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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 27, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did not become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from our destroyed city. sitting in the sights of fire starts april eleventh on g.w. . is a one way here to stay the e.u. says it won't bow and while ways tacked across the block despite its suspicions and europe's leaders are demanding a fairer relationship with china as president xi jinping concludes his visit to the continent. also on the show qualcomm wins yet another victory over apple a u.s. judge has found apple is guilty of infringing on qualcomm patents that could mean an import found on some i phones. and fears of
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a resurgence in smuggling it right to create a hard irish border. welcome to d.w. business i'm a ginnell the milan in berlin thanks for joining us now the e.u. has issued a reminder to its member states along the lines of we're all in this together specifically on the issue of cyber security it wants a joint approach in combat in risks to their five g. networks especially risks that could come from chinese tech suppliers like wall way but instead of banning wall way that he was hoping that cooperation within the block could offer better protection. competition to run europe's super fast five g. networks is fierce when it comes to deciding who can be trusted with the vast amount of information that will pass through them the european commission thinks there is safety in numbers is recommending the nation share data on five g. cyber security risks with one another. we have to protect everybody's privacy we
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have to protect our business secrets we have to protect all our lives we will be connected with free chief works the commission was specific about where its concern lies it's with china particularly huawei some fear the companies to close the link to the government in beijing the e.u. says it won't impose a blanket ban on the tech giants technology despite u.s. pressure to do so rather so leave it up to each member state to decide whether to exclude while away for national security reasons we want them each to compile a risk assessment of their five g. networks by the end of june. now that announcement that the e.u. will not boycott china's while way came towards the end of a visit by president xi jinping tear up the five day tour had a new leader is trying to strike a delicate balance attempting to keep a united front in the face of china's aggressive expansion towards here up without
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alienating a valuable economic partner. mckown together with german chancellor angela merkel and e.u. commission president john krebs is cautious about china's multi-billion euro belton road initiative the new silk road project in paris the europeans wary of chinese dominance made a firm appeal to beijing to cooperate and i don't know if you demo legs of seats now we have divergences obviously in the history of humanity power does not go without rivalry none of us are naive but we respect china and we're determined to have dialogue and cooperation and naturally we expect our great partner to also respect the unity of the european union it will appear in. she responded that mistrust hinders progress referring to concerns in the e.u. when chinese companies want to take over european firms or when the american government tries to take competitors like who are way out of the picture in europe . good sources of course there are differences and competition but it's positive
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competition we shouldn't let suspicions lead us to be constantly looking backwards . into the macro and mccall want all e.u. countries to assume a common stance on china that won't be easy as some member states are eager to strike deals with the asian superpower last week italy became the first member state to become an official partner in the new silk road project when it signed deals worth over seven billion dollars including partnerships between china and the ports of test and genoa. a true judge in the us has recommended that some iphone imports be barred after ruling that apple breached chip maker qualcomm's patent qualcomm supplied modem chips for the i phone until last year the judge found that apple had infringed the company's patent on power usage and battering the life it is not clear which iphone models are going to be affected by a ban but
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a final decision is expected in july. and court the joins us now from wall street to discuss this further good to see you yes and now this is quite a blow to our poll how have investors reacted to the decision you know we did see a clear reaction on wall street and so far it's not been a good week for apple on monday the stock dropped and then on tuesday after a positive start to once again pull finished in the red was a loss of a good one percent on the other side the stock of qualcomm gains. two and a half percent and we already had similar rulings in germany and in china so now there is this threat that it. might not be allowed to import the older i phone models into the united states not good news at all but what's been
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the response from apple so far. so far there has not been immediate response from apple to this ruling but in the past them again and again bill has claimed that those charges are the fees that qualcomm is taking are exuberant and those fees are due for a page and that are crucial to. a future the final ruling won't happen before july and i believe it's not unlikely that it might take even longer months and months and months before this case might be solved this is a year long battle between quad called and pull and this can really take quite some time before it all settles out an ongoing saga between apple and qualcomm young's quarter there on wall street thank you so much. shares in the german financial
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technology firm wire card have surged following a report into activities at its singapore office about appeared to clear the company of wrongdoing a series of articles in the financial times that made allegations of fraud against the fin tax operations in asia why are card which helps companies accept electronic payments says a review found irregularities but the sums involved were not vote significant shares and wire cards rose by more than thirty percent on the news. ride hailing service is buying its middle east competitor karim for three point one billion dollars the acquisition gives dominance in a region with a large young and tech savvy population the purchase of the dubai based karim comes shortly before the eagerly awaited i.p.o. it marks a win for san francisco's for the san francisco firms of global ambitions after was
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forced to sell its loss making operations in china russia and southeast asia to local rivals karim was established in twenty twelve and operates in fifteen countries across the middle east africa and asia. brags that is set to affect the republic of ireland more than any other e.u. country especially if a hard border is reestablished between it and the british province of northern ireland that would bring back memories on the island of a more violent iraq and could result in the resurgence of smuggling which an open border had long kept under control. if you want to go out on the street all the fifty three. mike has plenty of tales of smuggling to taro he lives in northern ireland right next to the border the former truck driver says lots of shady stuff went on in the area in the past much of it involving customs control or between the british province and the e.u.
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member state to the cells i seen you can enter a shed but said henri so with a grin this big ship has. made a very through that door that door let's share that shit are also not in the say the virus trade even thought that if it's impossible getting rid of controls didn't get rid of smuggling completely fireworks which are banned in the republic of ireland are still taken across regularly they're legal in the north and sales of them are brisk in the border region. and foreign diesel subsidized by the e.u. also often crosses the border illegally as does heating oil from northern ireland that's not been slapped with a value added tax because there are no controls. conor patterson remembers a very different time into the one nine hundred ninety s. thousands of trucks were checked by customs officials in the sheds they disappeared with the advent of the e.u. single market here but bricks it could bring it all back along with
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a return of more professional organized smuggling have faith in the irish republic and lying with base prices across the years at waller a ups on cheap basis. that the french are kobe significant enough corage widespread smuggling the issue for also is that smuggling. captured exploited by crime. newry in northern ireland has benefited from its position at the border it's developed into a major shopping for the region a rise in crime would certainly hurt businesses here but could post bret's its smuggling be kept in check. there are people here with anticipation with which is that was i was to him given the price of resistance i. see it as an opportunity to make a lot of money whoever you cannot be any real storm of the border infrastructure
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because our presence in all the challenge and threats which is a return to the darker it is of our very own past mike is also against bringing back the checkpoints and watchtowers like many others here it reminds him too much of a more violent era. and that's it for me and the d.w. business team you can find a lot more stories on our web site d w dot com slash business or follow us on facebook and twitter. this is our handle leaving now with his quick check on global markets thank you for watching.
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content teaching the next generation to the touch of. music channels available to inspire people to take action and where to turn to something here for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global three thousand on d w and online. welcome to the world of arts and culture with me robin merrill where featuring maxime who said to be the best crossover pianist in the world also coming up. fifty years ago john lennon and yoko ono shared their bed with the world's press to promote world peace did they succeed we'll find out. and the swedish off this jew and their weird
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a wonderful stop motion videos. the croatian musician maxime irvin started playing the piano when he was eight to new after just a few lessons that he wanted to become a professional pianist meanwhile with his extraordinary technique he's been called the fastest pin ist in the world and he's really made a name for himself especially in asia as a crossover artist with new interpretations of classical music that appeal to a younger audience. recognize this piece of music it's the well known in the home of the mountain king by norwegian composer greek written in eight hundred sixty seven when maxine there beats and plays it it's neither classical nor pop it's his very own version.


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