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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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bialik cast. managed by for. this is t w news wife of from berlin tonight the trump of the tropics goes to washington and u.s. president donald trump welcomes his brazilian counterpart. to the white house the two telling their mutual admiration with trump promising to support brazil's efforts to formalize ties with nato also coming up living with the scars of an acid
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attack she was fifteen when it happened to her now she's on a mission to help other survivors by lobbying the indian government to completely ban the sale of desk. i bring golf it's good to have you with us they are considered two of a two leaders of the americas and two leaders both with polarizing personalities u.s. president has welcomed his brazilian counterpart joe you're both sonando to the white house today telling the far right leader who's been dubbed the trump of the tropics that he is looking at nato membership for brazil also he said that they plan to discuss improving trade relations and cooperation on resolving the crisis in venezuela. argemone this i'm joined now by our correspondent in washington over what did he do to you. we knew there was going to be somewhat of
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a leader's love fest year we had two tribes in the room it sounded like how did that work out well the atmosphere was a very friendly one here in washington as you can imagine the narrow repeatedly called and declared donald trump his role model and he's now seeking closer relationships with the united states it was also also now as first trip abroad and that led or brought him to the united states and that is something that would have been unheard of just years ago if you take into consideration that the relationship of brazil and the u.s. used to be rather a complicated one but that might change after today's meeting also because paul because both presidents are on the same page in as so many issues and topic they're both nationalists they hosed multilateralism of also narrow today said she supports donald trump's migration politics he said that most migrants he believes come to
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the united states to do harm and that is exactly the donald trump's rhetoric that he used in his election campaign that he continues to use and he certainly likes to hear that out of the mouths of someone that will now be one of his closer allies in the future. to big topics but it's wait and nato here is what the u.s. president said just a short while ago about business where they take a listen to say afternoon the president and i discussed many of our mutual priorities including venezuela. brazil has been an extraordinary leader in supporting the venezuelan people's efforts to reclaim their liberty and the democracy brazil has helped so much along with the united states brazil was one of the first nations to recognize venezuela's regenerate interim president one. was. decided upon regarding business way what about the question of nato.
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all right so regarding venezuela we've just heard it in the sound by both sides here again on the same page they both want to change their donald trump put it again and reaffirmed actually that both that all options are on the table including the military option but that is something that is debated right now at the white house with the question of about how far donald trump should walk down that road. was there were discussions about nato donald trump said he would look into getting or helping brazil to get another closer affiliation with nato the status of a so-called long nato ally perhaps and then also that the united states will support him. in becoming a no e.c.v. member and that is certainly a major foreign policy win for the brazilian president. scenario is
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exactly right it was reportedly not expected by the delegation from brazil today our correspondent overselling on the story for us tonight in washington oliver thank you. overlay ships between the u.s. and germany are not quite as warm and fuzzy and that's because of money the trump white house is pushing berlin to increase its military spending and to meet the goal of allocating two percent of g.d.p. for defense and nato were tomorrow germany's parliament gets its first look at the draft twenty twenty budget the numbers do not meet the wiking of trump and his ambassador here in berlin u.s. ambassador to germany richard grinnell is continuing to raise tempers in berlin on tuesday he accused the german government of quote reducing its already unacceptable commitments to military readiness unquote calling it a worrisome signal to germany's nato allies and fact the new budget features
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a small rise in both absolute military expenditures and the percentage of german g.d.p. spent on defense. but those outlays aren't enough for grinnell or his boss u.s. president donald trump germany's well sort of the two percent target agreed to at a nato summit in two thousand and fourteen and expenditures in coming years are set to remain twenty five billion euros below what germany's own defense minister says she needs. german chancellor angela merkel defended the budget plan as being part of a slow but steady hike in military spending the harmonising this year we have one point three five percent of g.d.p. according to growth projections for nato expenditures and we've gone from one point one eight to one point three five in only a few years despite robust growth. and next year we'll increase the amount to a projected one point three seven percent of g.d.p.
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. by the end i'm staying in the german government is annoyed at what they see as grinnell's meddling a leading member of merkel's coalition partners the social democrats shot back mr grinnell is a complete diplomatic zero members of the opposition have even demanded that the controversial ambassador be expelled that's a near impossibility but tensions over defense spending between berlin and america's embassador are likely to continue. well it is a vicious time of assault meant to maim scar and even kill i'm talking about acid attacks and you hear about them happening in many places by one estimate more than fifteen hundred acid attacks take place around the world every year women are the targets in more than eighty percent of those cases and again that's only the cases that are reported it's a crime that india's been trying to address three stricter chemical regulations and
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tougher punishments but that cannot erase the scars that the survivors of such attacks will carry the rest of their lives carmen meyer met one woman in india who took her tragedy and transformed it into empowering it's. a comic with an unconventional heroine the story of a young woman who has been attacked. she transforms from being a victim to being a super heroine her mission is to help the survivors of acid attacks. videos of the comic show regis who's behind the story knocks me who suffered a real life attack and twenty five. with me with. after i refused his advances he and his younger brother's girlfriend turned up with acid in a beer bottle well they pulled the acid into a glass and threw it on to my face. i think they've made
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a face but i fainted and when i came to again it felt as if i'd been burnt alive and i think it would have been the. next me he was only fifteen when he was attacked by a man seventeen years has seen yet. she had refused his advances so in a cruel act of revenge he attacked her and changed her life ever hundreds of acid attacks like the one suffered by laxmi are reported in india every year limited didn't kill me he attacked me so that i would have to live my life in agony he knew that society would accept him either and that is same society would reject and victimize me would give it a life. that lets me refuse to be a victim and became an activist she's part of a campaign called stop sale acid she's helped make great changes in india the sale of acid is now regulated and prosecutions of acid attacks have been made easier but she wants
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a complete ban her comic book focuses on male and female equality worldwide she hopes children will learn about the topic in classrooms lakshmi's aim is to give girls including her own daughter a different image of the world she's also a single mother which is far from the norm in india you see make believe me my dream hasn't yet come true but there has been a huge change these last few years. and that shows me that equality and the changes we're all talking about now what will happen if there were teens. laxmi wants to see an end to all violence against women and their future generations from the suffering she and others have endured how will she do it while the super heroine can help make it happen. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the president of kazakhstan has
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announced that he is stepping down after three decades in power. did not explain his decision the seventy eight year old has led kazakhstan since one nine hundred eighty nine when it was still part of the soviet union. said that he would remain leader of the main parliamentary party the european union's chief negotiator has warned a new deal breaks it is still possible michel barnier said any deal or any delay would come at a cost to the e.u. and must be linked to a new political process in that you get. to may is likely to request an extension to article fifty during a summit in brussels this coming thursday. the convicted french cardinal of felipe says that the pope has turned down his offer to resign the roman catholic archbishop of new young received a six month suspended sentence this month for failing to report allegations of child sex abuse against a priest in his diocese in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's he's appealing the judge. as
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a sports news now the french champions. have won a legal battle against the wave after european football's governing body trying to reopen its investigation into the french clubs staggering transfer deals now when she thousand seventeen p.s.g. spent a combined fee of four hundred million euros for neymar and killian. the court of arbitration for sport upheld the club's appeal on the grounds that took too long to review its initial decision which cleared p.s.g. of financial fair play rules however it will continue to investigate the club's finances and sponsorship deals lots of money there. a new look germany team kicks off their twenty one thousand campaign a restart that on monday began with out your welcome love the national team coach while the players gathered in both spurred the home of the new team sponsor vokes
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wagon live it was recovering. from a dental procedure. healthy and ready to talk shop in germany coach him live. it's much better now on sunday i had to go to the dentist for emergency root canal treatment. an appointment that may have been just as painful as many of his team's matches last year despite the bad results his decision last week to x. months hummels drone saying i'm thomas was heavily criticised it's the biggest overhaul of his tenure eight of the current squad players are still eligible for the under twenty one's team. would be divisive it just wasn't going to completely change our style of play that would be wrong we've had a lot of success with it for many years we have to make some adjustments now corrections even. important is more speed more dynamism more determination in our play because the attributes embodied by leroy sunday the
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manchester city forward didn't make the world cup squad now the twenty three year old has a leading role. because if not i've set myself a goal of taking more responsibility on the pitch i want to pick up where i left off in the last few games but i think there's still plenty of room for improvement . he's certainly ramped up his styling efforts doesn't fit the classical mold of a leader but already players look to him for guidance like debutante. finot you don't think being a leader has anything to do with age and when i look at leroy's development he's made a lot of good decisions. so i think that one can definitely look at him as a role model. where the new young teams journey will take them will be revealed in the matches against serbia and the netherlands. you're watching e.w.
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new still to come some one thousand people a year die in kenya from snakebite. so the world health organization blamed for the shortage get this. into. a summit next to business. the biting still to grow for the closely. sometimes books more exciting than real life. to. see. what if there's no escape. list.


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