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the prize winning documentary from the forest starts first on t w. this is deja vu news a line from berlin thailand waits for results in its first elections since a twenty four thousand military takeover millions of thais cast ballots in a contest pitting the military backed party against allies of the country's populist old guard but there are fears the military has already stacked the political deck in its favor live in bangkok for analysis also coming up.
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terrifying moments at sea of cruise ship breaks down in dangerous waters off the norwegian coast we'll have an update on the rescue efforts for hundreds stuck on board. and history some may facing a revolt from within her own cabinet reports say the british prime minister could be pushed out amid dissatisfaction at her handling of corrections we'll get the details from our correspondent. i'm michael thanks for joining us initial results are expected shortly in thailand's long delayed general election voter turnout was high estimated eighty percent this man former army chief. has led thailand since a military coup five years ago he wanted voters to keep him on as prime minister
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promising stability he faced the opposition type party which raised questions about the fairness of the poll saying the rules favored the military. let's bring in de w. correspondent bussin hartig he joins us live from bangkok boston what can you tell us about the initial voting results so far. well looks like my close it's a very close race between the prototype party which is of course the party of former prime minister yingluck shinawatra was ousted by the military in the last cool back in two thousand and fourteen and between. having pressure on party which is the military's party and so that's a bit of a surprise that they're coming in so strong the thing is it looks like it's going to be a political deadlock in parliament because the military seems to have enough votes to elect the next prime minister which is then most likely going to be. who is
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currently thailand's military dictator but they won't have probably presumably they want to have enough votes to pass legislation in parliament because it's a bit complicated but the way this works is that the thai voters voted for the lower house of parliament and that has five hundred seats they didn't vote for the senate that has two hundred fifty seats and that's entirely appointed by the military now those two houses together with a simple majority are going to elect the prime minister so the military has those two hundred fifty senate seats and votes and then and that's already clear they have enough seats in the lower house of parliament to elect the next prime minister but they're not going to have is that is that majority in the lower house of parliament by itself to pass legislation so that's going to be a problem michael got it yeah as i mentioned earlier the turnout is estimated around eighty percent and that seems pretty high just briefly if you can be seen tell us what the climate is in the country. i think
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a lot of people were excited today that they got to go out and vote at all because this is an election that people have been waiting for for a long time this. thailand of course has been ruled by a military dictatorship for for the past five years and they promised elections every year they promised them and then they kept postponing them and now they finally happened so people were excited and then to come out and actually vote hence the high turnout now we're going to have to wait for the for the results to come in but the question really is what's the atmosphere going to be like if we're really steering towards this deadlock that i just mentioned what's the atmosphere going to be like are voters going to be happy with this and if not what are they going to do where they could be more protests and there's also even rumors that if that happens there might be another military coup michael thanks very much to us in heartache in bangkok. a dramatic rescue mission is underway in southern norway crews have been racing to bring cruise ship passengers
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to safety after their boat was stranded in dangerous waters the ship broke down on saturday with over a thousand passengers on board efforts are being made to tow the vessel to land but the ship stranding has already led to harrowing moments for passengers. passengers rushed to shield themselves from sliding furniture and falling ceiling panels as heaving waves tossed the cruise ship from side to side some said those waves that smashed chip windows and sent cold sea water gushing in. elsewhere on board the mostly british and american travelers could do nothing but sit and wait for their turn to be airlifted to safety. i made winds of nearly ninety kilometers per hour and waves over eight meters high the viking sky sent out a mayday call early on saturday afternoon it had suffered engine failure and was
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beginning to drift towards the rocky shore fearing the ship would run aground the crew managed to anchor in the bay an area known since viking times is treacherously difficult to navigate. the cult and i think this is clearly a serious situation because this is a cruise ship with one thousand three hundred passengers on board is stuck in one of the north and europe's worst stretches of water scattered with reefs so this is a serious situation as it washroom author and he's mobilized five helicopters for the operation though some had to be diverted to help a second vessel nearby the freighter with a crew of nine also suffered engine failure delaying the cruise ship airlift. rescue passengers have been brought to a reception center on land clearly this was not the kind of adventure they'd had in mind when they booked their cruise. to refresh. very frightening we were not on the helicopter with the sling the two of us together and it was quite
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scary the severe weather is preventing rescue workers from using smaller boats to take passengers ashore so authorities now aim to tow the cruise ship itself and the hundreds of passengers still aboard a short while ago we got the latest on the rescue operation for minor canoes and who's with the joint rescue coordination center for southern norway who you just saw in the report we asked him how the operation has been unfolding. well it's going pretty. well money to determine the role. and it's no having to watch. playschool. which is only one thing coast of norway. the captain. to stop the immigration for the time being drug off the tunnel notice shit people would like to see ho ho stated always it is. one he counted on he will
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decide what i don't want to continue with radio pollution the captain is of course showroom is his decision as the doc will be. decision on hold they kept. the ship is moving week some won't engine. room eight not. two talks. at the front and one on one of the bikes so. this situation is on the control of passengers on board a ship those remaining on record to be kept safe so we could just see how it develops for the next couple of. that was our new canoed scene of the joint rescue coordination center for southern norway talking to us earlier british prime minister theresa may is coming under fresh pressure over her handling of bresson media including the sunday times say that may's own cabinet is plotting to oust her
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while there was little sign of that pressure as may visit her church with her husband this morning she's reportedly planning a last ditch attempt to win support among lawmakers for her bret's a deal which polman has rejected twice for more on that we're joined now by our correspondent burdett mosse in london may face is increasing pressure berga to resign how likely is that to happen. there's everything going on as we speak i mean she's meeting with cabinet ministers we know there is a lot of pressure on her and her author it is really draining away by the day maybe even by the hour but will she really resign we don't know she's been extraordinarily resilient over the past years there were many moments where other prime ministers probably would have gone but she's tough no doubt she seems determined to try once more to get her deal through parliament but as you say the
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voices are getting louder for her to go how would may stepping down actually solve the problem. that's a good question because over breaks it the country and the parliament is so fundamentally divided that it's difficult to see a solution coming out of this whole mess to reason may has been accused of not looking for a consensus of very early in the brics a process determining how own red lines which point towards fairly hard bragg's did not know membership in the single market or in the customs union and just plow through with it and now we see that she really does not have any consensus for how policy so read know that paul amend is looking for a solution but they're also still to resume a loyalist who had hoped that the deal would go through let's is know what philip hammond the chancellor had to say about this in just over two weeks' time we run
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the risk of facing a very stark choice between leaving me you with no deal or not leaving me a tall it is essential but we get a deal done well and this deal most likely to be presented to parliament for if that time two defeats already that a vote on this deal that she has hammered out with the european union is likely to happen next week. bergen it seems for months now people have been reading tea leaves you know looking in a crystal balls pick your metaphor i'm going to ask you to do it now what's likely going to happen here well my bet is on the deal going to go in front of parliament and least it doesn't seem very likely that it will get voted on it doesn't seem like she does have the support this time around and that obviously begs the question what happens than palm and is working hard and
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he said trying to come to some sort of old town a diff solution to hide dia but we also know that it's you know it's so hard for them to find a compromise and we can't really see this that anything is sort of taking shape as yet and there's only a few days left so like like philip hammond has said if there is no new solution to this is still the case that now at the eleventh of april the u.k. will leave the european union and lawmakers are determined to find some sort of solution to the crisis but it's far from certain that they will succeed in that thank you very good loss in london. now some other stories making news around the world members of australia and new zealand's indigenous communities have come together in sydney to show solidarity with the victims of last week's gun attacks on two mosques in christ church new zealand has announced it will hold
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a national remembrance service on march twenty ninth for the fifty people killed in the attack. chinese president xi jinping is visiting monaco as part of a three nation tour in europe monaco previously signed a deal with chinese czech company while way to develop its five g. telecommunications despite controversy over china's influence in five g. tech she's visited in europe is aimed at boosting trade times. the mozambican government says half a million people have been affected by the devastating cycle in more than seven hundred people have been confirmed dead after the storm raged across mozambique zimbabwe and malawi the true death toll is believed to be much higher efforts are still underway to assist survivors. to sports now germany's national football team is in the midst of the changing of the guard on
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wednesday their first match of twenty nine thousand ended in disappointment when their new look side drew one all in a friendly against serbia later on sunday the kick off their qualifying campaign for the next major tournament euro two thousand and twenty they face neighbors the nettle in amsterdam the last time the teams met there in october the netherlands celebrated a three nil victory now germany's new look younger side have a chance to take revenge. don't forget you can always get the news on the go download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notification. as for any breaking news you can also use a day job you have to send us photos and videos you're watching news from berlin coming up next reporter where we meet a man who's trying to go green in the arctic just forget you can always catch
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leaders news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com thanks for joining. us. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you just pay for it when official information as a journalist i have to work off the strength of many can trust and that.


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