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the. terrorism. clearly what has happened here it is extraordinary. and his behavior on saturday was the least a festivity to people to want to call them. terrorists.
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thousands of children around the world. watching to him. to do global. forty nine people have been killed and dozens wounded twenty of them seriously in twin attacks in the new zealand city of christchurch now those attacks happened at two mosques the first of the nor mosque in the center of this is this is where the majority of the victims lost their lives the second was in the suburb of lynwood where several more fatalities were reported police say
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a man in his late twenty's has been charged with murder and will appear in court on saturday prime minister. has described these events as one of new zealand's darkest days world leaders have joined in condemning the attack on a country wrecked gun violence is rare. in new zealand now a country on edge. a city on lockdown. health officials have activated mass casualty plans. the carnage unfolded at the busiest of times at the biggest mosque in the country worshipers at friday prayers described a man dressed in military fatigues and armed for mass murder and if helmer and he have given the. grace of the military and he's begun. one and. another. and they're here but they what they're doing and not talk me here looking or not the week he. started
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shooting. a second nearby mosque was also attacked it's not clear at the shootings were carried out by the same man the prime minister has called it one of new zealand's darkest days. it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know it does appear to have being well planned two explosive devices attached to suspects of the coast have now been found and they have been disarmed. a driver filmed the moment police caught the man believed to be the terror suspect his car forced off the ruled wheel still spending he has been identified as an australian citizen with a trail of far right extremist views police say they are still determining if anyone else was involved. three other people were
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apprehended we believe one of those persons. who was armed and was at the same my have had nothing to do with this incident. and the two other people that have been apprehended began a position of foreigners in the general we are working through to understand. the. elsewhere a grieving community grapples with its own sounds for answers. you don't think something like this could happen in new zealand well in christchurch of all places where such a small community was so kind and loving so i just don't understand why someone would hurt us like this and in such a way. that we are just like an animal like why would you treat us like that we we've done nothing and i'm some really stupid for not just a huge loss of life today i don't know if i'm going to be feeling side by myself or in my head stuff and i've never felt that way before. but a sense that things may never be the same again. the court will describe your time
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as a present it in new zealand history. asked people not to spread footage of the shooting online. we have undoubtedly experienced an attempted eye that is unprecedented and like anything that we have experienced before but as i say you see and has been chosen because we are not a place we're violent extremism exists we reject ours and our sins and we must continue to reject them this is not an enclave for that kind of behavior for that kind of ideology we will and must reject it this is a place where people should feel secure and will feel secure i am not going to let this change new zealand's profile none of us should we should all be condemning obviously what has happened here today in the peaceful nation of new zealand and what all of us can at least it was ensure that we do not shoot here sprayed or
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actively engage in that message of hate we have been given assurance that online. platforms we're some of those images have been sheed are actively being remote but i just ask people don't shoot them. new zealand prime minister just a rough elbow song is an expert on terrorism and crisis management the german institute for international and security affairs here in brother welcome to d w what are we learning about this the main suspect branson towns well we don't have any independent information yet on who this person is self described he is working man an australian who didn't go to university and describes himself as an average person who just believes in racist white supremacist ideas and thought he had to take action so unfortunately i can't provide you with any other further information now and this is actually also i think responsible to wait because as we heard from
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the police there may be also another person potentially involved in talk of some sort of money fester that he didn't publish what have you heard about well this is true he would underline what was just said about spreading material i'm thank goodness this isn't available that easy anymore but yes there is a seventy page something manifest the where he sets out his world view was actually quite savvy trying to speak to different audiences sort of anticipating a lot of questions of what would be asked about his motives and basically he espouses this idea that there is a great replacement of the white population has to defend itself against other races other immigrants that have a higher birth rate that's essential motivation according to this manifesto that there is a similarity here between between this attack and new zealand the vitex some years ago perpetrated by hundreds break in in no way you have countries where renowned for being quite peaceful that are suddenly rent by this sort of violent extremism
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can one country learn from another well if we can learn something from no way then we need to maintain an open and free society because no we actually reacted very stately i mean everybody was shocked and there was. a great deal of mourning but there wasn't a rush to sort of increase this surveillance or it sort of have any kind of further security measures in place i mean the first responders had to upgrade their their game but beyond that i think the liberal defend the liberal order of no way was upheld and i think he was even should do the same the perpetrator just apparently chose new zealand because a was accessible and b. apparently because the church was previously a church it was reconvene repurpose into a mosque and that was something he saw as a symbolic target beyond that i don't think there was a reason why new zealand was attacked is it's interesting you're make the point about norway we heard from madison and they're saying that that new zealand will
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not be changed by this attack but countries certainly here in europe where these attacks have happened you see a much greater. police presence you see suspicion on the streets but that didn't happen in no way not in the sense that there was. a presence on the street with armed guards or that there was a push for met more intelligence surveillance but this is not to say there are things to be done and i think in particular in this instance this will renew the debate about the responsibility or the possible role of platforms where this kind of information is shared the attackers lifestream this was a unfortunately a new thing and i fear this may be not the last time so that's a debate we have to have but that doesn't mean that we should step back from a free and open society where we roundly condemn all sorts of racism and this extreme islam and debate is that more platforms like facebook i can or should do
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when events like this live streamed in this way it's not something that can be a house very quickly i mean the european union for example is at the moment considering a law to force platforms to take down content within an hour if it's being declared terrorists and then otherwise they would incur heavy fines and that does. potentially makes sense in the context like this bottle on the other hand of course that raises again the question is that realistic isn't that already out when it's out and then it's shared anyway what was the risk of censorship so that debate is not at the end yet but i think we still are in the process of finding balance these platforms moving in early and i think that's certainly something that needs to be done also in the process of radicalisation but also not going so far to say we have to take out everything the minute it appears we talk to you thanks for joining us. from the your german institute for international and security affairs thank you well german chancellor angela merkel is one of many world leaders extending their
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best sympathies to are victims and their families. here may have this is a horrific attack on people as they prayed and on their house of worship. this is an attack directed against muslims. it is also my attack on new zealand's democracy and on an open and tolerant society. and we share these values with new zealand. and we share their horror and condemnation of this terrible attack. talk. among the reaction from other world leaders is this tweet from french president emmanuel macro he says all our thoughts are with the victims of these heinous crimes against the mosques in christchurch in new zealand and that loved ones france stands up against all forms of extremism and works with its partners against terrorism across the world pakistan's prime minister imran khan has also expressed shock and tweeting that he strongly condemns the terrorist attack this reaffirms he
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says what we have always maintained that terrorism does not have a religion press go to the victims and their families. bangladesh's national cricket team was amongst the people caught up in the attacks the players were in christchurch for a much against new zealand other team officials were visiting one of the mosques when they were told there was a shooting going on inside this video shows them escaping the scene one of the team described the experience as frightening. doubly reporter friendly has been following that story while come to the studio what more can you tell us well what we know is that the team were on a tour in new zealand and they had been preparing and practicing for the final match against a cricket team in new zealand and so this is a video showing one of their practices and screen and fact the cricket ground where they have their training is very close to the mosque almost where the first shooting happened it was just
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a few hundred meters away from that and so this morning they were on their way to the mosque for friday prayers and so when they almost arrived they heard the shooting and at this he manages it was just like they were just about fifty meters actually away from the mosque so it was a very narrow escape for them and after that they returned to the hotel the managers that they were safe and sound but that they would travel home in the coming days and what sort of responsibility from the two well the members were of course deeply shocked and some of them described their all of you on twitter one of the coaching staffs that they just expat active shooters and that his heart beats pumping were pumping badly and there were panic everywhere whereas the cool him the captain of the team sat a lost safe them today wired to shooting in the mosque they were extremely lucky and that he never wants to see things like this happen again and then another team member. concept the entire team got saved from active shooters and it was
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a frightening experience for him and he asked for prayers so they are shocked but yeah but. safe we can say that and the match which was supposed to happen on saturday morning has been canceled good to talk to you thanks for that hunch friendly thank you. let's move on now and look at some of the other stories making news around the world how dearly has the most protest against long time the president of dallas is beautifully despite the eighty two year old's decision not to seek a fifth term demonstrators believe he is still no longer fit to lead the country is ready see in public since suffering a stroke in twenty thirty. powerful tropical storm has made landfall in mozambique battering a coastal city with heavy rain and winds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers not local media site least one person has been killed in the city of buildings have been damaged trees blown over and power lines down. vest greatest
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piece of wreckage from the crash if you can and lives plane shows the link to the airplane of the same make that came down last year the fragment from the tail stabilizer may reveal that the jet's nose was forced down with photos shows that the flight data recorder is damaged but not destroyed all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed. german media revealed that the berlin christmas market attack of originally planned to detonate a bomb in a busy shopping center in the capital mo is close to the doctor's offices twelve people were killed when the news i'm replying to truck into the bride shot plots markets in december twenty sixth. tens of thousands of young people around the world have skipped school to take part in protests demanding greater action on climate change the w.'s having had a very dead tour how a complete one in school pupil who wants the german government to do more to sky for the sake of the future and her generation. her message protect the environment
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now sixteen year old mother and thousands of other high. students have come to berlin city center to protest they want germany to do more when it comes to climate change policy. but as old as the president emanates from south that climate change must be stopped before it's too late in the day let's go says i got a mountain of. green party leaders are watching closely as thousands of students are calling for action and no one has some very concrete ideas when it comes to people's daily lives in connection with protecting the anybody. yes yes yes. thank you just a few in fact so much it's unbelievable that it's cheaper to fly them to take the train oh yeah i. know also finds the government's plan to phase out cool energy to
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slow she doesn't agree that climate protection policies lead to unemployment many demonstrators criticize the last coal plant will be shut down in twenty thirty eight whether it's in berlin or brussels politics has to speed up the exit of coal energy. the fact that some political factions don't like to see students ditching school every friday doesn't matter to know what she believes that teachers and politicians should accept actions taken to clean up climate change scares me we have to do something about it before it's too late so missing the last two periods of school just measured back much no one knows how long the young climate activists will continue with their weekly protests but for no mahler and her friends one thing is clear if the politicians don't step up their fight against climate change then the students plan to up the pressure another notch. i mean marches have been inspired by this go sixteen year old grandson told me she started the fridays for
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future movement when she skipped school in sweden to protest outside the country's parliament now it has spread to an estimated one hundred countries around the world as an increasing number of young activists follow her example and demand swift action on climate change from that he has. creates its own burg started it with a simple bit of activism a student strike today things were still fairly simple for her a march on the swedish parliament as with just about every friday for months now and a simple message of action on climate change young people didn't cause this she says but young people will have to live with the consequences will make them we're not going to acceptance and that's why we're striking we strike because we want to future and we will continue. i they want a future in india as well students took to the streets in delhi i supported it and she is the only one who took the initiative in sweden and because of out of you got
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to know about this just hand me out of supporting her benefits only young people in delhi were joined by some with a few more years experience of breathing delis infamous smog older protestors have all but given up on their own generation and are looking to the next for a solution. now to me come forward it's for them their future we have ruined it for them and i have no hope from our generation also i mean even forget the government even if it isn't in italy there were strikes and protests in dozens of cities students left class to hammer home the same messages that great attune bird first made in her first strike this the biggest day in a global movement that shows no signs of abating. let's go to one of those marches that. time to form nominees in washington welcome alexandra what's been going. since students here students from maryland and virginia have come together here to
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show their concern about climate change of course they commitments to keep up the pressure on their official elected officials to do them think about it to tackle the problem and with me here is live she's a student from baltimore so please tell me what is your message to congress my message your congress. we have zero eleven years we have almost no time most of the people in congress that is a fifth of their life we have to do something now or they won't have the rest of their life and president trump has repeatedly denied the science of climate change what would you tell him so back when climate change was first an issue we've barely had scientists saying what the what was actually happening but now we have hundreds of scientists all saying the same thing is the problem here are the facts and you should choosing to ignore it the way you were brought up is not an excuse to ignore what is happening now thank you so much this phil another protester highlighting
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any particular. u.s. problems. yes serious you told me that they are pushing for the implementation of the so-called green you plan this is a platform supported by some prominent democrats that is seeking to tackle climate change while stimulating the economy its goals are for example the reduction of the use of carbon in agriculture in infrastructure and transport and it's also seeking to tackle income inequality through further all job scarabs of programs now these protests have been happening for some weeks now and our schools and politicians are reacting to the children skipping last year. so there are some politicians democratic lawmakers who said on twitter that they are going to come out today to support their students to end their commitments to but there are of course also lawmakers conservative lawmakers that are not supporting this movement denying
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climate change and that it's a manmade climate change really turns out i was home to a phone number to washington thank you. ford has some bad news for its german employees the american car manufacturer has announced it's cutting more than five five thousand jobs from its german operations as part of a restructuring plan that ford hopes were hoping to return to profitability company spokesman said most of the cuts will come in the form of early retirement or voluntary resignations. they drove for the champions league quarter finals has taken place in switzerland with english teams dominating the last eight one of them manchester united was drawn against a spanish giants barcelona in arguably the pick of the ties united rivals manchester city played tottenham while last year's beaten finalist liverpool take home portuguese champions porto side i accept play it's as you venters to round out
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the last eight in the europa league quarter final draw the only german team remaining in the competition i interact front for what will fly the flag for the bundesliga against the portuguese side benfica the premier league team arsenal will do battle where italian club napoli chelsea have been drawn with slavia prague around one spanish side is guaranteed a place in the semifinals vieira will play but i via meantime football's world governing body fee for has been meeting in a special session or sorry it is due to meet in a special session later to vote on sweeping changes to world football the top of the agenda is a plan to extend the next world cup in qatar to forty eight teams for president giani advantage wants to increase revenue further changes include an expansion of the club world cup and the new global nations league. fifo is planning big changes first qualifying national teams will take part in an expanded world cup
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possibly sooner than expected instead of forty eight teams in the tournament in two thousand and twenty six that expansion could start as early as two thousand and twenty two in qatar through the more they might be a new global nations league that could be similar to europe's new nations league in club football they could also be an expanded club world cup report a flurry imbalance ahead of the german if a which teams would play. so it is the aloof. if the club world cup is played every four years one idea would be to see which teams have been particularly successful over the years. and do the teams only come from the champions league or other clubs and especially through solidarity payments. and if the tireless so that they're not particularly disadvantaged by the new competition he's annoyed that there's one
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that's been not only the president's giani infantile has been keen to increase revenues he's new proposals were put forward a year ago and a based on an offer by a consortium willing to invest twenty two billion euros they in return would hold a forty nine percent stake in the competitions but the changes will be voted on lighted today by thief is two hundred and a live in memphis. his remind our top story this hour and forty nine people are dead and dozens more have been wounded in mass shootings the two most in the new zealand city of christchurch police say i'm a stranger in his late twenty's has been charged with murder and put appear in court on saturday is reported to have posted a right wing extremist manifesto online because the prime minister just in to describe the shootings as a terrorist attack. what you said was unprecedented the filings i'm one of the
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countries doc is different it's. like. coming up next indeed news asia the north korean embassy in madrid is the focus of a spa investigation not to report to see i.k. engineered a violent break in last month. reports of the old school jobs in myanmar the holy sites of the a digital. yet you can always get b.w. news on the go just download from google quite well for me. to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it to centrist voters under fifty. most of the w. news that i share with a british prodigy all the way up to the top the top of the hour i'm good.
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big. players. the table. the state clinton home games in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce the world's most important natural resource bluffing betting checking the moment will be able to
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play and who will win their story we believe that renewable energy moves clean corden role in the future. of the budget in a geopolitical a misstatement starting monday to tito. what's the connection between bread flour and the european you. know guild montecito b.w. correspondent and abbott baker crap. turns to spinach go about recipes for success and strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w. . the floods have taken it. three things. now despair is the.
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climate refugees. they seek shelter. but. there's rising. the floods are coming. storks twenty. dollars. this is due to the news asia coming up on the program the female after vel oppose using technology to make india streets safer for him and also coming up. did the cia boss to mind a violent break in of the korean embassy in the dritte media reports say spanish authorities. and shifted to the margins dropping on the end of august street typists barely managing to top out a living in a digital.


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