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this coming friday unless the e.u. agrees to another delay at an emergency summit tomorrow on the eve of that summit british prime minister theresa may her power in question dropping in on europe's leaders who without question have the power to make or break bread i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. this is my going to paris and then on to brussels suggests that the only intentional way she needs to get friends at the moment is what london she grew to exist for u.k. wants to stop for breakfast process it comes of a consequence fifty that suggests that for the time being taking back control was not meant to westminster but six other capitals in europe where night painting
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stand and if it looked matters that should have been dealt with before announced for it to the condition the sense by view of him counselled us is not sitting have not being met after that means for the deadline is next on april twelfth with i was . also coming up tonight you'll meet the journalist kidnapped on the syrian border trying to report on the attraction of isis fighters among western women she was willing to risk her life and that of her unborn child to get the story tonight i'll ask her why but it was a dangerous mix that i own a feeling of being safe and a very dangerous situation that i missed. soledad. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world well we begin the day with the british prime minister knocking on the doors. of european power today to recently
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he was here in berlin to meet the german chancellor uncle america she then traveled to paris to meet with president manuel mccraw on a drop in to say hello how are you can you give me more time more time before brics it begins as it stands tonight britain will crash out of the european union this coming friday the british parliament has failed to agree to a bright sit withdrawal plan to rescind may's bragg's a plan you may remember has been rejected by lawmakers three times tomorrow evening the european union will hold an emergency breaks it summit to resume a is hoping that her visits today will be enough to convince the rest of the e.u. to give her one more break sit extension this would probably be the last delay on all for to the u.k. and it is safe to say this is the last chance to rescind a has to keep her country from leaving the european union in chaos without a plan for what's ahead. just as with breaks it to raise the mines arrival at the
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chancellery didn't go as planned the british prime minister was obviously a little too early that's merkel wasn't there to welcome him it was only after it's a reason i went inside that both leaders came back out for compulsory handshakes but smiles contact the fact that the german chancellor and other european leaders are urging the british to provide more clarity. this became clear this morning at the meeting of a year foreign ministers. and we are waiting finally for substantive steps in the right direction in which to get a shot to now is nothing at all has changed and we are of course thinking about an appropriate extension of the deadline and also about a longer extension i must however come with very strict conditionals on guns. in. the there's a lot of speculation about what to resume and could offer the e.u. before the end of june or what the u. is prepared to give the u.k.
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remiss in london that merkel could be willing to put a five year limit on the backstop have been refuted by the german government and the u.k. would have to take part in european elections in may if it doesn't exit the e.u. before that date after her visit to billin to resume a travel to paris chancellor angela merkel made it clear breaks it could even be extended to the beginning of twenty twenty and i had to french president and manual mccaughan said a delay within limits was an option. but we have team coverage of teresa mayes last minute european tour joining me here at the big table is used that analyst alex forrest whiting correspondent lisa lewis joins me from paris and our very own correspondent is in brussels tonight to all of you welcome barbara let me start with you the european union could very well determine the short term fate of brecht's it morrow will there be another brics a delay of course there will be a. what did you expect to really the e.u.
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has has decided to show patience endless patience and even more patients this is a time to give more time said do not still skew the president of the european council in his invitation at or so what we will have because the conclusions the final declaration after the summit the draft of it is already out what we will get is another extension of the indeterminate length yet the leaders will decide that tomorrow night and it will end when ever britain decides or is able to finally ever had a fight that was droll agreement and on the other hand it will also not be longer than date x. that we need to still find out so britain will also be tied to certain conditions that means they will have to stop trying to reopen there was draw agreement and there is a so-called boris clause they will have to promise to behave well in the future as
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long as they are a member of the european union because of course if he is in brussels that future british prime minister may be boris johnson might mean really nasty and show the agony side of british politics in brussels the boys so to speak let me go to huge research she stopped in paris today knowing the president is the one power broker with the most delegates about the utility of another briggs delay do we know what. well truism may has issued a statement when she said that the talks she was talking about you know the ongoing discussions with labor with the opposition when finding a backing for her deal in parliament and she was also insisting apparently that she was trying to reach trying to avoid participating in e.u. elections and because of the delay now that it's going to go down to the via because e.u. dixon's i'm going to take place in six weeks but you know i really hope that was
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not told she was talking about because in my mccall i've made it very clear that he will be asking for more on the table if he if the u.k. prime minister wants him to say yes to an extension the french government the french leader is known to have a very tough stance on britain and he has been saying and other british ans here in france also have been saying we're not going to give it for free to her she needs to put something on the table like backing from hahnemann for example democrat was looking rather stern there in the video with theresa may alex we know that tourism a was able to tell both macro and miracle that she now has crossed party talks taking place trying to find a missile lucian that can win a majority in parliament but the opposition labor party saying tonight at that after a week of talks basically there is no compromise to speak of is labor along with the government and everyone in parliament are they simply stalling and waiting to
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see what theresa may is going to bring back from brussels or yes they have set an element of that and why wouldn't you still when you know that you are waiting full of the twenty seven other members of the e.u. to decide your fate but there's more to it than that and the main point between labor and the conservative party so far is that although the government a saying look we have productive meetings with labor labor saying nothing is changing that just because to reason may is still sticking to her red lines and the key red. the line that label want her to move on is this customs union she has said that the u.k. should not remain in a customs union with the e.u. they both want it to be a u.k. wide permanent customs union so this is an ongoing battle between them and both sides one something that neither at the moment is prepared to compromise on you've also got the ongoing labor fear that reason may is going to step down sometime in
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the future it could be shortly it could be a little bit longer what happens then a bit like what bah is saying with the e.u. how are they going to stop the next leader of the conservative party the next prime minister from undoing anything that they agree with her no labor of their own problems they have to make show that they are appealing to them members their members want it to be a second referendum they do not want really to see that party doing a deal with the conservative party so this is going to be an ongoing problem it's not so straightforward and it's amazing to talk about you know the fear of the bad boys may be seizing power away for you all to watch with me a video now of a reason may arriving today at the chancellor raised here in berlin maybe we can show that there we go there normally they would get out of a car in america would be standing to greet her there but today they arrived early and she had to venture into the building before she ran into america last time you may remember made couldn't even get out of her car because the door was dark and he
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did these mishaps do they speak there you see them they finally found each other do they do they speak to may's missteps along this very long road barbara let me take it to you in brussels what do you say after watching the two ladies there finally finding each other. putting that question to me brenton of talking about. three of them may not finding her host and all the mishaps like the left is falling down party conference. or losing her voice in one of the final breaks of debates in parliament no i mean there are other things like invoking article fifty before you even know what you really wanted what kind of press it or sending you most of q.'s ministers as negotiators to brussels and then wondering why things didn't go so well or maybe is thinking about it not thinking about you majority in parliament when drawing your red lines about rex it or constantly underestimating for instance
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what i'm going to america would and wanted to misjudging what america would and want to do to help you are really under estimating the unity and the cool professionalism of the european union so take your pick if you want to answer the question where did it all go so horribly wrong yeah there's a lot to choose from i guess we could say. lisa lewis in paris and right here at the big table with me our analyst alex forrest wired to all of you thank you very much and well prime minister of tourism is focused on the lobbying european union leaders for a brics delay back in britain there is one shared sentiment worth noting among those who want to leave the e.u. and among those who want to stay it is frustration with the entire breaks a process that unites them tonight. muhamad bias is frustrated with brant said ever since the u.k.
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voted to leave the european union this shopkeeper has been following the news closely hoping for certainty and clarity. but if they decided exactly no is bits of where everybody to know what is the future hold for everybody because we do know what is going on was the extension i believe is more than a month's will take yes which is no good for the business or news for nobody because if you sing in certain special little business like mohamed a large majority of this cosmopolitan neighborhood voted to remain in the european union and the referendum three years ago but unpredictable and unwanted outcomes have taken their toll i thing ok it's just a bit confusing because we will sort of left in the dark we don't know what to expect what they can decide they've had three years so let ways they should let us try again or just one it's going to be done really i just resolved you know i think everybody gets sick and tired of scarring on and on and i can understand the nice
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europeans and i said exactly sort of when everybody's but me everybody else. ice terrible so for for mass brixton prides itself on its immigrant heritage local shop for food from around the world in this market approach european stronghold in the south of london that's tired of seeing the political gridlock day in and day out. here in brixton the mood amongst photos has become dark to recent may it's asking for yet another extension and the bricks at process could drag on for months those that voted to remain in the european union and now hoping for a second referendum or that the u.k. would eventually stay in the european union others and that seems to be the general feeling on the streets in london just want the political infighting to stop and they want to get on with the brakes a process. where he has become the self-appointed gatekeeper the man stand. between the moeller report two years in the making and the american public which paid for it all today u.s.
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attorney general william barr told a congressional subcommittee that he will release special counsel robert momos report on russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election next week but it will not be the entire report barr is reserving the right to redact or admit sections that he determines too sensitive for public release and with that a showdown has been set between us lawmakers demanding transparency and the attorney general that many see not as a guardian of justice but rather as a guardian for president donald trump the american people have been left with a many with many unanswered questions serious concerns about the processes by which you formulated your letter and uncertainty about when we can expect to see the full report i believe the american people deserve to see the full report within a week. i will be in
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a position to release the port to the public and then i will engage with the chairman of judiciary committees about that report about any further requests that they have while we have the complete report are you or are you going to be selective as to what you give members of congress we will color code the exigence from the report and we will provide explanatory notes describing the basis. for each redaction i must say it is extraordinary to evaluate hundred said pages of the evidence legal documents and finding based on a twenty two month long inquiry and make definitive legal conclusions in less than forty eight hours the. thinking of the special counsel.
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was not a mystery to the people at the department of justice there were some inkling as to some of the thinking of the special counsel even for someone who has done this job before i would argue it's more suspicious and impressive this congress voted unanimously to see that report. at the congress and the committees of jurisdiction want to see the report and did the american people want to see the report. of the story of a woman who was seven months pregnant when she went to syria to film a documentary about a friend who had become a jihad just an assignment that took a terrible turk. a german journalist was kidnapped by radicals and imprisoned her baby was born in captivity. janina finn dies and thinks about her kidnapping every single day
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a year in captivity altered her life beyond recognition she recalls the moment when everything changed. six armed men with kalashnikovs stop my taxi when the doors of their man opened and i was terrified like a frightened animal. i did my best to remain calm and shout out the thousands of thoughts rushing through my mind. in the autumn of twenty fifteen a people smuggler brought janina across the border from turkey into syria. she went to shoot a documentary about an old school friend who had converted to islam and then joined a group of islamist. janina was seven months pregnant at the time but her friend promised her that she'd be safe. i trusted her
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but the circumstances were so different from the last time we had seen each other in germany. that there were two different worlds that didn't have any connection. janina filmed with her friend for days on her way back to turkey she was kidnapped by jihadists from the same group they provided for basic needs but she lived in constant fear. and feel that i could at best were prepared to cut off my head in front of the camera at any time that much was clear. the birth of janina son was perhaps the most difficult time for her one day her captors entered her room accompanied by a veiled woman. it was a gynecologist who ran a nearby practice. they had threatened to kill her husband if anything happened to me on my child she burst into tears one day and told me they were blackmailing her. that's why she was willing to do anything to
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make sure the birth went smoothly. a few months after the birth janina was freed unexpectedly she believes another islamist group was behind her release today she accepts that her decision to go to syria was a terrible mistake. and guns but it was a dangerous mix i own a feeling of being safe and the very dangerous situation that i misjudged. janina only wanted to tell the story of a friend before her child was born now she's glad she was able to get out of syria alive together with her baby boy. and the talk more about this unbelievable story about the journalist right here with me at the big table. and herself in this good to have you on the show so i want to make sure we got this right so this all started and you left to go to try to film this documentary you were seven months
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pregnant at the time right so people are going to hear that and they want to know what in the world were you thinking yeah it was this kind of. security i felt because i had to security guarantee from my friend who went into a jihadi and i was told to leave yeah stupid at that time and i mean you had the security guarantee from your friend my friend who. yeah she gave me a security guarantee to visitor for interview in syria and you believed her i believed her and in the end also it took a very long time but in the end also i was freed from. and this they were talking about this security guarantee from my friends and in the end it was an important security guarantee and we also need to know this did you did you ever think to
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yourself when you said yes i accept this security guarantee did you ever think i'm risking my life and the life of my unborn child yeah sure and you still did it yeah but i was in this moment i was also in the production like the whole film production was important for me and i have had to kind of pressure and i thought it is possible to go in for three days and go out three days maximum seven days and i thought it's possible because i had this old friend now when you look back i mean it's not a look back i was like you were naive or. use your words steve yeah yeah it was stupid in this moment and naive. but now i'm sitting here and i would never ever do that to gavin and no it was a wrong decision when you are you're sitting here there's your book in german house discreetness which we translated means my room in the house of war which was
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published we could go in german. why are you sharing your story now because for me it was important that i had now with the book the possibility to talk to my about my perspective of the whole thing and there were also some newspaper articles and some discussions about my story but never from my past perspective and i think it's very important also because it was at the end my decision and i think it's also important to know my side and also to know more about what's happened to me during this time what happened i mean i'm trying to imagine when you were imprisoned that is that's when you gave birth to your baby right right. were you when did it hit you that you were in captivity the jihad as were all around you and that you were about to give birth to
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a child and maybe you would need you know an emergency room or a hospital i mean when the that hits you at some point yeah it was like i tried not to focus on this i was more focusing on the hope that i will leave syria before. i was needing to to give birth to my son but i did what one point i was not able to believe it will happen so i was focusing on reality and then it was really hard moment how old is your son no three it's ok so he's still very very young when he's older and he comes up to you . mom. why did you do what you did before i was bored what are you going to tell them yeah i will tell him the whole story and it will be a long story and i think for him also it's important to know everything.
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at the end i was very lucky because i was also lucky in this situation of captivity because i had for example from a few weeks i had the television i was able to watch too much better then serious so this is also one of the thing to do when the heart is got you imprisoned yeah yeah this was a thing which reminded me of my home and it was very important for me do you regret what you did. what would you do differently like i would never ever go to syria again and i think it's a bad decision to do this it's a father just in this because the reality is one hundred percent of the journalists get kidnapped there is that it is two thousand and fifteen since two thousand and fourteen is that before we run out of time is that the lesson to be learned for other journalists who are risk really to take a risk like this that they should see twice yeah for sure but it was not just the
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story for me because it was my old school friend and i knew her since we was six years old so it for me it was a different situation all right jane offend a german journalist we appreciate you sharing your story with us tonight thanks for coming in thank you. well the day is almost over but the conversation continues online and you'll find us on twitter either due to the news or you can follow me at british t.v. you'll see it on your screen in just a second i'm sure don't forget use the hash tag the day there you go and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that interview.
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fees no longer breaking through the window at night more often than not we hand them. via the internet. cyber crime is a. dishonest. but some hackers that use their skills to do good. made in germany next few.
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and far me on the ropes germany's going to spare souls or sometimes feel like the cinderella of the nation the public hears about crumbling capabilities abuse of power and right wing extremism morale is suffering. the troops are fighting the restoration people don't know what it's like to be scared to death have the armed services lost their bearings. in forty five minutes come to live. when the water starts rising people fight for survival money based on a budget because a budget when there's a flood water comes up to our waist when you close fast to everyone who needs to but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. there's junk you can't sleep or move south so they can plant crops and find food. floods and
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droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any kind of peace not if you want and probably most of them to come to. the climate exodus starts it will courteous on t w. cut. now these guys might try to look scary but honestly they're so ninety nine today's criminals don't need masts.


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