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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2019 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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was. the arrow. this is g w news live from berlin and he is the joker in the pack could ukrainians choose a comedian as their next president last arky a correspondent wanting to belong to me or zelinsky is leading the polls in a closely watched race also coming up the number of confirmed cases of cholera in mozambique doubles in just one day agencies stepped up their efforts to fight the outbreak in the country already devastated by a cycle of. thanks
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for joining us i'm marian evans dean. ukrainians have begun voting in the first round of a presidential election the vote is being watched closely in the west and in russia ukrainians have dozens of candidates to pick from but polls indicate there are three frontrunners including a television comedian. the last time ukraine went to the polls in twenty fourteen the country was in freefall russia had just invaded an annex the crimea region and pro russian separatists had seized control of part of the country's east five years on though what are the issues foremost in ukrainians minds w's nick connelly reports. more than ten thousand people have lost their lives since war broke out in eastern ukraine back in twenty fourteen
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millions have been forced to leave their homes as the shooting continues political attempts to end the conflict remain stuck in no man's land but the fact the fighting didn't spread further and that ukraine's army was able to regroup essential to president petro poroshenko as campaign one is message to voters is clear only he can keep ukraine safe and stand up to russia. but five years of war have also left their mark on ukrainians pockets in europe second poorest nation real incomes are still lower than they were before the war as household bills have skyrocketed. over three million ukrainians have left the country in search of work it's these people pensioners and those on low incomes struggling to get by that explanation is the unity machine code is trying to reach she promises to cut household bills in health as soon as she's elected and do more to ensure ukrainians can find work at home both president poroshenko and x.
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prime minister to have been around for decades and many ukrainians especially younger voters are hungry for change. one person who seems to fit the bill is actor and comedian polygamous lenski the forty one year old may have no previous political experience but he has played the president before and the hit series servant of the people this is calm tells the story of a school teacher whose rant about the state of the country is caught on video by one of his pupils the video goes viral and the teacher suddenly finds himself catapulted to the top job don't worry good morning mr president. mixing footage from the sitcom with his campaign ads zelinsky is now trying to convince ukrainians that he's the outside the country needs to shake up its corrupt politics his motto become president but stay ordinary guy his critics argue that in reality he's no outsider launching a campaign calling him a puppet of the oligarch. a sworn enemy of president petro poroshenko it's called
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a moist key who put zelinsky on television in the first place and on whose channel he announced his surprise run for the presidency selenski denies there's anything untoward about his relations with the businessman. for now the polls put zelinsky in first place far ahead of his rivals but questions remain come election day will ukrainians really take the jump and vote for someone whose only experience of politics so far has been with a t.v. script in his hands. as nick connelly filed that report and he joins us now for more from kiev hello to you nick so the frontrunner currently is a comedian but what makes you crazy and think that he can actually do the job as leader of the country. morning well qualified or not i think this is mainly about protest sentiment about
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a kind of collective weariness with the political class here in ukraine that's being really in charge of this country the past twenty thirty years it's imports remember that when the soviet union fell apart in the early ninety's poland and ukraine for instance were as rich as wealthy person as each other now there's over a million and a half ukrainians working in poland so ukraine really has fallen back economically in terms of corruption transparency international puts ukraine somewhere between mali and djibouti in terms of perceptions of corruption way down there the only other european country that does badly is russia as there is really a weariness and an anger that things haven't changed faster that people's lives haven't got better obviously there are still questions whether people will really take that risk where the take the jump to vote for someone who doesn't have any political experience and there are also questions about selenski commitment to politics he's being a bit elusive about whether he's willing to slug it out in politics even if you doesn't win the presidency this time if he's willing say to go into parliament as an m.p. he's not being clear about that and maybe he'll choose if he doesn't win to go back
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to show business well not in the previous election the incumbent president poroshenko won by a wide margin now he's facing an uphill battle why has his popularity slipped so far. i think last time around it was a bit of an unusual situation the election twenty fourteen came just after russia had and it's the crimea the war in the east that just got going so people are really desperate for a safe pair of hands that portion co that was what he was spacy selling the voters and they gave him an absolute majority in the first round this time around people off frustrated that their incomes their real incomes is to lower than they were before the war the conflict in the east hasn't been result of that that's not all in his hands lots of that depends on moscow but i think the overarching theme is is a frustration that things haven't changed as fast and as revokable as they should have corruption is a big issue in the has still been no major public conviction for corruption knows big figure has had to go to prison or lost their wealth and that is something
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a lot of people are very unhappy about that with the connelly reporting from kiev. well turning now to mozambique where aid agencies are stepping up their efforts to help the sick and hungry in the flood ravaged country cyclon you die killed more than seven hundred people in mozambique and in malawi and zimbabwe when it struck two and a half weeks ago hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless authorities are now warning of the danger of water borne diseases as they reported jump in the number of people ill with cholera. areas previously under water now large muddy swamps the receding floodwaters in mozambique harbor the bodies of many of the missing the threat of disease here is very real. is warry over a spike in the number of color cases in the city of beirut koehler it causes acute
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diarrhea and can kill within hours if not treated nearly a million vaccines are due to arrive in the country soon. government and i work as a wrapping their efforts to treat those in need teams from around the world are arriving with food clean water and medicine. to go into a very critical phase now which is assistance this is this this will be done in in five years which is foods health water sanitation and also shelter. we also want to make sure that communities without people will in conditions we store their livelihoods so we will be some measurements that will be taking like seeds means for them to work make sure they do get this soccer culture is hugely important to mozambique nearly eighty percent of the population depends on it many people not only lost the roof five of
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a hades bought the harvest to getting their damage and land back in working order soon is critical. now to some of the other stories making news around the world amazon says investigation shows that saudi arabia tapped the phone of its boss jeff bezos that's after a tabloid printed leaked steamy messages between bezos and journalist lauren sanchez after bezos announced he was divorcing his wife these us owns the washington post which employed murdered saudi dissident jamal khashoggi. brazil's presidential year wilson r o has arrived in israel to be the country for several days seeking to bolster time while of voiding angering arab trade partners the trip comes as israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu battles to gain support ahead of national elections. local elections are being held in turkey they are the first sensor of foreign package gave president of type two on sweeping new powers polls
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suggest his ruling party's popularity has been hurt by the country's economic recession and that it will lose ankara and even possibly istanbul. lawyer and government critics who. has won slovakia's presidential election and the wind makes her the country's first female head of state. is a political novice who ran on an anti corruption platform she beat a government backed candidate tomorrow she shift chill bitch. all right some sports news now in the bundesliga with dortmund winning title rivals byron had to follow suit they went into match day twenty seven of the top of the table albeit on goal difference they'd won all six of their last bit as legal matches and scored a whopping twenty seven goals in the process byron were on fire ahead of the international break and what better way to get back into every day which is legal
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life in a match against eleventh place freiburg. the funds had to wait to find out one of the penalty box is had to be cleared after an anti sexism display by the freiburg supporters had created quite the paper storm. when the much finally got underway it was freiburg to rain the pain i just two minutes were on the clock when an unmarked not at the horse in front. of the pace vindicating you we loved decision to axe the pair from the german national side. the afternoon went from bad to worse for hapless with this foe and to me yellow card. for ten at least showed composure to stop by and from going to. live and levelled the scores on twenty two minutes after superb work from early on to that. one hundred ninety ninth but does lead to a goal for the pole i had the second half went more to script by an
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attacking freiburg sitting in live and dubs he had a chance but slid it past the post and then was denied by some solid goalkeeping. before hama's to alexander in resolute form. because that kingsley come on. injury time brought another chance for live in the press to hit the post but by and to make do with a draw. we are in a pressure situation again it's a shame that put themselves here again this is so if you don't use the. tribe or take their second point of the season against buy in and make things even more tense at the top. well byron's title rivals dortmund left it late against both borg with the score still nil nil going into the final minutes of the game in the ninety first minute cossar stepped up to take
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a free kick. and drove it home one nil dorp and a goal that sent the home fans into an uproar and in the ninety fourth minute jaden essential weave through a weary involved for defense to set up at all costs are for his second of the game and two nil win that puts them at the top of the table. paris's louvre art museum is celebrating thirty years since its iconic glass pyramid was built to mark the occasion the museum has invited the french street artist known only as jr to reimagine the pyramid on a grand scale. the louvre about to be transformed. hundreds of volunteers a pasting thousands of strips of paper to the floor for three full days. there marking the thirtieth birthday of the louvres famous gloss pyramid and they're putting together an art work by french artist jr who's creating an optical illusion
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. why why not why not reinvent and rethink places why not wake up in your own city and allow yourself to reinvent and rethink it to look at it in a different way and growing up in the suburbs i always try to see parts differently not like everybody else climb onto rooftops and go into tunnels and to be able to see a monument like this today and rethink it reinvented as an artist as thought modernists that utopia which allows you to move forward and take people along with you. and this pyramid rising from an imaginary crater is the end result. pretty impressive there there watching the daily news coming to you from berlin we leave you now with some images of earth our cities around the world turned off the lights on famous landmarks in a call for global action on climate change america and steam thanks for the company
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. says heat in ruins marroquin a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslim brotherhood and the christian population. claims fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president.


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