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should be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribe don't miss it. this is g.w. news from berlin he ruled that design and should know for decades tonight fashion icon karl lagerfeld as doc time never satisfied and as long as you're never satisfied you keep going to soon as you decide you're content with yourself or couldn't be any better but it's time to call it a blog or fill demanded excellence in his work until the very end tonight
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remembering the german fashion designer who was arguably the world's most prolific most present and most recognizable also coming up the catholic nun campaigning to stop sexual abuse in the us this time nuns say they are the victims one claims of bishop thirteen tom plus the w.'s annual freedom of speech award goes to on the bill her for risking her own life to report and expose the crimes of mexico's drug cartels and the corruption inside the mexican government and to the top with. gunning for glory in the champions league the man who liverpool fans have taken to their hearts most first guy and his song passed a team that he knows all too well by her new. fits. good to have you with us and we begin tonight with the death of one of the
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most creative forces in the world of fashion karl lagerfeld the head of fashion house should now has died in paris at the age of eighty five his obvious notion chanel's old could tour show in january led to rumors about his health although the official line from chanel at the time was that lagerfeld simply was feeling tired or they're in a career spanning nearly seventy years the hamburg born designer was one of the most prolific in modern fashion. he was a superstar among fashion design is the unmistakable karl lagerfeld complete with iconic sunglasses and long powdered white hair. the german to son has spent more than six decades working in fashion he was an all around a to stick talent who became a legend in his lifetime. believed in and as the as it were living in a very very fast paced age was meant and you have to keep up with things because if
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you don't you get behind in this profession you need to be healthy because the pace is tough but that suits me perfectly just have made for the fast life push me i want to put but if the hottest temple bit. karl lagerfeld was born in hamburg in one thousand nine hundred thirty three the son of a wealth effect trio now he moved to paris in one thousand to fifty three. he won an international fashion design competition with the wu colt that he to sign himself from that no one he seemed unstoppable. like a folk work for the top priests in fashion brands he became artistic director of kuwait in one nine hundred sixty three twenty years later here in victor rachel that then flanking brand chanel. district i think i'm lucky to be able to do what i want without having to worry about money nor do i have any problems just get on that we don't need to worry about anything that's the luxury of should know that we can do what we want war. extravagant presentations formed the high point of every
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paris fashion show the changing sides order signed by lagerfeld. he was also a publisher if you took preferred and a collector of antiques. for rights he was the name of the game when it came to his many muses to among them but used to shelby county invest in a song and clodius ship. to the most wealthy to move up they get doesn't have to have many muses and this is told. there's a kind of how shall i put it off but it doesn't turn over that happened so frequently. that you have to stay flexible because i'm finding it going but i only entropy it. despite being highly media savvy in his public life he kept his cards close to his chest when it came to his private life a notorious workaholic his constant aim was to improve to get better.
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with time never satisfied and as long as your never satisfied you keep going as soon as you decide you're content with yourself or couldn't be any better it's time to call it a day without. counting lagerfeld and iconic to sign a great fashion history. waterfield enjoyed wants of admiration inside the world of high fashion but what about the rest of us we asked people here in berlin what they thought about germany's most iconic fashion design to make my living on because he was rich meal of my life and he would often appear with cloudy issue and i thought she was great and that's why i found him the clouds amazing and . i think he's the past the boundaries of fashion despite having a very simple and elegant designs edith's and it's a civil way. and i've always admired him for that as he was no. attention seeking.
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from that i'm really actually i'm even wearing his lipstick today it's a really say he had a huge impact on the function world but everyone passes away as you know like today . the three sons of color of course it's very big because he was famous and was very influential in the world of fashion. i don't personally wear any of his designs. and i'm not the biggest fan of his clothing but it's still a shame there's a lot of. well our very own reporter published earlier be here the big table now to discuss this iconic german designer and probably he was known for say one of his most famous lines were if you're caught in public wearing jogging pants or trainers then you've lost control of your life you're wearing something like our own wearing a style of trousers that he was probably not a fan of. told you about that you probably would have drawn attention to then there
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was that was part of the attraction of lagerfeld was that he said what he thought exactly and he had a very sharp tongue he had he made some really incredible comments over the years that's for sure and he said that you know that he was down to earth but it wasn't this earth this this this planet zone you know that kind of sums him up in many respects what has been the reaction to his death from the people who knew and worked with him well as you can imagine it's been coming in thick and fast and you know you mentioned you know earlier in the report actually it was cloudy schiffer who's one of the most iconic faces in the world of fashion and as we can see here she posted a very touching tribute to him she said carl was my magic dust he transformed me from a shy german girl into a supermodel he told me about fashion style and survival in the fashion business so she will be eternally grateful to you very sad indeed and you know this is the went on to be on the cover of. magazines. so you know she holds the world record for
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that in fact then if we're looking at other designers who held you know him in incredible regard donatella versace of course she said carl your genius touched the lives of so many especially johnny gianni versace of course your brother who was murdered several years back i will we will never forget your incredible talent and endless inspiration we were always learning from you so you know incredible respect from other designers as well many online have posted that tributes to him and finally on a winter of words and editor in chief of vogue they she wrote an article actually and then as she said today the world has lost a giant among men karl was brilliant he was wicked he was funny he was generous beyond measure and he just kind of this is something that seems to be measured at earth seems to be mentioned that many times in the winter when she wrote something like that you know the you have mated but his longevity in this industry was also remarkable what was the secret serious success this incredible energy let's not forget that this man was eighty five years old in
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a sort of almost incredible think that he was eighty five years old he was around for many many years but he just seemed to always go with the times he was a very modern and forward thinking man he really embrace social media and he did things that were very controversial in some ways in fact back in one hundred eighty three when he took over and now it was sort of in a pretty bad state he's twenty and he kind of held on to sort of traditional those traditional values and then modernized it and brought it into the modern world and you know like i said before he embraced social media yet many followers on his instagram and twitter accounts and funnily enough he also had well his cat who is a long term companion pet. has its own instagram account ok that's news to me i met him one this is you know years ago i met him once and then i think he brought six dogs with the you know he went from dogs to kill because we're seeing the academy here in the. straight talk and comments will say you
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know it was his long term companion and he held this cat in incredible high regard and it also showed the sense of humor that he had as well which he was well known for there you go you know lover he was a polyglot he was a photographer a pop culture icon a designer what would he be most remembered for what was his greatest achievement well the fact was he was fashion he embodied the old of the elements that make up the fashion world he was forward thinking he was daring and you know this is a man who never actually studied fashion which is incredible to me and he went on to be the person that he became and have this empire be so well known and be held in such high regard you know. public publicly also is always popular we appreciate you coming in and helping us understand this story today thank you. now to some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world thousands of
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demonstrators have rallied in paris and other cities to denounce intime semitic attacks earlier today french authorities said nearly one hundred grave sites were banned lived in a jewish cemetery in all sites in eastern france president manuel microland has failed to crack down on anti-semitic crimes which have surged in recent months u.s. senator bernie sanders has announced that he will run for president again in the twenty twenty alexion sanders ran for the democratic presidential nomination in two hundred sixteen but ultimately lost out to hillary clinton sanders made the announcement in a radio interview saying that the current occupant of the white house was quote an embarrassment to the country lawmakers in ukraine have passed a constitutional amendment that commits the country to joining the european union and nato president petro poroshenko says ukraine will make a formal bid to join the e.u. by twenty twenty three although he admitted that date is ambitious the move was welcomed by the european council president but it's widely to anger russia.
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the catholic church is facing a new storm of sexual abuse allegations this time involving nuns in the southern indian state of kerala the cases follow a familiar pattern allegations of abuse then cover ups by top clergymen one of the most shocking cases a bishop accused of raping a nun thirteen times over a period of two years the nun in that case says she was ordered to remain silent as church leaders close ranks one of her fellow and sisters is encouraging other victims to speak out our india correspondent sonia from the car has this report. it's early morning in. the church has always been a powerful institution but in recent months its foundations have been shaken by six scandal. a nun in quetta accused an influential bishop of repeated rape when
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officials speak to actually a group of nuns around the victim and held unprecedented public protests. one of those who joined those protests was the. she crab and from a home in the district of why not to support the alleged victim. the nun is wary about being filmed public she chooses an empty auditorium to speak. in the thirty six years that she's been a nun she's come across many instances of sexual abuse by the clergy. sex abuse in the cellists by priests to that now it's happening but to solve this silent a lot of story i have all day. got shared by the sisters and i don't how do the three experiences like that prompting me tempting me to their own ambition but they're trying and they said trying to sit with them that
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a lot of mistakes inside the charts but they're not ready to. ready to. wash all this for it and certify that they're covering up all this. the catholic church in india has largely stayed silent on the allegations against the bishop who was arrested last year following the protests and then greeley's on bail even here and why not officials were relieved to see one priest who did agree sort to downplay the issue. my position is my remember. this over sixty years. brought. more was. brought up in the public. so the story that speaking out against the powerful catholic church and drawing attention to sexual abuse is never easy especially in
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a conservative state like. nuns were dead to break the culture of silence faith ridicule isolation and even disciplinary action from their congregations this is. just about joining protests sister lucy has written articles criticizing the church silence on sexual abuse she's received warning letters from her congregation ordering her to stop speaking out she's been accused of causing harm to the church and belittling the catholic leadership jim says it literally i said like the last anybody can speak freely frankly all but only to the world if i am abused the saw the elderly that campaign made to bambina stat that so many are coming to the fact many many are coming openly. to that. society today to talk there is not there is no cult like that or we are all of a slave. and. despite the warnings that none
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has no plans of backing away. i have to do i must. meet. the salutes these hope is that would lead to scandal we shine a light on the chutzpah and make some much needed reforms. and their report there from india by our correspondent sonia fong the car every year gives a freedom of speech award to a person or group of individuals who have championed human rights and free speech in the media often at great personal risk this year that award goes to the journalists on the bill or not in this for her work investigating mexico's drug cartels and exposing corruption in the mexican government her books on narcotics trafficking have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide while people know
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that book and it has brought her international acclaim her work has shed light on the collusion between corrupt government officials and the drug lords in mexico dozens of mexican journalists alike her have lost their lives trying to uncover these stories currently living in exile not in mexico because of threats on her life. mexico is one of the deadliest countries for journalists. last year alone ten journalists were killed apparently as retribution for their work. especially at risk are those who dare to ask questions about mexico's drug cartels. the country's war on drugs has claimed tens of thousands of civilian lives in the past two decades the empty journalist and about hernandez is a survivor her family has been threatened at gunpoint and someone once left a box of decapitated animals on her doorstep. her popular two thousand and ten book
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narco land investigates ties between drug cartels and the mexican government she says her work has put her life at risk many of the shots of the mexican government try to kill me no this. noise chapo guzman was the mexican government to try to kill me ask had been trying to kill too many other journalists in my she got that trying to say the true about this collusion hernandez now lives in exile in europe where she continues her research for her efforts to expose corruption dutch avila has awarded her the two thousand and nineteen freedom of speech award. while these days that work came in the berry sensitive moment in my in my life. because outside from mexico i feel very alone i feel that i feel alone. but this work for me. kind of much more than that why are i so he died.
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on a visit to mexico the director general of dutch avella explained the decision to award the prize to hernandez. she stands for a lot of mexican journalists who have a really difficult job here in a country where corruption and not cause criminality is very high to do their job but i think so it's a well deserved all i want for her and for all mexican journalists turn on those hopes to return to mexico one day to be closer to her family she was glad to see mexico's new administration take a stance against government corruption but she believes it will take courageous deeds not just words to pull her country back from the brink. and for more on this year's recipient of the freedom of speech award i'm joined now by the w.'s editor in chief in a poll good evening to you enos you know every year about this time we're reminded of how difficult and dangerous journalism can be on
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a bill or not as she's now living in europe in exile because of the threats against her life can she still continue her work effectively. hi brenda cindy there's a very good christian we talk to her and we are asked to this very question and she said that she is traveling back to mexico sometimes and she obviously is very valid source there and by germany she would live continuation would continue living in mexico of well she would really face death threats every day and as she wants to keep working she has to live in another country so she keeps her connections going and she's traveling as as often as possible hey let's have a look what she said when she learned about this award. i am grateful for the freedom of speech to war because i think these. kind of way to recognize of the international community that the that these these
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suster hugh money that exists in mexico it's not just this possibility of the mexicans of them or the mexican government or the mexican cartels this is also a huge responsibility of the international community because all these innocent trucks that arrive to here is because exceeds a huge market of consumers and also government that let get inside these drugs also because the mexican cartels laundry their dirty money their bloody money in peace kind of a huge business in europe. just watching her and listening you can tell that she does this with with passion there are a lot of journalist brave journalists and who are risking their lives for their job why did don't develop make this particular choice this year. well mexico is really one of the most deadliest countries for journalists in the world and this is it's
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one of the most probably bravest women we know about most of one of the most bravest journalist colleagues we have i mean she's working for twenty five years in this job and not only her life got threatened also the life of of her kids and i mean as our director general peter limburg pointed out awarding her is more than just awarding her personally we really applause give applause to all the journalists in mexico whose are risking their lives and that's i think how she feels about it herself she takes it as one single person but we award all these colleagues who are risking their lives every single day and you know the country where she comes from mexico when it's not you know war i mean there's no official battle zone and it's not a dictatorship but it is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists why is that. well she is talking about that in this little piece we
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watched and she told us that also off camera it's really the level of corruption was in the government so she feels most threatened by the government and by the drug dealers she has some hold on the newly elected president of the border she says that he might really change something but that's the point i mean the government is not not only not supporting journalists they are fighting journalists and then it's on the other hand the publishing houses they have no single interest and really investigative journalists because they are also all corrupt so this is one huge corruption within the country now the hope is that the new president at least changes a little bit you know i mean there is that hope and there is this award that's being given to her but what else can be done what can we hear for example do to promote press freedom around the world. well i mean you know we are publishing in
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thirty languages and i think this is very very important and very very important when we talk about mexico other less in american countries i mean we look at venezuela or other really disastrous places and it is important that he did little free and independent information in the languages people understand so our spending service is important in mexico so people get free information that something did w. can do and that's something they're doing every single day and it's always good to remind ourselves that as well our very own editor in chief in his poll joining me tonight you know as always thank you. aren't sports news now turning to europe's top club tournaments the round of sixteen in the champions league tonight's premiere match up sees england heavyweights liverpool hosting byron munich german coach your clock has managed to bring new energy to liverpool and is gaining almost legendary status in a legendary city. liverpool loves its legends among
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them the beatles and hometown club liverpool f.c. since its foundation eight hundred ninety two the club has won eighteen league titles but it's been twenty nine years since they were last champions under coach jurgen klopp their fans are allowing themselves to dream big again not the best manager and. any given even. close has been in charge at liverpool since twenty fifteen where his management style is popular with most of the supporters last year his side reached the champions league final but lost to rielle majority if they want to keep their hopes alive of reaching the final again they'll need to get past german giants byron munich and so long way to go and to finish the season and you don't think about it going to a league season if you think about the season and that's to night
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a really big one and again one of these games if i would be not involved i'm really happy about being involved and if not i would buy a ticket a german team has never won a champions league or european cup match at anfield byard have tried on three occasions coach nico is familiar with claw who used to coach it don't mean and only has respect for doesn't keep as he doesn't give up he's a fighter he just keeps going you can see that with his team well we're expecting this on tuesday and in the second leg in the which we've done about it if you're going to close manages to leave liverpool to the final he. may well become one of the club's legends. when it stopped but one thing you can't often to look back on match day twenty two i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day off to see it then we'll leave you now with some memories of karl lagerfeld he died today at the age of eighty.
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because. hungry from a. bookstore beats mobs and sets its sights on the whole hopefully. like the hangover loses to hudson high in a relegation worthy performance. dashed hopes the game and shots have to
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states when the tube is full speed ahead is the bundesliga season rolls into its final phase.


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