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tv   Reporter - Snow chaos in the Alps  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2019 2:02am-2:16am CET

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asks the atlanta educators we are the sum of the surface of. the game want to shape the continent's future. market and join african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. of the seventy seven percent of. platforms africa. austria has been snowed under this month. the country is used to snow but this january there's much more of it than usual. i'm seventy but i don't think i've ever seen so much snowfall in twelve days. the areas most affected are. fed in and.
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although the army and volunteers are helping out by and large residents have to cope on their own. for. the for. the better but for. the. ham on healing a has lived in say for for decades but he's rarely seen his village get this much snow before. and time is of the essence because temperatures are rising it may sound paradoxical but for homeowners like hitting or that's bad news it means the pressure on his roof is increasing. because of this that's when it gets warmer a cubic meter of snow that weighed one hundred kilos now weighs five hundred that's the problem this is the great. towering above the village is the nose a mountain it's an impressive sight but with the high avalanche risk does it pose
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a danger to us as he did that it be the ultimate disaster. there is a little valley that's where the snow will go. i don't believe it will happen no you can't think that negatively so it's never happened before you. an avalanche barrier up the slope is supposed to protect residents but locations above the barrier are acutely endangered these include to ski resort an important source of income and. it's now closed for safety reasons. parts of say that lie right at the foot of the noise or are also in danger. so residents have been temporarily evacuated. the mayor believes in leading by example. but not everyone following his lead some
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are staying put. i'm one of those affected and have left my home unfortunately there is no other option the situation is getting worse by the day so it's a security measure that we have to take. things. getting around by car isn't easy either this isn't a one way road but all you can do is hope that no one is coming in the opposite direction. it is from the very end he's a former soccer pro who played in germany's second division now retired he owns a vacation home here together with his friend former footballer cinda yes richard the first layer is easy but off the back the gets more difficult. but it's not good if you gifty good there's the danger of getting hit by a bowling icicles when you leave the house those holes for last well and that can
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be dangerous. if you feel this is the entrance to our apartment. unfortunately it's buried in snow that we have to clear away the snow first to reach the apartment. he. says in the god you can still see a bit of the chimney. that black thing up there. we've got to bring down the snow by tomorrow. to the top. we only want to remove the top layer the powder snow because if it rains look at happy then it settles and you'll never get out. of. the risk of avalanches also increases with the rising temperatures. high up on the mountain the austrian armed forces are upping their reconnaissance
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flights now that the weather conditions are stable. the soldiers are scanning the steep slopes looking for unstable blankets of snow. when the crew discovers the site of a potential snow slide they often detonate explosives to trigger a controlled avalanche to do this the helicopter must hover a few meters above the snowpack. meanwhile the demolition expert lights the fuse and tosses the explosives out of the chopper which must then get far away from the site as quickly as possible. you can't always hear the sound of the blast sometimes it's completely muffled by the snow. and the explosion doesn't always spark an avalanche. but even then says captain maximillian. the mission shouldn't be considered
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a failure. well. you know about marsh thank you to give up just because the blast didn't trigger an avalanche is no reason to say it wasn't successful the purpose is to see if the incline to say that yes or no avalanche is triggered after several blasts that means that the avalanche risk can be considered low and it's nuclear. at the austrian army barracks in salford in the soldiers planned the missions run by the helicopter unit along with reconnaissance flights they also supply trapped residents with food and medications and evacuate people when necessary. you can buy her a pilot is one of more than a thousand soldiers helping austria cope with the masses of snow that you have to meet coming because we're in the army we train a lot. in this now we can finally put our expertise and experience into practice so as to help the villages that have been cut off be accessible by road again.
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with concern for quite simply it makes us very happy to be able to use our skills to help people i mean should say from concert. you can buy a gun and his comrades are ready for the next mission the weather is holding but it's late in the day so things must go quickly. if in yet said inflict we're going to fly from here from the feds and over what we call the clan a storage is a back to high line. between there will pick up a state employee with lighters on the column on to a low the snow off streets and power lines using the helicopter that way the heavy snow can fall down on the trees won't fall down by many. of them this time the soldiers are piloting two relatively small helicopters. of the from.
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the air deflected by the choppers rotor blades known as downwash blows snow off the treetops but the job has its risks the pilots must make sure they don't brush the tops of the moving trees or come into contact with the power lines. they also need to steer clear of the cables used by the ski lift. some of the slopes have been closed but here at the popular ski resort of the. there are plenty of alternatives for experts and beginners. vanny and his son marvin are enjoying all the snow. but the visitors from hanover say they heard skiers lost their lives while using trails closed for safety reasons that's given them pause for thought. if there were no
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danger of avalanches i'd only say why not ski in a deep snow if you want to but when like now avalanche risk is high it makes no sense i can understand why people do it because i don't own for crisis i'm not really sure there's a temptation to go off piste when you see a stretch of good deeds snow. but if that can trigger another notch well that's another story. but it's a temptation and i think the fun is one of the now we always keep together so i'm not afraid of losing as a. minute and when you're not there being messed up by what i'm not there then i do worry i'm going to the maybe it's a good thing i don't see everything he gets up to just when the others he goes on the. road my mellowing going to be at that level but he's calmed down now that he's going to be a father he has to start taking responsibility it was hard which means returning
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from this ski trip in one piece. maybe he'll even teach his future child to ski. so. most of the visitors here are thrilled with all this snow they see no cause for concern. this additional line only some really snowy winter weather finally some snow there's nothing negative it's just nature it's ok i said if i disappoint you but it's like i called the owners and asked how things were looking with the snow whether we get through and be able to ski. they were pretty relaxed about it and said it's not the first time we've had this much snow we know how to deal with it. could. be good for you i'm happy about it and you know there's enough snow for skiing and i think the landscape looks nice accompanying snow some plants as far as
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i'm concerned it can be like this every year. back and. residents are also feeling a positive effect of the situation here as another austrian villages neighbors are helping one another the snow has brought communities closer together. at this hotel right on the lake local residents who've been forced to leave their homes have been given free temporary lodging. co-owners of it says that's only natural in an emergency situation like this. and. it was constant. people in there for us all year round whether to burst pipes or whatever the volunteer fire department electricians plumbers from firms in the region they're always there for us to go see her for months on so it was clear that we should do our part and give a little something back to altos that will still be. here
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and in many other ski areas across austria the situation has improved somewhat they're no longer completely snowed under but winter isn't over yet. package. takes it personally you went with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. pick up more than football online it's all happening too much of it coming.
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