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the floods have taken everything. now despite. climate refugees. they seek shelter. the floods. continue to dog. this is d.w. news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the women fighting back will meet the grannies checking tensions in kenya for their safety. and the women who mean business also to the create says all she needs africa the platform helping young african women achieve their professional dreams.
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i'm christine wonderwall come to the news africa i'm gadgets. all around the world today people last seen a bracing what women have achieved in honor off international women's day we began our program in kenya's capital nairobi where some brave women are taking their safety into their own heads east africa correspondent melanie could have a ball miss a group of grannies you really don't want to miss with. just a few years ago this place was known as nairobi's most dangerous presidents in korogocho lived in constant fear with especially women like the sixty five year old gary. he would hear screams all the time women were attacked by boys who had
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come to rank them. the grannies of karlgaard and they call themselves regularly targeted superstitions of going to leave the women were free and that sex with them could cure their own infection almost daily one of his number of women was sexually assaulted raped on that it. was created. one day we found dead with broken bottles inside her body when we carried her body to the police but they closed the gates and didn't let a sin to get up on his part we took her body to the mortuary is just twisted and on that day we decided enough is enough and we women will start helping ourselves with planning to decide to do. in a force like korogocho as only women have had to bear the brunt of society so make lect and crime it is in this very community that many of them have been assaulted often sexually deemed as easy targets it is in here that they fight to take safety
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into their own hands. running decides to fight back and others of the same options grannies roughly twice sixty five and ninety years old meet once a week. and defend themselves. and when i'm walking down the street and an attacker approaches this is how i fight. and i'm proud to say that i'm a strong elderly woman. it is with this pride and dedication. that they have to tackle and raised awareness in their community rape used to be a daily reality with these granny. if we were close like. now running she only hears of a case every second day and she will keep on fighting until every woman young or old will say in the family coming to. america to meet their
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quota ten years from now this will be a new korogocho it has that. even mother it will be known as one of the neighborhoods that people are proud to live in for you can. do it in different. for women in south sudan and childbirth can often be a deadly experience a country has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world nearly eight hundred in every one hundred thousand women die and they have according to the un in our next report we made one woman helping to bring that number down one classroom at a time. you know he said yes grace low c.e.o. always knew she wanted to be a midwife as a child living in a refugee camp she was in poor the nurses who came to treat those in need now she's on a mission to teach the next generation of midwives in south sudan. i needed to help
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my women all my people in fact as an ass or as i may do if you are already in danger and used to assist relieve. my those that you have the student share graces passion but their work isn't easy south sudan the world's youngest nation is still unstable its growth stunted by civil war poor infrastructure and a scattered population mean women must often friend for themselves during childbirth many bleed to death in the process. most so there we may suffer from the feet and when we can to see according to. the day history with the. help of that person is one of the must think of that we have the. power and. the u.n. and other organizations are involved in setting up maternity phoenix across south
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sudan they aim to provide a safe sanitized space for women to give us but they're short of locally trained staff man and woman. to grace this classroom in the capital juba reese just the start she wants every woman in the country to have access to care if they were to have the health services if they were to have the education if they were to have all been assisting is that other people get i believe though money in south sudan would have been a coveted. things oh moving in the right direction six hundred new midwifes have been trained up soon south sudan's independence but the country still requires ten times faster amount to cater to its most basic needs. this part of the show is about the young women in africa minding their own business africa is described as a community that's identify promising talent on the continent and providing
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a platform for growth this was they women stay message as posted on twitter happy international women's day to all the lead moguls from today on would choose to make a difference michel voice be heard the theme for this year is international women's day is hash tag balance for bet it's a balanced world i'll be joined by one of the founders off she leaves african a moment but first a little bit about who they are. i applied to the. next. hour for their business. get mentorship going to network.
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if it was say as one of the found is off she leaves africa and she's joining me now from lagos nigeria welcome to africa. so she needs africa is about empowering women in business just how are you doing that. well hello everyone and thank you so much for this opportunity one thing we know for sure is that young african women are smart they're talented they are passionate but the issue really comes with the gap to opportunity so we wanted to create africa to create a platform to share information in it by the story through a network to help people access new opportunities to go their career so that can be shipped on how to actually design a t.v. or a resume to help you get that interview if you're going to on what
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a pitch dark looks like and what investors are looking to see it can just be showcasing other smart young women who are out there doing that doing it to inspire encourage people wherever they are all across the continent and so the incredible journey for us to that whole share it's all about sharing it creating a community and courage of other young women to go out there and they keep their dream right you're about savanah and i'm interested to know about just some of the things that you've seen happen over the last five and a house here some of the countries you've been to some of the young people that you've interacted with and the results off this platform. over the had a couple of years we've actually connected with more they were six hundred thousand women across more than fairly by country and we've done that you have the right program and then we post the first picked up with our elevator program which way fighting for his artistic edition of this here and with me pete entrepreneur is why
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then with coaching and mentor stepped in accepted funding and actually put money into these entrepreneurs and they've gone on to they've while there i heard it thousand dollars then tell where they business and what i think of even more important is that we don't want people to just stop. and start with that is the one entrepreneur goes through one of our training programs then she or her information we then do promo so that other programs other activities can support her so our entrepreneur the chip in for a venture is africa now the entered into of a fellow reader so it's really about there being at that point you also have the opportunity to host networking and training events in africa in kenya in. all of us and even in the diaspora as well as connecting again in canada the u.s. and u.k. also right and i guess you're well positioned to talk to how the patterns that
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you've observed over the years is it easier now for women to access things like funding to to get a head start essentially if i'm a young woman on the continent and i want to start a business. our goal is to look we could go out of business we don't want to keep doing this work in ten to fifteen years so that is definitely one of the ways that we're measuring the think that given to other people arguing it's work and so now there are definitely what elevated programs that are focused on name in google have to put in any experiment is a lot to make sure that women entrepreneurs are getting access to these programs you know you can work with facebook to do more digital marketing training courses all across many kuria and so we get in the heart of the of mind that the more programs are we are of the gap and they do mean the work to make sure that we go beyond just fifteen twenty percent female of all of it but how do we get closer to fifty percent where banks have opened up programs and loan targeted and women are
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actually new and let the hardest thing that will have a change in the general mind great in quarter across kind of a loner up is there is a business manager so that their math thinking about the young going old they're not oh they're just doing this small little program and they are actually giving them a fair chance the way they would any entrepreneur and i think the wow to change culture yes very quickly before you go what is your advice to that young person on the continent who is considering you know so the ring themselves how do they do that do they learn to code do they learn a foreign language so they try and get money just what is a very quickly in a few seconds what should that person be trying to do i want that person to think beyond their borders you think internet dick lee you can google instagram whatever it is to learn and build a skill that will not go out of it can be coding it could even be beauty that you turn into you can create or it could be food and translating that into
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a global idea that think about what you can take what you're passionate about this because you have and how can you package it is to get it to the worlds. if false a co-founder of she leads africa from lagos nigeria thank you. thank you. and that's why we need to africa you can catch all stories on the website and facebook page so next time i buy. burlington is a place for party girl. really is a paradise for shopping in queens. is a magnet for working women. berlin is shaped by powerful women.
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