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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2019 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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sixteen u.s. states are suing president trump for declaring a national emergency on the border with mexico from california to connecticut they say that the president is abusing powers trampling the constitution and not telling the truth reasons enough says this man for a change at the white house today bernie sanders the candidate to almost made in two thousand and sixteen announce that he's running to win in two thousand and twenty tonight the man he wants to replace trump and the americans who are taking trump to court i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. we are running against a president who is a pathological liar a fraud a racist a sexist as that of all we need leadership that brings us together thought not divides us the time didn't turn out to one hundred. billions of taxpayer dollars.
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fashion i didn't need to do this but i'd rather do it much faster than i have to do it for the election i've already done a lot of walt president trump got it right when he said. he didn't have to do that . also coming up tonight to the high collars and high life of german fashion designer karl lagerfeld the world's most recognizable catwalk dandy has died you know fission is not needed to the main problems in the world to maybe money put into it that is not the problem but it's the new cd and you know fission has to go with time efficient doesn't deal with time fission would be lost. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day taking the president to court on monday a coalition of sixteen u.s.
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states led by california and. new york filed a lawsuit over president trump's use of emergency powers trump declared on friday a national emergency in an attempt to free up billions of dollars to construct a wall along the border with mexico by declaring an emergency trump set in motion a constitutional confrontation the attorneys general of those sixteen states say that the president has abused his power arguing congress not the president has the authority to decide where and how money is spent if the courts side with the state's legal scholars and say the argument to impeach the president will be as strong and as clear as ever and. he would doing it in food view of the white house. and new jazzy. texas. on the inside carolina.
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and in colorado a grass roots show of force in opposition to the u.s. president in colorado we will be on the side of the rule of law. was the end because colorado would give or by this illegal action having laws that are dedicated to peace and here where we will be joining in action to challenge it was there among sixteen states to challenge what they see as a cash grab taking disaster relief money to pay for a more than two thousand kilometer long vanity project on the mexico border. the wall standoff came to a head on friday when president trump said he would invoke a really used power bypassing congress to fund his campaign promise i could do the wall over a longer period of time i didn't need to do this but i'd rather do it much faster.
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for his opponents that statement appeared to undermine his case there's a crisis president trump got it right when he said he didn't have to do this but i would now pressure is mounting from within his republican party with senators objecting i think it's a bad idea whether the last currently written permits it or not if it does that i it's a moment to sort of study whether congress has delegated too much power to the executive but i actually i just think it's a bad idea. as she arrived back at the white house donald trump may have missed the protests but the brewing political row will be harder to escape. and my call the help of the humphrey is on the story for us tonight in washington d.c. good evening to you eleanor the u.s. president we heard it right there he's admitted that he did not have to declare an emergency but he did so anyway did he throw these sixteen attorneys general a big bone in their lawsuit. good evening to you brant
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well you know as you mention that it was one of those freewheeling trumpy and speeches in which he said that he didn't have to declare a state of emergency he did it in order to build the wall of foster and therein lies the crux of the problem essentially certainly the in the illegal immigration numbers do not stand up to support declaring a state of emergency we're currently seeing them at some of the lowest levels in forty five years and you know the california attorney general himself have you have a set of said that this move in his complaint could violate the constitution in terms of a bypassing congress and that control over the federal strings not to mention the balance of power was the tenant of the american constitution in the separation of powers between congress the president on the course but once president was out
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there making that speech he also said that he anticipates this to go through that ecosystem all the way up to the supreme court and previously the supreme court sided with president trying for example when it comes to the travel ban also consider the constellation of the supreme court brett kavanaugh had previously said the justice there that he's in favor of expansion of presidential powers so the outcome is not pick cotton this year that's a very good point to make if the the courts do decide to block funding for the war when they rule against the emergency declaration could the scene be set for democrats in congress to begin impeachment proceedings against president drawl. well if the supreme court which block the wall and that came before the presidential elections trump might not even secure a second term because that is one of the key campaign issues for him but certainly this is something that the democrats have already opened an investigation into and
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bear in mind they have many other investigations going on since they took control of the house following the midterm elections and then looking into for example his ties with russia on his taxes how host of issues not to mention the under investigation which is set to drop as well or one of these could be impeachable issues but of course for impeachment forty three you need a two thirds majority in the senate and not to mention the question that you and i have discussed in the past how political norms changed beyond recognition that would actually allow for each moment those of does also a very good point when we talk about this border war controversy we're talking about an issue that will be part of the twenty twenty election today bernie sanders we all remember him the vermont senator who challenge hillary clinton for the twenty sixteen democratic bid where he announced that he's running to give him a listen our campaign is not only about the feeding donald trump the most dangerous
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president in modern american history it is not only about winning the democratic nomination and the general election our campaign is about transforming our country and creating a government based on the principles of economic social racial and environmental justice so what's the reaction been in the united states to sanders a vanity fair says that there are already a lot of left leaning mini me meaning copies of sanders running for the all. right it's certainly fair to say that it's already a crowded democratic playing field out there and previously in twenty sixteen i mean some does it was the hillary clinton now many more candidates out there i mean perhaps he's a victim of his own progressive success to a certain extent in that many people out there a come painting on his core values that said he's no longer the underdog he knows
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that previously he took nineteen states in the primaries in twenty sixteen say yes that political capital to his belt going forward and well compared to last time trump was still at an untried and tested opponent now he's got something firm to go off against in his campaign video he said that this man is a pathological liar a racist as xenophobe sexist as well. but at the end of the day this is still the bernie sanders that some people love or hate i mean he made that announcement on public radio to a moment first and some people say you know that is just paint bernie the bird that's a very good boy after the losses in twenty sixteen he used to the democratic party it sailed it needed to be rectified. is he satisfied then with what we saw with the midterm elections and the results and then to see think that the party has changed
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. well the midterms were enough to take back congress to take back the house i should say but not the whole of congress i mean i think it's interesting to see that we have seen a shift in the left of the party bernie sanders was considered radical now many of the candidates are campaigning for example on medicare reducing cherish in fee a living wage action on climate change all of these things that were very much put forward by bernie sanders and it is now he is saying that you know if you're going to all campaign on these issues it should be not my name on the ticket essentially i mean he's putting it in far more diplomatic language than that what we might start to be seeing now on the democratic party is a fission a merging we saw a senator come a harris out campaigning at a rally in new hampshire and she said make no mistake i am not a socialist and. describes himself as this democratic socialist and so she made an appeal to more moderate democrats more centrists and perhaps people who are
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undecided whether they would give trump a vote for a second term come twenty twenty so he certainly needs to make some inroads there it's all about yes we're seeing or hold a whole brain on the story for divided washington tell them thank you. every year george avila gives a freedom of speech award to a person or group of individuals who have championed human rights increase speech in the media often they do this a great personal risk well the award this year goes to the woman you see behind me journalist anabel. for her work investigating mexico's drug cartels and for exposing corruption in the mexican government and her books on narcotics trafficking have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide her most famous one narco land right there all her international acclaim her work has shed light on the collusion between corrupt government officials and drug lords in mexico and dozens
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of mexican journalists just like her have lost their lives trying to uncover these stories or not is currently living in exile she is not in mexico because of threats on her own life. mexico is one of the deadliest countries for journalists. last year alone ten journalists were killed apparently as retribution for their work. especially at risk are those who dare to ask questions about mexico's drug cartels. the country's war on drugs has claimed tens of thousands of civilian lives in the past two decades and journalist and about hernandez is a survivor her family has been threatened at gunpoint and someone once left a box of decapitated animals on her doorstep her popular two thousand and ten book narco land investigates ties between drug cartels and the mexican government she says her work has put her life at risk. many of the shots of the mexican government
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tried to kill me know this knock out the noise chapo guzman whereas the mexican government to try to kill me asked have been trying to kill too many other journalists in mexico that trying to say that too about this collusion hernandez now lives in exile in europe where she continues her research for her efforts to expose corruption dutch avila has awarded her the two thousand and nineteen freedom of speech award. while these this network came that very sensitive moment in my in my life. because outside from mexico i feel very alone i feel that i feel lonely but this a wire for me. he said kind of much more than that why are i so he died. on a visit to mexico the director general of dutch avella explained the decision to award
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the prize to hernandez. she stands for a lot of mexican journalists who have a really difficult job here in a country where corruption and not cause criminality is very high to do their job but i think so it's a well deserved award for her and for all mexican journalists and then those hopes to return to mexico one day to be closer to her family she was glad to see mexico's new administration take a stance against government corruption but she believes it will take courageous deeds not just words to pull her country back from the brink. and for more on this year's recipient of the freedom of speech award i'm joined now by the editor in chief innes pole good evening to you eunice you know every year about this time we're reminded of how difficult and dangerous journalism can be on a bill or not is she's now living in europe in exile because of the threats against her life can she still continue her work effectively. hi brenda cindy
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there's a very good christian we talked to her and we are through this very question and she said that she is traveling back to mexico and some time since she obviously is very voce source their budget i mean if she would live to continue if she would continue living in mexico she would really face death threats every day and she wants to keep working she has to live in another country so she keeps her connections going and she's traveling as often as possible let's have a look what she said when she learned about this award i'm grateful for the freedom of speech award because i think it can a way to recognize of the international community that that business sastre here money that exists in mexico it's not just us possibility of the mexicans of them or the
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mexican government or the mexican cartels this is also a huge responsibility of the international community because all these innocent trucks that arrived here it is because axes a huge market of consumers and also government that let get inside these drugs also because the mexican cartels laundry their dirty money their blood money in peace kind of a huge business. watching her and listening you can tell that she does this with with passion there are a lot of journalist brave journalists like. you who are risking their lives for their job why did don't develop make this particular choice this year. well mexico is really one of the most deadliest countries for journalists in the world and this is it's one of the most probably bravest women we know about most of one of
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the most bravest journalist colleagues we have i mean she's working for twenty five years in this job and not only her life got threatened also the life of of her kids and i mean as our director general peter limbaugh pointed out awarding her is more than just awarding her personally we really applause give applause to all the journalists in mexico who's are risking their lives and that's i think how she feels about it herself she takes it as one single person but we award all these colleagues who are risking their lives every single day and you know the country where she comes from mexico it's not you know there's no official battles on it it's not a dictatorship but it is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists why use that. well she is talking about that in this little piece we watched and she told us that also off camera it's really the level of corruption
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was in the government so she feels most threatened by the government and by the truculence she has some hold on the newly elected president of the daughter as she says that he might really change something but that's the point i mean the government is not not only not supporting journalists they are fighting journalists and then it's on the other hand the publishing houses they have no single interest and really investigative journalists because they are also all corrupt so this is one huge corruption within the country now the hope is that the new president at least changes a little bit i mean there is that hope and there is this award that's being given to her but what else can be done what can we hear it for example do to promote press freedom around the world. well i mean you know we are publishing in thirty languages and i think this is very very important and very very important when we talk about mexico other lesson american countries i mean we look at venezuela or
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other really disastrous places and it is important that he did little free and independent information in the languages people understand so our spending service is important in mexico so people get free information that's something d.w. can do and that's something they're doing every single day and it's always good to remind ourselves of that as well our very own editor in chief in his poll joining me tonight in his as always thank you. on tonight's we remember a fashion icon karl lagerfeld the head of fashion house should now died today in paris at the age of eighty five during a career spanning nearly seventy years the hamburg born designer became one of the most prolific in modern fashion. karl lagerfeld slask official appearance this past november in paris.
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two months later he didn't show up for the paris air show for the first time in decades. that had many people worried. and now paris mourns col lagerfeld a german who made the city his own big lagerfeld set for creativity freedom and what's scary now is that whereas we used to have all these great artists and inventors and they were reinventing things and getting inspired now we're starting to lose the people who served as an inspiration. to also you know. and i think he was a great speaker of french fashion. he was basically synonymous with french fashion . lagerfeld was indefatigable he helped to move the fashion world for more than half a century with his elegance and his free spirited sometimes eccentric sensibility
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he was himself a work of art of self invention back in his native germany too many are mourning his death. even though he created a slick and elegance fashion he always transgress the boundary is a fashion and his own very refined way if i know. why not put a visor just checked and i can slip sticks a day it's too bad he really influenced the fashion world press every life must and sometime you know. celebrities flocked to social media to express their condolences and their admiration for lagerfeld you made me feel like a princess you were a true genius and will be missed so much wrote british singer lily allen. actor antonio banderas wrote the fashion world loses one of its most influential designers thanks for the talent. right up to the end lagerfeld insisted he would never write his memoirs he said he wanted to make sure no one remembered him that
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wish is exceedingly unlikely to come true. well for more i'm joined now by ilesha drake she is author of the beautiful fall a book about the why of henri between karl lagerfeld and another star designer eve saw the wrong back in the nineteen seventies elisa's good to have you on the show we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight you met karl lagerfeld what was he like to look at it was incredibly charming extraordinary serious you managed and always interested in you know what you had to say in. that scene when he went to his house on the united states when he was still in its early eighteenth century. interior speirs any interest for the extraordinary collection of books and he was actually working that day to the took he was pushed bucking the act. and well i was most struck by was his
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interests in you know his interest in the other always always posting questions looking wanted to know what you had to saying yeah it's interesting you say that because we've heard from others throughout the day that he was always asking about other people but what we know about him was very limited in fact the fact that he died today comes as a shock although he was eighty five years old. yes well i think a lot of people particularly in fashion thought that he would live forever because he's been around for so long and we've seen other greats pass we've seen the death and always in the death. and somehow karl just kept going and he's been now since one thousand nine hundred eighty. and i just think people are in a state of shock that he is no longer because he heads in additional color.
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colored girls opinion on something be it kate middleton's wedding dress or the state of. you know the state of the british well. it was always to cover people with or knew what. but when you're not on suit was like everybody always asking because being here and also a paris fashion it was the patriarch of paris fashion and we have lost a statement today yeah i mean it's a website the patriarch is gone talk to me them about the immensity of this loss and what will the fashion industry do now with a car waterville. well i think about some industry right now is asking a question because for so long color was a touchstone for creativity the leading interestingly leading creative fashion what i think was so remarkable i hope he was always very upfront about making creative.
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that women wanted to where that winning would buy and that's why i chose the shoes for much of the set everything he touched happened it's actually own personal and any touch in terms of bendy chloe they were huge commercial successes he managed to bring excitement to a question house you know where he went to chimera ninety three it was a dusty play much dead on the floor. he'll really like to recreate sexy make it look so now fashion have to think how are they going to go forward with that how are they going to do that without hard to show them the range elise adric author of beautiful for joining us tonight helping us to remember karl lagerfeld alicia thank you very much. thank you so much. well the day is almost gone the conversation continues online you can see right there on your screen how to get in touch with us i don't remember what they'll forget whatever happens tomorrow is another day we'll see you then.
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the virus is back the death toll from people that is rising rapidly in the democratic republic of congo. the world health organization fears it could become an epidemic. a group struggling to contain the outbreak are hampered by various problems in the country. know they're pinning their hopes on new vaccines little
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