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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2019 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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this is news live from berlin clashes erupt in athens as greek nationalists protest against a name change by a neighboring country which they say threatens greece and greek identity. the name change is part of an international deal under which greece would accept its northern neighbor calling itself north macedonia the greek parliament is due to vote on ratifying the unpopular agreement in the coming days we'll go live to athens for the latest also coming up. donald trump comes up
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with a plan to end the longest government shutdown in u.s. history to get his mexican border wall built but the democrats say no we'll tell you why. and the democratic republic of congo's election crisis deepens the constitutional court confirms favorites she said katy's victory in last month's presidential vote but his main challenger is calling for protests we'll go live to kinshasa. and the front runners respond to the pressure in this the first weekend back from the winter break. just get past their fierce rivals lifesaver to maintain their perch atop the german lead. next peiser welcome to the program and we start in the greek. pittel athens where
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nationalist groups are protesting a deal to settle a nearly three decade old name dispute with macedonia under the agreement struck last june greece would approve of its northern neighbor renaming itself the republic of north macedonia in return would drop its objections to the balkan countries joining nato and the european union but the deal has been hotly contested in greece prime minister alexis to process narrowly won a confidence vote in parliament on wednesday after his right wing partner left the coalition to protest the agreement. for more on this i'm now joined by george george a couple of freelance reporter in athens georgia what are the protesters demanding . the protesters demanding that the government does not approve very international beer signed last summer we kiwis are going to be quick to fundamentally vote on thursday or on friday next week they insist on going on
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greece's northern neighbor not using the name macedonia in any way to say. what's in a name can you explain to our viewers what this dispute is all about you know the students about the engine name much of the money which he's about for millenia old and it's supposed to carry a huge baggage of history and culture for the greeks. another nation another country he's a user base he's trying to manipulate and briefings that may also contain some threats against greece and stay dirty and integrity. well the the greek prime minister to process now needs to muster enough votes in parliament to get this massive don't macedonia deal through is the part of entry arithmetic in his favor
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to fifty's when the world comes forward on a five day time it looks like this will be and now don't majority to ratify the deal even if that means that the government party is going to need some votes from centrist or left want to fight the greek parliament ok thank you that was george george george lakoff in athens reporting in the united states u.s. president donald trump has offered democrats a deal to end the longest government shutdown in u.s. history speaking from the white house trump said he compromise on immigration plans as long as they agreed to fund his mexican border wall but the democrats rejected the deal before the president even delivered his speech there's more this was the president's big bid to end the shutdown help out some immigrants already here in
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exchange for keeping more out. three years of legislative relief for seven hundred thousand docking recipients brought here unlawfully by their parents at a young age many years ago. or deferred action for childhood arrivals is an obama era program to prevent deportation of undocumented minors brought to the u.s. trump had been trying to end it now we keep it in place at least for now he also said he delayed deportation for those who have fled war and disasters two issues for democrats but what did he want in return is five point seven billion dollars for strategic deployment of physical barriers or a wall. the law. trumps most ardent supporters want him to deliver on a key campaign promise a border wall with mexico but democrats aren't taking the bait swiftly rejecting the deal house speaker nancy pelosi called it
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a nonstarter she criticized trump for failing to offer permanent protection for undocumented minors. the showdown over trump's border wall has led to the longest federal government shutdown in u.s. history hundreds of thousands of government employees have been forced to leave without pay for almost five weeks the democrats offer no wall but hundreds of millions of dollars security isn't enough for the president the shutdown will go on until the two sides can agree or one side gives in. to some of the other stories making news around the world. mexican officials say the number of people killed in friday's deadly fuel pipeline explosion has risen to seventy nine scores more remain hospitalized authorities say the pipe in the state of was breached by suspected fuel thieves the gasoline ignited as hundreds of locals crowded around it to fill containers with the fuel. and residence in the northern city of london.
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after a suspected car bomb explosion police in the city also known as. the night leading politicians say the possibly related fears of a renewal of decades of sectarian conflict has been mounting in northern ireland since the vote. have begun drilling a tunnel in a bid to rescue a two year old boy who has been trapped in a well for six days the child fell down. near the city of nearly a week ago but until now conditions were not favorable to begin drilling. in the democratic republic of congo the dispute over last month's presidential election is deepening the country's constitutional court has confirmed the victory of opposition leader thanks just to k.t. it dismissed a challenge by rival martin for you who says he's the real winner election
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observers from the catholic church and results leaked to the media both indicate one dozens of people have been killed in unrest since provisional election results were released. but just a katie insists he won fair and square and says he's brought democracy to congo. the congo we are going to build one b.n. divided congo food with height and tribalism. this is the culmination of the struggle of congo its founding fathers and it is the beginning of a new struggle one in which i willing gauge the congolese people. correspondent wendy bash is following the story for us in the congolese capital kinshasa wendy just a katie calls this the arrival of democracy in congo what do the congolese think. hi everyone the cool nice people most of them was waiting for change there was
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waiting for everyone to act and they make to most of the people ip it's because he did people was defending it if you think anybody is you can know and you can understand school the people was smart if i lose sight of our very outset and waiting for the incoming day to see how the situation goes and also at the level of the education as you probably know they you the african union wasn't so happy we did this engine of growth and the european union also and that they made also a statement recently so i mean there is a can eventually can feel like that the train was people seem here. she said katie and for you too and also at the level of. a split in the country as you were saying tommy now for mr file you know is this the end of the battle for him over the election outcome or is there
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a way for him to fight back. you know as if you read sake report go whew oh they did they got a point of view i think every sunday and because the work to do so no cold war did last. week that would these people want waiting for go now here in this country everything at the national level and the liver and but you could say you wouldn't call that visiting the press conference i mean decide that waiting for the day did exist and the african union still maybe three day wait when these people are waiting for them here to morrow we are waiting to see what the african you know you say but here we all did make us cool. and for mike to say who i mean don't cry for the nation. ok thank you that was the wendy in concetta thank you.
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and there's been a day of upsets at the australian open including that of defending champion roger federer the thirty seven year old swiss man lost to twenty year old stefano city pass a greek player with a big following in melbourne because of that city's huge greek speaking population and germany's own city cavite was knocked out of the terminal terminal tournaments by american danielle collins cowbell won the tournament in two thousand and sixteen and was the second seed this year and australia is celebrating ashley barty's three set win over maria sharapova bharti is her country's top ranked women's tennis and cricket player to germany's going to sleep in now and with second place by our new nick winning on friday night the pressure was on dortmund to win last night at leipsic even without the presence of team captain marco royce the league leaders got the job done. a corner kick twenty minutes in made its way to dortmund
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midfielder axel vits he hammered the ball home for a one nil lead the belgian second goal of the season his first was back when these two teams first met earlier this season. in the second half a chance to double the lead as maximillian phillip charge but life saved goalkeeper peter goulash he got his foot on the ball to keep his side close dortmund though were pressing for an insurance goal passer came on as a sub and had the best chance of all shortly before the end but the ball didn't fully cross the line as confirmed by goal line technology. in injury time leipzig launched a last gasp it's hacked but much has coolio headed into the side netting. one nil the final score. needed for gas and the start to get red bull might seek hadn't lost a single much at home all season so we have very satisfied it is as it's
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a free to. dortmund are still on top and they've reestablished their six point cushion over by in munich. and later cusins a poor start to the season led to a coaching change in the winter break and the new boss peter bosch the former dortmund coach promised to bring attacking football back to the club but against third place gladbach that style of play didn't produce the needed goals. after a year away pets a boss is back in the. despite his debacle in dortmund he's tough with guiding a talented leyva queues inside up the table his team wasted no time trying to impress the new coach twenty seconds in having fallen just failed to connect with the cross fall into one of three strikers in the starting line up and behind him were union branch and chi habits that pavel both involved in this chance brand with the crafty footwork habits tonight by young zama. accusing dominated clad back
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sat back waiting for their moment to strike when they did it was a sucker punch from allison prior i nail after thirty seven minutes prior scoring with brad back first shots on goal. bosh needed more potency from his side after the break. was more frustration the hosts missing a string of chances have it here and then carry better rob. he needed just that little bit more i played accusing finish with twenty two shots on goal the only stat that counts is the final score balshaw losing stout. maybe they had two chances in the whole game i think we had at least ten big chances but in full in the end it's about scoring goals and we didn't so that's why there was a spin on for help because i'm really happy i was in the right place a couple of times three good points a great start to the year started so no one so. you can rely on zama is
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a clean sheet of the season right back pace with the title contenders. and that brings to an end your summary choice again at the top of the hour or you can check out our website or follow us on twitter or facebook thanks for joining and watching the that news. we make up of what we want to accomplish and that's because we are the civil service and. they want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join our dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa chart.


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