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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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post might violence against children disappear. this is you that we hear is live from berlin the king of fashion karl lagerfeld has died and paris. i'm never satisfied and as long as you're never satisfied you keep going as soon as you decide you're content with yourself couldn't be any better it's time to call it the book all ways striving to be better lagerfeld was arguably the world's most prolific and legendary designer here we define women's couture
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before becoming a pop culture icon in his later years also coming up w.'s annual freedom of speech or goes to annabel hernandez for her work investigating the crimes of mexico's drug cartels and exposing corruption in the government at great personal risk. while arcus great to have you along everyone karl lagerfeld he had a fashion house chanel has died in paris at the age of eighty five after a designer failed to appear at chanel so let's go to a show back in january wormers began to swirl that he was ill but the company said he had just been feeling tired when her career spanning nearly seven decades the hamburg born designer was one of the most prolific and modern fashion.
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he was a superstar among fashion designers the unmistakable color lagerfeld complete with iconic sunglasses and long powdered white hair. but german to sign a spent more than six decades working in fashion he was an all around a to stick talent who became a legend in his lifetime. believed in under there they were living in a very very fast paced age and you have to keep up with things because if you don't you get behind you that in this profession you need to be healthy because the pain . that suits me perfect ten pounds made for the fast life pushed me on to put but if the hardest temple bit. karl lagerfeld was born in hamburg in one nine hundred thirty three the son of a wealthy factory owner he moved to paris in one thousand thirty three. or year later he won an international fashion design competition with the cold that he decided himself from then on he seemed unstoppable. like
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a folk work for the top aris in fashion brands he became artistic director of kuwait in one thousand nine hundred sixty three twenty years later he will indicate rage at the fan flagging brand chanel. district as he does not need to be able to do what i want without having to worry about money nor do i have any problems with we don't need to worry about anything that's the luxury of should know that we can do what we want to watch. extravagant presentations formed the high point of every paris fashion show the changing sides order signed by lagerfeld. he was also a publisher a true talker and a collector of antiques. for rights he was the name of the game when it came to his many muses to among them but used to shelby county in leicester the first song and claudia schiffer. the most comfy to move doesn't have to have many muses in this. the there's
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a kind of the how shall i put it off but he does not turn over that happens so frequently. that you have to stay flexible because of funding you can put out an entry of that. despite being highly media savvy in his public life he kept his cards close to his chest when it came to his private life a notorious workaholic his constant aim was to improve to get better. i'm never satisfied and as long as you're never satisfied you keep going as soon as you decide you're content with yourself or couldn't be any better it's time to call it a day but that's all i cound lagerfeld and iconic to sign a good question history. while joining us now from london is alicia draycott she's the author of the book beautiful fall about the rivalry between karl lagerfeld and another star designer
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if so long during the nineteen seventies a very good evening alicia you met karl lagerfeld what was he like he was everything that you think she was like everything that we heard well here it's beautiful man it's extraordinary and i met him in ninety nine she's in paris at least when. i was there is a journalist would like to ask more questions than he wants to of and he was just incredibly curious what's so striking alicia is that there were all these rumors swirling around that he was in ill health that he had some health issues and also a couple of of the last media appearances that he made he looked quite haggard but his death still comes as a shock how do you explain that. comfort zone shock i think really you're right people have been talking about how they have been rumors but i just read somebody comment saying on instagram saying that they thought he would live forever he is.
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always the last of the teens he's the last but that extraordinary is part of who and so mt is long it's even within fashion we also all believe that he would just go on forever you know you talk about just only are you fourteen that has a nine hundred fifty three he won the international secretary a competition in one hundred fifty four and here he was. like still working at an insatiable curiosity and incisional work in the man worked so hard and brought us so much creativity is so much for us and i think people just can't believe that he won't be there anymore i think also what's so special a show of course is that longevity that made him so so special what what do you think is the secret behind that how did he manage when other younger designers just burned out. self discipline from the start
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incredible disciplined huge work ethic masses of talent again to use that word again i know it's overused but to use that word again curiosity you're right it is so exceptional within fashion for that career to stand so long you see a lot of designers who are like rising stars they burn out within ten years so they're able to create in ten years maybe twenty years a kind of gold and golden era and then they're gone karl just was in his creativity and his passion and and i think there was a real. hunger which is perhaps links and you appear not not to look back always look forward look forward so i don't think we'll ever know what he was trying to run from you see only why dick is always ready for it but certainly the fashion world benefited from that extraordinary energy that he brought to everything he did
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button who took the collecting house's interior design it was all full of energy alicia drake the author of the book a beautiful fall on the there were place of all karl lagerfeld. our let's bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. pakistan's prime minister in manhattan has warranty is country will retaliate if india takes military action following last week's deadly attack in the disputed kashmir region while a pakistan based militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack but a top indian military commander in kashmir is accusing pakistan's intelligence agency of involvement lawmakers in ukraine have passed a constitutional amendment that commits the country to joining the european union and nato president petro poroshenko says ukraine will make a formal bit to join the e.u.
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by twenty twenty three although he admitted that date is rather ambitious the move was welcomed by european council president donald tusk it's likely to provoke anger with moscow a chinese woman nicknamed the ivory queen has been jailed for fifteen years in tanzania for smuggling yang fangirl and one of africa's most notorious traffickers was convicted of organizing the sale of more than two thousand kilograms of ivory tusks all tanzania's elephant population has more than half in the past decade due to poaching for their tusks. now every year they give the freedom of speech award to an individual a group of individuals who have championed human rights and free speech in the media often at great personal risk and this year the award goes to a journalist on about hernandez who you see here behind me for her work investigating mexico's drug cartels and exposing corruption in the mexican government her books on our katic such trafficking have sold hundreds of thousands
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of copies worldwide bringing her international acclaim one man does work has shed light on the collusion between corrupt government officials and drug lords dozens of mexican journalists like her have unfortunately lost their lives trying to uncover these various stories and that is currently living in exile because of threats on her life. mexico is one of the deadliest countries for journalists. last year alone ten journalists were killed apparently as retribution for their work. especially at risk are those who dare to ask questions about mexico's drug cartels. the country's war on drugs has claimed tens of thousands of civilian lives in the past two decades yemeni journalist and about hernandez is a survivor her family has been threatened at gunpoint and someone once left a box of de capitated animals on her doorstep. popular two thousand and ten book
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narco land investigates ties between drug cartels and the mexican government she says her work has put her life at risk. many of the shots of the mexican government tried to kill me know this not lock up the noise. was the mexican government tried to kill me ask had been trying to kill too many other journalists in my he got that trying to say that to about this pollution hernandez now lives in exile in europe where she continues her research for her efforts to expose corruption dutch avila has awarded her the two thousand and one thousand freedom of speech award. while these these are working not very sensitive a moment in my in my life. because outside from mexico i feel very alone i feel i feel alone. but this is why for me. he said kind of much more than that why are i so he died. on
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a visit to mexico the director general of dutch avella explained the decision to award the prize to hernandez. she stands for a lot of mexican journalists who have a really difficult job here in a country where corruption and not cause criminality is very high to do their job i don't think so it's a well deserved fall award for her and for all mexican journalists and then those hopes to return to mexico one day to be closer to her family she was glad to see mexico's new administration take a stance against government corruption but she believes it will take courageous deeds not just words to pull her country back from the brink. well earlier i spoke to didn't use editor in chief in his poll and i asked her would lend dortch ability to pick annabel hernandez in particular for this year's award.
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well you know she's working since more than twenty five years and a huge amount of pressure she's really risking her life she still of risking her life but she has been under a lot of danger while she was working was in her own country she has been. right she has been written a couple of really important books she's one of the most accomplished female journalists i would probably say in the world as you just mentioned mexico is one of the deadliest countries for journalists and actually the country was many many murders tens of thousands people people's get killed there every year so that was one reason but as. peter limburg said when we award her we also want to award all these journalists working was in mexico trying to really dig out the truth to challenge the government and by doing some investigative work so she stands really for more than just herself. what do you think needs to be done to
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promote press freedom around the world. well let me start maybe this mexico i mean she herself talked a little bit about the reason why do so is super hard to report in mexico it is the government who fears in this to get of journalist but it it's also the publishing houses and this is true for many other countries as well they just sounded interesting and interested in publishing the truth so therefore it's very important for us a story to run of that we really try to work within these markets in these languages for example with a letter in america american service within the spanish language so we broadcast into countries like mexico because this is one possibility well to tell the truth and to fight for freedom of speech. to intercept all the w.'s the editor in chief joining us live from bonn thank you so much. and garrett efforts will be here with
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business news from africa next and i want to leave you now with memories of karl lagerfeld who died today at the age of eighty five. i was here what's coming up on the display you have plenty to talk about you want to go to. the congress lisa every weekend here paul.


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