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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin north korean leader kim jong un embarks on a journey home from vietnam that's after talks with u.s. president donald trump failed the summit to start fresh controversy over north korea's handling of the u.s. student jailed and tortured in the country also coming up tens of thousands of algerians take to the streets to protest against president abdelaziz bouteflika and his reelection bid dozens were injured in clashes between demonstrators and police but people seem determined to prevent a fifth term for the current president. and
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a space x. rocket that unmanned capsule blasted into the night from florida it's a test flight designed to bring the private company want step closer to offering space tourism. welcome to the program i'm marion evans team in algeria police have fired tear gas to disperse tens of thousands of demonstrators marching through central algiers against president. it's the biggest protests of the algerian capital says the arab spring eight years ago which of leader has been in power since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and despite suffering a stroke five years ago the eighty one year old announced he was running for a fifth term in office. it was the biggest turnout of demonstrators so
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far after a week of nationwide protests the demonstration in algiers started peacefully with thousands marching in the streets after friday prayers they chanted bye-bye beautifully and peaceful peaceful many carried signs with slogans and drink themselves and national symbols large crowds also gathered in other cities according to residents and local media the protesters are against incumbent president up to less respect for the seeking a fifth tear of an upcoming elections in april they say he is no longer fit to lead a door fed up with his iron fisted rule. it's simple we just want to change her country we want that but i do. twenty years around of. the people here. we want change and for you. later in the day things got violent police used tear gas to disperse the crowds and scuffled with protestors knew the presidential
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palace and elderly man reportedly died after being caught in a stampede of protesters earlier algerian prime minister ahmed who yes gave a chilling warning after noticing that some demonstrators gave roses to police officers. but we should recall. that in syria and also began with roses. but flicka who will turn eighty two on saturday is reportedly in geneva getting medical treatment he suffered a stroke in twenty thirteen and has really been seen in public since authorities say beautifully cut does retain a firm grip on public affairs his opponents however claim he's not fit enough to leave the country and that it is being drilled in his name by advisors. let's get more on the story now and for that i'm joined in the studio by bashir a maroon from d.w. arabic thanks for joining us bashir so if you do these protests actually pose a serious threat to the beautifully regime well of course they do with the biggest
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the most. since the the early one nine hundred ninety s. and the time the regime reacted with a massive crackdown which resulted in the civil war with over a quarter million of that and more than twenty thousand missings until today and as the anger grows these days you can see member. important members of the regime like prime minister. trying to threaten the people. drawing parallels between the civil war and what's happening today there are also parallels drawn to the civil war in syria so the regime is frightened there's a serious possibility that the situation could develop into a struggle for survival for the algerian regime well talking about those arab spring protests of twenty eleven we know that back then social media played a very important role what about this time around how are the current protests
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being organized or i personally i'm not sure if the social media played the biggest throw. in twenty eleven because there were also arab news broadcast as with who played a very big develop but what we can agree on now is the evidence evidence that the protests are organized through facebook for instance the initiative called to the demonstration is be reported to have spread through facebook so even so even though we cannot see we cannot identify the initial source of it we can say what i can say with certainty is. the video was shot over you. you tube and facebook. see the power and enthusiasm of the demonstrations and take them into the even the smallest tones throughout everywhere and. all right
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so it's clear that these protesters don't want which if they could to run again but what about algeria is opposition like is there anyone who is a credible figure that people could unite behind to replace them frankly there is no real organized opposition inside the regime managed in the last twenty years to destroy every genuine opposition of the party there are also no real civil society so the so-called opposition of parties inside. patronage. that have patronage links to the regime and enjoy no public confidence at all i think my personal opinion is that. in the case the protests are successful and also the regime we have to put up. everything new from the ground that nigeria are i had to share a room from arabic we really appreciate your insights thank you thank you for
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having. the u.s. aerospace company space x. has launched a rocket to the international space station the unmanned flight is being seen as a crucial test for resuming manned u.s. missions three. right there it is certain that. the falcon nine rocket an astronaut capsule blasted off from cape canaveral florida it should reach the eye assess tomorrow and is scheduled to return to earth on march eighth if successful two astronauts will be allowed on board for the next launch of space x. suffered a setback in twenty fifteen when a rocket bound for the international space station exploded. north korean leader kim jong un has departed vietnam following the breakdown of his summit with u.s. president donald trump kim's journey home on his private armor train is expected to take more than sixty hours it comes amid fresh controversy over the case of auto
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warm beer an american student who was detained and tortured in north korea warm beer was returned to his family in the u.s. in a vegetative state in two thousand and seventeen and he died days later president donald trump has said he's confident kim did not know about it the two countries and says they'll continue dialogue despite the failed summit. well for more on all this i'm joined in the studio now by behrendt berger he's an asia expert of the german council on foreign relations mr banta thank you so much for being here so once donald trump abruptly departed one or the north korean leader kim jong un stepped into the spotlight we saw him laying wreaths he was meeting with vietnamese officials what kind of image was he trying to convey well i think first of all he was a surprise there for this everyone else was that this be over. what you did was he
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used to it but you knew too to pay your goodwill visit to. both korea and vietnam have longstanding relationships they have even a modest trade. or two things of course restricted and they were of course sit together and see how they can cooperate in the future and have visits to both the visits to the grave of form of leaders while donald trump said he left the summit because north korea was demanding complete sanctions relief north korean officials then immediately denied and we saw them calling quite a rare press conference even to deny this so who do we believe and where do negotiations go from here both in your openness of the north korean leadership. also demonstrates that they are before them they really want to set things straight and if you look at the consultations that happened before and the whole process that was underway it's obvious that they have not actually demanded full things relief but it's going forward step by step approach where first of all it's another
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sanctions for the for the people lifted so the question is really what the american administration is doing right now and what kind of strategy or tactics there. while there's also been quite a backlash in the u.s. over what donald trump said regarding the case of auto warm beer of course the american student who died after seventeen months in north korean detention. he said kim jong un was unaware of what was going on how likely is that well one would think in the small stage with a small town by showing everyone would know what's going on but when i was asked to emphasize that warm beer was not good to do in detention for political reasons it was through to misconduct under heavy inference of alcohol so i don't know if there was a big political decision behind detaining him and oversight are i bend expert of the german council on foreign relations many thanks indeed thank you
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. all right let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making news around the world canada says it will allow the u.s. extradition case against while waves chief executive man when joe to proceed canadian authorities arrested the chinese technology companies see if over the last december at the request of washington manga is wanted in the u.s. for allegedly conspiring to violate u.s. sanctions on iran. heavy fighting is reportedly underway in the last main enclave of the so-called islamic state u.s. backed syrian defense forces say they've moved in on the last pocket controlled by the militant group in the village of bugaboos suspected i as fighters and their families have been surrendering to s.t.'s forces outside the town. swedish climate activists grit torn burka has joined striking students in the german city of
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hamburg pupils from around the world have rallied behind the sixteen year old's fridays for future movement walking out of classes and calling on politicians to take stronger action on climate change which. will now to turkey where foreign journalists are finding it increasingly difficult to work many of them are having to wait longer than usual to get accreditation without which they can't do their jobs and two german journalists have been denied work permit extensions without any justification being offered. they only wanted to work as foreign correspondents in turkey but on thursday afternoon in istanbul several german reporters were thrown out of a regular news conference about turkey's economic ties to the e.u. that sparked protests in berlin it's in that meeting to even close contacts with the turkish authorities over this because it's clear that press freedom is of paramount importance and it's essential that journalists are allowed to do the job
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freely. kernan the german foreign minister who's traveling in africa appealed to his turkish counterpart but without success. but early evening the press accreditation for your closet a reporter for german public television stations e.d.f. was revoked no reason was given your k n c this means turkey is preventing z d f from reporting from there even though we've been in istanbul for decades we have no idea why this happened c.d.f. will appeal this we hope the talk shows dorothy's will reconsider that decision. eventually i don't. without press accreditation the journalists including your plaza are required to leave turkey within ten days that also affects thomas i bet who writes for the berlin daily newspaper. big enough and this is a five a restriction of press freedom is no coincidence that this is happening right before the local elections that's yet we've seen cases of journalists being
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deported we've seen cases of even criminal prosecutions against international media into so denying press accreditation both for journalists local journalists in turkey and also for international journalists is you know a small part of a very big picture of oppression it's still unclear what lies behind this decision and what happens next. some german soccer news now and bundesliga leaders have suffered a major setback for the bottom for a candid dortmund a shock to one defeat down one one is on the books of dortmund's reserve side scored after twenty four minutes after the woeful defending from the visitors the south korean forward stunned his former team with his second goal after sixty eight minutes of that. eighty first minute strike though was to no avail.
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you're watching d.w. news coming to you from berlin coming up next after a short break as world stories the weekend reports american evan steen for me and the entire team thanks for watching. extravagant getting. to. really know their stuff.


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