathered there to watch the vote. for them the deal's defeat brought hope that breaks it could still be avoided . but one thing that can't be avoided is a vote of no confidence slated for today opposition leaders hope that fresh elections will and the bricks of gridlock i therefore missed to speak out inform you i have now tabled a bunch of no confidence. so this house can give its verdict on the share incompetence of this company. that notion of no confidence in the government but with no clear path forward observers fear the u.k.
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is one critical step closer to a disorderly divorce from the e.u. . let's bring in our correspondents who are following the story for us this morning teri schultz joins us from brussels and bigot is standing by in london we'll start with you bigots of the british parliament has rejected teresa mayes breaks a plan as we just solve by a huge margin can you explain to us why. well not just rejected i mean the papers this morning talking about breakfast and they have really slaughtered to reason may and what is essentially how compromise deal and it shows really the division in the u.k. we had those column and heroines for whom. that reason may has hammered out with the e.u. is much worse than the deal that the u.k. at the moment has including for example the british rebate so they think why should we be yond what we already have and they essentially
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a lot of them really do want to stay within the european union and there are others and they're mostly insite reserve mates own conservative party on the right of our party who think that this deal ties the u.k. much too closely to the european union and for also an indefinite time because of the so-called back start stop which clarifies the situation of northern ireland after after the withdrawal period of two years so they think the u.k. should cut lose completely and cut loose immediately and something even they shouldn't that the u.k. shouldn't pay any money to the european union without having a free trade deal so they think it's basically to favor to the e.u. and the other still wanted for the sake of the u.k. so the briggs's vote in parliament reflects a deep about leaving the european union what does it tell us about confidence and
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teresa mayes government she's going to face a no confidence vote later today. she is indeed going to face that fate it is expected that she will at this point in time at least that she will win it which is fairly ironic because it's such a flagship government policy but they do you. know they're not in party well propping up the government have an ounce of they're going to work with her as well as days on the right of the so-called european research group who have voted against her in the. parliament last night so for the moment they are supporting her but she obviously needs to present a new steps have next step and then the question is what happens then and she of course first of what has to survive this vote it's not a foregone conclusion of course anything can change you had any moment in british politics yes what happens next that's a big question also in brussels where our correspondent terry scholz is cited by
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terry u.k. wants to leave the e.u. but it's legislature has rejected the negotiated terms of departure where does this leave brussels. the european union has come out last night as you saw there with commission president you are saying he regrets the outcome of this vote but there has been no signal whatsoever from brussels that the deal truly is for renegotiation as some of those in parliament may wish to resume a has come back to brussels numerous times on this deal reached in november asking for further reassurances asking for clarification on the terms especially regarding the irish backstop but brussels is held firm and saying look this is your deal this is the best possible deal and that's something that president younger again repeated last night this is your deal take it or leave it and there's not much time left so the e.u. is feels very much justified in saying again that the ball remains in the u.k. courts and as big explained nobody really knows what's going to happen next the
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e.u. has so far refused to renegotiate the deal as you point out but it wants to avoid a no deal scenarios so could there still be some wiggle room for brussels after all . you're absolutely right disorderly withdrawal may hurt the the u.k. more than it hurts the e.u. but there's no question that both sides would suffer considerably both financially just equally it's simply just a nightmare for both sides so yeah that's the priority to avoid that with no deal but you know the european union has said that it could give britain more time if march twenty ninth simply is not possible and then president council president donald to ask who has at times been very emotional about the u.k. decision to leave came out last night with a tweet saying look if this deal is impossible and nobody wants a no deal who's going to have the courage to say what the only positive outcome is
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and that's being interpreted as yet another to. plead to have have not not no deal breaks it but have no brakes so that would be the wiggle room that many in the european union would look for now. thank you so much for teri schultz in brussels our london correspondent biggest last thank you both. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today brazil's new far right president jaya both sonora has signed a decree to make it easier for many people to own firearms and keep them at home civilians over the age of twenty five with no criminal record no longer need to justify their interest in purchasing a gun. has promised to crack down on crime in the country. several hundred one during migrants bound for the united states have crossed into guatemala immigration authorities say people who lack the proper documents will be
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turned back caravans heading toward the united states have inflamed the debate over u.s. immigration policy with president donald trump insisting on building a wall on the us mexico border. and spanish police say they have arrested seventeen people during counter-terrorism raids in barcelona and the nearby town of. cut alone is interior minister said the suspects are believed to be jihad is to have been plotting a terrorist attack more than one hundred officers took part in the bridge. now to kenya where the government says it has secured the hotel called plex under siege from insurgents in the capital nairobi but there are reports of ongoing explosions and gunfire in what the government says is a mocking up operate sion at least fifteen people have died but scores of survivors have been freed the somali extremist group al shabaab says its fighters carried out
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the attack. i'm don't run away there are no. moments of terror. these people are among the lucky ones the first risque from the hotel complex as explosions and gunfire rang out. survivors describe the scene inside the complex when the shooting began upon my colleagues. not being able to everybody was just beginning every. so i went through . all these we have one i didn't focus just on the ship so how did he was able to defeat you. if you didn't reach when you started by being so some people but it's other people in the stores and many people in their offices under the desks so many people inside the. security forces were quick to arrive the attack still in progress when the somali based terrorist group claimed responsibility it's the same
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group that's been behind a series of deadly attacks in kenya over the past eight years. our correspondent joins us now from nairobi sello what's happening there now is the siege over. i'm surprised to hear it's not just that we hear that this reports of explosions and gunfire or shots in the building government that said that most people trapped inside. and. people said to have been rescued overnight. but. i'm going to. authorities one point claimed the area was safe but they had it under control yet again as you mentioned there are reports of detonations and gunfire how do you explain that discrepancy. well they do say that they have it under control into
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that gets your most of the building and that there is that the fighting gunmen on the top floor but they have asked the public to stay away from this area the area still evacuated the student comes around the area were evacuated not not as well. so it's still an ongoing situation and people are still being taken to hospital who shot and killed the time and injured. and we were at the hospital tough night and a few people have already been released who have minor injuries. so the siege is contained but not over apparently now the somali al-shabaab group has attacked a number of targets in kenya over the last couple of years they claim responsibility here how is the government coping with that threat. well. the government has. been two thousand and nine and you have been.
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in there and some of it but there have been major attack that happened for example when. ongoing in an ongoing. they are. saying that they have that they are doing. something that countries. being unable to come on the outside. so let's thank you very much for bringing us up to date. talking to us from nairobi course we'll keep you posted on developments with that story just reminder of the top stories we are following for you here today on d w news a minister theresa may and her government face a vote of no confidence today after lawmakers threw out her brakes a plan to defeat brings the u.k. one step closer to a disorderly divorce from the european union. you're
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