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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin he's the joker in the pack could ukrainians choose a comedian as their next president will ask arquette correspondent y. volo de vere selenski is leading the polls in a closely watched race also coming up in turkey polls close in regional elections that are being seen as a key test of president to air no one's popularity we'll find out what's at stake our correspondent. and the home fans were hoping for a win in dortmund's quest to claim their first title since two thousand and twelve but a resurgent wolfsburg side were looking to put the brakes on both championship chase
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. i'm nick spicer welcome to the program. ukrainians are voting in the first round of their presidential election the vote is being watched closely in the west and in russia ukrainians have dozens of candidates to pick from the polls indicate there are three front runners television comedian dean years unless he leads the pack despite never having held political office he's ahead of president petro poroshenko who's led the country since two thousand and fourteen as well as former prime minister yulia timoshenko the last time ukraine went to the polls russia had just invaded an annex the crimea region and pro russian separatists had seized control of part of the country's east five years on though what are the issues foremost in ukrainian spines correspondent nick connelly talked to some voters to find out if
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you don't like all economy to grow we need new jobs so that people can find work here instead of immigrating but that is if. you want peace but we understand that it won't be easy to achieve it this good i'm patient for a candidate who won't be to most guys hiking. because. we need to defeat corruption in our countries incredibly reaching new sources and potential corruption in ukraine is simply destroying us. less corruption fewer theft so that we start living well like a normal european country very. well first of all our oligarchy need to start investing in ukraine's economy stop taking all their money abroad to off shores it carnally it joins us now from a polling station in kiev nick what has the turnout been so far. but often an equal there definitely is a very busy turnout here in downtown key if all the indications are that to turn up
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these this time compared to five years ago we've seen a lot of people of all different ages even very sick people struggling their way up two flights of stairs to cost that vote interestingly when you also people today think that their vote will really count that will be fairly counted here people are very confident of that there are lots of observers around international but also ukrainian observers so people really you know seemingly convinced that the democratic process is working and they can change something with their vote and why are so many ukrainians of polls are to be believed ready to vote for a comedian. i think that's a sign of desperation there's a weariness with the political class that's been in charge of this country for the past two decades both president poroshenko and ex prime minister yulia timoshenko the two of the top front runners have been in politics for decades those decades in which ukraine really has failed to live up to its potential back in the ninety's ukraine and poland were of similar average incomes and now you have millions of
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ukraine's working in poland because the difference in pay is so big so there's a general frustration that progress has been lost in clamping down on corruption growing the economy these things you hear tom-tom against people seemingly willing to take that jump and to go for someone who has no political experience but promises a new style of more open politics. that was nick connelly reporting forty of you from kiev now polls have just closed in turkey's local elections there the first since the reform package gave president wretch a type heir to one sweeping new powers poll suggests his ruling party is set for major losses however his popularity has been hurt by the country's economic recession. this is turkey is sick vote in five years for local elections the atmosphere is not quite what you might expect one voter called it loud aggressive and unworthy of the democracy of the people in this country have
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lost respect for each other and politics is driving that polarization. although he's not standing for election himself the campaign's been dominated by president much of time at one and one knows local elections serve as a barometer of public support he was elected istanbul's mayor in one thousand and eighty four and right now a currency crisis and rising food prices according discontent. surveys suggest the ruling a.k.p. party could be defeated in the capital ankara months of the secular c.h.p. as the favorite there in istanbul the a.k.p. and c.h.p. and neck and neck and he's moved on i think the a.k.p. has improved services i'm forty five now and i know how did used to be. so much the you know i have less and less trust in elections and i'm only twenty one but i still go and vote today in the hope that something might change what's being done this the people vote the government faces accusations of
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a crackdown the pro kurdish h d p party says many of its politicians have been arrested in recent days and initial election results are expected. joining us now from istanbul is the dorian jones can you help us understand a little better just how are these elections a test for president aired on. well he's made it a referendum on about his rule in fact he said the whole country's future is at stake in one of his last rally theer in istanbul and why it's attached you so much importance to these elections is because the control of the towns and cities across turkey is one of the last areas of power that the president directly doesn't control on top of that the president is aware that his party's vice like grip control of the capital ankara and istanbul is now facing a major challenge from the opposition and the reason why is that the country is feeling incredible economic pain soaring food prices running at over thirty percent
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is fueling public anger on the streets vere among one and his ruling party is that they could be punished by the voters particularly in key cities like istanbul and ankara and there is all political at each in turkey he who controls istanbul controls turkey and erdogan is aware of that because that is where his rise to power started when he was elected mayor in ninety four and that is why he's desperate to turn into prevent his grip on control of these cities been ended. do we have any indications yet about the elections being free and fair but certainly in the last few elections the opposition have create file on many occasions of citing irregularities although the the ruling does tonight is and again there is concern about the fairness of the elections there's a great lot of vigilance a lot of observers watching very carefully but it has to be said up until now there has not been any reports of major agreed actions suggesting that the polls are unfair or there has to be said the key point is now where we're entering the
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counting of the votes that is where there is the most contentious period and where there is a great deal of tension now about whether the votes will be fairly counted. speaking of tension we've heard reports that two people were shot dead at a polling station in the east city can you tell us more about that. well that's right. observers from a fringe islamic party a pony opposing party to the thought it they got into a dispute over how some votes were being tossed that quickly deteriorated into violence resulting in the deaths of two of the parties observers being killed has been a great deal of reaction to this apparent present one had said he's requesting expressing great deal of regret all the of opposition parties but it has to be said such incidents are not unusual in turkey selections and up until now it has been the only fatal incident that we have heard ok you have used during jones and thank you for that now let's look at some of the other stories making news around the world.
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lawyer and government critics who. has won slovakia's presidential election will make sure the country's first female head of state is a political novice who ran on an anti corruption platform she beat the government backed candidate which. police in bangladesh have arrested two of the owners of a high rise office building that caught fire last week say the twenty two story structure in the capital dhaka lacked adequate fire safety features and was extended illegally. killed twenty six people and injured seventy. the online retailer amazon says an investigation shows saudi arabia tapped the phone of its boss jeff bezos in january a tabloid printed leaked steamy messages between bezos and journalist lauren sanchez shortly after bezos announced he was divorcing his wife owns the washington post newspaper which employed a murdered saudi dissident jamal khashoggi. brazil's president shire both n.r.o.
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has arrived in israel to be in the country for several days trying to bolster ties without angering arab trade partners trip comes as israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is battling to shore up support head of national elections. turn out to mozambique where the where aid agencies are stepping up their efforts to help the sick and hungry in the flood ravaged country cyclon killed more than seven hundred people in mozambique malawi in zimbabwe when it struck two and a half weeks ago hundreds of thousands were left homeless authorities are warning of the danger of water borne diseases as they report a jump in the number of people ill with cholera. in areas previously under water now muddy swamps the receding floodwaters in mozambique hobbled the bodies of many of the missing the threat of disease here is very real. is warry over
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a spike in the number of color cases in the city of beirut kolarov causes acute diarrhea and can kill within hours if not treated nearly a million vaccines a jew to arrive in the country soon. government in ny because of wrapping they are if it's to treat those in need teens from around the world are arriving with food clean water and medicine. who go into a very critical phase now which is assistance this is this is will be done in the in five years which is foods. water sanitation and also shelter. we also want to make sure that the communities they thought capable in conditions we stored their livelihoods so will be with some measurements that we taking like seeds and means for them to make sure they do get this backward culture is hugely
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important to mozambique nearly eighty percent of the population depends on it many people not only lost the roof over their heads about the harvest to getting their damaged land back in working order soon is critical. for south end in the bonus league and dortmund went into match state twenty seven level on points with fire at the top of the table and face a tricky match against wales for it was a must win game ahead of next week's huge clash in munich but it wasn't going to be easy against the walls. with marco roy's out to witness the birth of his first child man while a county filled in as dortmund's captain against a high flying volvo spurred side finding someone to wear the armband is one thing but replacing roy says clinical finishing is another issue. casa putting a shot over the ball spurred goal in the nineteenth minute. both spirit battled
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defensively but rarely looked dangerous. felt a course twenty eighth minute chance was likely their best of the entire match. after that spectacular save a pitch invader kept dortmund keeper roman birky busier than the wolfsburg attack did. the hosts still looked out of sorts on the other end of the field but pocket costs are sending a sixty fourth minute free kick into orbit. frustration mounted among the dortmund faithful as the clock wound down but a minute. into stoppage time the spanish forward again stepped up to take a free kick and this time he drove it home i one nil dortmund with the casa sending fans into a pro with the kind of late heroics that dortmund relied on so heavily in the fall . and in the last play of the match jaden sanchez weave through
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a weary evil spirit defense to set up a concept for an unorthodox finish his second of the game. dortmund may have left it late but there are two nil win could be vital at season's and. so with dortmund winning title rival rivals biron had to follow suit but they were held to a one all draw in freiburg just two minutes for on the clock when an unmarked lucas nodded freiburg in front to shock the reigning champions but they didn't hold the lead for long as robert leave and levelled the scores on twenty two minutes a one hundred ninety ninth bonus legal goal for the pole a frustrating draw for buyers. you're watching the news well leave you now with some images of earth our cities around the world turned off the lights on famous landmarks and a call for global action on climate change a mix by search of the team here and myself many thanks for keeping.
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a city in ruins. a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population . structures occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to church's response was. i. will never gain political.


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