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throughout this year there are numerous event celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the bauhaus school one of the most influential movements of art and design in the twentieth century and is still influencing our design all over the world today but our house was founded by visor copius in the city of weimar and that's where a new museum has to celebrate the anniversary and includes every day by a house design some of which maybe you'll recognize. together let us conceive and create the new building of the future those were the goals of powerhouse according to their founding manifesto from nine hundred nineteen one hundred years later the city of weimar has erected a new monument to this global modernist movement the chief curator for architecture and design from new york's museum of modern art has flown over it especially for the unveiling that is either coming just on one hand you can definitely say that modern visual culture and our current visual culture is impossible to imagine
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without bauhaus it's become part of our d.n.a. so that we almost don't notice it anymore on the other hand and this seems even more important to me the ideas of bauhaus are still in our heads as an enduring utopia. or topi only seem to cope because it's prime are his spent twenty seven million euros and three and a half years building this minimalist concrete cuba on the site where bounce was founded it's a treasure chest holding the world's oldest bauhaus collection from founder vantage point he has some self some one hundred sixty eight works the famous table lamp from vilhelm back in felton kolya. mining on a bronze teapot. the ceramics of t.r.w. . two thousand square metres of exhibition space over fine floors the structure was built to reflect an industrial workshop the exhibit is meant to spark debate not eulogize the past and says how much seeing none of the weimar classic foundation thus gets us to believe we can only understand it now that one can see the bow and
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also museum puts the sound close we remain today to the incredible developments of one thousand nine hundred and the following years and for them in addition unless i think this will really change our city that social issues business got through and that was. the good thing is a symbolic rebuke to the nazis stamped out the bauhaus movement in germany. forcing a fraud. good now that's exactly what i think we need to pay attention to today that our needs this openness and the ability to provoke the bauhaus with an institution that cross borders that survived and thrived on the diaspora without open borders that wouldn't have happened then and without them it can't happen today i think you talk to me often occurrence in the midst almost needs to get as a hotel. sitting in its modern digital technology the light something concrete
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facade of the new bauhaus museum just as darkness descends on weimar. now the market for muslim fashion is growing exponentially while by the fine arts museum in san francisco is the first museum to explore the complex and diverse dress codes of muslim fashions now what became a controversial exhibition has transferred to europe to a museum in frankfurt and the discussions go on my colleague scott will join me for more in a minute but first let's have a look at the exhibition. a security check at the museum of applied arts in frankfurt all that's inside is an exhibit of modern muslim fashion but that was enough to attract sharp criticism and violent threats the clothes and selves hardly seen shocking they look fashionable modern even chic but for some women's rights activists the exhibit is a slap in the face the iranian born monica cassini has been fighting for years to free muslim women forced to wear the headscarf this is for me it's an instrument of
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torture to see it here in a secular society in a museum paid by public funds it's propaganda presented as fashion. it does propaganda mordor it propaganda the museum rejects its accusation the exhibit they say is not about repression and restrictions just the opposite in fact . it's about young muslim women and non muslims to. exerting their right to decide to wear modest less revealing clothing kokesh modest . and if they want to wear a hit or not you try. one side speaks about the freedom to wear a headscarf the other about women being forced to do so there's no easy solution to the debate says to scholar of islam. in which there is repression now muslim
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communities towards women who would like to take off their head scarves who don't want to wear one at all they are told they're dressing like a western woman but a muslim can't dress that way and i think you have to take that into consideration when you present islamic dress as fashion and islam. as mordor in syria does fashion reflect institutional political power structures or is it an expression of individual freedom this is at the core of the frankfurt exhibit and wherever you stand on the issues a topic worthy of debate. we will now briefly with my colleague scott rocks right now this exhibition was in san francisco before coming to franco was a controversial that was controversial but not nearly as much as it was here in frankfurt and the debate there seemed to be more about young muslim women and how they see themselves and see their fashion and that
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a lot of young muslim with women see this type of modest fashion as liberating as a way of expressing a different identity then maybe the sort of male gaze of the of the modern western fashion industry which they see as being sort of sexist and exploitive and so there's some of these young muslim women who call themselves the job which is a combination of he job and fashionista and and they present themselves completely differently they present themselves as really as as hip as as as modern as liberated so they're not they show themselves not as being oppressed women forced to cover up but rather women who chose a different identity than the one offered them by western capitalist society. i mean so it's very different then to. the discussion going on here in frankfurt or in germany or in europe yeah yeah and i think it's interesting
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because i think i think it maybe points to a difference between europe and america and i think in america broadly people look at the first think of freedom as the freedom to do things so the freedom to say what you want the freedom to dress the way you want the freedom to practice religion the way you want so i'm not saying there isn't a lot of anti islamic sentiment in in the us but i think you'd find far fewer people who say that muslims are allowed to dress the way they want where here in europe i think we see a lot of people see freedom more in terms of the freedom from things the freedom from oppression the freedom from violence and so when it comes to this issue of muslim fashion i think a lot of people in europe look at it more in terms of oppression and not in terms of individual expression as a resort in france with the headscarf of public institutions yeah of course of course the ban the burka and of course very famously recently the ban on the burqini this modest muslim swimsuit that they have and the king of course was also part of the part of the exhibit and there's
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a lot of the debate around it. it is interesting because this issue itself on the burqini is something that we here at the edge of ella took on recently did a web video looking at the burqini look at the issues around it and we looked at also the fact that controversy over women fashion is nothing new also nothing new in the western world you compare the bikini to the issues around the bikini when the bikini first came out it was also banned on european beaches back then it was women had to cover up now with the burqini being bad women have to take off some of their clothes when they go to the beach i don't know their discussions are going to go. scott thanks very much for coming in. fashion a different car now but also controversial in its time mary quant synonymous with the swinging sixty's when london was the center of the world when it came to music and fashion was the driving force behind many hot pants
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a much more the victoria and albert museum in london is celebrating her iconic status in a new exhibition which shows how she led the way bringing daring and excising fashions to the high street. for a mini skirts and vinyl dresses to vibrant tights and makeup. two hundred items tell the story of how mary quant changed fashion forever included on garments donated by the public and never before seen pieces from the designers own our colleagues. the exhibition charts twenty years of one's work from its beginnings in the mid one nine hundred fifty s. in london chelsea district. t a step left her shop in one thousand fifty five it was the famous bazaar we take on the king's right and we at that point where coming out of britain is coming out of post-war austerity rationing is
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still in place until nine hundred fifty four and in many ways that clothes are real reaction against that time this is a ring again and that gentleman means legs no longer hidden under dirty jeans says mary quant but expose once more in the long leg. to what else is new. quite quickly the brand was very successful shaping the second store she tapped into this atmosphere this mean the change in for new ways to go with women's lives and so we tell that story how it relied on marketing and publicity magazines. mary quant made a name by originality a style that will forever be associated with quantity is the miniskirt. throughout the decade hemlines gradually rose by nine hundred sixty six the term mini skirt was in white usage it became a symbol of the swinging sixty's and women's liberation but it was also a polarized a squint learned. from the beginning it felt as though. there was
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a long lost of young men to bring in lego friends and raving about everything and they were not a lot of sort of sitting. on the window with. the exhibition also shows how quantum braced mass production techniques bringing her striking styles to ordinary shoppers the one being introduced this time by mary queering the nine hundred seventy s. the designer expanded her remit to include items like curtains and bed linens. that you rages hope the show will finally gonna quantz the recognition she deserves that i think now is really the perfect time to celebrate a woman with an amazing career to inspired so many different women and liberated them from traditional rules and regulations. fans can catch the exhibition at london's victorian albert museum until february next year.
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and that's it for today moral mary quant on the all the topics on the show on our website. slash culture one day the show is on the website as well if you want to say it again from our cell phone or the crew here in about an hour.
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quadriga international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week as nato mohsin seventy years on a first series we are schooled fugitive's the military alliance how in the age of trump and how many spoke germany's role in the international security and defense arena last summer more coming up and patricia to join us. quadriga thirty minutes w. no. i'm not laughing out of the gym i just sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and meet the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype a question that any you think is new to the country guy now la. pierre you don't
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