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this is d w news live from berlin tonight the trump of the tropics goes to washington he was president donald trump of welcomes his brazilian counterpart. to the white house the two to mutual admiration with trust promising to support brazil's efforts to formalize times with nato also coming up tonight living with
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the scars of an acid attack she was fifteen when it happened to her now she's on a mission to help others abide by lobbying the indian government to completely fail and the sale of assets and aid workers sound the alarm for survivors of slide phone which tore through south east africa last week floodwaters are endangering thousands of people and rescue crews are struggling to reach remote. golf it's good to have you with us they are considered two of a kind two leaders of american countries and two leaders both with personalities that polarized us president donald trump has welcomed his brazilian counterpart so you're both in a row to the white house today truong telling the far right leader who's been dubbed the trump of the tropics that he is a looking at new. membership for brazil he also says that he will be discussing
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improving trade relations and cooperation on resolving the crisis that it's where you. think you. are let's take the story down to washington or who respond overzealous on the story boards good afternoon to you so first of all let's just talk about the atmosphere riggs year i mean we've gone to trump's in one room how does that work is a very a friendly atmosphere as you can imagine brant you just said it is called the trump of the tropics and. trump over and over again his role model in his own election campaign and he now is seeking closer ties with the united states so something very much for donald trump's liking here today in d.c. it was also known as first trip abroad also and that is to the united states that is something that would have been unheard of just two years ago if you take into
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consideration that the relationship between brazil and the u.s. used to be quite a difficult one that might change after this meeting today also because both presidents are on the same page on so many topics they're both nationalists their bowls of poles ing multilateralism he just paulson are just set in d.c. he supports trump's migration policy for instance he said quote most migrants in the u.s. wish to do harm and that is exactly donald trump's rhetoric the one that we've heard in his election campaign that we continue to hear from him and he certainly enjoys having his new ally here from abroad supporting his stance on migration so this meeting might mark the beginning of a closer relationship but very often before the actual outcome also might be limited these two presidents say they like each other and they often send to like.
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they say he's the donald trump of south america do you believe. that he's happy with that if he wasn't. i wouldn't like the country so. but i like . my a president trying he wants america to be created i want brazil to be great a nation without borders is not a nation we can have a country with wide open borders both men have mastered the use of social media to speak directly to their followers presenting themselves as uncompromising tough guys to tackle their nation's problems head on. their no holds barred style has earned them both many ardent supporters but they both also have many vocal detractors spurred on by their massaging istic remarks until authoritarian tendencies. protestors have rallied in washington
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ahead of their me saying. the situation in venezuela will be the focus of the talks . here also narrow supports opposition leader why does attempt to take power in caracas where there were four we will not spare no effort was within what's legal to touche all traditions or so that democracy can be restored in israel that. trump also backs and hasn't ruled out a military intervention which is for options or is all options are officially brazil's government rejects military intervention in venezuela but both scenario and trump are united in their desire to topple president nicolas maduro antisocial a strategy. over we knew there would be somewhat of a love fest between these two leaders today when they did meet the two big issues that they talked to bell but it's well it in nato correct. that's
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correct but also what came of it as a surprise today is that donald trump is backing brazil's bid to become a o.e.c.d. member and that was not really expected and it can be considered a major foreign policy win for paul so narrow then another topic you just said it again was nato so the u.s. administration is looking into getting certain nato privileges for brazil those could be a for instance the status of a so-called nato ally and perhaps the most important issue on the table here today is venezuela both are on the same page here as well they both support. interim president one why though they're both pushing for a regime change in venezuela donald trump said again that all options including the military one are on the table there is
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a debate going on in the wide holes though as about how far the president should walk down the road of the military option brazil is not supporting this at this point but what they are supporting is that they offered so-called back channel talks with moderate representatives all of them a doer of all in an effort to have them change sides and support that one would both sides and eventually meet and that it comes to free elections in minnesota. in washington thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world that the president of kazakhstan has announced that he is stepping down after three decades in power knows what on nizer by young did not explain his decision the seventy eight year old has led health extensive one nine hundred eighty nine when it was still part of the soviet union by you have said he would remain leader of the main parliamentary party the european union's chief
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negotiator has warned a new your brights it is still possible michel barnier said any delay must be linked to a new political process in the u.k. and would come at a cost to the e.u. urge for minister to resume a is likely to request an extension to article fifty during a summit in brussels this coming thursday around convicted of french cardinal felipe says that the pope has turned down his offer to resign the roman catholic archbishop of leo received a six month suspended sentence this month for failing to report allegations of child sex abuse against a priest in his diocese in the one nine hundred eighty s. in one thousand nine hundred he's appealing the judge. it is a vicious type of assault it is meant to maim scar and even kill i am talking about . acid attacks and you hear about them happening in many places by one estimate
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more than fifteen hundred acid attacks take place around the world every year women no surprise the targets of most eighty percent of all cases and remember that's only the cases that are reported now this is a crime that india has been trying to address the restrictor chemical relate regulations and tougher punishments but that cannot erase the scars that the survivors of such attacks will carry their entire lives. met one woman in india who took her tragedy and transformed it into empower. a comic with an unconventional heroine the story of a young woman who has been attacked. she transforms from being a victim to being a super heroine her mission is to help the survivors of asset attacks. videos of the comic show regis who's behind the story knocks me he suffered a real life attack and twenty five. after i
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refused his advances he and his younger brother's girlfriend turned up with acid in a beer bottle they pulled the acid into a glass and threw it on to my face. i think david if i fainted and when i came to again it felt as if i'd been burnt alive me i think it would have been the. next me he was only fifteen when she was attacked by a man seventeen years has. she had refused his advances in a cruel act of revenge he attacked her and changed her life ever hundreds of acid attacks like the one suffered by laxmi are reported in india every year when the dad didn't kill me he attacked me so that i would have to live my life in agony although he knew that society would. except him he does and that is same society would reject and victimize me was a victim i. but let's me refused to be
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a victim and became an activist she's part of a campaign called stops i said she's helped make great changes in india the sale of acid is now regulated and prosecutions of acid attacks have been made easier but she wants a complete ban. comic book focuses on male and female equality and she hopes children will learn about the topic in classrooms laxmi is a mystic of including her own daughter a different image of the way. she's a single mother which is far from the norm in india you see make believe me my dream hasn't yet come true but there has been a huge change these last few years me. and that shows me that equality and the changes we're all talking about now will happen you know that there were teens. laxmi wants to see an end to violence against women and spare future generations
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from the suffering she and others have india had how will she do it while the super heroine can help make it happen. this is definitely the story of many heroines and one of those joins me right now her name is monica saying she's an acid attack survivor who story also formed the basis for the comic prius she's also a fashion designer and co-founder of the mahindra sing foundation which helps victims of sexual abuse acid attacks rape and domestic violence it's good to have you on the show we appreciate you telling your story thank you so much me well it's really it's an honor to have you here and i think everyone around the world when that when they hear this story and they see you the first question they ask is when was it possible for you after the attack when did you say i can go out in public i can show my face again and it doesn't bother me anymore when did that happen. i'm
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an honest this bigging it took me a while because what happened is not. all the time i was preparing myself i go undergo a lot of multiple reconstructive surgeries as you can see on my face and i was like slowly sort of preparing while studying at the college and it took me a while to accept the fact that i'm ready to go out and but i excepted what happened to me a long time ago because i know this this was something. i cannot like just deny and just move on and it was something going to stay permanently so i had to accept that long time ago but then roaming around and a public where people don't stare at me then don't they don't judge me because of my deformity on my face it took over the family the attack left you fighting for your life if you would tell us what happened and what was the road to recovery like for you. isn't fifteen when i was eighteen or old.
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like attacked by one of the acquaintance i used to know and i refuse has a proposal of marriage in hand and i and i don't want to go you know mary and just run away with him and something like that and he was he it became kind of a big like i became his obsession he was kind of a stalker as well and event i denied that he had a couple of goons don't throw a bucket full of acid all over my face and body and it was and it happened two thousand and nineteen and i was hospitalized all over the whole year and then for eight and a half to nine years actually i've been hospitalized come and going had a fifty because dr surgeries on my face my body so that i can decode were so wrought off. progress in this thing it's like every time a went under the knife it was the moment i'm reliving the day it happened because
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it was on yes man for the cure to get get me better but it was definitely the most painful thing is that i've died many times as well during those preparation during those a surgery where you're the strength of it you have you know that you have found yourself each time it certainly comes through now and i want to ask you about this comic three years you're tell us about that and i mean it's not something one would immediately associate with with acid attacks you know in comics how's it been received. it's been received really valuable via actually it's so of envy started doing this project. now and the creator of this comic book they have posed to me to become a good friend and they said it's like this is what we're trying to do because technology and the new ways of new technology can all this hope the younger generation to connect with the social issue and they want to design the whole comic
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but our on my story because it was leading them to the. window and powerman side of the woman as well and when we designed everybody was reading of order books so it was not just an entertainment for comic book for a younger generation but it was catering to all kind of age group and the best part of this comic book because of the three d. augmentation reality technology in the comic book becomes three d. so then people find it very fascinating to get relate to if you can be part of the story as well while reading it so that it would be god creator views about that yeah i mean it looks so fascinating what you've done so many good things you've got this comic and you're you know you're also studying fashion in new york how were you able to take this this terrible thing that was done to you and turn it into something positive in how were you able to get up in the morning and not hate men
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because of what happened to you. honestly speaking. i don't believe in living in past i'm working on the present and i'm planning for my future and the idea is that if i keep thinking about what happened to me is not going to take me anywhere and i realize one thing is like i understand being a home and the physical appearance is really important for every girl and woman and at the age of younger generation peter time and for ever actually but then you can't cry about that all the time right and you can cry but then there's a limit to it otherwise when i was in to when i went to a little bit into depression i was like oh my god i've wasted lake a whole year on crying over something it's not going to cure by crying so i have to find a solution and then it's also important for girls to realise that yes there is a physical damage happen to it but there is a certain level you can get it cured but if your brain is working get yourself an
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education because this is what makes you more powerful and empowerment and poet one man because you know what is happening out there there has to be a time when people started looking at you beyond your scope it's beyond your face and this story this is stigma becomes only in your past you could not drive you were there so i told my dad that i want to continue to study and then i worked for seven years in indian fashion industry it was hard not everybody really to accept a girl with a deformed face but then i focus on my skill that i want to be best in my work on at least a knowledgeable enough so that there is no question to not to hire me and i and i won't be happy because our magazine as well in india and then lot of exposed thousands and e-commerce company but then i decided after a certain time after my fiftieth surgery or something that i need to move further and need to go out and i need to learn from different country and different
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tradition and different culture as well then i got an admission of parsons when i got an offer letter of course it was a hard way to get into it was it was a dream come true because it was in new york and then. you can say that it was a reboot of my life that i wanted to get out of the total psyche of the thief. you know putting me into the box like oh she's a woman she she not going to get married oh she's deformed or something like that something bad happens everybody looking at you right so i have to get out of it and one has to realize that you have to stop caring about the society because eventually nobody's going get those nobody's feeding you forever if in fact after a certain time not even you so you have to not be a south you well you know you're not only a beautiful person but you're also a wise woman monica and we certainly appreciate you sharing your story with us and your thoughts tonight and we wish you all the best thank you and for
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all the devastation caused by psych loan day after it tore through zimbabwe malawi and mozambique last week is becoming clear in mozambique alone more than two hundred people have been confirmed dead the government fears death toll will rise to more than a thousand now according to the red cross in a damaged or destroyed ninety percent of the buildings in mozambique support city of bear with many of the devastated severely flooded areas still cut all the u.n. is urging the international community tonight to help the situation he says very. an impact on crisis and that must be seen as an impact on crises. these need it i don't think that the world yet the scale of the problem especially in mozambique we have a bit less information about zimbabwe in my week in malawi some of the people displaced start to go back home to rebuild their own them the situation looks a bit better there before mozambique it's definitely an impact on quite as this
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additional funding is necessary for the human family and obviously for the world food program. well with the last fighters of so-called islamic state in syria under siege their future and that of their families is uncertain many of the children have received military training and are traumatized in an oscar nominated documentary called of fathers and sons syrian filmmaker. reveals just how problematic it may be to rehabilitate the children of jihadi fighters. this is that the hardest training camp for children. to be unshockable. to face death without showing any signs of weakness to become hardened minutes and from a young age. some i was sent here by his father
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who is it to harvest himself. these images were filmed in northern syria not far from the border with turkey. the camp was run by the terrorist group. a group inspired by al qaeda the syrian filmmaker. came to the region to shoot the documentary of fathers and sons he spent over two years living with osama and his family gradually gaining their trust by pretending to sympathize with their course this gave an insight into the process that turns innocent children into jihadist fighters i want to understand. how you become what you are who are those people from the inside what was the courts what is the thing. to brainwash the people. in some ways the family appears quite normal the children are born in an environment where there's love and care
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but also radical religious education or samas father has been a member of the terrorist group for two decades he trains his sons to follow in his footsteps from their earliest years the intimacy of family life and the horrors of war are never far apart. the children's play time is also dominated by themes of war or violence one game involves playing with a makeshift ball with even the youngest children involved. one day the boys catch a bird and kill it. we put his head down and cut it off like how you did it father to that man like this allah is great. inside from the moment his son is born. and that's mean that keith's in his life you don't have
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a choice. osama and the many other radicalized children and young men in syria have known little else in their lives but violence and war forced to leave their families to fight in jihad they now face an uncertain future. and here with me at the big table is to wall deck of the makers of fathers and sons it's good to have you on the program when we saw that clip there the father naming his son osama bin laden jr knowing that his son's future will probably be violent and bloody and deadly but the father thinks that's good you know this is this is the boy he looked like as a normal father. and spend sharing of hugging kissing but the same time this second verse with him with all of the understanding that all this
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violence send him to the front line before he become adults. all of this steps it's take him to kind of so this is the paradox this is the fact that the father there does he perceived what he is doing is love and it means if you asked him would he say yes. i'm a loving father yes absolutely i mean this is the they have different. understanding for different values than about the good and the bad so what you believe is bad for them is the best thing and this is why they look at the they did what they did what we look at this in the film and you say what the terrible they look at exactly what they should their kids what can be done then for these children for their future i'm thinking about all of these children coming out of syria for example you've been traumatized what can be done to. get rid of this brainwashing that they've experienced yet the they should go to
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a blessed where it's really quiet and good when they get the right to robi with their rights professional people. find a new love find a new interesting thing be totally in a new climate and this is and this is it's all about education because they are what they are because of what you see this brainwashed and this bloody indicate they are what their parents make them. thank you very much we will be talking with you again a little bit later in the day look forward to that thank you are here's a reminder of the top story that we are following for you u.s. president donald trump has welcomed his brazilian counterpart. to the white house telling the far right leader that he is looking at nato membership for brazil to also discuss trade times and efforts to resolve the crisis in venezuela. is on the go just download our app from google plate well from the office to work to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications
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for any breaking news you used to send photos or videos when you see news happening coming up next is kick off with the highlights of the latest matches i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the day good to see you then. odds. come up.
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in. the take off mob mass cruisers counterattack made the difference braving beats later cruising and keep it your oblique zero some odd two red cards for her to burn in and indorsements course in injury time after
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a turbulent match in britain dortmund has the last laugh and mock. it off next on the money. sitting rooms. are always. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. and the christian population. when finance fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president church's response was little. by little it will never again look over game of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. this is not liberation at all this is not the
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kind of freedom that. how did it become a gateway to islamist terror. until now the sarah connor months it has. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of bias starts april eleventh on t.w. .
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the bundesliga his team going to hit every german team has been bounced from the champions league and they're all missing something meyer.


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