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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2019 12:02am-12:16am CET

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a deal to end the u.s. government shutdown is finally in sight and just as things are going from bad to worse airports are beginning to register the pain of their unpaid workers. also the world economic forum in davos draws to a close to the gathering of business elite offer any answers for an uncertain global economy. and the billionaire investor george soros lashes out at china from the sidelines of davos we'll tell you what one of the world's richest men is worried about. i'm stephen beard's in berlin thanks for watching and into the u.s. government shutdown appears to be around the corner but not before some serious turbulence at the nation's airports new york's la guardia airport faced major flight delays friday as air traffic control struggled with staff shortages linked to the shutdown. that triggered renewed pressure for politicians to end the standoff at the nearby newark new jersey and philadelphia airports were also facing delays as
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a result around one hundred fifty eight outbound flights and one hundred fifty four inbound flights were facing delays but only a small handful were canceled that according to flight tracker flight aware. let's go down now to new york where our correspondent yens court is standing by yet there was a lot of talk about the economic toll that could have been brought by this shutdown are investors optimistic that there's now a deal to end it. well i mean it seems to be that the shutdown is ended at least for three weeks now and overall that is good news but if you look at the wall street perspective in the past five weeks or so when the shutdown lost the wall street hardly paid attention we actually even saw quite rightly go on so if wall street has not reacted to the shutdown why should there be a big reaction now that they'd least for now the shutdown seems to be over so there
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are other factors in play even having that said the developments at the airports did show that there is a real economic impact to the country due to the shutdown. you mentioned the other factors there at play of course the week ahead is a big one with more u.s. china trade talks what are investors looking for. here and there we have one of the key factors because one of the reasons why wall street has really now for five straight weeks has been a remark by fed chairman powell saying that it seems to be unlikely that we will see any interest rate increase anytime soon and we will have the fed the first fed meeting next week wednesday and nothing big is probably going to happen but the remarks that's what's going to matter and then also earnings season will be in full swing especially the big tech companies like amazon apple facebook microsoft will
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come out with their earnings reports also some companies who could be affected by terrorists like khalid davidson or cater pillow buoying are also among the companies to report their earnings in the next couple of days. i keep going on all the market movers there for us in new york thanking the ends. the head of goldman sachs said today that of britain doesn't manage a smooth exit from the european union the u.s. investment bank would scale down its role there goldman's david solomon made the comments of the world economic forum in davos and that mirrors a common theme in those meetings that ended today big concerns about the global economy and no clear picture of. in just a few hours time peace and quiet will return to davos the delegates who came here to seek solutions to the world's problems will be gone for another twelve months. as usual participants at this year's gathering tackled some big issues
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conversations focused on trade conflicts climate change and of course the many unanswered questions about britain's departure from the e.u. ask you a series i think but johnson come rexx it may be delayed others were less tight lipped and came up with analogies to describe the prospect of britain leaving the e.u. without to dale it's like in a family husband and wife divorced without an agreement i have not known any such situation which ends happily so the only thing that should happen now is discard this option from the table and focus on building consensus on any of the other options on the table chancellor angela merkel also made a plea for more international cooperation some saw that as a message to u.s. president donald trump who stayed at home due to the u.s. government shutdown there were some new faces this year the brazil's new president
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also narrow made his first appearance using the opportunity to try to attract foreign investors many of the leaders who normally grab the headlines didn't attend the world economic forum this year but for most participants that didn't matter they came here to talk and to do business and those events don't tend to happen on the big stage but in the back rooms of the congress center or even here on the streets of this little swiss town. also in davos billionaire philanthropist and famed investor george soros made his annual appearance at the meetings and he had some strong words for chinese president xi jinping. by twenty twenty china wants to establish a system of permanent monitoring that scores the behavior of its citizens digital technology and artificial intelligence make it possible but george soros warns that this is technology in the wrong hands in his speech in davos he called on the
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western world to take action against china's growing influence. china is not the only. theist strongest and most developed in machine and. this makes xi jinping their moves doing dangerous and those who believe. it's an accusation that china didn't leave unanswered after all the countries making every effort to be perceived as a reliable trading partner. is a meaningless statement how we from an individual who can't distinguish right from wrong. we don't even need to refute it. but
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mistrust is growing while way for example is suspected of creating tech to go back doors for espionage when setting up communications networks many therefore warn against involving the chinese company in the development of the new five g. standard in europe. now on that same topic vodafone one of the world's largest mobile carriers says it will pause its purchases of while way network hardware for the european market more and more governments in europe are molding such bans to stop mobile network operators from partnering with a chinese company to build out their five g. mobile networks critics of huawei chief among them the u.s. say the company is a trojan horse for beijing making it a security risk while way of course denies any connection with the chinese government germany's evoque business confidence index has fallen for the fifth month in a row analysts predicted it would decline but it's been falling faster than
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expected also germany's economic growth this year will be considerably lower than originally forecast according to fresh government predictions in its annual report out next wednesday the government says it expects germany's economy to expand by only one percent this year the divers linkage wendling exports which are pegged to the cooling global economy and a lack of clarity over brags that domestic demand meanwhile is expected to remain level. now let's take one last look at davos the world economic forum of course brings together a diverse set of people with some very different names one of them is maria conoco she's a best selling book author turned poker champion so what's her big pitch learn poker become a better decision maker so a reporter in davos decided to call her bluff. i'm about to meet maria conic of a best selling author turned poker champion and i want to know what a poker novice like me can learn from the game in business and in life on
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a regionally not only was not a book or it's never it never had any desire to get a lawyer to do that but i very interested in the nature of life. that's why maria conic of us started playing poker two years ago to do research for a new book but she quickly started winning high stakes tournaments and got so good that she even took a break in writing to this you hope a korea class. think poker is the best way to feel like this is a gal feel have to be so conscious of your emotional reaction because they're going to have your decision and they're going to make you make a perfect decision to poker has actually. made me better able. to say you know i've played my best way to play it let me focus on giving away what i can. bluffing can also be very important in business. and no one will be delighted if.
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the other person has to when they're coming. down. if you don't have anything for me evidence of that all their own ways to see that your course is a show you just need to figure out how so that's what i just took from listening to the way that the world would be a much better place if you work at it and it's going to make you a happier person if. i could lead a lesson in a lot of what you mentioned maybe i should start learning poker too. so there you go except for your next high stake negotiations play poker first and that's it for us at the business you can of course find out more about these and other stories at the dot com slash business and you can find us on facebook and twitter i'm stephen tears in berlin thanks as always for joining us.
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