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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2019 6:02am-6:15am CET

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this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes is a done returning to military rule president obama bashir has declared a year long state of emergency are anti-government protests that began last year are still going on for talks in opposition figure fighting the regime. and that cheeriest climate war is we need the guns just take the fight against pollution to the beaches up to lagos. then the boys who harnessed the wind the film about the malawian boy who saved his village from seven launches on the streaming giant netflix still here from the stars and the real star. i'm christine woodruff welcome to news africa i'm glad you're tuned in we begin in
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sudan way of day off is the country may be returning to military rule that's because president omar al bashir may have stepped down today as head of the ruling party but he has already declared a state of emergency across the country for the next year he's also extended the power was off the security forces and has set up emergency courts all around the country now all public gatherings in the country have also been bad and we'll be talking to a leader off one of the opposition parties but first this report on the situation in sudan. protesters in the streets of on demand defying the new ban on public gatherings. they're calling for president omar al bashir to step down saying that the state of emergency won't deter them we will overthrow this regime the shot. across the country there have been anti-government marches
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for weeks. people first took to the streets in december when authorities decided to triple the price of bread. inflation is running at more than seventy percent rendering normal life virtually impossible for many sudanese. the president's response to the un wrist extending the powers of security forces this week he appointed army officers to top government posts justifying the move by saying quote they can address issues of salaries and services and create decent work opportunities for youth. so what by going to the restaurant or what are we praise i love that he has given us this opportunity. for you to go on today a new chapter begins in sudan's history because with the. protesters are determined to see this chapter and quickly western powers including the u.s.
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britain and canada rebuked sudan for its return to military rule according to human rights watch at least fifty one people have died in the demonstrations in the row let's turn to a leader off one of sudan's major opposition party is highly it'll may use if it is secretary general off the sudanese congress party he's speaking to us from the united kingdom as he's fearful of arrest in the tool now forty of these clinics have already been detained mr yousef welcome to news africa i want us to start about talking about this state of emergency that's been declared it's been about a week now that it's been effect what is your reaction to it and how are people incidentally living under the conditions off it. actually it's just a race is not a new thing for saddam. the before the protests started. jim has the border state of emergency in ten states out of it in states in
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sudan after the protests started they extended the state of emergency for another thirty states they wanted to threaten the people there and they are going to use more extreme measures of violence against their peaceful demands for freedom and change so are you saying to us that the people are carrying on with the process others protest and ongoing in sudan as we speak yeah actually after the coalition of the status many of the hard on the coverdell witnessed them or large we've all brought this soon to the start of that evolution is with them all the you know localities off the top when i was thirty yesterday. in a numbers that had not been with this before so we got yesterday that he didn't have been defeated you know with that they did in song during.
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peeled off that he would do in sudan. we've seen omar al bashir get rid of governors in certain states and replace them with military offices what is your reading of that. sheree but she does that he. you know is trying to do two things first of all he tries trying to you know have a kind of confrontation between the army and the people because people in the warned me to be in the side of the people not the side of of the give and then second thing bashir try to sell a notion for the original forces that he's going to cut the ties with a terrorist. to impose a kind of a military ruling in sudan that could be appealing for
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many countries in the region all right many don't believe highly at all may you say of secretary-general of the sudanese congress party thank you ok the call for action against climate change has a fresh face and that's it over there that is who she is great as the swedish teenager who has called out the world's leaders for inaction and her activism has caught on since august tens of thousands of peoples and cities across europe and as far as australia and even in uganda have walked out of their friday crosses to push for more ambitious carbon cutting targets young people in nigeria have also been taking action to secure the future of their environment here's a report now from a correspondent an official. they call themselves the climate war yourself. and they are determined to take back the beach and turn it into what it once was
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the place for sea shells. yet this beach in lagos you can find pretty much everything you can imagine like probably the flip flop or just before i found the tooth brush and of course volume of plastic now all of this of course belongs to us humans but it's them cured run teenagers young students who are on a mission to protect the beach for a generation for their future. every week they collect about fifty bags of trash and the more they clean the beach the more changes that. change in my lifestyle for instance my do you think will use plastic in my have my words are both true that it's you can take to work and then my recycle a blue. bag to market plastic waste is one of the biggest problems worldwide especially in places like lagos where single use plastic for example plastic bags is not prohibited on like in rwanda or in kenya.
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the thirty year old activist has been busy battling pollution since she was a student an overwhelming task she quit her job as a lawyer it takes everything from you physically mentally you know you have to be one hundred percent in this if not you just where unfortunately children are the ones that are most affected it's really bad that we have so many plastics that come from the ocean to the shows to i come here most sites do so and they are doing cool no doubt trying to miss cleaning up the beaches just one of today's staff planting palm trees is a way to finish the latest state has a population of more than twenty million people it generates about forty metric tons of waste every day the work seems endless but for them not hopeless. oh. ok from the beach to the cinema and to another young person we can all draw
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inspiration from the boy who harnessed the wind is a film about an innovation from william. that just launched on netflix is small on the feature film directed by oscar winning she will sell for the green screen late this year and now the crease up. to this. that's who i am i the boy who harnessed the wind is the true story of young william and you want sit idly by and watch his village start is defeated with an inventive mind and a thirst for knowledge as william takes his family's fate into his own hands inside it. continue to. work to do it. she will
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tell edgier forced directorial debut is based on a bestselling memoir of the same title it's the true story of william come conduct good age thirteen don't win friends to irrigate fields and save his village from famine. well you must parents hope that sending their son to school will provide him a better future but natural disasters crop failure hunger and scarce funds make that dream impossible to some that seems. a bit of a he's it's hard for the real william to look back on that time i have like mixed feelings the only reason why i have mixed feelings because it's likely in some part to leave the past that was a very like difficult a very challenging shot entirely in malawi the boy who harnessed the wind is a positive story out of africa that doesn't ignore challenges but tackle slumped
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head on. to the job. as an actress from african descent i can see how absent. the african stories are in western countries do not think that. this type of positive stories can make a change in terms of the of the perception we have of other people especially from africa forty. three. k. and that's it from africa you can catch all our stories on our website and on our facebook page we leave you now with these all some pictures off the surface as the pros are currently battling it out and defend testa conditions at the. ships on cape furred we'll see you next time by fidel.
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the time of. the saddam being nice. guy as cameron jurors are dealing with anyone at all they killed many civilians i mean guys coming in clearing my father while. i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge. providing insights global news that matters. for minds. germany to learn german. fellowship in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free. course nicola's faked.


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