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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2019 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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conditions were perfect for this year's event. and that's our news wrap and join us again at the top of the hour or you can check out our web site or follow us on twitter thanks for watching news. here's what's coming up for in the bundesliga have plenty to talk about here on. the mundus legal every weekend here.
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where is home. when your family scattered across the globe. but this is a good look at least because the journey back to the roots should get minutely. traveling from move around. among united nation to systems. moves slowly starts january twenty. sixth. and tuesday an overwhelming majority of the british parliament rejected prime minister teresa mayes breaks a geo with the e.u. i hear the words they. will come to all the colleagues but first of all when all the leader of the opposition generally called in the eyes to the right two hundred into the food. nose to the left four hundred and thirty two.
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so where does britain go from there. it's clear that the house does not support this deal but tonight's photo tells us nothing about what it does support. businesses on both sides of bragg's it see the exit from the single market as the main disadvantage especially without any regulations or trade deals. business suffered very much because you have to see that british german trade for example is at one hundred eighty five billion a year and germany has a surplus with britain at about forty five billion a year germany of course due to this fact there will be immediately the necessity of millions of new. beauty procedures and dealing with the regulations and this. will cost approximately.
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several hundreds of millions of euro for term and business great britain's economy will also suffer breaks it is already having a negative effect the c.b.i. announced this week that britain's financial sector shrunk for the first time in five years the management consultancy ernst and young predicts that banks will shift their one trillion dollar investment value from great britain to mainland europe by monday the government has to explain how they're moving ahead the nation is still divided parts of the population want to remain in the e.u. and are demanding a new referendum. when an air bus takes off from the runway a big chunk of the european union takes off with an air bus jet is a prime example of e.u. cooperation the aviation group is located in germany france great britain and spain . production takes place across europe france has
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the largest operations with some forty eight thousand air bus employees across different sites germany is in close second place with around forty four thousand workers in spain the aircraft manufacturer has thirteen thousand employees and almost eleven thousand five hundred people work for air bus in britain. british factories make the wings for air bus in addition around four thousand british companies supply parts to the aviation group so what could happen in the event of a hard briggs it will airbus still be able to manufacture in great britain a no deal breaks it would be bad for business there in britain more than one hundred thousand people working for airbus suppliers could be gravely affected. the effects would also be devastating for air bus itself. airbus maintains that the group has been working on contingency measures for a long time. in the short term warehouses will be set up to stockpile the needed
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parts. but the plane maker may have to build new factories in the long run. airbus says it's invested fifteen million euro's in preparing for a hard break that. but the real cost of briggs it is still up in the air. detroit's auto show hasn't lost all its glamour but it's certainly not the event it once was. g.m. chose to unveil its new cadillac s.u.v. but many other luxury car makers including b.m.w. and mercedes skipped the event this year this as the global car market contracts and uncertainty grows over the threat of u.s. tariffs. going to transition in the industry we've had
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a great run strong car sales over the last decade or so we're probably going to have a dip in the next couple of years at the same time the auto companies are have to focus on today's business to generate profits so they can finance a future that's going to be very different. speaking of the future one major carmaker that is making an appearance in detroit this year is votes wacken the car maker from wells burg announced an alliance with the u.s. auto giant ford. this year particular of detroit we're looking for to see what g.a.c. is doing and the past few years they've had some pretty big displays of detroit and it showed off their car their new car lineup. and this year they're also going to be to try to they be doing a new s.u.v. concept called the end trons and this is a pretty big deal for g.a.c. because they said in recent years a twenty one nine hundred is the year they want to start selling cars in the united states. they've been recruiting american auto dealers to help them do that at a time of heightened transatlantic tension the bond could be politically as well as
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economically strategic and in spite of the changes there's one constant the auto show is hoping for eight hundred thousand visitors the show will run until the twenty seventh of january next year the show won't take place in the winter but in the summer visitors will be able to test drive vehicles watch rallies and demonstrations. folks wagon and ford will be working together in the future the companies announced at the detroit motor show that first the airlines will be limited to developing vans and pickups later self driving and electric cars might be added the industry is under pressure with the economy cooling down on the one hand. on the other companies need to invest heavily in new technologies industry experts say that other companies like g.m. and honda are also teaming up on immobility projects. the former c.e.o.
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of nissan carlos ghosn is now losing his position as chairman of the board of renault gone has been in pretrial custody in tokyo since november he's accused of tax evasion and misappropriation of nissan company funds demands that go and pay back eight million euros. the u.s. ambassador in germany richard grinnell has threatened european companies with sanctions this affects companies participating in the construction of the north stream to gas pipeline north stream brings gas directly from russia to the rest of europe a second pipeline is currently being built alongside the existing one the us has been criticizing europe for becoming too dependent on russian gas pipeline through the ukraine is becoming less significant as a transit line. the world economic forum in davos will take place this year without
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a u.s. delegation u.s. president donald trump had already cancelled days ago now no members of the government will be attending background is the government shutdown in the u.s. it was. british prime minister theresa may and french president and. will also remain at home for political reasons. he's already lost thirty percent of the soil seed planted last year. mario is just one of hundreds of argentinean farmers affected by heavy rain last year crops failed due to drought about an eighth of a so i planted in argentina has already been damaged by the floods and after that a drought in twenty eighteen already cut the country's soya output by around thirty percent hardly anyone still go shopping extensively in the streets of buenos aires people can only afford the bare essential is at the moment prices rise almost daily
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. it happens in very few countries in the world and it's a very complicated issue here we live it every day and in general prices adjust as the us dollar moves if the dollar rises all prices will go up but if the dollar goes down nothing goes back down. consumers are holding onto their money no one knows how much longer the crisis will last owners of cafes and restaurants are being hit hard many customers have been staying home. it's a time of survival nothing else. just survive the mantra of most people in argentina chile a people here hope that the situation will calm down after all the inflation rate is expected to go down by half this year to around twenty three percent. gasoline in zimbabwe takes days to get and it's now the most expensive in the world
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costing three dollars and thirty three cents per liter this for a nation where the majority lives in poverty inflation and shortages have returned to zimbabwe and with them anger at the government. who would do good just to get good is good. not is not it's a grim outlook for president emerson whose rise following the thirty seven you. rule of robert mugabe suggest that better times were ahead or at least more stable ones markets reacted positively foreign lenders seemed willing to open their pocketbooks but the economy structural problems remain unresolved state owned enterprises and a massive public sector swell a budget propped up by debt the central bank is overdrafting to pay the country's bills and relying on an electric currency due to the lack of hard cash that's cause the actual value of the currency zimbabwe uses the u.s.
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dollar to plummet. the government needs to borrow more to increase cash reserves when god is busy making his case he was in moscow this week and he's expected to attend the upcoming world economic forum in davos. the port city has been dubbed a sri lanka's new dubai the official name is the colombo international financial city a special economic zone with its own business friendly tax rules and regulations it's praised by the country's leaders as a great achievement. and. one of them. is poverty. and estimated one hundred million cubic meters of sand were needed before construction could even start thousands of tons of sand were removed from sri lanka's coastlines to build for the new port city. but it
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comes at a hefty price for sri lanka local fishermen say it's destroying marine life and their livelihoods the environmental damage is changing the region's ecosystem and critics say that the excavated sand alone is worth more than double the project's entire budget of one point four billion dollars and that was your business week in review. on the roadways. europe's most popular country still. far out in front of these frogs finest places the most beautiful region called in all its many faces. of europe presenting this week.
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ideals of the bomb house more relevant today than they were the. years ago. shapes seems to calm the ball of people in as a way of shaping society. with ideas. powerhouse world this week on t w. what about the. are there welcome so off i know you're a mix special of the week we've been showcasing europe's top tourist destinations and today we're off to explore france is what's coming up.


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