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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 27, 2019 7:30am-7:46am CET

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well i don't need to reinforce them. i knew this but it was happening was not voting in the rules. of controversial leader whose success is beyond question. time. and the one tragedy starts able to d.w. . as president g. jinping concludes his a very busy draw for to europe the use says it won't ban huawei as equipment across the bloc party leaders demand a fair relationship with china. also on the show mario draghi is set to leave the top job of the european central bank in october but who's going to be the next chief guardian of the euro. also way to use unemployment in greece to lead the record highs the greek railway operator decides to do something about it with
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a little bit of help from germany welcome to the business i'm down to office the e.u. wants a joint approach in combating risks to their five g. networks especially risks that could come from chinese tech suppliers like weiwei but instead of banning weiwei which washington would like to see the e.u. is hoping that cooperation within the bloc could offer better protection competition to run europe superfast five g. networks is fierce when it comes to deciding who can be trusted with the vast amount of information that will pass through them the european commission thinks there's safety in numbers is recommending the nation share data on five g. cyber security risks with one another we have to protect everybody's privacy we have to protect our business secrets we have to protect. all our life we will be connected with afraid she works the commission was specific about where
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its concern lies it's with china and particularly huawei some fear the company is too closely linked to the government in beijing the e.u. says it won't impose a blanket ban on the tech giants technology despite u.s. pressure to do so rather than leave it up to each member state to decide whether to exclude while away for national security reasons he wants them each to compile a risk assessment of their five g. networks by the end of june a judge in the us has recommended that some i phone imports be barred after the ruling that apple breached the patent of another company the manufacturer qualcomm supplied chips for the i phone until last year the judge now found that had infringed the company's patent that covers ways to save power and improve battery life as she did not say which models of i phones should be prevented from being sold in the us a final decision is expected in july qualcomm shares rose as much as
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two point six percent on the ruling. number of container ships through zinc the seven seas is declining and that's the latest reading on the container shipping index currently down three point one percent on the month before it's a widely regarded as a bellwether for the global economy showing a global trend much earlier than other indicative figures. in many chinese ports like here in hong kong fewer and fewer containers are being loaded the trade war between china and the us has not been good for business but the decline in container shipping appears to be a worldwide trend the industry is particularly vulnerable to economic slowdowns the iowa sells container through put index is considered a bellwether. in february it fell to its lowest level since june twenty eighth seen that's a slide of three point one percent from the previous month that's
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a sure sign of a weakening global economy given that ninety percent of all goods are transported via container ships. no wonder then that exporters are decidedly gloomy that's according to a survey of export focused businesses by germany's efore institute for economic research especially car makers and middle product manufacturers have lamented the drop in contracts confidence among germany's exporters as fall into a six and a half year low. every here around four hundred central bankers chief economists market participants and academics from europe north america and asia come to frankfurt for a special conference it's titled the e.c.b. and it's watches and this year will be the last time that mario draghi gives the opening address as head of the european central bank he's been in the post for eight years and his term ends in october his successor won't have an easy ride.
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mario draghi has been in the firing line since the very first day he took the reins at the e.c.b. . he was the governor of the bank of italy and named president of the european central bank in november of twenty eleven it was the height of the european debt crisis to calm markets he made a statement that made him famous. the z. b. is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro. the bank began lowering interest rates giving borrowers easier access to credit in march of twenty sixteen they finally hit zero never before has it been this cheap to go into debt critics accuse drug use policies of destroying savings protests like this one in april of twenty fifteen showed druggy was held personally responsible. to help deeply indebted member states like greece he began buying their sovereign
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bonds in an unprecedented fashion over a period of four years the e.c.b. snapped up thirty to eighty billion euros worth of them every month and that stretched the european central bank itself to its limits the big question now is what to do when the next crisis strikes druggy successor will have little wiggle room the next time an e.u. member needs bailing out so the era druggy is coming to an end let's go to danielle cobol financial correspondent who's standing by in frankfurt where the easy be is based down here who's next. yeah a very interesting question i can tell you gary that many people here in the financial world they're extremely anxious to know who is going to be the successor and what is going to happen while they have been a rumors for quite some time that he ends by man he is the head here of the german of central bank that he could be
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a potential successor he has never been shy you always said that he would be very interested to take over this job but he does not have lots of supporters mostly in the southern parts of europe in france for example in spain and also in italy so his future is still unclear the only thing that we know at the moment he was appointed for the next term to be the head of the german central bank there has been a survey that was lately published by economists here in europe and they have a true favorites they're talking about the former head of the finnish central bank and the current head of the french central bank well whoever will be appointed there will be big shoes that need to be filled and a lot on the agenda are going to very briefly can we expect with any of the candidates that you've mentioned can we expect any major change in policy well mario drag you will certainly be remembered as the person off the zero percent
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interest rates here in the eurozone we have to remember that during the financial crisis he lowered interest rates a true this or record low and many thought that he would be the one you know changing this monetary policy but that did not happen so yeah lots on the agenda for the potential successor down there coping frankfurt thank you. we're going to greece where he is unemployment is still standing lesley high nearly forty percent of under twenty five out of work university graduates leaving the country out of sheer hopelessness at the same time there's a lack of qualified workers in trade and industry but not the greek railway operator has adopted the german model of apprenticeships and it seems to be working . to the southwest of athens you can find the training center for the greek railway apprentices learn to repair and maintain trains here this young woman wants to
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become a mechanic is a job typically dominated by men but she's up for the challenge right now she's checking if the tires are symmetrical. high tech or hands on the training program printer a lot of fun for me now at home. every day here in new challenges more and more i realized that the training program has got many different aspects and there are various job opportunities. also this company really respects everyone here and the working conditions great. to be seen because it has us in that almost two hundred trainees learn their trade here according to german standards the apprenticeship includes a lot of practical experience and a clear curriculum to get four hundred seventy year is a month more than the usual increase. many railway workers will retire soon or means they'll be plenty of vacancies to fill the trainees will have lots of
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different opportunities to even as the operators privatized and restructure is going to need young qualified people. not to such a person. after six hours of practical training comes the theory classrooms are provided by the railway company and the teachers come from state technical colleges we train for the needs overlook a-basin in general so that somebody that is trained. to keep that in all schools kim find jobs for his or her specialty in all kinds of industries their need to employ people who are skilled in this who are extreme in this that this student actually studied theology but he couldn't find a job that fit it so he's now seeking a new perspective. for the some of the. i believe that i'll get a job now thanks to the german greek qualifications either here or somewhere else
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in europe. the jewel apprenticeship program is still in a trial phase but the german great chamber of commerce is pushing to get it fully off the ground. if the industry succeeded in convincing the industry that these people are a your concern you have to see it not as a cost store waste of money but it's an investment for the future because in greece the gap between academic and locational training is here cheap prices grows these young greeks are already in the starting blocks now it's up to the government and the companies to establish jule apprenticeship programs all over the country these trainees are already on their way to finding a job here in greece or beyond. for the first time ever a founding family member of one of south korea's corporate giants was forced off the company's board on wednesday shareholders voted against show young hold serving another term on the board of the nation's largest airline korean air show is
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currently on trial for corruption he is accused of using thirty million dollars of company funds to renovate his house meanwhile his family has been under scrutiny as well after multiple criminal probes over charges ranging from assaults bezel known to smuggling of luxury goods. and that's it from me and the business to and check out our website for more background to business stories that's d w dot com slash stay with the w.
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i'm not laughing at the germans well i guess sometimes i am but most end up with the common man thinks deep into german culture. from taking his grandma day out to you thus it's all that. no time right show join me i mean the gemini of course what's the connection between bread biome and the european union dinos guild motto w correspondent and alan baker can stretch those can line with the
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rules set by the. top. sniffing recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d w. five. welcome to the world of arts and culture with me robin merrill with featuring maximina viets who said to be the best crossover pinterest in the world also coming up. i. fifty years ago john lennon and yoko ono shared their bed with the world's press to promote world peace did they succeed we'll find out. and the swedish artists too and their weird i'm wonderful stop motion videos. the
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croatian musician maxime irvin started playing the piano when he was eight a new after just a few lessons that he wanted to become a professional pianist meanwhile with his extraordinary technique he's been called the fastest peer nest in the world and he's really made a name for himself especially in asia as a crossover artist with new interpretations of classical music that appeal to a younger audience. recognize this piece of music it's the well known in the home of the mountain king by norwegian composer greek written in eight hundred sixty seven would not seem their pizza place that it's neither classical nor pop it's his very own version.


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