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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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a controversial leader whose success is beyond question. time. london tragedy starts people focus on t w. this is g w news. breaks it fatigue and frustration on the eve of a third vote on teresa mayes controversial break to plan the government. voting on only one part of the country's withdrawal from the european union that's an effort to pressure m.p.'s into backing the brits as planned and to secure another deadline
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extension from the e.u. also coming up the islands' of budget airline while we are not taking off anymore the airline shuts down stranding thousands of passengers in europe and in north america. it's good to have you with us maybe the third time will be the charm the british government is set to hold a third vote on prime minister teresa mayes controversial brights it deal tomorrow this time around parliament will be asked to approve only the divorce aspect of the deal and not the part that governs the u.k.'s future relationship with the european union lawmakers have to approve both parts if the agreement is to be ratified but the government is hoping to avoid another. heavy defeat by separating the elements
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this way. will success so far the speaker of the house of commons ruled that the government can tabled this motion after previously blocking the move let's hear part of what john bercow had to say earlier today. i am pleased to report to the house that the government's motion for tomorrow's debate complies with the test set out in twenty poles edition of us here in may on page three hundred ninety seven missions which of the same will substantially the same must not be put to the house more than once in a parliamentary session in short the motion is new substantially different and in conformity with the requirements of my ruling of the eighteenth of march reiterated on the twenty fifth and twenty seventh of march are let's go to our correspondent now in london show us of potts good evening to you she lodges so we just heard there from the speaker he has agreed to a fresh vote tomorrow
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a third try with teresa mayes plan what is so different though about this plan that's being submitted tomorrow for a vote. what was the clever move from to resign main government because essentially what they did or the big question was how do you change a deal when the other side has basically said to the european union that they are not going to be any changes any more you can't do it unilaterally so the government here has separated the withdrawal agreements so the act of the divorce the divorce papers so to say from the political declarations so from the way forward is the intention is how you want the future relationships to be and they have by the deal is now substantially different and can be voted on tomorrow in parliament. is the european union going to even recognise this if it's not the deal that they negotiated with theresa may about to resume she has offered to resign
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if the deal is passed is that the way out of a deadlock welsh terry some may is determined to get this deal through and she is rallying votes this minute as we speak basically she has offered in front of her conservatives yesterday to resign for any future negotiations at that point if good deal gets through and some tory rebels have already said that they are now on board with her deal that they are going to support it and vote yes for example boris johnson who has really smashed a deal for months and months but the question is are others going to come on board because that is definitely not enough and for example the northern irish do you peter ally they have already said that they are not going to support the deal and most of the labor m.p.'s won't won't support it either so it really looks very unlikely at this point that she is going to get the withdrawal agreement through
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parliament tomorrow and then what happens if this deal is rejected. well the default option is still that the u.k. leaves the european union without a deal on april twelfth the so-called brics a day chaotic breck said i mean the u.k. could potentially ask for a longer extension so this could go on for months and months but they are trying to find a way forward but at the moment m.p.'s here are worried that a no deal scenario becomes more and more likely we've been hearing members of parliament worrying about that today and an internal cabinet report showed exactly how unprepared the u.k. would be for such a chaotic scenario so a lot of uncertainty still for brits abroad for europeans in great britain and frankly for the people in the u.k. so at the moment everything is still very very unpredictable here you have we're also hearing that european union leaders are also bracing for
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a break with no deal show other parts of the story for us tonight in london so want to thank you. in new zealand a memorial is being held in the city of christ church for the victims of a mass shooting earlier this month fifty people died when i won't gunman opened fire into maschine in this city on march fifteenth we're looking at live pictures right now of this memorial service governments from around the world are being represented at the national remembering corbis in hagley park joy tens of thousands of new zealanders have gathered there since the massacre to mourn those who lost their law to. the world of light. nor do you know. our correspondent samantha early she is in the city of christ church there at that memorial service samantha obviously an emotional event is taking place there and we understand that people have come from around the world to join the service today.
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yes that's right. there are people from almost sixty countries in terms of the official word presentation and perhaps many more amongst the public at the start in prime minister scott morrison is among the international representatives here also people from the united nations and the organization of islamic cooperation and the mood here very somber and yet people still arriving as you can see as well. we know the security is very tight through this before the list of people attending from fifty nine countries has not been made public we understand do people think that new zealand will ever be told to return to the way you was before this horrific attack. well one of
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the major media outlets here has huge lines all of the stories relating to this attack the end of our innocence and that's really the scene that you get sweden speaking with people here as well a lot of people were really just couldn't believe the initial news of the attack as much as it sunk ten over the past two weeks people have become very reflective and it has been very unusual seeing such a heightened security presence for new zealand where you don't normally have police but they have been for the past who wakes the security at this gathering and in other memorial gatherings around the country as well as also at an unprecedented high level so it is not like at the scenes there's things have changed and. things will go back to the way they were the day they have a well. in. turns like this happening eventually this mortal service or very
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important for communities for countries for nations to come together. to heal very cathartic but we know that then life has to go to war and what is next for new zealand after this memorial service you know the next day is just a normal weekend beginning or is it not what your assessment. those speaking with people here that we've spoken so it's a nice like today the two wakes exactly since these shootings marks a bit of the tuning point where it has several vigils last week that means you might recall at the call to prayer also here at hadley park last friday and now this national remembrance service which is being observed throughout the country and i get the sense from talking to people here that is it is a bit of
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a turning point for all the initial grace and showing all of supporters the initial support to the muslim community now the focus is turning to what can happen long to and how best to support the families of the victims going forward today differently from the people we've spoken to her box that turning point from the initial perry is of shock and grief looking into we have to hear and a lot of people have told me that we had hers means calling out prices i'm calling out it's hateful words not being silent when people are discriminated against but really standing up for humanity and the scenes that i say people being hopeful for. in the future perhaps a valuable lesson learned despite all of the tragedy samantha early
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reporting from the city of christ church where a memorial service is underway for those fifty people who were murdered in the country's biggest terror attack earlier this month samantha thank you. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world events whalers main opposition leader leader and self declared in a room president one has been barred from public office for fifteen years the country's all deterred generals cited irregularities in finances why there has dismissed the accusation he accuses income but nicolas maduro of rigging the last year's election and hands the backing of the u.s. and dozens of other countries. brazilian president. has attended a ceremony marking the anniversary of the coup that resulted in twenty one years of military rule and the deaths of hundreds of people earlier this week families of
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the victims slammed the far right leaders decision to reinstate the commemoration celebrations which were abolished by the former leader. aid organizations in mozambique are warning about the dangers of a cholera epidemic in the psych lone hit country the government announced that the number of cases has now risen to almost a hundred and forty in mass vaccination campaign is currently being rolled out in the areas affected. iceland's a budget carrier while error has stopped operations and canceled all flights after attempts to find of by year collapsed while specialized in low cost connections between europe and north america with its base in the icelandic capital reiki have it the airlines closure could deal with a heavy blow to the country's booming tourist industry meanwhile thousands of passengers are stranded now on both sides of the atlantic. about four thousand
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passengers are stranded at well as various destinations after the company ceased operations and canceled all flights. cancelled we need to try to get something else we were supposed to fly to frankfurt when we came here they were saying the flight got canceled and you would have received some kind of e-mail communication and nobody received any kind of human communication the collapse of the troubled airline comes after a buyout talks with rival iceland air philip caught it early this week up till first day morning where our air had transported more than a third of people who visited iceland in a tourist boom which had revived the island's economy in the years following the global financial crisis well air founded in two thousand and eleven exploited iceland's location in the middle of the north atlantic to offer a low cost service between europe and north america last year the no frills airline carried some three and a half million passengers however it had flown into financial trouble in recent
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years due to heightened competition and rising fuel prices and had been searching for an investor for months. here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you the british government says it will put a fresh works in motion to a vote by lawmakers tomorrow that's in a bid to fulfill an ultimatum from the european union and to earn another short extension on britain's exit from the european union. before we take a break we want to show you some footage of a hero raising incident in southern turkey c.c.t.v. cameras captured these images of three men battling gusting winds to hold down a large parasol and now watch this one of them was lifted right off of his feet the local market worker was hoisted over three meters into the air as he explained after of course jumping down to safety he escaped with a minor ankle injury well let's just see that. again in slow motion look at that
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a man using that he only bored or hurt his ankle. back here on the ground here watching the w. news of next german companies struggle to get ready for bragg sit that's after a short break we'll be right that. my first vice was a sewing machine. i come from women are bones by this ocean for. something as simple as nothing home to write a bicycle isn't. since i was a little guy that wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me more as the months i. finally gave up in
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mental buying and i say this country times because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apropos to fund those.


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