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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2019 9:00am-9:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the self-proclaimed caliphate crumbles in syria syrian rebel forces hoist their flag and back crews after expelling the so-called islamic state from the last scrap of territory it's still held in the country we'll go live to rock up also coming up collusion or no collusion u.s. special counsel robert miller completists probe into possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen election after a twenty two month investigation larsen permits his team's findings on the tension
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of wrongdoing at the highest levels of u.s. government these reporters they not recommending any further charges just look at the delegates from washington to. germany's national soccer team took a field trip to a car factory before their opening zero twenty twenty while the cation match will it help them click into gear against the netherlands. i'm nickel folk welcome to the show we begin with breaking news u.s. backed syrian fighters are claiming victory over so-called islamic state bringing an end to the self-proclaimed caliphates grip on the territory and once helped rebels from the syrian democratic forces group raised their flag over the goods after announcing they had defeated i guess the solid weeks of fighting over the village on the rocky. border the final territory still held by the islamists i
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asked the clarinets caliphate and twenty fourteen and went on to control vast areas of syria and iraq. let's bring in vladimir fun villian borg our correspondent in syria he's currently a maraca blood amir what can you tell us about the situation on the ground right now. well this is today they finally announced her liberation not her over gosh and as you have readers even before the liberation. of the spite of this they want to continue with support from the u.s. not correlation because they're afraid they're still proud of isis the purcell's but until now like now. they're seated on the ground but there's still a risk of so i see superstock tax the battle for the goes has been going on for weeks why did it take the syrian defense forces so long to drive out i guess while
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there was some expected the large presence of course of billions of women and children most of them who are most likely i was to supporters but they didn't expect to be that many people learned to bring to us the minister more like sixty thousand people now in all guns and most of those people they have come from because recently. earlier we're talking about sleeper cells the caliph and is eliminated and but what does that mean for islamic states it's not the end as you said. yeah so they lost their territory but they're still trying to reorganize what they do is like carrying out a sleeper start actually here both in iraq and syria that there are still attacks. so that's why i asked you have said the battle for isis uncompleted finished they need to come to you support from europe than from the u.s. led coalition. and also there's also other threats because france turkey has threatened to invade northern syria the regime also so that's why to us they
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actually want the u.s. that's bullish of course not to or draw from syria after isis is defeated. but the u.s. said that they one withdraw after the fight against isis was completed what's going to happen to those kurdish forces and those people that want the u.s. to stay as they indeed withdraw well it's not completely clear yet because until now the u.s. now says that there are still two on the forces will stay in or use of syria and it could be even more. but that's why the situation is that is unclear now after the liberation but they hope that more troops will stay and i think actually that that's why the air calling for more support because they're still afraid that france if the u.s. support doesn't continue those two percent risk will be higher here for this analysis what in your. to washington now and the moment
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voters around the country have been bracing for yesterday's special counsel robert morris of minute has reported to the u.s. justice department spent almost two years on his investigation into russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election and possible collusion with president donald trump's campaign team the document is confidential but attorney general bart. leaders that he able to brief them on its principal conclusions as early as this weekend. a protracted inquiry has already seen charges brought against six former trump associates and more than two dozen russian us media reports say the special counsel is not recommending any further charges president trump has repeatedly condemned the probe as a witch hunt denied any form of collusion with russia there was no collusion. there's no collusion no collusion there is a crawl over to the question was plagued with presidency since day water five that
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delusion. duties campaign team collude with russia to win the presidency did donald trump obstruct efforts to investigate this is the man tasked with finding out. shrouded in secrecy his team has been quietly conducting one of the most high profile political inquiries in u.s. history. so what do we know so far. russian meddling. in our twenty six to election our intelligence community has it right it was the russians we know that they know that it was directed from the highest levels. of the like. u.s. intelligence agencies say russia did interfere in the election more than two dozen russian citizens and three russian companies have been indicted so if you fall seven derek used to using online campaigns to sway voters talking into democratic party. emails. so what about trump and his team one by one members of his
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inner circle have been swept up in the investigation. former national security adviser michael flynn and former campaign adviser. george papadopoulos who have both pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about their contacts to russian officials. former campaign chairman paul manifolds convicted of tax and bank fraud he was also found to have lied to investigators he now faces a lengthy jail sentence. roger stone a former presidential campaign advisor and a long time ally i will not just by going to the road he's accused of making false statements to congress and witness tampering. and transform a lawyer michael cohen jailed for three years on separate campaign violation charges he's since admitted to lying about
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a trump business deal with moscow in damning testimony before congress coming claimed it was trump who instructed him to commit those violations and to lie about them i am ashamed because i know what mr trump is he's a racist he's a con man and he's a cheat. so what to expect now i'm sure will be just that you know why none of the revelations so far amounts to proof that the trunk team colluded with russia. to trump seek to obstruct the investigation that's one area where muller could present more evidence the probe has got ever closer to the oval office the question now is what it all means for the president. and more important has of course not been made public just yet in the hands of the attorney general nonetheless some aspects of an already come to light correspondent helen humphrey has more on this. what we do know so far is that the special counsel has reportedly not recommended that any
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more indictments be made. in thailand voters are gearing up to cast ballots on sunday in the first general election since a military coup nearly five years ago the election has been billed as a contest between the country's representative military junta and democratic rule prime minister. hopes to gain legitimacy after seizing power in the coup in two thousand and fourteen its government as an act of a constitution that critics say tips the electoral process and favor of the military. cases of cholera and malaria have been reported in the mozambican city of beirut following the catastrophic flooding triggered by side by
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a days after the cyclon struck the homeless hungry and injured are slowly making their way to barrow from devastated inland areas the city was heavily damaged itself but has emerged as the nerve center for rescue efforts to mozambique. to madagascar and now the country experiencing a surge in cases according to the w.h.o. from october twenty eighth through february twelfth twenty nine thousand a total of sixty six thousand two hundred seventy eight cases and nine hundred twenty two deaths have been reported doctors warn against complacency saying often people do not come to the hospital until the problem has reached quote a really complicated stage. measles is a highly contagious an infectious virus that is preventable would have vaccine that cost only a few cents yet in madagascar the number of cases rose by five thousand percent
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last year doctors as in patients to get help us early as possible. for. measles has always been considered a common disease. just people used traditional remedies to try to cure it. the population has somewhat neglected the symptoms of measles and they only come to hospital when it's a really complicated stage. the world health organization says that's not the only problem in madagascar food shortages chronic. malnutrition paves the way for me. and the most severe cases of measles reported in children one malnourished focus on. on a global level that. conflict complacency and
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a growing hesitance not to vaccinate children threaten to on do decades of work to eradicate that disease. germany's football team being against euro two thousand and twenty qualification this weekend with a match at home to historic rivals the netherlands live is hoping a shake up will cast off the gloom that us around at the team says the world cup and this game will go the first indications of whether they're on the right path or the road to no. germany's national team took a break from their training pitch in wolfsburg to visit the town's volkswagen assembly line the team's only had one match a friendly versus serbia since the car manufacturer became the squad's new sponsor a welcome distraction for the players they had of their tough euro two thousand and twenty qualifying clash against the netherlands one of the few years in we got to see how a car is put together how many work isn't needed to do that and above all else you can see that they work in teams and. you know if you know of course i'm like naka
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says many mechanisms into look with each other and everything is planned to the nearest millimeter going over plans coach york in law is expecting the same kind of accuracy from this squad against serbia the new young team showed it needs some fine tuning center backs nicolas and jonathan toews in particular have room to improve in defense against the netherlands the experience of manuel neuer marco royce and midfielder tony crows will be needed to steer the team in the right direction. some of course we know that everything doesn't happen overnight but we're all ambitious we want to win every game whoever is on the pitch . and their confidence you in sunday's match will be germany's third against the netherlands in seven months with a dutch victory and a draw in the other two games. it's always an interesting jewel when germany plays
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against the netherlands and will show the according level of might of asian. as a child i used to go to the netherlands on holiday when you could say i've grown up with that rivalry. so it's going to be a spicy encounter with as many. nice to have been the focus now for germany is on exploiting their strengths and finding the winning formula to beat their dutch neighbors only a victory will give the new look. squad a much needed boost to their confidence. and a rare move the united nations has condemned the international if legs body be i.a.f. for attempting to regulate the testosterone levels of female athletes the u.n. says new rules may be in breach of quote international human rights mourns and standards they also backed a challenge by south african runner caster semenya in the court of arbitration for sport the nouveaux state that she and other hyper androgynous athletes must seek
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treatment to lower their just off from levels if they wish to continue competing as women. coming up next tonight groups stephanie and the girls houses of music remember you can always stay up to date on our website that's t w dot com thanks for talking. to. us talking to take one story from. face to. talk to search the you will find. time to look for yours and contact with. it's time for details. coming up ahead. good evening and welcome to our extraordinary.


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