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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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the at . the at . this is the news coming to you live from berlin august some friends that captured indian pilots calling it a gesture of peace brink of bondo i've been on the run come on i walked across the border into india a hero's welcome and also coming up. a day long battle with militarism over the shootings over the militants taunted by bombing a hotel in the somali capital and then special forces besieged them and killed them all according to police we bring you all the details and. i am proud to stand
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with such here because they have made the street a swedish teen who has become the figurehead of generations calling for action on the environment gratitude that marches with school students in town but. i am. i don't welcome i'm going with that a pleasure to have your company focus on his freedom indian pilot captured when his plane was shot down over pakistan administered kashmir these pictures of wing commander of the london who walked across the land border between india and pakistan the indian air force says he's undergoing a medical checkup baucus on says a release of the father who was captured on wednesday after ejecting from his aircraft is an effort to escalate recent ten. sions between the nuclear neighbors
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that we are bringing correspondent michelle just well in delhi near me said there must be huge relief in india that being commander i mean and that is back after an anxious wait of many odds is he getting a hero's welcome there well definitely i'm with one of the first reactions to come in was a tweet by prime minister more of the actually getting command up in and then words about his return and saying that the country is spout of him now are forced by mr moore they have not commented on this crisis and then elaborate fashion over the last few days which has been question but otherwise of course the whole country has been anticipating the return even at the waca border itself crowds of locals had gathered through the day because it wasn't clear exactly when he would be coming to there was at least a five are do the reports are that it was a procedural deal that they were documentation issues that were that the what caused it and of course the crowds eventually didn't pan out by the time the pilot
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actually managed to come through the border but at all right after he came to there was a brief there was a brief press briefing by the indian air force which basically just said that he had to be taken for a medical checkup they did not take further questions but from the rituals that we were able to see it looks like the pilot came back and the first thing he said once across the water was that it was good to be home. and the thirteen must be true enough but his son says his release was a gesture of peace but that hasn't stopped the shelling along the line of control nimish other that's the defacto border between the two countries in kashmir. yes some of the wild this release has led and it is expected to lead to a deescalation in the tensions that have been building over the last few weeks that there is no way to say that there is peace in the kashmir valley all along the line of control today which lies between india. and pakistan athens to push me there has
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been firing in india at mr push me today in an encounter in the complot or district and push me for indian soldiers lost their lives so clearly there is no simple solution at hand simply because of this release and india continues to allege that pakistan is not doing enough to fight terror pakistan released this indian pilot as a gesture of bees but india says that pakistan has to do far more to be taken seriously even the aerial strike by india that led to further escalation of these tensions india said it was at jesse mohammad gamp how the gesture moment claimed a terror attack in the push me in the police district on february fourteenth which led to the loud loss of forty indian soldiers alive and that is actually what has been behind this entire escalation while pakistan on the other hand says that it is taking all the steps and that there is no infrastructure of terror on its soil that it is supporting both countries on contradictory views and while this release is
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a welcome step deescalation overall off the tensions between the two countries is not going to be so simple and we finish on this have been some very tense days for the two nuclear neighbors what is the mood like on the ground what are the people of india and pakistan saying. well i'm with are when the tension started both sides were calling for action they were calling in the indian side was calling for action against pakistan because of the terror strike the pakistani side was calling for hit back against india after india's aerial strike but once tensions really began to escalate between the two nuclear neighbors there was also the hash tag seen north a war trending on twitter from board sites there were civilians coming out and saying that this must stop now even in pakistan there were little marches and rallies calling for the release of the indian pilot so of course the general sentiment right now is off relief that the indian follett has been released there's also relief that there's no further escalation but as i was mentioning before
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a true deescalation off tension between the two countries would be if talks are restructured around me is that's what india has to say and pakistan of course also waiting for india to come to the table on that matter nisha just obvious correspondent in delhi thank you very much. india's the basket in germany looked at that that the large join me in the studio earlier i started by asking her for her reaction to pakistan's decision to release the pilot we are happy that pakistan has taken this decision the solution to release when come under a benign than. we had objected very strongly to. the vulgar display that pakistan had done or been injured to personnel of the indian air force . which was not in accordance with international humanitarian law and the geneva conventions and we are happy that. the
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pakistan assured the maturity to take this step to announce the release of. wing commander then and his return to india but to what extent will it deescalate tensions between the two countries. if we can just go back a little bit to why we are at the situation today. we are at the situation because of a very important reason of terrorism. you would be aware that that this immediate action took place because a pakistan based organization the gesture marmont. which took responsibility for the attack launched an attack and. in jammu and kashmir on
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february fourteenth more than forty of our security personnel were killed and. india asked pakistan as we have been repeatedly doing to address this issue to capture the people who were convicted to bring them to justice. pakistan did not react in fact they completely ignored the situation we then had. intelligence reports with suggested and these were credible intelligence reports that the jaish e mohammed was planning another attack now in the face of pakistan's absolute refusal to act the only option left to us was to attack the generation moment. now our thing was it was nonmilitary it was not done at back in pakistan we attack normal three installations it was a counterterrorism operation in
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a very remote part of india which of pakistan where there were no civilian populations. that was india's ambassador to germany looked at that that the are speaking to me earlier you can see the full interview at our website that's d.w. dot com let me now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the world in syria the u.s. backed the syrian defense forces are clearing the last pocket of so-called islamic state militants holed up in the village of suspected i aspire to us and their families have been surrendering to s.t.'s forces outside of the town. is the group's last stronghold often losing control of vast swathes of territory. tens of thousands of people have been protesting across algeria against the country's president and his bid for a fifth term in office in the capital algiers demonstrators faced off against
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security forces while trying to reach the presidential palace president of the as he's a beautifully has been in power since one thousand nine hundred nine and is reportedly in poor health. saudi arabia has stripped citizenship from osama bin laden's son hundreds of bin laden this comes after the u.s. offered a one million dollars reward for information on his exact whereabouts officials believe holmes of bin laden is emerging as an al qaeda leader the group brought on the world trade center in nine eleven attacks in two thousand and was a. north korean leader kim jong un has a met with vietnamese president in one pool trunk north korean media are describing this as a good will visit it comes a day after the break down of a bit families hosted summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump which ended when the two sides could not agree on conditions for sanctions relief. turning now to somalia police in the capital mogadishu
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saying almost twenty four hour long battle with extremists is over special forces. reportedly killed all fighters who were besieged in a building next to a hotel they bombed on thursday night the bombing is set to heavy casualties. and not have chaos right in the center of mogadishu people flee for their lives just after an explosion in the busiest area of the somali capital the target. a luxury hotel in impoverished mogadishu house about his targeted before last night it was ablaze after a car bomb exploded at its kites. while i was driving in market mccotter mustering suddenly i saw a speeding luxury car heading towards a hotel and the explosion rocked the whole area. for residents of mogadishu it
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was a horrifying night. we're being told the man who made this video enjoyed a whole not a fighting just a hundred meters from this apartment where he took shelter. and this was the same in the newly opened library mogadishu a symbol of hope for somalians who have endured so much violence for decades now it has been badly battered and so too has the confidence of somalians. i can't express in words how anxious and shocked i was that he is what was left behind it took nearly a whole day for the security forces to put an end to the militants attack al-shabaab has repeatedly shown it can hit the center of mogadishu now after this latest violence somalians i get angry at the government which seems on idol to stop major attacks like this one from occurring. the swedish climate activists grettir turnback has joined students on strike in the german city of hamburg and pupils
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from around the world have rallied behind the teenager's fridays for future movement walking out of classes to call on politicians to take action on climate change. famous teen activist greater turn back is on her school holidays but she's not taking a break from protesting in germany she joined schoolchildren on their weekly protest against climate change for way too long the politicians and the people in power have got no way was not doing anything to fight the climate crisis but we will make sure that they will not get away with it any longer. thousands of students have come together to demand that politicians save the planet so they can grow up in a world worth living in and they're demanding that politicians do something about it such as stop burning coal to generate electricity. it's no secret here in germany that the country's going to fail to reach its twenty twenty climate goals
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now in a bid to reduce greenhouse gases the german government has planned a coalface out by twenty thirty eight but for these school students hitting the streets of hamburg today that just isn't soon enough. the kids who took to the streets instead of going to classes today know exactly what their message is. i think it's important to stop using coal to produce electricity use in as possible and to be more aware of climate change like stop using plastic bags and stuff like that. i'm here because i'm concerned about climate change but seeing going to live is also a special experience. i have taken to the streets today just like every friday personally i try to act in a sustainable way know at travel and i get around town by public transport or on a bicycle depart for vegas. and greater to him back had a private message to everyone to him. and i think we should focus more on the
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climate is this not about me doing the crime i said. the young protesters say they plan to continue demonstrating as part of their fridays for a few. in a campaign. up next d.w. business africa do stay with us if you kept.


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