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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2019 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin tensions escalate between india and pakistan after a car bombing india's prime minister narendra modi blames talkathon and threatens of a russian response to suicide bombings killed dozens of indian paramilitary police and the disputed region of kashmir. also coming up could a young contender offset the aging political elite in nigeria's presidential election we join the youngest ever presidential candidate on the campaign trail before the nation votes on saturday. u.s. president donald trump threatens to declare
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a national emergency to get the money to build a border wall with mexico congress has offered him some funds but only a quarter of what he had demanded. also coming up a serious contender for the top prize at the berlin film festival the film isn't so long my son a family chronicle covering china's explosive development over the last forty eight years the chinese director is in the running for the golden bear. i'm soon someone's gonna thank you for joining us india's prime minister narendra modi has won pakistan to expect what he called a crushing response to a car bomb attack on a military convoy that killed more than forty indian paramilitary police the bombing outside srinagar in indian administrate kashmir is the worst attack in the divided region in decades india says it has clear evidence of pakistan's
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involvement. the first pictures from the blast site show confusion and devastation security officials say it was a kashmiri militant who rammed an explosive laden van into a bus carrying indian soldiers. the attack took place on a key highway on the outskirts of srinagar in indian controlled kashmir and the bus was part of a larger convoy at least five other vehicles were badly damaged in the blast police immediately launched an investigation. but despite the inspectors caution authorities blamed rebels fighting against indian rule the militant group jaish e mohammad has claimed responsibility for the attack and local media has named the driver as. alias walk us commando a known militant indian prime minister narendra modi after observing two minutes of
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silence for the victims squared up to islamabad by suggesting pakistan was harboring those behind the deadliest bombing in three decades just that it is these that are to follow a neighboring country thinks that it will succeed in creating instability through such and conspiracies in our country they should stop dreaming. that they will never succeed. but islamabad strongly rejected quote any insinuation that seeks to link the attack to the state of pakistan without investigations whatever claims or accusations india on pakistan's tribal ties risk taking a dangerous new turn. let's get more on the story now with summer serrano president of the indian think tank observer research foundation he is currently at the munich security conference so i'm here thank you for joining us now india's prime minister
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as we said. mr sevan can you hear us. i don't think i can hear them all right it looks like mr soran cannot hear us. we were going to speak to him he's there at the munich security conference but it looks like our lying to him is not working. we're going to move on to some other news now spain's prime minister pedro sanchez has called a snap general election after his budget was rejected by parliament the poll will be on april twenty eighth and will be spain's third election in less than four years sanchez's budget was voted down in parliament on wednesday his minority socialist government needed the support of catalan separatist parties to get the budget approved but they voted against in protest of the trial of catalan politicians accused of sedition such as said he preferred giving spaniards their say instead of continuing without a budget. having
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a choice between two options to do nothing and continue without a budget or call an election and give us the choice i choose the second option spain has to continue moving forward progress must continue from the basis of tolerance and respect with moderation and common sense excluding inflammatory politics growing and generating quality jobs but if you get all right let's catch up now on some other stories making news around the world british prime minister theresa may says she is continuing to try and secure a revised deal with brussels on britain's exit from the european union on thursday she suffered another major parliamentary defeat after lawmakers voted against a motion supporting her a poor approach to breaks it pro breaks that m.p.'s in the prime minister's own party abstained from the vote saying she is moving in the wrong direction. a new report estimates that four hundred twenty million children are living in conflict
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affected areas that's a fifth of all children worldwide the study was commissioned by the international charity save the children it also said that verified cases of what the report calls grave violations against children in twenty seventeen was the highest ever recorded . and thousands of brazilian soccer fans have paid tribute to the victims of a fire that killed ten young players of the flamenco football club the state championship match was the first game played by flamingo since last week's deadly blaze police are still investigating the cause of the fire show. africa's most populous country is going to the polls on saturday and it looks like the presidential election in nigeria will be a tight race between two candidates the incumbent president bihari and his main contender. but after nigeria reduce the minimum age for presidential candidates some youngsters have also thrown their hat in the ring one of them is thirty five year old chico. caught up with him. yes there on the election
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campaign trail in nigeria's capital she who is visiting a private school he is the youngest ever nigerian presidential candidate and education is his central theme. until we start to fix education that will be difficult to fix any other sectors in our nation who lived in the us where he worked as a mathematics lecturer he's calling for thirty five percent of the country's budget to go to war it's education. because all the school's principal is surprised to see a politician who understands education. the school receives no state support and is financed by fees affordable only to those earning good money. to government i don't think they have interests in the do not need to question because of the quality of we don't see how. many of them don't know a cinnabon to do cation. and them they don't see indication as
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something that would bring money to them so this was done with funding indication that the political failures over the past few decades can be seen three hours drive from a state funded school in northern nigeria where the work field the name parts of that have collapsed the classrooms have neither desks nor chess. opportunities fourteen years old himself a student but currently responsible for his whole class. i take care of them because i am older and i want to help my brothers and sisters like this the teachers aren't here again that's why i'm doing it since until i. hear they are no books joggers chalk up to it's only learning eight zero with.
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it is nine o'clock in the morning and only now the first teacher has shown up in total this school has eight hundred students and only four teachers. sons go to school here affect their father ruth day in the teachers will be paid he says no one would want to teach at such a school. no homos and you my children should become doctors or soldiers they should have a worthwhile drop and a good future that's my dream of the circumstances nothing will come of it. if he had enough money of the motorbike taxi driver says he would have long ago sent his children to private school the ruling party of president he has been in power for four years and the federal state of the commissioner of education has shifted the blame for the educational situation onto previous governments seventy
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percent of teachers where i'm qualified more than twenty thousand teachers have been let go because they couldn't read or write. god knows all. the. record straight and. the key is. to take. it to the ideas states spends a third of its budget on education but at the federal level education spending makes up only seven percent of the budget the issue plays hardly any role and president who hours election campaign. wants to change that but he and his small party are struggling to be taken seriously in nigeria in spite of a minimal campaign budget he wants to lay down a marker. it's the hope the passion the vision the puppies that we as young people bring to the table and started to change this narrative. good enough that we're not
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ready for the fight to be i think is very evident we have a whole lot more to offer to our generation and the generations coming after us than the people who have been there he says it's a simple equation if nigeria with its booming population no longer invests in education the next crisis will not be far away that he says is something every politician should understand so you can do would be to let's return now to our top story the escalating tensions between india and pakistan after a car bomb attack on a military convoy in kashmir killed more than forty indian police we can now go back to somerset and now the president of the indian think tank observer researcher found research foundation is currently at the munich security conference mr soudan thank you for joining us we've heard india's prime minister warning of a crushing response here what would that actually look like in your view could that
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go as far as india taking military action against pakistan. well to me first of all i think this is their terrible tragedy it was a cold blooded attack conducted by militants from across the border trained and funded and supplied by the proxy network that is sustained by the state of pakistan. of course this happened at a time when india is in the midst of or rather in the beginning of the election cycle. the mood. heightened emotions are. a little bit of an edge now the prime minister have to respond otherwise even seem to be a weak and therefore all bets are off i suspect this is bigger than be a think it is and i suspect we could see actions in the coming weeks that could be different from india's business as usual posture where it has in the pond absorbed
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much of the violence inflicted on it by pakistan which continues its symmetrical war. that is a strong accusation that pakistan is supporting an asymmetrical war that is something that the indian prime minister a more the is also accusing but that's something that islamabad has denied time and again that it is directly supporting terrorist groups like the one that claimed responsibility for this attack what evidence is there that that is actually true that this is directly supported by the pakistani government. in fact respectfully i would disagree with that because that's running on your screen at this time it is not india that is accusing pakistan of this it is actually a moment that has claimed responsibility of this act and the founding fathers of the moment and the generals and robin the one in the same day are the state guest of the state of pakistan and then their guest claims this act it is not india who is accusing it is rather a voice from within the pakistani establishment that is claiming credit for this
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barbaric barbaric act on inflicted on india and indian people i just want to make sure i understand this correctly you are equating this group to the pakistan ish pakistani government establishment is that right. yes i am and in fact it is the pakistani government established mint and their friends in beijing that have been preventing the global community from you know characterizing them as a terrorist group the u.s. has already designated them other terrorist groups it is beijing and islamabad that are looking hands and fighting hard to prevent the global community from identifying this group to be who they are cold blooded terrorists so islam about is supplying the women followed what kind of support do you think that islamic by one is writing here. because it's it's a weapons it's their territory it's of course the supply of armaments supply of id's supply of the support that is required to conduct operations of this scale so
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. has any we decided to adopt a posture of india its borders with india have been close. for decades now which country in the world will close the borders with a neighbor on this they believe they are in a war like state and of course they are continuing to sustain and fund. who are not vetting the pakistan uniform but who are guarding the pakistan they take in their blood i just do want to repeat one more time that islamabad has denied these allegations but mr sharon what is it that can be done at this point to actually deescalate tensions this is you know this conflict has led india and pakistan to the brink of war many times before. you know i i hope we can as a global community and i'm standing at the munich security conference and i think these conferences that i waste of time unless the global community can bear weight on this and i'm about then ask you to reverse its cause i think that the next step will have to be taken by some of the i think they have beautifully harmed india
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and at the moment when like i said we are approaching the general election they have turned to the democratic processes of india any democratic sovereign state has the right to respond to what is clearly a warlike posture and i hope the global community can bear down heavily on islamabad and i hope delhi can find somebody to reverse struck otherwise i suspect this is going to hold necessary and you said you don't want the munich security conference to become a waste of time what needs to happen there in those halls this weekend to resolve the situation. exactly this i think the global community that is determined to ensure peace and stability months rally together months pick up the phone talk to some about. and a few things can be done banning the group resting the founder of the group and demonstrating that they are serious about reducing the course on using terror as a as a tool of state policy and state craft. summerset on the president of the observer
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research foundation i thank you very much for joining us. thank you. right still to come in the half hour here in a family chronicle covering china's explosive development over the last forty years the chinese director has already won two silver bearers of the berlin film festival our report on the red carpet tells us whether so long my son is likely to get to go . to. the first u.s. president donald trump is threatening to declare a state of national emergency to get enough money to build a wall along the mexican border trump is angry that congress has only approved a quarter of the funds he wants for the wall one point four billion rather than the five point seven billion he had actually demanded declaring a state of emergency would give him direct access to funds and the bill approved by both parties in congress also avoids another federal government shutdown senators in the chamber wishing despite u.s.
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lawmakers efforts to come to a compromise trump's decision sets the scene for a constitutional conflict the border security bill had support from both sides of the aisle and easily passed its first hurdle of votes in the senate but not before senate majority leader mitch mcconnell dropped a bombshell he said the president would be bypassing congress to fund his controversial us mexico border wall leader mcconnell just had not kurdish making president trump and he would say it all about college is going to get it he's prepared to sign a bill he will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time. and i've indicated to them that i'm going to prepare to support a national emergency declaration conference democrats members of the senate were quick to condemn any possible use of executive powers to build a wall if president trump decides to go forward with a disaster declaration will be making a tremendous mistake declaring
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a national emergency would be a lawless act a gross abuse of the power of the presidency and a desperate attempt to distract from the fact that president trump broke his core promise to have mexico pay for the war the border security bill then went to the house of representatives where it also easily passed the bill will now go to the white house for president trump to sign it off on friday. house speaker nancy pelosi warned that any attempt by trump to sidestep congress could have major implications for the future everyone a democratic president can do that democratic committee president can declare emergencies as well so the precedent that the president is setting here is something that should be met with great unease and dismay while lawmakers showed a willingness to cooperate on keeping the government running they remain deeply divided on a border wall and any executive order to fund it is almost certain to land trump in
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a lengthy court battle with lawmakers of the constitutional powers. and we have boris foreman with us from bard college here in berlin he's an expert on american politics hi boris thank you for joining us so lawmakers have avoided a shutdown for now but president trump is that threatening to declare a state of emergency to get the money that he wants for his wall so does that mean that his wall is going to be built well it's going to take a long time either way if he's going to actually invoke the emergency powers probably is going to face court battles which will drag out the process there's in all likelihood going to be a resolution at least by the hosts if there's a joint resolution with the with the senate some g.o.p. members would have to would have to back a democratic proposal which is unlikely in a very polarized. context so he could veto it so it's a lot of insider ping-pong but overall yes you could you could build his wall and it's a question of time but there's obviously a big thing at stake here which is the separation of powers. mechanism of american
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democracy i will ask you about that in a moment but you know it is within his right to declare a state of emergency isn't it so what could congress really do to stop him you said court battles to make the proceedings along or is that right yes yes you can do it but it's never been done in this situation like this it's been done in the context of natural catastrophes or wars or terrorist attacks but this really seems a scenario where he's setting the precedent yes the congress. has the power of the purse this is why there's a problem here because you could circumvent the congress by also using his veto powers so yes in the end he could he could pull it off how does this look for trump is it a victory because he essentially said i'll get my wall done anyways or is it a blow for him that congress hasn't given him the money he wants i think that's exactly what he was furious i think it's a face saving measure to to try and go go it alone i think that can backfire and
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will mobilize a lot of voters against him i think well i mean it's a little complicated because this is about a mechanism of american democracy and it's a bit more complicated than just a spectacular act that he has that he's trying to pull through so it remains to be seen what will come out of this probably his base bill continue to say to support him but i think that many of the supporters of the democrats will be alerted when asked about what nancy pelosi said in that report we just saw that this is a dangerous precedent is it is this a threat to the to american democracy well i think one thing that makes american democracy special and that always has. secured its role as a role model for the world really in terms of democracy is the separation of powers and there's a good reason why certain powers are limited to the congress to the legislative branch and others to the executive branch and what he's doing is basically to blur blurred lines and this is something that undermines democratic mechanisms and it's
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a risky move why do you think this is so important to president trying to get this wall built well it's he's partly to blame himself because he politicized it so much i mean this is one of the central promises of his comparing even though there's been other promises as well but over the last couple of months he's insisted on it so much that it's become a one way street for him all right of course from in front bard college here in berlin thanks for joining us. true the berlin film festival now in china is only entry this year is being tipped as a strong contender for the top prize the golden there it is a sweeping three hour portrait of a nation in transition from the very end of china's cultural revolution to the present day acclaimed director one charge why says it's a hopeful story of people overcoming their struggles to make something out of their lives. to. face the future forget the past that was the ideology driving the cultural revolution in china with his new film so long
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my son director when josh way shows us the years that followed this traumatic period when china transformed at an unprecedented pace. was. that it should right. now show mostly true you told me it was her that india should call police officers. for those of. us who took those counties just took. me into position to dock. the film tells the story of a family that loses a child the sole chance for them to have a future under china's then strictly enforced one child policy. the three hour
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saga refuses however to forget the past constantly returning to that which was left behind. in so long my son we see a country that is changing so rapidly its people are struggling to keep up director wing said that china today is so different from the time he was trying to depict that it was even difficult to find the props he needed for his sets yet without this change the film would likely never have been made until recently any criticism of china's one child policy would probably not have gotten by the censors some have speculated that government censorship was behind the surprise withdrawal of two other chinese films invited to premiere at the bell another wearing said he could not speculate on whether they were pulled for political reasons but he said their absence is a great disappointment. on the national you an englishman as i was on the plane when the news came out and i only heard about it when i got off the plane i was
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quite shocked and i really felt for them as well because it's really quite tough for any director to make a film. now so long my son is china's only chance for a golden bear this year but hopes are high some critics are calling it the most fascinating film of the festival. a reminder now of our top stories here on you india's prime minister narendra modi has threatened what he called a crushing response to pakistan after a suicide bomb attack in indian administrate kashmir the bomb killed dozens of paramilitary policemen pakistan has denied any connection u.s. president donald trump is threatening to declare a national emergency to build a border wall with mexico that is despite a bipartisan deal in congress to provide partial funding for the wall and avert a government shutdown. coming up on g.w.
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