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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CET

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for mines. this is deja vu news live from berlin new zealand police say forty nine people are now dead after two match shootings at mosques in christchurch is one of the new zealand dockets. clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and i'm creasing kid take over. the city of christ church is put on lockdown in mosques around looting the country told to shut their doors after what authorities are calling a well planned terrorist attack. also on the show brits parliament votes to put the
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brakes on bret's all makers forcing the government to ask crossers for a three month delay to the start of britain's departure from the european union but will the e.u. say yes. and these delhi school children are among the thousands who are skipping school today around the world to join the fridays for a future climate protection movement will be in downtown berlin to hear why determined students are joining the protests. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we begin this program in new zealand where police say forty nine people have been killed and dozens wounded twenty of them seriously in twin attacks in the city of christchurch the attacks happened at two mosques in that. city in what appears to be
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a coordinated attack one at the al-noor mosque where the majority of the victims lost their lives and at the second mosque that was in the suburb of lynwood where a number of fatalities were reported but so far far fewer details have emerged from that second mosque location now new zealand's prime minister yes in the ardern called it one of the country's darkest days. new zealand now a country on edge. a city on lockdown. health officials have activated mosque casualty plans. the carnage unfolded at the busiest of times at the biggest mosque in the country worshipers at friday prayers described a man dressed in military fatigues and armed for mass murder and he had no money he was given the glasses and he said the race of the military and he's begun michigan . is to put out one and it is. another to get
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a gun. and that he. was a dude and not talk we're here looking or not that we he's tough in the guards at all it is started shooting us we hide behind. to. try to. jump the fence. the next hole for the mosque on this side. the fighting was on. a second nearby mosque was also attacked it's not clear at the shootings were carried out by the same man the prime minister has called one of new zealand's darkest days. it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know if it does appear to have being well planned two explosive devices attached to some speaks of eco's have now been found and they
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have been disarmed there are currently four individuals who have being apprehended but three are connected to this attack who are currently in custody. dr our film the movement police got the man believed to be the terror suspect his car forced off the road wheels still spending. he has been identified as an australian citizen with a history of far right extremist views. for the very latest let's go live to the. early joining us from christchurch new zealand a very high security alert level right now what do you tell us about police and what they're focusing. so police really focusing on security and mosques throughout the country they told the mosques to shut the doors and there is
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a police presence outside each must the new zealand police yet or have also set up a line of find other loved ones here concerned about people they might have known who were involved in the attacks so they're really concentrating on the security situation and making sure they're giving all the information they have to people who are worried about law. about what about the suspects in this case and their possible motives what do we know there. and there is. yes like the prime minister just and i are doing she see this is very clearly to reasons or that your assertion that to the text and the last piece is just being from the business now that there has been one man who has been charged with murder and so by him he is usually here in court tomorrow. ok you know in fact that
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is elan police commissioner has just given some first indications about the suspects let's take a listen to that one. so for one person a mild in his life twenty's has been charged with murder and should appear in the christchurch court tomorrow morning. three other people were apprehended we believe one of those persons. who was armed and was of the same might have had nothing to do with this incident. and the two other people that have been apprehended began a position of farms in the general marma we are working through to understand what their involvement is ok so some progress on the police front of the suspects there what is tell us about new zealand's muslim community how big is it and has there
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been attacks on it in the past. you know i have quite a small muslim community and balance roughly fifty thousand it is a growing community at the precinct this for the past eighteen years inside the community has grown a number that as it stands are roughly one percent of the population and i didn't buy it as a muslim and. equality that since that's about a quarter of those were born here in new zealand and the receipts between the island asia and the middle east so really a global community and. new zealand a lot of new zealanders only shot in seeing. these victims and it's you know i was definitely felling you zealander's the download contemporary and in christchurch residents. and just the shops that something like this could have been here and
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there this community could be. devious matter early bring us up to date in christchurch thanks or. else check out some of the other stories making news this hour. people in the brazilian city of sao paulo have been holding a ceremony for eight victims of a school shooting two former pupils carried out that attack on wednesday such incidents have been relatively rare in brazil the last major shooting at a school was and twenty. mr gaiters a piece of wreckage from the crash with european airlines plane shows a link to the lion airplane that came down last year a fragment from tel stabilizer may reveal the jet's nose was forced downwards order show the flight data recorder is damaged but not destroyed all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed. a russian american team of three astronauts has successfully dogs at the international space station the back in october two of
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them have their journey into space cut short when a technical problem on their soyuz rocket led to the flight being aborted two minutes after launch yes and also will conduct various experiments during their stay aboard. is to london now and the british parliament has voted to delay its departure from the european union lawmakers voting strongly in favor of asking the you put to postpone brock's it where at least three months but any delay has to be approved by all twenty seven remaining e.u. gunter's. a third night a third vote and a firm decision to put the brakes on bricks that. the icy right four hundred twelve the nose to the left two hundred two so the eyesight it the ayes have it on low. m.p.'s overwhelmingly backing a motion to try and extend britain's plan departure from the e.u.
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brussels now has to sign off on the delay which would last until june if the u.k. approves the deal in the coming days failure to agree a deal could lead to a much longer postponement and potentially to no bricks that at all. for prime minister to resign may who's plan to leave the e.u. has been rejected twice fear of losing control of brecht's that might just be enough to get stanch brecht's that backers in her own party to finally support her plan in a third vote in parliament next week. the e.u. insists that may's plan which is the product of two and a half years of painstaking talks is the only one on offer. like. she did or you many good to have if the united kingdom still wants to leave the european union and it wants to leave in an orderly manner which is what the prime minister tells us in this treaty such as it is which organizes the orderly
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separation this treaty is the only one possible and available at the inner circle. and on the streets of london people on both sides of the debate vented their frustrations. well i think the most sensible solution would be that we leave on the twenty ninth of march with no deal it is easy to say sorry we made an absurd mistake or sudden stake but it's no question about that my mind i'm astounded absolutely stunned by what's going on think it's a complete shambles cayle says so much fun this will pull thick should be no one knows what's going on nothing's being raised by anyone it's all falling apart if you do you find this into training. scrambling for a way out of the country's worst political crisis in decades two and a half years after voting to leave the e.u. it will now be up to plus those to decide if they want to help britain make
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a clean break with the bloc. well thousands of students around the world are out on strike today calling for action against climate change under the motto fridays for a future the swedish climate activist group to turn burg has called for protest marches in cities around the world here in berlin young people skip their lessons to the streets third alterations to take climate change seriously school strikes and protests are planned in dozens of other countries including chile brazil and the united states. let's go now to brady joining us from downtown berlin where students have been gathering for the global climate change march towards you kate what's the mood where you are with students calling for action against climate change. hi well as you can probably see around me there is a quite an exciting sense of excitement in the ad this morning that these demonstrations that he has specifically about lead have been going on a true month is now so it certainly seems that it is an affair where the protest
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and the students heading out on the street ever we are taking climate change in an extremely seriously n.p.r.'s i can to some of the most well they've already said this earlier this morning to me that they were already making small changes and so for they control the parents there. buy plastic bottles for example and are instead change and save glass bottles but there is certainly a sense of excitement here that they can certainly at least try to change some things by turning out every week ok sense of excitement but have they been articulating some specific demands for german politicians. here and mom would have a clue what they really want to see is immediate political changes especially from the german government especially as well when it comes to germany and the decision to. phase out coal fired energy and at the moment the german government plans to phase out coal fired angie by twenty to see what these students at the moment is
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that phase out and earlier by twenty thirty they also want to say reduction in the use of plastic right sample and overall every section of every house prices what's your assessment is this the beginning of a new type of green movement. reflects. this certainly certainly is a very young generation and one i think is going to a very active in a climate change and kind of protection in years to come but what's interesting here is that every week you're also seeing more and more parents and also if he tries of parents turning out in his solidarity with the students as well with the hope of protecting their future so this reading is at the moment a very crux generational protest movement that is actually predominantly being led by youngsters this tape ratings thanks must bring us up to date on laughter. and that's just your minor now of our breaking news stories this hour new zealand police say forty nine people are dead dozens more have been wounded masher things
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are two mosques in the new zealand city of christchurch play say a man on his late twenty's is charged with murder while two other people are being held in connection with the attack the prime minister described the shootings as a terrorist attack and condemned the quote unprecedented act of box. brian thomas thanks so much for being with us. the floods have taken everything they own now despair is please god left climate refugees. they seek shelter in the capital. but even here the waters are rising.


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