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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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feel. the at. the at. this news coming to you live from berlin caucus on the press to release a captured engine pilot calling it a gesture of peace a hero's welcome awaits the commander said to be freed soon from pakistan but will the moves of the us while fighting between the two nuclear arms neighbors. also on the program students in germany strike over climate change i joined a special guest on their own stand with just the students here because they have a history. first swedish team has become the figurehead for generations calls for
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action on the environment. of marching in hamburg. and jewish parents in france feel for their children's future. crimes we talk with israel's ambassador here in berlin about controversial calls for european jews to emigrate to israel. had a very warm welcome to you i'm. pakistan is preparing to free an indian pilot captured when his plane was shot down over kashmir you're now seeing live pictures coming to you from the volga a towering border a land crossing between india and pakistan as pakistan prepares to hand over the pilot that he's due to be released in an effort to deescalate the recent tensions.
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release has been awaited for a few hours now we've been monitoring the situation there but for some reason his release has not yet taken place and there's no reason given as to why this delay has taken place thousands of people have been gathered at the indian side of the border anxiously waiting to see the indian pilot wing commander be none then initially also shouts of a long live killing his return but now the crowds have as you can see most of the people you are seeing now live are police and security personnel so that we are still expecting. them to be released by pakistan to indian territory and really of course be monitoring that situation for you and bring you those pictures as soon as they come in. i'm joined now in the studio by. india's ambassador germany in welcome.
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not pakistan says it's releasing this indian wing commander who is in their custody as a gesture of peace don there's been a lot of anguish in india about the fate of this a wing commander since the first pictures emerged of him blindfolded covered with blood how does india view this release. first of all thank you must for having him. we are happy that pakistan has taken this decision the solution to release when come and been and then. we had objective very strongly to. the vulgar display that pakistan had done of an injured personnel of the indian air force. which was not in accordance with international humanitarian law and the geneva conventions and we are happy that.
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the pakistanis showed this maturity to take this step to announce the release of. wing commander on them and his return to india but to what extent will it deescalate tensions between the two countries. if we can just go back a little bit to why we are at the situation today. we are at the situation because of a very important reason of terrorism. you would be aware that that this immediate action took place because a pakistan based organization the gesture mammoth. which took responsibility for the attack launched an attack and. in jammu and kashmir on
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february fourteenth more than forty of our security personnel were killed. in the ast pakistan as we have been repeatedly trying to. address this issue to capture the people who were convicted to bring them to justice. pakistan did not react in fact they completely ignored the situation we then had. intelligence reports with suggested and these were credible intelligence reports that the jaish e mohammed was planning another attack now in the face of pakistan's absolute refusal to act the only option left to us was to attack the jaish a moment. now our thing was it was nonmilitary it was not an attack on pakistan we attack normally installations it was a counterterrorism operation in
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a very remote part of india which of pakistan where there were no civilian populations but i'm best at the much pakistan view this act as an act of aggression because indian fighter planes cross to work the line of control the default in fact a border between the two countries in kashmir they describe this as an act of aggression but from india's perspective it is they were targeting militant camp terrorism being the big issue between the two countries pakistan also complains on the other hand that india is also supporting small groups and individuals in pakistan the groups that pakistan sees as terrorists what is your response i think you know the facts and reality of the situation is very different different if you take for example. ok now baluchistan is an area that has seen absolute state oppression from pakistan for
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many many years. it the people are oppressed they are jailed you look at the figures of enforced disappearances there are. if you go to mainstream media if you go to social media you can see what has happened in baluchistan is the area where pakistan believes indian intelligence is helping what they describe as terrorists could be nothing further from the it is they have to address the issues of the people and other oppressed people in in pakistan who are fighting against the state oppression not one of the things that one often hears coming out of pakistan every time there is some kind of attack in the kashmir region on the state that india was a state of jammu and kashmir. everyone believes pakistan india everyone blames pakistan but there is also homegrown militancy in the state of jammu and kashmir
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and pakistanis say that that india is in denial about the fact that they have eliminated sections of the population in indian adman's to me where militancy is homegrown. if again the reality of the situation is different from what it is in india. we are a peace loving people we don't indulge in violence as a norm we have never started a war. if you if you look at the focus of the people of india what does then meet the need is economic betterment they need is social development this is happening all over india. where there are disaffected people there are normal. mechanisms of democracy. we you can go to the ballot you can go to the judicial processes we have of as you know
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a very very vibrant media and civil society sector you can change governments there's a process of dialogue people in india don't need to become terrorists or militants in jammu and kashmir of course economic and social development is affected because of the constant fear of terror from pakistan now if pakistan stopped infiltrating these masses of terrorists and doing dia. jammu and kashmir would also see as high levels of development as the rest of india is doing it's not fortunate that peter acts of terrorism. by pakistan and infiltration continuous infiltration of militants border shelling. has so there is affecting the normal moved life in jammu and kashmir that is coming back to the present situation we seem to be hearing positive side statements from the indian foreign minister saying
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india will react with responsibility and the strain we are seeing. conciliatory signals coming out of pakistan i think the need of the time is to pull back from the brink and it seems both the neighbors have recognized that ambassador that that the most pleasure to have you with us on the w. thank you very much. the special forces in the somali kept in mogadishu are battling to drive out insurgents holed up next to a hotel they bombed on thursday night a gun battle has been raging for hours at the site of the blast officials are reporting heavy casualties on the militants carried out a suicide car bombing the target was a city center who tell popular with government employees. joining me now on the line is east africa correspondent melanie. melanie what bring us up to date with the latest situation right now i'm rita we know that the
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somali special forces in mogadishu are still trying to flush out the insurgents at this very moment witnesses say. the fire exit chain could be hurt or morning of the soldiers trying to enter the building and utilize the militants that they have referred to but we still don't have a full picture there a lot of things would just be like clear about the explosions they're pretty brocton entire area and could be felt kilometers away what we do know is that this is one of if not the worst attack mogadishu i have seen it and that the number of victims and injured is very likely to keep on writing those two groups saying that this hotel has been attacked before but security there was not adequate adequate what are you hearing. while we're still awaiting the details on the difficulties in trying to save lives rose when it comes to security as well as rescuing aphids what
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we know is have rescuers seem to have struggled and that they had no night the requip to dig out the group did one of the factors that could have contributed to the hampered to rescue efforts is the fact that the attack happened tonight which is unusual for somalia and we also have to remember that was speaking of a country which has been conflict ridden for decades now a country where the government only controls all parts of the territory and where resources simply seem to be this thing to respond quickly when these attacks occur which is of course something that al shabaab is very well aware of to. the militants has been fighting the government for a while give us some context of this attack not any. they have and the attack is very much part of the pattern as regards the sort on on high profile targets in east africa same has happened in neighboring kenya and uganda where the
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militant group has used to be a bomb and chose similar targets which are frequented by government and security officials as well as foreign as as to why this attack in mogadishu happened now some blame the rising numbers of astrophysics against the militant group carried out by the u.s. which is backing the somali government but this isn't really the trump administration has significantly stepped up the number of air strikes almost weekly now we hear of as strikes where al shabaab militants have been killed so there's really no one explanation as to why this attack happened now but it's what try the reflection another example of the country's very sad reality that any cure thank you very much for that update on that attack at issue. let me not being up to date with some other stories making news around the wild saudi arabia has trip citizenship from osama bin laden sun comes up bin laden this comes after
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the u.s. offered a one million dollar reward for information on his exact whereabouts where fishes believe homes up in la is emerging as an al qaeda leader the group brought down the world trade center in the nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one. they've been tsunami alerts in chile after a powerful earthquake struck in neighboring peru the magnitude seven quake hit north of as ongaro province media reports say the tremor was first as far away as brazil and bolivia. north korean leader kim jong un has been meeting with vet dummy's president and un peu truong north korean media describing it as a goodwill visit it comes a day after the breakdown of vietnamese host of summit between kim and us president donald trump which ended when the two sides could not agree on conditions for sanction relief after. turning out to france for sergeant adding sematic
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violence and hate speech has caused members of the jewish community to fear for their safety present in london mccraw has made a very bob in a french jews feel increasingly under threat. of those who are. going to put across the border is not a good bill gertz will prevail a launch on gnome is preparing for shabat it's friday and tonight he's meeting other members of his jewish congregation together they are going to read the sabbath prayer says the thirty four year old is an active member of the jewish community here in paris being jewish is important to him but so is being french that's why the increase in violence disturbs him so much. the best part is all cities with their insults vandalism and sometimes even cases of murder for us that means staying aware and alert and always keeping an eye out we wouldn't have to do that if we didn't feel threatened now we're also asking ourselves is france really
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the right place for us. around half a million jews live in france the third largest community behind israel in the u.s. last year there were more than five hundred anti-semitic offenses here in increase of around seventy five percent. false economy far president of the umbrella organization representing france's jewish community is also alarmed he says the real figures are much higher as not every offense is registered he's most concerned for the young. softball sharif we're noticing that in some regions jewish children are no longer going to public schools but they're being pulled out because they can't have a normal school day they're being insulted and their physical safety can't always be guaranteed system created. back in the synagogue young ballerinas are practicing for a big performance. the synagogue offers jewish children an afterschool program which
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parents gladly make use of delphin tell you is the mother of three sons she tells us one of them has moved to israel because he feels safer being jewish there delfin says she's shocked by the rhetoric she hears she thought it was a thing of the past. or not or this when we hear things like go back home jew it hurts us deeply. you feel threatened the song list for all those. in lunch alone is determined to stay in his homeland france despite the worsening situation experts say that anti-semitism is no longer soley coming from right wing groups but also from radical islam but it rarely has anything to do with religion jews often meet hostility because they're seen as being part of an elite. todd reason see the host it is the rejection of a community in this case the jewish community that is seen as being privileged as
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the group with the most influence on the powerful. in launch says he will never conceal the fact that he's jewish despite the dangers. of this i've never hidden the fact that i'm jewish and i won't do that now when i go to the synagogue for sure but i will my kippah and i will continue to do. so little real. but when it came to the question of whether he would let his own children wear a cap on public ill and couldn't give us an answer. the france is not the only european country that has seen a rise in that is a metric incidence did rupert read of all spoke to israel's ambassador to germany what his concerns over the issue mr ambassador not only in france also in germany we see a rising anti semitism rising numbers of anti jewish attacks how big is the problem from your point of view. i think any form of manifestation of anti-semitism should
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be of concern not only to to israelis but germany in general and to the essential democratic and tolerant nature of german society insults immigration minister dr golland has urged especially the jewish people in france to come home saying that it's not safe anymore for jews in france and in europe is not a solution to the problem look i i i think it's very clear israel is always being a homeland for the jewish people and any jew who feels that they want to make ali and i would always want to somebody who's made that step that every jew should come because he is coming for positive reasons or not because he feels that he's been pushed out of his country and i don't think that that is the solution in the sense that we have to first and foremost look at the anti semitic activities and what needs to be done to stop those because even if somebody will get up and
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leave and go through israel you still need to deal with that the seven system so you have to look at the whole situation in a much more holistic approach germany has more or less freshly installed. special commission to combat anti semitism the german government doing enough to establish jewish life in germany well that's a very good point in the sense that his title is not only to combat anti semitism but promote jewish life in germany and i think that that is of incredibly strong importance to the german leadership and obviously we are fully supportive of that effort and i think it shows again the strength of german society that we can overcome things that have happened in the past and can build a better future for all peoples as we can see in many different areas but definitely i feel that. not enough can be done there has to be very clear
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responses not just condemnations but clear actions to prevent and to to make sure that this criminal activity is checked is turned off law enforcement in that field i think there clearly needs to be more in the sense that the challenges in all of the different areas in different contexts and different venues but also given the issue of the internet and the possibility of moving on social media and he semitic. tropes and stereotypes i think this is creates an ever expanding need for greater control mr ambassador thank you so much rick. now the swedish climate activists grettir turnback has joined students on strike in the german city of hamburg people from all over the world have rallied behind the teenager's friday for future movement walking out of classes to call on politicians
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to take action on climate change. famous teen activist greater turn back is on her school holidays but she's not taking a break from protesting in germany she joined schoolchildren on their weekly protest against climate change for way too long the politicians and the people in power have got no way was not doing anything to fight the climate crisis but we will make sure that they will not get away with it any longer. thousands of students have come together to demand that politician save the planet so they can grow up in a world worth living in and they're demanding that politicians do something about it such as stop burning coal to generate electricity. it's no secret here in germany that the country's going to fail to reach its twenty twenty climate goals now in a bid to reduce greenhouse gases the german government has planned a coalface out by twenty thirty eight but for these school students hitting the streets of come back today that just isn't soon enough. the kids who took to the
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streets instead of going to classes today know exactly what their message is. i think it's important to stop using coal to produce electricity use and it's possible and to be more aware of climate change like stop using plastic bags and stuff like that. i'm here because i'm concerned about climate change but seeing live is also a special experience. here i have taken to the streets today just like every friday personally i try to act in a sustainable way know at travel and i get around town by public transport or on a bicycle in part for a very good. and closer to. i'm back had a private message to everyone too. and i think we should focus more on the climate is this not about me doing the crime i said. the young protesters say they plan to continue demonstrating as part of their fridays for future campaign.
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and that has fought the women's football it was cup kicks off in june germany have a new coach and they a took on the tournament hosts france in a friendly match last night a hard fought battle between the two of the three two one of my favorites was settled in germany's favor and they are schiller scoring the game's only go to secure a one minute when the match gave new coach martina foss and both a closer look at a step forward with less than one hundred days to go before the tournament kicks off in june. and the pair making it bid for that germany was cup squad is on cutting back the chelsea goalkeeper received a first score up to the national team in november two thousand and eighteen just a year after being diagnosed with cancer she spoke to did on the sports about
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a successful battle against the disease. back in november twenty seventh teen uncut teen back i was in the prime of her career she had won the german bundesliga competed in the champions league and moved abroad to top clubs in france and england but then came a huge setback at age twenty seven she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. it was a shock because. as a footballer you don't think about it because he had to live like a healthy life. every day so it was quite a shock when it came to fighting the disease it was inspired by efforts to get into the starting eleven. you have to five every day or even my position i have to try every training session to be on the sunday on the pitch so and as a goalkeeper we have
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a i don't know why we have about repetition we have crazy people or. i wouldn't say i mean. yeah i think the mentality from a goalkeeper. and it showed what was most remarkable about her recovery was the timeline. the diagnosis was on the seventeen november and then on the fifth of december operation and on the twentieth of january a hot ma brady are hiding. and off the. on for the february i was on the pitch i played my first f.a. cup game again. it's a story that could become even more special if bagger fulfills a dream of playing at a world cup in june. and good luck to her i'm on with that she want you watching
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the news coming up next eco india the environment magazine from india to stay for that if you can.
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because india. how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and violent when there are do or look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. next d.w. .
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