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sions from around the world. every week g.w. . this is deja vu news of live from berlin thailand's pro-military party takes the lead in a much anticipated election. vote counting is still underway but partial results give the edge to the party supporting the mewling military regime critics accuse the military of having stacked the political deck in its favor from line bangkok for analysis also coming up. after terrifying hours and see the cruise ship that broke down off norway's coast is towed to shore hundreds of its passengers were
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airlifted to safety in an earlier rescue mission. and zimbabwe struggles to cope after cycling our correspondent to meet the people searching for answers about the fate of they have left over a week after the huge storm struck. i'm michael okwu thanks for joining us early results from thailand's long delayed general election show the country's pro-military party with a lead over its main challenger that's with election officials saying that ninety percent of ballots have now been counted. this man former army chief. has fled thailand since a military coup five years ago wanted voters to keep him on as prime minister promising stability to face the opposition pool. i party which raises questions
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about the fairness of the poll saying the rules save for the military. let's bring in correspondent bastien heartache he joins us live from bangkok bastian the election commission is reporting most of the votes you're pro-military in a slightly ahead what more can you tell us about the initial voting and why we're seeing these kinds of results. also there's been a couple of big surprises here in this election night so far and one of them is as you say that the military party has come in so strong we didn't expect that to happen right behind me is the party headquarters of the prototype party which is the party of former prime minister yingluck shinawatra was ousted by the military in the last back in two thousand and fourteen they had expected that they were going to be the clear winners in this election now it turns out it's a neck and neck race really and then the next surprise of
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a good election commission just announced about an hour ago that they'd stopped counting at ninety three percent without giving an explanation for that so not everybody's wondering what why what's the reason for that why but they have stopped counting there are a lot of rumors going on there's still a couple of seats still missing that have been allocated yet and it's so close that maybe the reason is that maybe it's going the wrong way for the military maybe they're not there they're not it's not the result isn't as good as they liked it but those are rumors and we have to wait and see they said they're going to announce the preliminary election result tomorrow we're going to have to wait and see if that really happens michael now obviously you're standing at the opposition party headquarters but you've been so i can imagine that they're not very happy with the coding you know that the counting stopping the. you've been on the streets
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all day you've been reporting on this how would you describe the general climate on the streets today and right now at this moment. but i think initially people were excited to go out and vote because they haven't been allowed to do that in well in since two thousand and fourteen but that vote without election was actually canceled afterword so the last election that counted was back in two thousand and eleven so they wanted to go out and you know exercise their democratic rights and go vote spend you know but now since we're hearing that there is these difficulties because if you look on social media for example people are extremely upset about the fact that they don't know what's going on why aren't they getting the results and they're they're afraid that there's going to be you know back tattling and meddling in india election results so it could possibly be that people you know they're going to be very upset in the
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aftermath of this that they're going to look not like what they see and not like the results of this election then we're going to have to wait and see what happens then are they going to be more protests or might their likely be another coup michel. thank you that's a best in heartache in bangkok now to norway the stricken cruise ship viking sky has safely reached shore after a harrowing night in stormy conditions off that nation's west coast this was the scene in the town of malta a short time ago as the ship limped into port with about nine hundred passengers and crew still on board counts people line the harbor front to welcome the ship to safety happy and to merge and see that authorities say very nearly turned into disaster we have this. passengers rushed to shield themselves from sliding furniture and falling ceiling panels as heaving waves tossed the cruise ship from side to side some said those waves had smashed chip
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windows and sent cold sea water gushing in. elsewhere on board the mostly british and american travelers could do nothing but sit and wait for their turn to be airlifted to safety. amid winds of nearly ninety kilometers per hour and waves over eight meters high the viking sky sent out a mayday call early on saturday afternoon it had suffered engine failure and was beginning to drift towards the rocky shore fearing the ship would run aground the crew managed to anchor in the bay an area known since viking times is treacherously difficult to navigate. the cult and i think this is clearly a serious situation because this is a cruise ship with one thousand three hundred passengers on board is stuck in one of northern europe's worst stretches of water scattered with reefs so this is
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a serious situation as it will show an author and he has mobilized five helicopters for the operation though some had to be diverted to help a second vessel nearby the freighter with a crew of nine also suffered engine failure delaying the crew ship airlift. rescue passengers have been brought to a reception center on land clearly this was not the kind of adventure they'd had in mind when they booked their cruise. now to some other stories making news around the world members of australia and new zealand's indigenous communities have come together in sydney to show solidarity with the victims of last week's gun attacks on two mosques in christchurch new zealand has announced it will hold a national remembrance service on march twenty ninth for the fifty people killed in attack. chinese president xi jinping is visiting monaco as part of its three nation tour in europe monica previously signed a deal with chinese tech company while way to develop its five g.
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telecommunications despite controversy over china's influence in five g. tech she's visited europe is aimed at boosting trade times. the mozambican government says half a million people have been affected by the devastating cycle and a day more than seven hundred people have been confirmed dead after the storm raged across mozambique zimbabwe and malawi a true jeff toll is believed to be much higher efforts are still underway to resist survivors. our correspondent has been in zimbabwe taking a look at the aftermath of cyclon e.j. there he sent us this report from some of the communities hardest hit by the storm and the severe flooding it cost. a once bustling village reduced to a rocky field coppa was home to more than three hundred residents and government facilities when disaster struck on the night of march fifteenth residents were
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sleeping. very few of them survived those who did have recounted the horror they experienced in that island that i was asleep and suddenly woke up to the house destroyed but the house was full of water but that was the first thing we thought was to rescue the kids. then we realized this child was already dead. after that moment is when we all got swept away by the raging floods some of the total when you take this right here used to be a town that is now under rubble stones came up from the mountains and swept through the city and now a lot of people are believed to be under these stones and residents tell me that more than three hundred people could be under this rubble a lot of people want closure of knowing whether they had relatives are still in
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this place or they were washed away by the river downstream the relatives of the victims have been using whatever tools are at hand to sort through the rocks and rubble there hoping to recover their loved ones many still don't have final answers about the fate of their families what we're looking for right now is this closure if we know we our relatives are like it would be it will be somehow because right now we don't know we still have that feeling maybe they're separating the some with . but recovering bodies can be extremely difficult and the emotional toll is a men's families with as many as ten members were swept away by the floods leaving few survivors. some of them discovered right see the borders are now on leave if you're in the region and soon we are feeling even arsonists that
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the we have some d.n.a. just a few hours later than just you're being buried you know and they didn't fight there has been extensive damage to the country's infrastructure and there have even been geographical shifts rivers have formed in residential areas a further sign of how much time recovery is likely to take. the auschwitz museum in poland receives over a million visitors every year with many documented in their time there by taking photographs and videos of the form in the nazi death camp but it appears that a significant number have been in poor taste which is led the museum to issue a request for visitors to behave more respectfully joining me in the studio to tell us about this is deja vu reporter pablo foley lives problem my first reaction is. people behaving disrespectfully at a venue that featured so prominently in the whole of cost europe i find hard to
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believe i find it hard to believe but also in some ways i don't find it hard to believe because it's we'll get to that perhaps a little bit later on but i mean this is coming because at the end of the day the museum has realized that there were many photographs taken which are just quite simply in poor taste people taking selfies taking photographs where they're smiling laughing jumping. posing as if they were sort of hanging out at the beach or in a park or you know anywhere and we actually have some examples of the photographs that you could see and i mean for me it like you can see them here it's pretty shocking to see these that people don't seem to realize that this is a place where over one point one million people were killed by the nazis during the second world war it was opened in one thousand nine hundred forty the nazi began to gas people in one nine hundred forty one there these train tracks of the people are standing on were you know the train tracks that carried you know millions a century over a million people into this to depths you know essentially and you know obviously
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it's the question here is people are obviously not very well educated if they don't these people in particular if they're not really realizing that this is just really holy not appropriate so is it to be fair i'm going to cut you off but i'm seeing some of the same shots there i miss you being that this must have been happening on a grander scale that there weren't just a few bad apples for them to sort of issue this edict if you know there were many many photographs they didn't say exactly how many but they said that they've encountered it quite frequently and it's actually not the first time that this is come up i'm mean this is a story that i've actually seen over the past few years many times it's happened before. you know photographs come up from concentration camps not just in poland like an ostrich but also here in germany so what else is the museum said about this well essentially we'll have. it was they released a tweet and they said that when you come to auschwitz every member you got the side rover one million people were killed respect their memory there are better places
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to learn how to walk on a balance beam than the site which symbolizes to deport haitian of hundreds of thousands to their deaths so i mean they were obviously very annoyed at what they were seeing and i was observing i was coming up quite frequently and also one of the you know members of this museum released well they actually sent us a video so i think a specified here from them that there are also incidents when people behave inappropriately in this site and it doesn't matter whether it's something people think about or this is something done because people are not aware of being disrespectful and we need to respond we need to react this is one off part of our mission to protect the dignity of the victims protect the memory of. well there you go to protect the dignity on the memory of the people who die it's here i was fits i'm like i was saying to before this is something that i've encountered you don't actually have to go too far from where we're standing right
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now here in berlin near the brandenburg gate there is a memorial to those who died in the second reward the jewish community and you know i've seen many many times people taking very inappropriate photographs so this is in their craft people really need to stop and think one of my doing your really appreciate your bringing that to our. building of the beatles to give you a course on if. you're watching news from berlin. much of getting. your link to newsroom africa and the world the link to exceptional stories and discussion it. was as easy to out with safety deputed comes to africa join us on facebook.


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