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guns spoke at blue and white headquarters in tel aviv thanking his supporters if the former military chief gets the nod and can form a coalition it would mean a move towards the center left in israeli politics but the incumbent benjamin netanyahu and his likud party look to have a slightly better chance of cobbling together a coalition with the necessary sixty one seeds to gain the majority in the israeli parliament the knesset. despite all of that gunns was confident when he spoke to his supporters about two hours ago. that peak light is shining on our israel tonight. it's an historic day. more than one meaning people voted for us. i want to go to jerusalem our correspondent on your kramer she's burning the midnight oil for us tonight on this election night good evening to you and yes it's
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good to see that you can still smile tonight what about mr guns does he have reason to smile and celebrate tonight. well we could certainly here in his victory speech i mean he already gave a victory speech this time of the night when the final results are not even out i mean he could smile about the exit polls and at the moment you know the votes are being counted and slowly trickling in but the exit polls gave him and these three out of the four that were published tonight gave him a slight advantage over the likud but that doesn't mean we really that the final results look the same so basically he said you know he wants to form the next government and he wants to be the prime minister for all israelis his team of unifying the country and that was his victory speech tonight already you know obviously he sees the glass as half full but so does prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu how do you explain his taken and his claim a victory tonight. yeah that's right he also claimed victory and we understand he's on the way to give his victory speech some time from now so basically what they are both doing here is you know taking the momentum and saying they're both will be able to form a coalition although the numbers might at the moment still favor probably right wing coalition we also understand that mr netanyahu has started to talk to party leaders now it's all up also to become and ations who could form the next condition and the president will then task you know this person gets the most recommendations then to form the coalition so it's all a bit premature i think we have to wait and see you know for the final results coming here overnight and those results will probably come in early on wednesday
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morning is it possible though to talk about a candidate who is better positioned to form a governing coalition tanya or is it possible to say that they both you know equal chances of doing that right now. i mean pulses have always said that the right wing bloc has more chances to form a coalition and it all depends now also on some of the smaller writing parties there too especially it's not right clear whether they have pasta specials then of course it comes to some of the parties that might change their mind maybe whether they want to go with mr netanyahu or maybe join the blue and why it's not really clear but there is a slight majority at the moment at least for the right thing block so we have to wait and see really how those final results play out all right maybe those results
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will come in just as the sun rises there were you are on your game or on the story for us tonight in jerusalem tanya thank you. all right as for for more analysis now here at the big table with me is gilmer's yano he is a middle east analyst with the german institute for international and security affairs he's been with us throughout this evening so we were talking earlier you know that both netanyahu and they've both claimed victory what does each candidate have going for him and against him at this moment i think that is basically two figures that are going to mean in favor of guns basically what he's looking for the nomination i mean one of the major issues is definitely the fact that in the coming days we're going to see the actual evidence the record in dire need the full materials about in the corruption investigations we've done and you know being published something that was held off until now most of you has been indicted correct indeed and i mean indicted pending dined and based on in and in the hearing
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but these materials are going to come out in my change the climate basically the public lendell to get them to second the issues really about our definitions of those blocks those most were defined before under this sumption is that we are looking at the right versus left kind of authority on the blocks of political authority exactly the political blocs but i think that in disgrace with talking about something slightly different we're talking about the complaint between the right and the center of the center right into left kind of complaint so the odd possible allies small parties such as the man and others that might a come into the fold and and be eligible for a negotiations with guns having said that we've seen a couple of signs in the last couple of hours especially. the ultra ultra docs that they are pledging or at least giving some pledges of in on it and you know really the main issue is going to against gun majorly ability is actually spot millipedes at the moment i don't see any option of guns building
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a coalition to weed out the old salt of the ox those are the traditional kingmakers of the israeli elections and you. you see the ultraorthodox is being the king makers in this election as well deed indeed especially in any future a possible coalition of guns and in many aspects is a social persona non-grata this is a politician that made his main trademark is the separation of religion and state he's been considered a red rag in front of a bullet when it comes to the. books let me ask you about the palestinian a peace plan with the palestinians was not part of either candidate it's campaign there's even talk about the invisible palestinians in this election take a listen to what palestinian president mahmoud abbas said earlier today when he was asked about the israeli election. well there can. always hope for is that they move towards a just and right path to reach peace we have no interest in
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a government that doesn't believe in peace and we are not interested in dealing with them we hope that god will guide them to understand that peace is a mutual interest for us and for the whole world therefore they should come to the negotiating table our hands are always extended. so who should come to the negotiating table who is boss talking about neither candidate neither side is talking peace talking about a peace deal right based on the party platforms we see in its streets compared to the recent the recent campaigns a very little attention given to the topic of police state the political process with the palestinian not just by the way in the party platforms all of the whole of on or of course the likud but also the of adult the labor party the former head of the peace camp in israel and i think this is basically a consensus across the political spectrum in israel the palestinian issue is a nonstarter for the israeli public but how do you explain that because the
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palestinians haven't gone away right i mean i think it's a combination of a couple of things first of all this issue of the real issue of a presentation the crisis of representation in the palestinian side really leaves a structural obstacle story going to go she ations but also a change in the israeli public when it comes to the no partner for which it most israelis adopt an electoral sense of urgency to engage in this topic we've seen it and you know being able to to engage with the arab world without paying the price on the palestinian level so he's really don't really see a sense of urgency on that level you know kicking the can down the road maybe to get morsi on there with the german institute for international in security affairs we preach it your insights tonight thank you. well a german convert to islam has gone on trial charged with murder when she was a member of so-called islamic state in iraq the prosecutor in munich alleges that the woman a twenty seven year old known as jennifer wu and her husband kept
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a young girl as a slave and they let her die of thirst. jennifer w. entering the courtroom a young woman of smallest stature she was dressed in western clothes with out of a little headscarf she's accused of joining the so-called islamic state at ins being complicit in the killing of a five year old yazidi girl in iraq. and i'm talking concrete belief they accuse husband chained up little girl outside him blazing heat the defendant didn't do anything to help the five year old the girl later died after being subjected to these conditions in the hits a hushed up. after the charges were read to the court the proceedings were interrupted federal prosecutors were recently able to question the mother of the five year old and submitted new evidence. plus he has become is that what we've just received is a very important detailed evidence. after interviewing the girl's mother the
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prosecutors are now considering adding even more serious charges against the defendant tiffany no one's on danton interviews with our clients have led us to believe there may be evidence crimes against humanity look committed over and above the current indictments slavery unlawful detention human trafficking and tool and. anticipation is now growing among the seedy community i hope that others who committed serious crimes in the name of i.a.s. will soon face justice. well it is crunch time for british prime minister to resume a she spent much of today on a whirlwind european tour ahead of an emergency e.u. summit tomorrow all of this just days before the u.k.'s scheduled departure from the e.u. . you may was in paris this evening meeting of president emanuel earlier she was here in berlin for talks with chance there i'm going to her message was the same britain needs another delay. although she received
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a friendly french welcome in paris it wasn't easy going for to raise the money president emanuel cohen is often seen as the european leader with the toughest of months maybe was lucky this time france softened its stance and said at the light within limits it was an option for the long awaited brags that still france and other european countries are getting increasingly impatient. we want to understand what the u.k. need this extension for and what is the political asset roundings our own theories a may to have this extension to fall on his visit to paris may travel to berlin to ask german chancellor angela merkel about the extension but like many breaks that arrangements things didn't quite go as planned to resume a arrived a little too early in merkel wasn't there to welcome her after the meeting merkel said braggs it could be extended to the beginning of twenty twenty but many european leaders are urging the british to provide more clarity. this was the call
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on tuesday morning at a meeting of a u. foreign ministers. and we are waiting finally for substantive steps in the right direction it is to give it up to now it's nothing at all that's changed and we are of course thinking about an appropriate extension of the deadline and also about a longer extension i must however come with very strict conditionals on guns just. the. with official visits to buy them in paris completed to resume and now has to bryce's for the upcoming emergency summit in brussels. all right let's take this story now to brussels i'm joined by correspondent barbara vanes are going to need to you barbara here we are again on the eve of another big. e.u. summit on brags that details are emerging this of the european union's terms for a breakthrough the extension that they include and i'm quoting here a so-called boris clause as it boris johnson what's that about. that
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is so so to call child safety lock against a future prime minister that might be called far as johnson that means somebody from the camp of the hardbacks to tears in london and it operates in a way that britain will have to pledge since you cooperation as long as it is a member of the european union and france even once as free monthly checks on whether they really do that and if they don't they might even then be kicked out so we're not quite there yet but that's the rough outline of it other than that there will be an extension the lengths is yet to be determined tomorrow night that will be the big fight amongst the twenty seven e.u. leaders in brussels at the summit and there are other obligations also the britain will have to participate in the european elections unless they figured out of the twenty third of may how to leave the european union ratified that was droll
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agreement and go that's of course what everybody in brussels really wishes for yeah it's amazing there were boris clauses against your borders and the bad breaks it borders i guess you could say the european union's chief bracks because she did michel barnier he spoke today it appeared to brew out a no deal brecht's take a listen to what he said. who didn't know do you will never be the european union's decision on the coup we have worked for an agreement for a treaty that is much more than just a deal. provides guarantees for breaks it creates uncertainty for e.u. citizens and for ours and it's more than a deal it's a treaty. that's the take from. there's also indications that france's president emanuel mccrone may be softening his stance when it comes to the links of this delay he's favored a short extension so far how long of an extension will paris tolerate now.
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that we will figure out tomorrow it is very likely and that's the way the european union operates it's going to be something between the one that i'm going to america finds tolerable and these three to maybe four or five months that chrome's. really find suitable so let's say late fall or maybe right after christmas something like that is in the realm often possible and likely and mccraw really emphasizes different things here because he is worried about the european union being posen from within not only by the possible emergence off the back bad boys of bread once they come to brussels but also by the constant internal discussions by being forced to deal with the bricks and whole negativity and the political chaos that brings europe has things on its that is really what is trying to say all
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right our correspondent on the story for us tonight on the eve of that emergency e.u. summit barbara thank you. hurricane maria rigged serious damage when it struck puerto rico eighteen months ago now a group of young inventors is using drones and the internet to speed up emergency response times and to secure life saving communications following natural disasters take a look. she was the strongest storm to hit in almost a century hurricane marina's driving rains and rushing rains devastated quest to record causing ninety billion dollars worth of damage to the island diving power lines turning highways into late august and claiming three thousand lives along the road. but. no one local is hoping to use druids to find survivors the next time
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a storm hits his idea born in the chaos that followed maria just like the rest of the island i was worried about my family my friends that i went to go visit my parents to make sure they're ok i went over there the drugs were flooded there were a lot of cell towers that were down lamp posts on the ground but they were fine my grandmother and i had no way to get to it so what i did would i went closer house to the road trip clothes but i used my drone to check on her when i got to her house with a drone she heard it and she saw in the window that everything was fine. pedro designed a series of signs depicting basic needs water and food for example that drones can no reed and the court he wants the science to be sent to every household on the island. elsewhere on puerto rico this team is trying a wife i network for use during disasters the system would
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a lot of survivors to send vital information to imagine she services all made possible with small battery or solar power transmitters like this. the mayor says they wish they'd had to take knowledge of when maria hit. let us all get on that it was it's one of the big challenges hurricane as devastating as maria and other emergencies it was clear that the greatest difficulty was communication not only local but how to communicate with government agencies to respond to all the needs better credit for it but. it will be at zero twenty nine bill good money nine in the initial results a positive the project i will team is carrying out its first large area test installing transmitters on trees and roofs. the whole mais the messages start coming in with the help of a balloon equipped with a signal booster it's a cheap solution that could offer
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a lifeline to communities cut off by extreme weather. but here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world u.s. attorney general william barr has promised to release a redacted copy of special counsel robert mohler is report on russian election meddling within a week or has faced intense pressure to release the full report after initially publishing a short summary portrayed its findings as highly favorable to president donald trump of staying with trump the u.s. president hosted egyptian president. today for talks at the white house trip praised azizi saying the egyptian leader is doing a great job there was no mention of the country's human rights record under sisi says he plans to change the country's constitution so that he can stay in power germany has been forced to recall its ambassador to rwanda painter vesta rwandan officials say vesta made offensive remarks about the country and its president paul
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kagame germany's developed newspaper says the remarks appeared in an e-mail sent by this though it's unclear how we're wanting to officials gain. access to that even. for decades players from the baseball crazy country of cuba had to defect to the united states if they wanted to play major league baseball where it appeared the days of leaving cuba behind were over after an agreement allowing players to play in the u.s. was reached but now the trump administration has decided the u.s. will not be playing ball with cuba. an abrupt end to a historic agreement an obama era effort led to a deal being reached last year that allowed cuban baseball players to maintain their citizenship and play in the united states it had been hoped a new generation of players would not have to defect to the u.s. like baseball star. and many others like him in cuba anybody at all semantic
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again this was an opportunity to continue to see talents in the. with the breaking of disagreements it sets us back like it has in other areas because of the blockade there's a lot of talents in cuba that one gets a chance because of the breaking of this agreement then they're already broken with . the announcement came just days after the cuban baseball federation released its first list of thirty four players also has to sign contracts directly with major league teams as part of the deal the federation would receive a fee for each player signed but since the trumpet ministration considers the cuban federation to be part of the cuban government this would go against u.s. sanctions united states national security council spokesman garrett marquise said on twitter the administration looks forward to working with major league baseball to identify ways for cuban players to have the individual freedom to benefit from their talents and not as property of the cuban state. for now at least cubans
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hoping to pursue a career in the u.s. have once again found themselves with the entry door for only shut. international backpackers have long included cambodia as one of their southeast asia destinations but the country is now firmly on the map for mainstream tours as well that has led to a building boom and that is having unpleasant side effects on cambodia's beaches. sihanoukville cambodia a city that wants to be the next global tourist hot spot. it's known for its pristine beaches and clear blue water but one thing might spoil it all. roll syringe pumped onto the sand or directly into the ocean. environmental activist who had the water tested and the results were alarming.
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but the clinic discovered many dangerous diseases in the sample. there are parasites and lots of other bacteria in the water. the water is dangerously polluted and a health risk by this. that the. scores of new casinos and hotels are being built along the coast but serious and waste management systems haven't kept up with the change piles of trash or another are still keeping tourists away. and you sense if there's a trying to keep the problem in check but development races ahead blighting the very beach that visitors come for. for solace like me it's quiet very quiet me that. the young people have guest houses where they can work but for me it's bad. and not coming yet my.
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on the islands off the coast plastic is washing up right under people's homes like in this fishing village. much of the weiss is discarded by locals themselves because there's no service here to pick up trash or scientists testing the health of coral in nearby water has and they've issued a warning. or a set of element in places like seattle feel like giving us a good example of what we want to avoid here in the future check development is saying go out into the ocean and that's a real problem for car race and say crosses in particular. but developers say construction would benefit the region if it's done right we have a couple of issues that we need to deal with the issues of infrastructure basic sewerage sanitation. electricity incineration waste disposal this is the way forward in the way that this city will win and then they can become
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a world wide destination. but activists say right now greed is winning out over green and they feed beaches like this might just become a paradise lost. now back to a time before pollution some fascinating news from turkey for history buffs archaeologists here think they may have found the world's oldest shipwreck in waters off of the mediterranean researchers believe the wreckage is around three thousand six hundred years old it appears that this ship was transporting copper mines in cyprus they had been smelted into bars when the vessel say. no plastic there. well you're watching the w. news i'm brant goff for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour with more news see their.
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doses of the ology psychology and humor. in terms of the next on d w. here's what's coming up on the going to sleep so much movement in fact the thinka face the band playing consoles if you can feel that it's fun to take a look at what all that means for the taking of course. the bond is legal every weekend here on t.w. . when the. people fight for survival ability to set up and get me but if i get one there's a flood water comes up when you step on your clothes fast for everyone. to like
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alert is equally dangerous. there's junk you will move south so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any going to six night if you want an. exodus start a full thirty years on t w. welcome to global three thousand today we consider the use of fiat in agriculture in belize we find out about alternatives to banning crop residues. ever heard of.
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