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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2019 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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europe spectators of my the possessions musée float some costume before most other parades typically. public figures like celebrities and politicians u.s. president donald trump featured that this year just for brits here golly who designed the float called the must drop. david b. as a hostie your d w business update that's next on the w. bought. my first buy say it was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for even something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't. since i was the little guy that i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and he took me missed him and. finally the game bob invented by me and i said this country turns people sewing machines sewing i suppose was
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more apropos into for those than writing advice and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bones made in two thousand and social rules and inform them about that besides write. my name is the amount of people who and i work at keep them. the u.s. has yet to wrap up its globally disruptive trade dispute with china now it's turning to ages other major economies the trumpet ministration announcing it will scrap a preferred trade status for india we'll give you the details. also china breaks it trump all or seriously souring the mood of the car industry just in time for one of europe's biggest auto exhibitions we'll bring you the latest from the geneva
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motor show. i'm stephen beard slumberland thanks for joining us. washington will end its preferred trade status for india and turkey expanding president donald trump's effort to overhaul what he considers bad close trade deals the decision to target india is a surprising one conventional wisdom holds that the u.s. needs good relations with the south asian nation as a balance to china but some exporters there are now there now stands of pay more for the change going into effect in sixty days it's a move that has observers scratching their heads. one hundred and ninety million dollars in import fees saved on five point six billion dollars in goods the trade concession known as the generalized system of preferences or d.s.p. was meant to help developing countries like india compete in a crowded u.s. market now it's drawn into present trumps anger over u.s. trade deals. i think if it is imposed which i am hopeful it will not be then we
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will become to that extent uncompetitive indian products will become uncompetitive in a way the move isn't surprising india has kept trade barriers high and that has encouraged foreign businesses to build there and east its weak manufacturing sector trump has long complained of indian tariffs and trade talks between the two countries fell apart last year and then this year india clamped down on economists rules forcing american players like amazon and wal-mart to reconsider plans in the country but the u.s. move comes at a sensitive time for india national elections are just weeks away the country's mood is further charged amid a shoulder with pakistan and the us would seem to need the asian power even more as it spars with china over trade and security policy turkey two would also be stripped of a concession the u.s. trade office says the country should no longer be considered developing with india another front in the u.s. war on coal trade. and for more on this let's talk now with our financial
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correspondent in new york jose luis de haro officials in india and turkey have said that u.s. small businesses and consumers stand to be hit by this decision what do they mean. general with even a day media financial impact is a relatively small since a u.s. companies save the wrong three hundred thirty five million dollars in goods from india and turkey last year according to some estimates and those goods included motor vehicle parts a building a stone and threw laded cables among all those that said those savings that will be gone so somehow they could be put great as an added new tax either on u.s. companies or the usa consumers had but what worries now is that these that could affect future and for to lower trade barriers and actually fire d.s.a. happens at a time the usa companies and from out of makers manufacturers to retailers keep trying to gain more significant to
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a huge potential market such as india but cannot either hide their frustration with some of the difficulties that they experience there like price controls or actually intellectual property policies and after that decision it seems that things are not going to get any easier at least for now. so lots to be seen there will see where this goes jose luis the heart of their forest in new york thank you so much was a. europe's first big motor show of the year is getting underway car makers have gathered in geneva to showcase the latest and greatest in their industry while acknowledging the serious headwinds it faces from bragg's it to china slowdown and of course the threat of u.s. tariffs and the biggest car makers face another challenge the expensive and often risky transition to electric and self driving cars and the reality that they're often lagging behind the more agile startups and software companies all sobering reminders that carmakers might have more to fear than celebrate. the geneva
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motor show is an opportunity for carmakers to toot their horn industry mammoth's like folks wagon have been known to rise to the occasion last year v.w. c.e.o. have at least used his appearance to herald in a new era of electric mobility but this time the political landscape in particular the continuing uncertainty over britain's departure from the e.u. is putting a damper on proceedings we were told that it would only be hit for several months and off towards we would find agreements and recover. but it's very hard to predict i would say. a brics it wouldn't suit the company but it would be it would. result in the event of a no deal that higher tariffs would weigh heavily on car makers with production in the united kingdom germany's b.m.w. would even have to contemplate moving production of the many abroad. we had at
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least have to consider again because we cannot absorb templates and costs on top of that this year no amount of glitz can disguise carmakers concerns over their industry's future whether it's the prospect of a disorderly or of punishing tariffs now more than ever the stakes are high. and of course with brags that around the corner many car makers are still unsure about the fate of their production lines in the u.k. and we asked our own general jim alone who is in geneva with the big firms are saying. well brags it is just one of many worries but to the carmaker is it of course feels like a false image and one for our we're just about three weeks away at this point we're not even sure what folks are thinking really surprising that b.m.w. has chosen at this point to say that they're considering pulling out production of the mini from the u.k. any contingency plan as a result of an ordeal private what take time to trigger investors have to be psychologically prepared affected. how to be economical be prepared and by the way
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that's four thousand five hundred jobs in the u.k. for b.m.w. and of course that's not alone in considering this toyota also said here at the geneva motor show that it cannot guarantee you k. job so that's another three thousand for your account the fact is if production becomes too expensive or too complicated the u.k. carmakers will go elsewhere the question really is at which point they'll do what but that's not even something they could say at this point. from can openers to washing machines everything seems to have a beeping digital heart these days including the cars of the geneva motor show designed to make our lives easier it can often make things more frustrating however and that has spawned a trend in the opposite direction simplified robust technology that actually does what it's supposed to do without the complicated menus or software updates very often these stripped down products are successful in developing economies take for example the a car an electric car made in munich but i aimed at african markets. the
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munich technical university research project aimed at africa this electric vehicle can go two hundred kilometers between charges carries loads of up to a ton and doesn't need special tools to repair it but suddenly demand from europe has surged now a team of almost fifty including thirty students are trying to get it into mass production by twenty twenty. it's hope just found a cause a year will be rolling off the production line by then destined for europe short time for africa to be a car is part of a general trend towards the science of simplicity with no fragile high tech. in terms of complexity a conventional automobile consists of several thousand pounds whereas ours only has around six hundred separate. that's a great deal less so there's a great deal less can go wrong with it. we have two motors simple technology.
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the passenger compartment just needs hosing down. everything is made of metal there's no plastic. the first prototype for the european market is already running around the company grounds if it breaks down it only need to screwdriver and span it to repair it. kind of car washable with those chinese telecom giant huawei is battling for its business in europe with the u.s. for xing allies there to avoid the firm saying it's a trojan horse for beijing while he's now open to cybersecurity lab in brussels in a bid to show more transparency and build europe's fifth generation mobile networks . the security labs launched comes amid lobbying efforts by washington to shun wall way over concerns its equipment could help china carry out digital espionage while way executives hope the new center will reassure e.u. policymakers about the company's cyber security efforts we believe that both cost
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and these trust should be based on facts. not faded thanks not speculation not based group. and we believe that fact must be verifiable. and verification. must be based on and. the center will wireless companies to review the source code running wild ways network year the industry understands that a combined effort is needed to bolster security glossaries not assumable it i'm sure we cannot guarantee you one hundred percent security such things do not exist collaboration is the key and that's why centers like this will do what we transparency center here in brussels so important to ensure the privacy and security of individuals of networks and actually in future whole industry sector sounds europe is where always biggest market outside of china so the company hopes
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to play a key role in building the continent's five g. infrastructure but it faces competition from rivals ericsson and nokia. fifth generation technology enables lightning fast download speeds and reduces response times advances that will transform many industries. and that's it for me and the business team going to course find out a lot more about these and other stories on our website dot com slash business and of course we're on facebook and twitter stay tuned for news up next right after this quick check of loeb orcutt's i'm sitting there in the land thanks for watching .
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at any one of the. least. this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the ones who can't hold thousands of refugees who fled to cameroon back in the nigerian town that's no safer than when they get to the angio championing their placards. and a diplomatic just speech that's still a change in east africa the latest.


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