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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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become strong from. the law but the been to. play the ball. does d. w. news live from berlin the space x. rocket and an unmanned capsule blast off from florida as the test flight goes well the private company will be one step closer to launching astronauts into space from american soil for the first time in years also coming up. donald trump goes off script as he gives the keynote speech to a major annual gathering of u.s.
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conservatives it's been a difficult week for the u.s. president on holby hoping to rebound politically by energizing his conservative base. and rio de janeiro's world famous carnival takes office revelers colorfully protesting against president are both in our own and has discriminatory discourse. the law. welcome to the program. the u.s. aerospace company space x. has launched a rocket designed to carry astronauts to the international space station after lifting off from cape canaveral in florida it's due to reach the i.s.o.'s on sunday where they'll stay for just under a week there's no one on board this flight but if it's successful we could soon see astronauts taking off from u.s.
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soil for the first time since the end of the space shuttle program three two one here it's certain that. this rocket could soon bring manned spaceflight back to the united states for the first since twenty eleven for space x.'s finder this moment was along tell you in the making. it's been seventeen years to get to this point from two thousand to to now. and the incredible amount of hard work and sacrifice for a lot of people that are afraid. well emotionally exhausted. because. those are very stressful. but it worked. this time right the only old cuban told board to create dragon capsule is a dummy it's connected to sensors to monitor what a human would experience nasa plans to put two astronauts aboard leave her there she or how do they feel about. seemed like everything went smoothly all the way up
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until launch and so far so good so from our standpoint this is this is what you want to see you want to see the team hitting its stride. as we get ready to put people on these things. this test flight will measure the vessels reliability and safety in real life conditions and it paves the way for one of musk's long held ambition is for the future of space travel. we go back to the marine cern that's the goal. we should have a base on them or are permanently occupied here in paris on the moon and send people to mars you know sort of posing on mars that's were. a giant leap perhaps for now i must get nasa or a small step closer to sending ordinary people into space. at least five civilians and two soldiers have been killed in an exchange of fire between indian and
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pakistani troops along the border in the disputed region of kashmir tensions have been running high since indian aircraft crossed into pakistan on tuesday to carry out a strike against militants pakistan freed an indian pilot had shot down saying it was a goodwill gesture to lessen tensions thank you. another victim in the decades long conflict a funeral procession winding up the hills of pakistan controlled kashmir. the man was killed in a gunfight between indian and pakistani troops near the disputed front here that divides kashmir between the rivals. on the i spoke to my son yesterday now i can no longer speak to him i wasn't aware of his death until other family members who pitches on the internet oh god what would i do without him to do that you know you going to tell you the poor man had to go near the border to work
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indian troops are deliberately targeting the civilian population i appeal to the international community to urge india to stop what little you know it is abominable . but on the indian side the latest escalation of hostilities has brought casualties two shells fired by pakistani soldiers left several dead and wounded. congress of the ground the fighting was going on in the night and the shell hit my house it was completely destroyed. my son was injured and so will my wife and daughter. to try and protect those living along the volatile border the indian government is building fell zones of fun because but the shelters might not be enough to put people's minds at ease as tensions flare up between the nuclear armed states. now to some other stories making news around the world.
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tens of thousands of people took to the streets of milan to denounce racism the protesters say italy's right wing government is promoting racist policies including refusing to allow humanitarian ships that save migrants in the mediterranean to dock at italian ports. german federal police officials are under fire for storing video footage from body cameras on the servers of internet giant amazon opposition politicians have raised concerns about security and privacy issues the federal police save their own state infrastructure is insufficient to store the images. and opposition blogger and those are by john has been released from prison after serving two years and a case condemned by human rights activists maimane hussein also posted critical articles about corruption among lawmakers and officials in the former soviet republic he was convicted of libel for saying he had been kidnapped and beaten by police. he was president don't trump has lashed out at his political
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opponents in a key speech to conservatives trump is under mounting pressure on both domestic and foreign policy after this week's failed north korea summit and the explosive allegations made by his former lawyer in congress today the u.s. president addressed the conservative political action conference its third successive speech to the gathering which for decades has played host to republican leaders at the event criticize democratic congressional investigations into his affairs. but they fight so hard of theirs which phony deal that they put together this phony think that now looks like it's dying so they don't have anything with russia there's no collusion so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done we're going to go into his finances we're going to jackies deals we're going to check these people. for more let's bring in
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washington correspondent all over salad all over quite an unusual address there by the president what else did he say in his two hours speech. well that was his first appearance after his failed summit with north koreans kim jong un and also after his formal lawyer and fix sort of michael cohen testified at congress so all eyes were on the u.s. president here today to see how he tackles his situation how he deals with the pressure is he's currently under that is mounting on him right now and interesting lee he did not go about talking about michael cohen or north korea at first and then went straight off of his script really just as he did in the two thousand and sixteen election campaign and started attacking his political opponents he ridiculed the democrats made fun of the. congressional committees
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that are currently investigating against him and that was exactly celebrated in fact by cheering crowds that was all fired up and cheered for their president really and those were the pictures donald trump needed at this point. to go back into the pull into the offensive really after suffering a major setbacks year in recent days and weeks he was of course on home turf at this gathering but is he still have the full support of conservatives. he was and you could see that of course as well but when it comes to assessing him then the republican narrative is of course a different one then he is mostly evaluated based upon what he achieved as president and that he fulfilled many of his promises that he made during the two thousand and sixteen election campaign and those are renegotiating trade agreements
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with a can of and mexico for instance the fuel you fuel to the american economy he brought back life to the steel industry here in the united states and also aspects that are by far more important for his supporters than foreign policy issues for instance meanwhile the democrats are accelerating their investigation into trump's affairs following that explosive testimony from his former lawyer michael cohen how much pressure is the president now under. so the testimony of michael cohen was above all a very embarrassing moment for the u.s. president cohen called him a. racist and he delivered some evidence for that as well but this was evidence that we have heard and seen before so there was not a lot new coming out of these testimonies that that was the public part of the testimonies and there were going on and will go on behind closed doors next week we
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don't know exactly what is being said behind these closed doors what we're waiting for right now is still the result of the mall investigation and the big overarching question here will be whether or not robert small of the special counsel will be able to deliver evidence that the u.s. president donald trump colluded with russian government officials whether or not this will be the case doesn't really matter for the next weeks for him this will be certainly a very difficult phase for him as pressure continues to mount on him to delay a correspondent all over salad in washington d.c. thank you. while downtrend was addressing conservatives democratic senator bernie sanders officially kicked off a second presidential campaign in new york city he called on americans from all walks of life to join his fight for a political revolution and pledged to create an economy and government that works for all people sanders said his campaign was built to defeat donald trump called
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the most dangerous president and modern u.s. history. and tennis roger federer has become just the second man to win one hundred career titles after winning the dubai championship final he shares the distinction with the legendary jimmy connors. the thirty seven year old defeated stephanos c.t. fuss six four six four it was revenge for federer after the break wonderkid knocked him out of the australian open earlier this year i had wrist make three comes eighteen years after he won his first title i the first rio de janeiro carnival since president dyer bolsa nara took office has officially begun but several participants singing protest songs against the president the far right also naro has open the attacked the l g b t community and
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other minorities. it's seven am in the heart of rio's historic center to reason neighborhood and carnival is already underway california lively as usual but the sea is festivities are also very political the country's far right president has repeatedly incited violence against minorities we seem to see many homosexuals like me of being attacked on the straights and i often think i could be next i feel on safety my own city and in my own country we see justice done with their acts of finance against women and homosexuals have increased since both sinatra was elected . now it's ok to be prejudiced and personally again. many brazilians believe the government has launched a cultural war against everything that makes the country colorful and diverse carnival is their way to resist. but i think we have a bishop his man a judge's general and an army captain as president that's why it's important to
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show that diversity in freedom of possible. to make someone. the night before rio's mayor didn't appear at the traditional ceremonial handover of the key to the carnival king the evangelical bishop says the festival is immoral the rifle is here or in the minority latest survey shows that almost two thirds of brazilians backed the president despite the culture war. coming up after the break the bundesliga with cress harrington its match day twenty four and bahrain munich were looking to capitalize on a stumble from their title rivals knowing a win over bloodbath could lift them to joint top of the table highlights from that mats and more coming up. don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as fish notifications for any breaking news it can also use the d.w.
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app to send us your photos and videos. d.w. news will be back at the top of the hour remembering you can stay up to date around the clock on our web site at state w dot com and like thanks for joining us. entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian coe i've been shown the jingoes in call asking tough questions demanding. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the sense of. trudging through the rhetoric holding the fossil to account the conflicts. conflict
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zone victim sebastian kong diego.


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