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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight it is real the polls have just closed in the closest election in years an incumbent prime minister and the political fight of his life a challenger with a real chance of winning voters today asked to decide for term of prime minister benjamin netanyahu former general and political newcomer. who will be israel's next leader we'll go live to jerusalem for the first results also coming up the clock is against her britain's prime minister theresa may make a deadline dash to europe to avoid
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a break sit crash out just three days into britain leaves the european union today may met with president. to plead for another extension earlier in the day she made the same request to chancellor merkel here in berlin and risking more than her wife the journalist to cross the syrian border to film a friend who's become as she hottest she was kidnapped in the process and she was seven months pregnant will ask why did she do what. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us it is just after ten pm in israel and polls have now closed in the country's parliamentary election an election that is simply too close to call exit poll numbers are expected any minute now final results will come in the early hours of wednesday morning. voters have been
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deciding whether to extend it prime minister benjamin netanyahu is conservative ten year for a fifth term he's up against his former military chief begun a centrist who's made much of corruption allegations against netanyahu but he is new to politics it's expected to be a very tight race as always israeli elections are being closely watched in the entire region in the middle east and also around the world. and we're going to take you to our correspondent in jerusalem in just a moment for those exit poll numbers but first i have here at the big table with me gilmer's yano he is a middle east analyst with the german institute for international and security affairs here in berlin guilds good to see you again so you know we're waiting for these first exit numbers but what has this vote been about today what were israeli voters what were they asking themselves when they would go into the there's
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little booth to make a decision right more than ever i think this election's different from the previous ones when israelis went to vote for guns one had on it and you know it was really about guns and you know is individually this was mainly about the individual votes of trust in this case quite far doc sickly when you look at it was these two candidates there's very little difference when it comes positions on issues such as foreign policy on issues such as. national security you see there anything different it's mainly about the integrity of the office the main railing cold the main right over existence of the opposition to it and you know that well that's what got months people to think about rightly because netanyahu is facing indictments for corruption but what is it you know what is he countering with right i think that you know is focusing going on branding myself as an irreplaceable indispensable leader and that level on the level straight straight across the level of foreign policy and i think he emphasized the idea that is the only leader in israel who is able to preach on the into. national stage and come back with
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achievements in the results it's where you've seen a wreck if the last couple of weeks it will be his asian but a number of his international airlines may be the highest point the trumpet ministration. indorsement or recognition of the israeli annexation of the golan heights along heights that in the words and they do is really to define him is a leader of a different caliber a leader among those would lead to basically different than the unexperienced as you mentioned guns ok if you have thank you very much we want to go to jerusalem our correspondent tanya kramer is standing by. its good to see you so we understand that those exit poll numbers are coming out do you have any numbers for us. yes that's right is very dramatic evening everybody was waiting for those exit polls here the whole day so we have two of the t.v. programs here channel twelve gave us exit poll numbers.
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thirty three seats it's according to seats of one hundred twenty knesset seats blue and white guns party thirty seven so he's up. labor party six and a smaller parties some of them have apparently not made it over this threshold and some of them are around five to six seats you have to look at them a bit closer later on now the. channel twelve the other program he gave to exit polls foot blue and white it's thirty six seats equal to the likud also thirty six seats ok so what we're looking at then is blue and white with a slight edge but we want to remind our viewers in the time you've seen this with every election these exit polls are notorious not accurate correct. yeah that's correct it's like even the polls before the elections you can read them and we really have to wait and see now over the next hours then the results trickle
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in and that could change a lot of course what's happening now he is everybody's now doing the mathematics and seeing what does it mean but you know it's not just about to to make a party spin wide and it could it's also what happens to the smaller parties you know what the blocs so. twelve gave the blocs that they are almost equal the other. you know it's a slight advantage for that it could so we have to wait and see you know these are exit polls here you have to stress that it's important to remember it's also important to remember that the election is not just in the election there's also the coalition building that comes after the election and if we're looking at a situation where blue and white actually come out fairly even will it make these smaller parties will they become maybe the king makers then and maybe deciding who can build
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a governing coalition. absolutely and that's what we have to look at tonight and specially certain parties i mean the pulses have projected that the right wing blog is much stronger but even if they are already two or three of those parties might not make it over this threshold that could be actually a very dangerous for likud especially when you look at some of the numbers that the likud you know quoting to one of the exit polls is actually has a much lower number than blue and white so we have to read it and look at those smaller parties and see how they could actually build this coalition in turn you were also getting news now that the challenger in this campaign in this election mr gunson he is has declared victory in this election tell me what do you make of that i mean that's a an early call a victory isn't it. yeah it's a bit of an early call i mean definitely blue and white has done much better i mean
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there have been leading the polls but i think it's a bit of an early call but i think this also just steps up the pressure i think we have to wait and see whether those exit polls actually don't correspond to the actual numbers but i mean if that's true i mean one of the channel twelve gave us a number thirty seven to thirty three that's quite already. a good call for blue and white but i think it's a bit early ok let me just ask you before we run out of time how do you read the fact that we've got guns declaring a victory well first of all it's a question of momentum i mean. you mentioned it's not just about the actual blocks i mean to finish unease that india and the president using these really president to the candidate with the best chance to assemble a government and those are two different parties they've got to check today the issue of blocks but also the issue of the people of all this is a unique type of elections a vote of trust on the individual level and i've never seen such a difference between two major all polls though there's those t.v.
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polls and one gives form and they'd say of the difference one just one if we take the first one as a reliable one that might allow guns to claim it publicly. and even if it does it can't really assembled the right block at the moment when it should use it for the momentum. or in the case it looks like we're in for a long evening in university ali thank you very much time you cramer in jerusalem thank you we will be back with you later in the evening. now to break sit and it is crunch time for british prime minister to resume a she has been on a whirlwind european tour ahead of a crucial e.u. summit tomorrow and just days before the u.k. scheduled departure from the e.u. she was in paris there's evening meeting president emanuel earlier she was here in berlin for talks with chance or may want to extension to the leaving date it's
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thought that paris favors a shorter extension while berlin favors a longer one. just as with breaks it to reason why is the arrival of the chancellor a didn't go as planned the british prime minister was obviously a little too early and merkel wasn't there to welcome her it was only after it's a reason they went inside that both leaders came back out for compulsory handshakes but smiles contact the fact that the german chancellor and other european leaders are urging the british to provide more clarity. this became clear this morning at the meeting of a year foreign ministers. and we are waiting finally for substantive steps in the right direction it is to get up to now it's nothing at all has changed and we are of course thinking about an appropriate extension of the deadline and also about a longer extension i must however come with very strict conditions on. the i think there's a lot of speculation about what to resume a cut off of the e.u.
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before the end of june or what the u. is prepared to give the u.k. remiss in london that merkel could be willing to put a five year limit on the backstop have been refuted by the german government. and the u.k. would have to take part in european elections in may if it doesn't exit the e.u. before that date after the visit to palin to resume a travel to paris chancellor angela merkel made it clear breaks it could even be extended to the beginning of twenty twenty and i to french president and manual mccaughan said a delay within limits was an option. as well we have team coverage of to resume a's last minute european tour joining me here at the big table is a used briggs and analyst alex forrest whiting correspondent lisa lewis joins me from paris and our very own correspondent barbara is in brussels tonight to all of you welcome barbara let me start with you the european union could very well determine the short term fate of brecht's it tomorrow will there be another brags
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that delay of course there will be and now they are. what did you expect really the e.u. has has decided to show patience endless patience and even more patients this is a time to give more time said to skew the president of the european council in his invitation at or so what we will have because the conclusions the final declaration after the summit the draft of it is already out what we will get is another extension of the indeterminate length yet the leaders will decide that tomorrow night and it will end when ever britain decides or is able to finally every out of five that was draw agreement and on the other hand it will also not be longer than date x. that we need to still find out so britain will also be tied to certain conditions that means they will have to stop trying to reopen that was draw agreement and
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there is a so-called boris clause they will have to promise to behave well in the future as long as they are a member of the european union because of course if he is in brussels that future british prime minister may be boris johnson might be really nasty and show the actually side of british politics in brussels the brig's boys sort of speak let me get a huge reason she stopped in paris today knowing the president is the one power broker with the most delegates about the utility of another briggs delay do we know what to mackerel. well trues i'm a has issued a statement and she said that the talks she was talking about you know the ongoing discussions with labor with the opposition on finding a backing for her deal in parliament and she was also insisting pound leigh that she was trying to reach trying to avoid participating in e.u. elections and because of the delay now that it's going to go down to the via
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because e.u. dixon's i'm going to take place in six weeks but you know i really hope that was not oh she was talking about the his in monaco has made it very clear that he will be asking for more on the table if he if the u.k. prime minister wants him to say yes to an extension the french government the french leader is named to have a very tough stance on britain and he has been saying and other but existence here in france also has been saying we're not going to give it for free to her she needs to put something on the table like backing from hahnemann for example democrat was looking rather stern there in the video with to resume a balance we know that tourism a was able to tell both macro and miracle that she now has crossed party talks taking place trying to find a missile lucian that can win a majority in parliament but the opposition labor party saying tonight at that after a week of talks basically there is no compromise to speak of is labor along with
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the government and everyone in parliament or they'd simply stalling and waiting to see what theresa may is going to bring back from brussels where yes they have an element of bassem why wouldn't you still when you know that you are waiting full of the twenty seven other members of the e.u. to decide you'll fate but there's more to it than that and the main point between labor and the conservative party so far is that although the government a saying look we have productive meetings with labor labor saying nothing is changing that just because to reason may is still sticking to her red lines and the key red. line that labor want to move on is this customs union she has said that the u.k. should not remain in a customs union with the e.u. they both want it to be a u.k. wide permanent customs union so this is an ongoing battle between them and both sides one something that neither at the moment is prepared to compromise on you've
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also got the on going labor affair that reason may is going to step down sometime in the future it could be shortly it could be a little bit longer what happens then a bit like what bob is saying with the e.u. how are they going to stop the next leader of the conservative party the next prime minister from undoing anything that they agree with her you know labor have got their own problems they have to make sure that they are appealing to their members their members want that to be a second referendum they do not want really to see their party doing a do with the conservative party so this is going to be an ongoing problem it's not so straightforward as it's amazing to talk about you know the fear of the bad boys may be seizing power away for you all to watch with me a video now of a reason may arriving today the chancellor here in berlin middleby can sure that normally mate would get out of record we have a video. there we go normally they would get out of a car in america would be standing to greet her there but today they arrived early
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and she had to venture into the building before she ran into america last time you may remember made couldn't even get out of her car because the door was stuck i mean do these mishaps do they speak there you see them they finally found each other do they speak to may's missteps along this very long road barbara let me take it to you in brussels what do you say after watching the two ladies there finally finding each other. putting that question to me branching out talking about. theories i'm a not finding her host and all the mishaps like the left was falling down at party conference or losing her voice in one of the final breaks of debate some column a name i mean there were other things like invoking article fifteen before you even know what you really wanted what kind of threats it or sending you most of cues ministers as negotiators to brussels and then wondering why things didn't go so
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well or maybe thinking about it not thinking about you majority in parliament when drawing your red lines breck's it or constantly underestimating for instance what i'm going to america would and want to misjudging what america would and want to do to help you are really underestimating the unity and the cool professionalism of the european union so take your pick if you want to answer the question where did it all go so horribly wrong yeah there's a lot to choose from i guess we could say. brussels. lisa lewis in paris and right here at the big table with me our analyst alex forrest wired to all of you thank you very much. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a court in hong kong has found knowing that leaders of the two thousand and fourteen umbrella movement guilty on public nuisance charges they could now face jail time for their role in organizing the pro-democracy rallies calling for
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greater autonomy from china u.s. attorney general william barr has promised to release a redacted copy of a special counsel robert muller is report on russian election meddling within a week or has faced intense pressure to release the full report after unusually publishing a short summary of it are portrayed its findings as highly favorable to president. staying with donald trump he has hosted a gyptian president abilify the l.c.c. for talks at the white house truck praised c.z. saying the egyptian leader is doing a great job but there was no mention of the country's human rights record under sisi he plans to change the constitution to stay in power. have taken to the streets in protest again after the country named its first new president in twenty years lawmakers installed the speaker of the country's upper house to be the interim leader after adel as he's beautifully stepped down last week but
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demonstrators say that the new president is a regime insider and they are demanding a radical overhaul instead. with. one out of the story of a woman who became in tangled with jihad is. and is a german journalist too even though she was in this month of her pregnancy went to syria to film a friend who had become a jihadi but is in was kidnapped by islamic radicals and imprisoned her child was born in captivity in an exclusive report. has her story. janine if in dyson thinks about her kidnapping every single day a year in captivity altered her life beyond recognition she recalls the moment when everything changed. six armed
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men with kalashnikovs stop my taxi. when the doors of their man opened i was terrified like a frightened animal. on the can i did my best to remain calm and shut out the thousands of thoughts rushing through my mind. after a shot. in the autumn of twenty fifteen a people smuggler brought janina across the border from turkey into syria. she went to shoot a documentary about an old school friend who had converted to islam and then joined a group of islam ists. janina was seven months pregnant at the time but her friend promised her that she'd be safe. i trusted her but the circumstances were so different from the last time we had seen each other in germany. there were two different worlds that didn't have any connection.
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janina filmed with her friend for days on her way back to turkey she was kidnapped by jihadists from the same group they provided for her basic needs but she lived in constant fear. and feels like it best prepared to cut off my head in front of the camera at any time that much was clear. the birth of janina son was perhaps the most difficult time for. one by her captors entered her room accompanied by a veiled woman it was a gynecologist who ran a nearby practice. they have threatened to kill her husband if anything happened to me oh my child she burst into tears one day and told me they were blackmailing her. that's why she was willing to do anything to make sure the birth went smoothly. a few months after the birth janina was freed unexpectedly she believes another islamist group was behind her release today she
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accepts that her decision to go to syria was a terrible mistake. and guns but it was a dangerous mix that own a feeling of being safe and a very dangerous situation that i misjudged. janina only wanted to tell the story of a friend before her child was born now she's glad she was able to get out of syria alive together with her baby boy. or hurricane maria wreaked havoc and serious damage but it's drug puerto rico eighteen months ago now a group of young inventor inventors is using drones and the internet to speed up emergency response times and to provide vital communication links in the aftermath of hurricanes in the aftermath of forest fires and floods take a look. she was the strongest storm to hit in almost
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a century hurricane marie has dried remains under russian rains devastated to recall causing ninety billion dollars worth of damage to the island. diving power lines turning highways into latex and claiming three thousand life some on the right. or. no one local is hoping to use druids to find survivors the next time a storm hits his idea born in the chaos that followed maria just like the rest of the island i was worried about my family my friends that i went to go visit my parents to make sure they're ok i went over there the drugs were flooded there were a lot of cell towers that were down lamp posts on the ground but they were fine my grandmother and i had no way to get tours so what i did would i went closer house to the road trip clothes but i used my drone to check on her when i got to her house with a drone she heard it and she saw in the window that everything was fine. pedro
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designed a series of signs depicting basic needs water and food for example that drones can no read and record he wants the signs to be sent to every household on the island. elsewhere on puerto rico this team is trialing a wife i networked for use during disasters the system would a low survivors to send vital information to imagine cease ever says it all made possible with small battery or solar powered transmitters like this. the mayor says the wish that has the technology when maria hit. all of us will go down that it will that it's one of the big challenges for a hurricane as devastating as maria and other emergencies it was clear that the greatest difficulty was communication not only local but how to communicate with government agencies to respond to all the needs that there were but. nobody at all
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morning i think bill good morning i came in the initial results are positive the project i will team is carrying out its first large area test installing transmitters on trees and roofs. the whole mais the messages start coming in with the help of a balloon equipped with a signal it's a cheap solution that offer a lifeline to communities cut off by extreme weather. here's a reminder of the top story that we are following for you polling stations have a closed in israel in that country's general election exit polls showing prime minister benjamin netanyahu the party neck and neck with blue and white party guns has already claimed a victory but it all depends on which of the main parties which of the winning leaders is able to form a coalition a governing coalition with the smaller parties. you're
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watching the news live from back at the top of the hour with more news we're going to have the latest on the results coming in from the israeli election and then i'll be back to take you through the day tonight and her final. push for a. get what she wants.
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