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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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w. this is g w news live from berlin tonight the search for answers after twenty attacks on mosques in new zealand lead forty nine people dead prime minister just in the ongoing says that police are proving the backgrounds of three suspects including one charged with murder none were on terrorist watch lists in new zealand or australia the prime minister also says new zealand's gun laws will change also coming up tonight the young people marching for their future.
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thousands of children around the globe skipped school the call for action to protect the. i bring cough it's good to have you with us new zealand is waking up to the aftermath of the deadliest terrorist attack in its history and terror attack at two christ church mosques forty nine people died and dozens were wounded with many still receiving medical care one day has been charged with murder and is expected to appear in court within the next few hours of the attacks happened during friday prayers at two mosques the first at the al noor mosque in the center of the city that's where the majority of the victims lost their lives the second was in the suburb of lynwood were several more fatalities were reported making these killings even more shocking new zealand is a country. with gun violence nonetheless the prime minister addressed the country
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a short while ago and promised to crack down on fire or. i'm advised said they were five guns used by the primary paper. they were to see me sick weapons and two shotguns if the indo was and position of a gun license on advised that this was acquired in two thousand and seven taking. action firearm was also i found. while work is being done as to the china vincit lead to the holding of the scan license and the position of these weapons i can tell you one thing right now. will china. that's the prime minister speaking there let's take the story now to christ church where samantha early is on the story good morning to you samantha i mean this really is shocking to the world
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new zealand does not have a reputation for having gun violence a problem with that to begin with and now we've got the prime minister talking about changing the gun laws i mean how easy is it to get a gun in new zealand. oh. yeah you're right he still does not have the attention at all for gun violence that guns. are quite common in new zealand used on farms for example so there is a procedure that people have to go through which involves an education from the day and actually this leak was into the education too late to do a crime cheeks and yet if you had to stoop so to get a gun license immediately and you have to constantly from top to police with the student documents so it's it's not very easy really to get a gun and new zealand you know license when you hear it with other places it will
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be nice for example the prime minister she spoke. about thirty minutes ago what stands out to you i mean what did she say that was the biggest takeaway. thing about you know our government will change. that's definitely something that it will take knocks and. for years it was also quite came to two states that. the people this year are under suspicion and then somebody else whom. it was not a really didn't have crossed she did say that and. i guess that was. maybe she was trying to point out to get some sort of reassurance to the community i don't know are in sheets you insisted she took me to tell him and we see just from word late is. very very shocked by what's happened in new zealand who seemed to
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thank you. that this is just not something that's new zealand. would have expected she's also really made a point of saying that they would really look into whether there was any indication at all that these attacks could have actually been prevented. so what aren't housing and see if this is new or when they were looking because none of the suspects that have so far come to attention we're on any sort of watch list. or stray at the important point they were not known to security forces which makes the whole situation i guess even more of a riddle tonight what about the people in new zealand in general and how are they coping with this i mean this is the day after. yes right these thing
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a huge outpouring of grief here in these young and and and of solidarity and yet also a definite. fiercely szell in christchurch just checking up on the loved ones and. bring them back slowly this is have been online and really. profound expressions of solidarity really making the point that. this was the heart of to take over wishing at a loss and they should have felt like yes and they weren't that and also that they are not that. statement that i've seen she had a lot on social media and this. really wanted to show solidarity with the muslim community here and it just stayed face this day and how did the new zealand community and it's really a lot of grassroots events and i think that even want. to show solidarity and
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support for the name and there's been a lot of crowdfunding campaigns as well right a lot of money. trying to. samantha early joining us from church with the latest from new zealand as the weekend begins and the day after a history making terror attack in the country samantha thank you. well thousands of children around the globe have been skipping school today to call on world leaders to do more to combat climate change the student strikes affecting about one hundred countries in their part of the fridays for future movement which was started by sixteen year old swedish climate activists credit to bear what today is the biggest day yet for gretta and for other young activists who are following her lead. creates its own verb started it with a simple bit of activism a student strike today things were still fairly simple for her
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a march on the swedish parliament as with just about every friday for months now and the simple message of action on climate change young people didn't cause this she says but young people will have to live with the consequences commission one not going to accept this and that's why we're striking we strike because we want to future and we will continue. i they want a future in india as well students took to the streets in delhi i support that and like she is the only one who took initiative in sweden and because the thought of you got to know about this is just out of supporting her benefits on young people in delhi were joined by some with a few more years experience of breathing delis in from ists marg older protesters have all but given up on their own generation and are looking to the next for a solution. now that you don't recall forward it's for them their future we have ruined it for them and i have no hope from our generation also i mean even if i get
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the government even if it doesn't in italy there were strikes and protests in dozens of cities students left class to hammer home the same messages that great a tune first made in her first strike this is the biggest day in a global movement that shows no signs of abating. well there were plenty of berlin schoolchildren taking part in today's climate protests. and david thoreau accompanied one up. her message protect the environment now sixteen year old nor mother and thousands of other high school students have come to berlin city center to protest they want germany to do more when it comes to climate change policy. to clean up under such as old as the president of the south that climate change must be stopped it starts today and the day that's goes doesn't automatically. green party leaders are watching closely as thousands of students are calling for
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action and no one has some very concrete ideas when it comes to people's daily lives in connection with protecting the anybody. yes yes yes. thank you just a few in fact so much it's unbelievable that it's cheaper to fly than to take the train oh yeah i. know also finds the government's plan to phase out cool energy to slow she doesn't agree that climate protection policies lead to unemployment many demonstrators criticized that the last coal plant will be shut down in twenty third whether it's in berlin or brussels politics has to speed up the exit of coal energy . the fact that some political factions don't like to see students ditching school every friday doesn't matter to know what she believes that teachers and politicians should accept actions taken to clean up climate change scares me we have to do something about it before it's too late so missing the last two periods of school
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just measured back much no one knows how long the young climate activists will continue with their weekly protests but for no i'm all are and her friends one thing is clear if the politicians don't step up their fight against climate change then the students plan to up the pressure another notch. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world u.s. president donald trump has reject. today congressional measure that would have blocked his attempt to obtain funding to build a wall on the mexican border it is the first veto of his presidency and comes only a day after the senate voted to terminate his declaration of an emergency for the u.s. the southern border hundreds of thousands of people to join marches in cities across algeria witnesses say they are the biggest protest yet against the long term president abilities beautifully despite caving in to the pressure on monday and reversing his decision to stand for a fifth term the president has stopped short of stepping down it's now in
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prosecutors are launching a murder probe into the death of a witness in the under age prostitution trial against silvio berlusconi a modified revealed that the former prime minister's bunga bunga parties were not the elegant dinners that he claims berlusconi was acquitted on appeal before she died the deal said that she was fearful of being poisoned to death. or sports news now the draw for the champions league quarter finals took place in switzerland today with english teams dominating the last eight one of the manchester united was drawn against a spanish giants barcelona in arguably the pick of the tie as united rivals manchester city play tottenham while last year's beaten finalist liverpool take on portuguese champions porto the dutch side splay italy's given to us to round out the last. i don't have to tell you but if you don't know if there's one thing that
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really loves it's a polar bear ever since canoe died back in two thousand and eleven fans have been pining for a new arrival will today the city's tear park zoo showed off the latest contender a club born to its mother tanya back in december the zoo says that the cub who doesn't have a name yet is developing well and will be allowed out daily to meet her new adoring face. a proud mother and her new baby enjoying the first signs of spring. these were the first steps outside after more than three months she was born in december last year but only allowed out today. it was also a proud moment for the german capital. she's the third band to be born in berlin since the liberty bit she and two others died young from illness disease and because this is as it was it's dynasty is growing very very well she's three and a half months old when we first examined her she already weighed days and
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a half kilos on choose day we examined her again but we were unable to weigh her because she wouldn't stay still. in clinton. the susi the cops of arrival as a reminder of the challenges our environment is facing if we see this little polar bear as an ambassador for the natural habitat we call the arctic it's an increasing threat from the climate change waste discarded in operations on the movements of people into animals living space to park belin say they will unveil the cops name in a few weeks time she will now be allowed out every day and no doubt become the sous new star attraction. but she won't find any snow here in berlin coming up next d.w. business boeing says a software fix is on the way forward some thirty seven max eight jet but is it too little too late after last weekend's deadly crash stephen beardsley will be up next
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with that and we're stick around. for. my first buy steak was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this ocean for. something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to add the bicycle of my home and it took me as the.


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