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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is the news live from berlin venezuela the cleared president ran his revolt. calls on supporters to press on with their fight until the incumbent president nicolas maduro a greaser fresh elections we won't surrender his supporters also coming out roger stone a longtime ally of president trump has been provisionally released from custody
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following his arrest the mother investigation has leveled seven charges against her . on pay u.s. government employees make their voices heard as the shutdown enters its thirty fifth day in the senate and attempt to resolve the dispute sale. also coming up in the next sixty minutes the soundtrack to poland's political opposition. the odd little banner him that decries the country's conservative kline that but lawmakers say they're violating hate speech. i'm sorry so much got that thank you for joining us. in venezuela opposition leader one why though says he will not give up his fight addressing supporters in the last hour he promised more protests for this weekend where they're also called on the
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army to support him saying the generals should side with the venezuelan people he has proclaimed himself interim president of venezuela but had not been seen in public since wednesday in an apparent move to avoid arrest the united states and a string of other countries in the region have recognized as the head of state but venezuela's incumbent president nicolas maduro is continuing to stake his claim to the office. well our correspondent there has been following this story for us in caracas i spoke to him a little while ago and asked him what one go though has been telling his supporters well yes this. is the legitimate president. interim president of venezuela and it's a very optimistic speech that has been given out he said that he actually did manage to do what this government hasn't done in six years and that is to british managers to wear a sweater which he has solicited from the u.s.
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and other countries so we don't know how there is an active power struggle in place in venezuela but why the has always stood. for tomorrow they're expecting to have the bushes. where they announced a new one people about what is going to be the plan now were to start this interim for we have elections and he has stated that they will enact a law and to all military. support this new governments. are following all the latest developments for us there in qatar. moving on to another story now and a longtime ally of u.s. president donald trump has been provisionally released from custody after being arrested this morning roger stone paid a two hundred fifty thousand dollars bond and will face travel restrictions now
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he's been charged with obstruction of justice witness tampering and making false statements a stone's an advisor to donald trump during the twenty six thousand election campaign and the charges stem from u.s. fetch special counsel robert miller and his investigation into whether the trump campaign colluded with russia in the election that's stone denies the charges here's what he said i would really not guilty to these charges i will defeat them in court i believe this is a politically motivated investigation i have troubled by the political motivations of russia. and as i had said previously there is no circumstances whatsoever under which i will their course witness against the president nor will i make up lies to ease the pressure on myself i look forward to being there fully and indicating rajan. waiter is on the story for us in washington and she joins us now
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hi maya what else can you tell us about what exactly roger stone is being charged with here. so there are seven counts against him including lying to congressional investigators attempted a witness tampering and possible obstruction of justice so these are just three things that look very similar to. what other people in trump's orbit who have also now been charged with crimes have been charged with all again related to go ings on that during the two thousand and sixteen us presidential campaign so this is roger stone we have to remember it was one of the closest people in trouble orbit one thing that trump and the white house has been able to do so far is say this person has been charged wasn't really part of the campaign i
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didn't really know this person this person was only involved for a few months and roger stone also was only involved in the trump campaign for a few months but he has been a close associate of president for decades and the white house is already attempting to try to waive this office something that's not related to the white house but that is much harder to do in this case my who is roger stone than what is his background. roger stone has been a background player in the us political scene for decades he actually worked for the richard nixon campaign and for people watching who might not know who richard nixon is he was a not a very beloved president in the one nine hundred seventy s. who ultimately was impeached and resigned over charges of obstruction of justice to roger stone remained very loyal to richard nixon and said that he even has a tattoo of richard nixon's face on his back so he has been involved with
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conservative politics in the u.s. for decades and again has been a close associate of president trump for very long time both he and paul man afford another former campaign official on the trump campaign were close associates in the one nine hundred eighty s. they were top of the game in terms of. lobbying so he also is in trump's inner circle and his arrest today his appearance before a court means that whatever investigations are going on now they're getting much closer to the president you know my and that is the question what is the fallout here for president trying. what we've seen today so far is the white house singing their usual song of there's been no collusion proven here this is nothing to do with the president and the thing that sarah huckabee sanders the press secretary said today was all of these people who've been arrested and charged and indicted yes they all were maybe in the president's orbit at some point but
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they were all arrested on charges that have nothing to do with the president and the thing is she's not wrong but what she's painting is a picture of a candidate during the campaign who was somewhat disconnected from his campaign staff she claims that he had no knowledge of the goings on of what roger stone was doing no knowledge of this now legendary meeting at trump tower between the president saw the president's son in law and this russian lawyer in which allegedly possible collusion was discussed which isn't a good look for the president so the more he tries to pull back from all these people around him are getting nabbed by the feds really just the worse it looks for him all right. following the story for us in washington maya thank you very much saying the u.s. and intensifying delays at the nation's airports and widespread disruptions across the federal government are instilling new urgency into efforts to find a resolution to the partial government shutdown but u.s.
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senators rejected two spending plans to reopen the federal government including one backed by president trump and his advisors have suggested that unpaid federal employees buy food on credit advice the employees say is out of touch with their struggles. for nando garcia is a tree down a list for the u.s. government in washington d.c. and he usually erin's good money but for the last thirty four days the twenty nine year old hasn't seen a paycheck he's staying with his parents in virginia where he can get something to eat and some emotional support. just because. you know growing up. government you know you have to think about like what can i cut back. if things continue his parents' import coffee that they roast and then sale on fifth avenue or sun a few shifts a loving home to
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a modest i really reads for fernando every extra dollar kinds. this is can become my primary job and definitely not enough to get me through. on a monthly basis. back in washington d.c. the senate spent several hours debating two proposals each of which could have in theory brought the shutdown to an end the republicans want money for chumps border wall with mexico the democrats want to end the deadlock before beginning negotiations about border security then came the vote as expected neither proposal received majority support. i drink as talks over the border will continue to stall this is just the prelate to fresh negotiations the democrats are already working on a sweeping draft bill which me include trump stipulated five point seven billion dollars not for the wall but for border security meanwhile the government shutdown
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continues with drastic consequences the f.b.i. can no longer afford to pay its whistleblowers. at the airports pilots are at the mercy of key equipment that cannot be serviced. and experts are worried about a potential economic slump what's more eight hundred seven government employees remain on page. it's early morning and fernando garcia is heading back to the capital his parents had to buy a used train ticket for him think i would. probably have to look for a new job it's unfortunate. this week at a set. but i certainly don't want to leave the government i really like my job so i want to go back to work. he doesn't want to see exactly how much money he aired roosting coffee beans but it's enough to make ends meet for a few days. well with no end in sight to the shutdown
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a lot of americans are taking matters into their own hands our social media editor federico is with us she's been looking at that for us hi federico we saw that one man's experience there in a report what have you been seeing online well so many of the hashtag shutdowns stories is all over twitter and going through the thousands and thousands of tweets you really get a sense of how many people are struggling because of this shutdown and it's not just government employees themselves it's also their families often their husbands wives children graham parents who are relying on them financially and social media really has become a platform for a lot of people to seek help and one way of doing that a lot of people have been setting up fund raising campaigns really since the beginning of the shutdown hundreds and hundreds of fundraising pages have been started on the web site go fund me where there are workers are sharing their stories they're asking for support sometimes even for help to afford the basics and
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one of them is this young woman michelle she works at atlanta's international airport and she is one of the four hundred twenty thousand government employees who have who still are expected to work during the shutdown even. that pay and this is her go fund me page we actually got in touch with michelle and she told us today marks her said the second missing paycheck for her and of course she hasn't bills have been piling up since december she has only been able not even been able to pay half of them and she told us she is the only breadwinner in the family she is taking care of her mother who is ill and but still she is still expected to go to work and she told us that she has to get up every morning at two to be able to be at work at four so she shared really her frustration with us and i think it's a very understandable sense of frustration how are people like michelle coping with this i mean these were these fund raising campaigns as we saw but really they are
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relying on their communities for help and that's both offline and online for example we see that food banks are playing a crucial roles and many of them are really you know reaching out to federal employees targeting them through specific special initiatives and also we're seeing you know the community coming together as a regular american citizens just replying to some of those tweets by federal workers and offering direct help like this guy he's offering to help pay the mortgage of a foreign load park ranger and his family and support is also coming from outside the u.s. and this for instance is a picture from canadian air traffic controllers who they sent over to their u.s. counterparts it was a small gesture which i'm sure was much appreciated and of course we here doubly we'll keep tracking. those stories and if you have a story that you for if you're affected and you have a story that you would like to share you can reach out to us on twitter at d w news
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all right our social media editor federico bunch of hauling of the shutdown for us thank you so much. well let's move on now to some other stories making headlines around the world greek lawmakers have approved a landmark name change deal with macedonia under the deal greece's northern neighbor will rename itself north macedonia and athens will drop its objection to the country joining nato there were protests outside the parliament all the numbers were smaller than recent days the accord faced fierce opposition and almost brought down the government. israeli troops have shot dead a palestinian man in gaza as thousands took part in a renewed protest along the border palestinians are angry that israel delayed transferring money from qatar to pay hamas government workers their salary the protesters burned tires and threw rocks and firebombs toward the border a referendum in the southern philippines has given overwhelming approval to the formation of
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a new muslim autonomous region it is hoped that this move will bring peace to the area and much needed investment creating the bangsamoro autonomous region that was part of a deal reached between the government and the largest muslim rebel group which has spent decades fighting for independence and britain's queen elizabeth has called for opposing factions in the u.k. to find quote common ground her statement is seen as a veiled plea to end the bitter fighting over brags that as the march deadline looms for britain's exit from the european union now as head of state the queen is expected to remain politically neutral in public. very same with greg that stephen is here now with another warning for the u.k. to figure out brags that fast that's right so i mean we're talking at the head of goldman sachs today saying that if britain does doesn't manage its smooth exit from the european union the u.s. investment bank would scale down its investment there goldman's david solomon made the comments at the world economic forum in davos. mirroring
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a common theme in the meetings ending today it concerns about the global economy no clear picture ahead. in just a few hours time peace and quiet will return to davos the delegates who came here to seek solutions to the world's problems will be gone for another twelve months. as usual participants at this year's gathering tackled some big issues conversations focused on trade conflicts climate change and of course the many unanswered questions about britain's departure from the. prosecutor easy a stand still fifty years but i don't think i'm ready to be delayed others when best tightlipped and came up with and ologies to describe the prospect of britain leaving the e.u. without dale it's like in a family husband and wife divorce without an end agreement i have not known any such situation which ends happily so the only thing that should have been no is
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this card this option from the table and focus on building consensus of any of the other options on the table chancellor angela merkel also made a plea for more international cooperation some saw that as a message to u.s. president donald trump who stayed at home to the u.s. government shutdown there were some new faces this year the brazil's new president also narrow made his first appearance using the opportunity to try to attract foreign investors many of the leaders who normally grab the headlines didn't attend the world economic forum this year but for most participants that didn't matter they came here to talk and to do business and those events don't tend to happen on the big stage but in the back rooms of the congress center or even here on the streets of this little swiss town. they are big focus of the davos meetings was the anticipated digital revolution it is the rise of technologies like five g.
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bubble networks and artificial intelligence and in particular what that might mean for emerging economies like those in africa so that in our correspondent in physicians spoke with one african leader what's one president. about how his country rated as the top african country in transparency by transparency international will adjust. this is the first time that botswana is represented here in davos the african nation is rated number one by transparency international's corruption perception index and i have botswana president. with us thank you very much for joining us thank you pleasure this is africa and african nations problems being properly addressed here in davos well to the extent that i have attended the sessions that i did i think most appropriately and very well represented by the leaders who are here african nations were largely left behind in the last industrial revolution this next industrial revolution which is being addressed here
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at the world economic forum are african nations going to keep up this time. no african nations are not going to keep up they're going to own it well you sound extremely confident how will they own it well look at history if you look at africa . most of the mineral wealth natural resources africa is a repository of that. human resource human capital young people. in africa digitize africa fixed infrastructure saw the education out and you've got millions of creative minds doing things that have never been done in the worlds so huge potential but where will you find all the financing for that well if we sell to you guys and you buy at a fair price from us that which we own more than yourself and a beneficiary to that and he starts developing the knowledge economy. why
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would you not get rich why would you not afford it why would you no one to trade with us why would you know one prosperity for yourselves because the answer to your prosperity in the long term is africa if we take a look at botswana's machine exports right now they're down how you face the challenges like getting funding like raising awareness and ensuring that the west does invest in botswana you know i'm not trying to trivialize this neither am i suggesting that it's going to be an easy fix i'm talking in a strategic level in the long term so its effort its focus is privatization we have we forge partnerships we have a small budget we want to develop relationships where our budget can be expanded exponentially. with the collaboration that we would fortune in we also
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have a track record for doing partnerships you probably well know the story of ourselves and d.b.s. it's a long lasting story it's broken every record that there is of a relationship between a government and a private entity so we seek to do similar things but also seek to invite the private sector to invest in its own right by its own determinations and make a profit but generate wealth talking about the west's track record it often proposes solutions for african nations that are required laws to be changed what about instead focusing on what works in african nations already well you know we are part of an international system what works must be within a framework the framework must be appropriate relevant
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reproducible. and speak to a framework with your trading partners so it's important that we have a system going i mean if you talk of payments for instance you need to provide order for payments and exchanges and balance those out mr president any last words on your hopes here at the world economic forum my hopes are that we come back to the albums my hopes are that we gauge more will hopefully bring a bigger team to engage more meaningfully very focused on the priorities that we have for ourselves and leverage our resources with a single focus of ensuring that those who allow their resources to be leveraged a certain that they will grow and will china they always grow mr president thank you very much i thank you. and that was then physical and interviewing but one
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president agreed to see a c.c. also in davos billionaire investor george soros had some strong words for the chinese president calling xi jinping the most dangerous enemy of free societies mr soros said china's social credit system would give president xi total control over his people beijing is currently developing a facial recognition system which soros says would enable the government to use algorithms to determine how big a threat an individual poses to the regime he also said u.s. tech giants like facebook needed to be reined in for the sake of democracy. vodafone one of the world's largest mobile carriers says it will pause its purchases of qual wade network hardware for the european market and more and more governments in europe are bowling bans to stop mobile network operators from partnering with a chinese company to build five g. mobile networks critics of how of huawei chief among them the u.s. say the company's a trojan horse for beijing making it
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a security risk always denies any connection with the chinese government germany's business confidence index has fallen for the fifth month in a row analysts predicted it would decline but it's been falling faster than expected also germany's economic growth this year will be considerably lower than originally forecast that according to french government predictions. in its annual report out next wednesday the government says it expects germany's economy to expand by only one percent this year. linkage when the lng exports which are pigs of the cooling global economy and a lack of clarity over brags that domestic demand meanwhile is expected to remain. and will go back to soon enough this right here is your answer but we're heading to indonesia now where authorities say floods and landslides have killed at least fifty nine people have a rain as pounded south sulawesi province the cause rivers to burst their banks
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thousands have been forced to flee their homes though the country's disaster management agency says twenty five people are still missing. the high water mark may already be behind them. but the danger has far from subsided on slow easing on land. at least three thousand people were forced to leave their homes as rivers burst their banks and hillsides gave way under the heavy rains. and flooding is hardly a rarity here during monsoon season. but still residents say they were caught unawares . with buffy and that it made the water started to rise here but then suddenly a nearby river burst its banks after ten minutes the water was already a metre and a half high we didn't expect it at all but. emergency shelters have been erected in local mosques. the military has been deployed throughout the on.
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the first challenge keeping evacuees warm and fed. but. they're starving they are kids asking for milk and fades it's hard to get to them. rescuers continue to pull people from the water throughout the island. however with dozens missing and many villages still underwater the. be warned that the number of the dead will continue to rise. we're going to go into. you're watching news still to come in zimbabwe rights groups and the opposition say security officials are using violence to crackdown on anti-government protests we'll be talking to an opposition politician claims clean energy campaigners have taken to the streets as germany prepares to phase out cold look at the economics and politics of a landmark decision on future energy supplies. what does this video art have to do with the great master michelangelo and how can you watch world opera from your own
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home stay with us and find out as we look at new show arts and culture. that and much more coming up in two minutes time. to cut. cut. and stars deliver a rousing performance of. a nazi go. down and does he enjoy the kill list.
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the judge. i guess sometimes but most often women. think stevens or german culture looking at the stereotype. the cool at the end here thinks he's a country that i don't blame. you yet you don't seem to take from his grandmother there. it's cold out there. i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman from the. post hijacking the news. where i go wrong with the news is being hijacked journalism and still has become the script of the reality show it's not just good vs evil us vs the wacky in one. countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that it's nothing and if you're
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a journalist and you try to get beyond that you are facing. intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about the balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was courting golf and i would you be. right you're watching news a reminder now of our top stories that we're following for you at this hour venezuela's self declared president has called on supporters to press on with their fight until the incumbent incumbent president nicolas maduro agrees to fresh elections we won't surrender where the told his supporters.
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now to zimbabwe where rights groups and the opposition say that security officials are using violence to crackdown on anti-government protests the crackdown began last week with the arrest of more than one thousand suspected protesters and opponents of the government some showed scars that they say were inflicted by security officials violent protests erupted after government announced that it was a doubling of fuel prices in a series of tweets on monday president emerson magog with condemned alleged looting and destruction during the protests but he also did call the misconduct or violence by security forces on acceptable all right let's get the latest on the story zimbabwean opposition politician and constitutional lawyer tendai biti joins us from the capital of zimbabwe ari for more on this story mr beattie a first of all tell us what you make of the reports of continuing intimidation by
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police in zimbabwe. let's face it it's not the police it is the military that sees on the streets all for. zimbabwe particulary no way with the second city but a very not ready to face city busy moving from door to door house two hours something people is really pussies over one thousand two hundred people if they notice it it is a thousand people have been killed. hundreds i'm deeply into it was because i was so but people need the most and i support the use of it as a political we put the number of women that are. the this is a prison so this is protected see the military is taking over it is just simply not as it ok this is a horrifying trend you're saying but we have also seen that president and god why is promising to investigate the alleged abuses doesn't that show that the
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government is indeed willing to take responsibility to look into what is allegedly happening. absolutely north east. or for the kind of idiot picked oh he's the author of the groups human rights abuses that are connected there is an unarmed civilian populace and remember this is the same president who in ancient egypt threw it in to save it there is news to us that security was intangible of that to say what is it that we know and what is good and if you ignore that source and not at the listed on the fifth of august clearly it six people were killed in the writing it will be said of the more i had lived before because it was so africa karim would not be found that the soldiers you're with sponsible for shooting but know if that has been taken him by the soldiers so deposal does it out his bones in the remain all consistent of all consumption or if
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the president approved if that means that sort of bad stuff squarely with him if he had wanted to stop the military you would have stopped the military maybe he can be from he's joined in the last year in billings. are you saying the buck stocks stops with the president these are his actions his boys on the street but mr beattie you know last week zimbabwe's information minister blamed your party a for the violence during these feel if you will protest does that mean that you should be shouldering some of the blame for what we're seeing on the streets in zimbabwe the violence a place. that those allegations are true naisi that banks are amazing to expect the government and the muslim himself must take fools portability if i don't see if he had lived the same salary increase you could not make the cost of fuel. go to today or that one dollar has to become the most expensive fuel in zimbabwe with many still in the will it will lead to five percent of our people.
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incidentally sort of the people are living in extreme poverty severity list the list diversity so all these things we have foreseeable so he can get it if it kills then you in no way when you think it gets in manic depression then most of it to four thousand dollars an hour so yes it is portable so big didn't we right in calling for the what they say are we there but the decision to push people in this is simply didn't ask people to stay home then decide to break into people's houses and started getting big one after the after the ok d.c. because it is because it is quite simple for the straights because the unions give the unions their critics who don't get the fictive if their weight but i want you to stick to the sport by beating up people bisecting down the iranians who sat down intending to just did it. all right mr beattie just very briefly with now if i
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could just as a very briefly know c.t. kumquats here if i could just ask you very briefly amnesty international wants the security forces to be held accountable how can that be done in zimbabwe just briefly. i think that city you had to give couples to call for that you didn't see withdrawal with the pirates off the boat these about troops the u.s. it could cause us to concede the deployment of the peacekeeping we see it in that is it is a bit of it is all going to what do they want to be they've already because they want to be cute before the games because if there is no go on is about all right tendai biti opposition politician and constitutional lawyer thank you so much for joining us and sharing your insights with us here on t w. today could see the beginning of a big change in germany's energy industry the government wants to close the country's lignite coal mine so the country's coal commission is meeting in berlin
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to decide how to move forward now there is a lot at stake around twenty one thousand jobs depend directly on the lignite that's a type of soft coal that's a heavy pollutant if you add the suppliers and the sub contractors that number actually increases to around seventy thousand jobs and lignite is still the source of our twenty two percent of germany's energy production so it is an ambitious goal to replace it with renewables in just a few years we'll get more on that in a moment but first clean energy campaigners that gathered to make their views known in berlin today. school can wait for lucas light now today he and his classmates have driven three hours from lubec to join a student demonstration in berlin they're here to protest about climate change. what you are i. guess i can one of the general problem is that there's not a lack of knowledge but of action that's why it's good to go in the streets now and express our views but we'll see what will come out of it processing and over the
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christmas name solemn these young students are demanding action from those sitting in the building across the street the german coal commission a group of experts that advises the german government on how to end coal production economics minister peter altmire wants that this is about more than just climate change. then. if we aren't smart there will be no losers there will only be winners and we will be supporting those regions affected by structural change and the government must stay committed to its climate policy goals. it's not clear if the politicians are listening to the school students but the young demonstrators have caught the attention of chinese artist and activist i way way. they're taking responsibility. street clearly states their mind they have to say stop it you know we we have enough
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regardless of the outcome today lucas and his fellow demonstrators are set on that goal. their pricing the balun cold against global warming thousands of students from all across the country have arrived in the capital today to talk about and set to sign for germany exiting the coal industry as they know the decisions that are soon taken by the german government good idea fact their generation but those of the future too. to poland now where last month's fatal stabbing of the liberal mayor of don scares highlighted the country's political faultlines and its simmering culture wars especially when it comes to rock music the black metal band be in has come under fire for its use of religious imagery one conservative lawmaker says the band is by a lady the country's hate speech laws. that was on the book at him and his black metal band behemoths are about to start their war saw gig they're playing three shows in poland before kicking off their european tour which is bound to stir
7:40 pm
controversy. and embarrass is an outspoken critic of poland's ruling right wing nationalist law and justice government which has little regard for the european union. i consider myself a pole polish citizen. of european and to me should be equal. and. message against that. political tendencies that's been conquering all our land for like the last two years that it's. just driving the ward some kind of isolation but. expresses his political sentiments through provocative works of art. still difficult. like these biblically themed photos which come along with his band's
7:41 pm
latest album. works like these draw the ire of many conservative polls today and also the anger of the country's government which is backed by the catholic church lawmaker dominic church in ski of the ruling law and justice party even reported adam d'arcy to the police. he just bridge below our criminal law is very very clear you can insult religion every religion you cannot you know her someone's feelings religious feelings and this is what he did these days scenes like these outside poland's parliament aren't uncommon this catholic anti-abortion activists placard reads reproduce. but not all polls think this way at him and he's more liberal minded fans often hang out in hair salons run by the rock musician he owns several in various large polish cities. poses poland's largely conservative and nationalist establishment through his combination of black metal music and his unique lifestyle but these are trying times i would.
7:42 pm
say is really in the political climate is very unfavorable. they're trying to censor my work which he helped introduce year if you're shy. when they force me to report to the police. and our concerts are monitored by undercover agents. but on a second something she goes gee that violence was. given to you know if. they want to check out a for planning any subversive activity or what you might experience all of that. if you go the ministry will be of them at. the door skin his band will not let themselves be intimidated luckily they have many. orders in the american heavy metal scene. col avoid meanwhile is glad to be working in dark hair salon. local beaches there is anger on the streets i've experienced that firsthand but nobody means you any harm in this terrace along with you because you. later that
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day preparations are underway for concerts in the polish capital tonight you'll be adopting the stage persona of near go a babylonian deity who fights a hostile foreign land. which is exactly how he feels living in poland today to him poland is being governed by a regime that has no respect for his liberal worldview. would be i was a bit. of he wants to get people to be more open minded and to change their thinking it's true overcome old fashioned beliefs and become more open open more and does is his way of doing this is very controversial to see many in this country can tolerate that right that the letter we had some regard to ask in his band is the only remaining champions of liberalism in poland but tarski disagrees with you quite massive group of people like free thinking.
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individuals over here in poland. stand behind what they do and what they say so it's not like. whatever the proffered order a missile or whatever. just speaking. my free will. and then dark skinned his band of rock out to the excitement of their open minded fans. let's switch gears to sports now the wonderfully gets back in full swing and there are some pretty great encounters lined up this weekend we have pub locally as forgive me a sports but that's my problem ok so first of all tonight's opening clash had to and shaka how's that we're going to play out well the last time the halftime shall go when face to face berlin beat shout two nil now andrea do the scored both scold start time when you also scored in the three one win against nuremberg last weekend
7:45 pm
and berlin are sitting seventh in the bundesliga table at the moment coach pile die is not expected to make many changes for something that obviously works well and i shout on the other hand are having a very very different season everybody knows this already they're sitting twelfth in the table and they also have something which is going against him which is the end of the injury list and the royal blues of course are in the wrong end of the table they are sitting twelfth in the table. so yes so it's going to be a good match i would say i'm going to give it to africa ok what about dortmund they're going to host hanover a team that's been struggling massively is this going to be a lopsided affair well the love side is a good way of putting it i would say dortmund are going to have a pretty easy ride of course let's not forget they're sitting at the top of the table six points ahead of barr new nick who we'll be talking about a little bit and know what there are a few issues though going against dortmund at the moment there they're missing
7:46 pm
a few several key defenders but of course this is a team that has proven already that they have no problem winning games on the rope against hanover who are yet to pick up a victory away from home and also i would say a win for them against ormont is we'll call it highly unlikely and but also there was some. good news this week and i think the best is to hear from lucy because he spoke about of the team's press conference. because that he has trained the whole week. in fact he was able to start training a new right away on monday. so marco is feeling good good good marcus feeling good marco royce of course who is one of the key players in dortmund i'm going to give another three points to dormant let your pick for the weekend and you mention you want to talk about byron there they are in you can seem possible not to talk about them they've got it we'll call it i would say an easy
7:47 pm
ride this weekend that byron let's not forget our hard on dortmund styles they really want to pick up as many points as possible before the end of the season they had that sort of dodgy we'll call it beginning but they things have calmed down now for nico coaches' side and they're very much focused on catching up on dortmund and keeping the pressure on the more so in that they're facing a still courtside and i'm a factor man i like loads of facts to me so going to give you some right now they've lost this is a national guard of course they've lost more games twelve than anyone else in the league and they were defeated last weekend against mines worst offense of course in the bundesliga and they've also scored the fused goals in the bundesliga so i don't think you get this win in game two byron you make i think i like your fact they're probably. all right publicly is from davis for thanks so much. right well germany is currently coasting at the world championships in a sport that a lot of people in the english speaking world might not be all that familiar with that handball arenas have been packed with fans from around the world excitement is
7:48 pm
building here in germany head of the country's semifinal clash against norway tonight. the main train station in the northern german city of kiel. fans turned out in droves to watch germany's last game here on a big screen they have little doubts about who's going to win the tournament. take eyes are great they're playing brilliantly well can i say we're going to be world champions i know the tournament's issues really popular in germany more people have been following the german team's games on t.v. the top matches in the football bonus league. that's been what's important for us is that we don't just reach the normal handball fans we want to get all sports fans on board when we want to have everyone in the country talking about the team he was the last game against spain in cologne was completely sold out twenty thousand fans packed the arena to see germany now really secure victory and hope their group.
7:49 pm
got that it was amazing really fantastic the atmosphere was electric so many people were screaming and shouting it was brilliant. on friday even the handball party will continue in kiel and across the country fans are hoping germany can win again and book their place in the final. life death that rebirth that is the title of a controversial new exhibition and while academy of arts in london it features works by us video artist bill viola and the calendula artist separated by four and a half centuries the exhibition opens this weekend. and that exhibition in london is an example of what you're going to find on the new show we have to david leavitt's from to give you culture with us tell us about this new shop well it's called arts and culture it's going to be our new culture news
7:50 pm
show running from monday to friday and if you liked what you just saw or you were maybe confused by what you just saw and you want to get some answers some hard answers then this is the show you need to watch. a very own rocklin meryl and karen helm start will be hosting and next week will be kicking off with a full week of great stories including the exhibition we just saw from london a reporter adrian kennedy has gone there for us pretty skeptical as to whether the video artist bill viola could really hold a candle to make a landing or whether it is as one paper put it video killed the renaissance star the curators are very careful to say that these two artists aren't necessarily on the same playing field but then why even show them together injury and once i want to get some answers i'll be back with a tour of that exhibition and some insights next week on arts and culture her new show ok so this is the show for all the arts and cultures lovers out there it's
7:51 pm
a show for the arts and culture lovers out there it's a show really for everyone because it's going to be a pretty broad spectrum to we're going to be covering all the major movie of events the oscars will be at the the red carpet of the berlin international film festival of will of course and design life so we've even got a baking series that won't be bunching next week but it's not just any baking series of it's got a high concept it's actually our e.q. political correspondent. and how much for baker and he will be baking us bread from across europe and explaining along the way some politics even be showing us his buns i've heard but this time it's just forgotten. my piccoli breath friends a great philosopher once that show me a nation. and i will show you. now here's a full catch italy has had sixty five different governments since the end of the second world war. italian governments are all like they go
7:52 pm
stale most of a lot better we fall so always they crash. whole new side of gary that we've never seen before and it's kind of unusual makes baking bread in politics it definitely is but you know food is culture so there you have it and for those viewers who may be gluten intolerant trust me there's plenty more let's take a quick look at two more topics will be covering next week the new culture complex at the heart of berlin the forum billed as a reconstruction of the kaiser's city palace this project has actually stirred up a whole new debate on colonialism here in germany the building it's modeled on goes back to germany's own colonial era and a lot of the art that's set to be housed here is under scrutiny particularly works from africa how did they enter european collections was it through violence or theft we'll go to tanzania where sherman and tanzania researchers are have been
7:53 pm
working together to get some answers on those questions will also take you to the front row of some world class opera the premiere of labo m. here at the corner store bought in berlin this is an opera company not only not only makes amazing music but it does it in a way that it makes people who think that they hate opera actually realize that they want it turns or barry cross is renowned throughout the world for his contemporary and highly entertaining approach to his production of la bohem premieres this weekend will be taking d.w. viewers there are monday here's just a taste from there were her. it's. a little. was.
7:54 pm
all right looking forward to that and some great music they're looking for it's a new program a video arts and culture monday to friday here on the thanks of me very good david levitz from did you cut your thanks for bringing us that. all right you're watching news and no forget you can always get to be on the go i download our app from the google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use that to send us your photos and your videos. and your watching today view from a car last in the we'll be with you in just a few minutes at the top of the hour with an update on all of your top stories and of course don't forget on twitter you can follow us there as well our handle apps. thanks so much.
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all terms and conditions at the w documentary on instagram. please. please. please. this is d. w. newsline birdland venezuela's self declared presidential ramps up his book bolts on the way bill calls on supporters to press on with their fines until the incumbent incumbent president nicolas maduro agrees to flush fresh elections we know tells his supporters he won't surrender also coming up.


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