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it was crucial. i take it or it will never be political. the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. really in the sights of i.a.s. starts april eleventh on d w. a delicate moment for the world economy the international monetary fund says the global economy is slowing more than expected to tell you what the i.m.f. is demanding from governments around the world to stop the don't also come in using terms are discussing another brics of postponement it will show you why people in a small french town are hoping for just stops and beijing makes big problems is
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a brussels budget equal treatment of chinese and foreign companies to drill china walk the walk. of. welcome to the program the international monetary fund sees the global economy at a quote delicate moment the organization's chief economist says that while she does not predict a global recession there are many downside risks. forecasts global growth of three point three percent this year and three point six percent in two thousand and twenty that's a slowdown over last year and recur then or it's merely forecast weakness is expected in the united states thanks to trade wars and proposed tariffs on cars all the worries are general economic slowdown the world's second largest economy china . italy faces a potential new conflict with brussels after new economic forecasts show. the
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country's budget deficit spending rose to two point four percent now these two point four percent is the magic number that italy's new populist government said it was aiming for last year when it planned a big boost in social spending but that would have violated eurozone guidelines and the e.u. forced need to back down rome has also been forced to revise its growth forecast to just zero point two percent. now for more on this let's bring in our financial correspondent conrad who is in frankfurt. from. the governing council of the european central bank is meeting today what are they going to make of apparently much less growth in lee. christophe it's very very likely that there's a lot of grumbling going on behind closed doors at the european central bank about
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italy but it's also very likely not that we're not going to hear a lot about this from the e.c.b. as president mario draghi today and i can give you two reasons for this breaks it and the upcoming election for the european union parliament at the end of may in the run of to this election and because of brics it officials at the moment are very keen not to say anything that might be backing you know the anti european union populist rightwing forces in the european union countries and you know breaks it off. all right and say we don't need another shaky member conrad let's return to our main story here the i.m.f. says it's a delicate moment for the world economy and the i.m.f. also says the major players like china or germany might need to take short term
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actions explain this morning to us. you know the international monetary fund once germany and china to be more prone to make more progress with policies germany for example has for a long time been criticised to be too focused on austerity on a very conservative way of dealing with government debt and government expenses the i.m.f. once germany to spend more on infrastructure and do more on domestic demand and we shouldn't forget it's the time of the i.m.f. spring meeting right now in washington home off donald trump and his america first policies of course stronger growth in both germany and china would support the multilateral approach that the i.m.f. stands for and also countries like germany and china on our boots on frankfurt thank you and we apologize for the
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problems we had there with our connection your leaders will be holding another emergency summit in brussels later today of britain still under resolved exit from the european union european council president donald tusk proposed a flexible one year extension of brics postponing the crucial day would be in line with hopes of people in the french port town of cali where it's currently just a matter of seconds to clear cargo running between the u.k. and the continent but with brags that that would change dramatically. a massive traffic jam at customs in cali that's what happens when french customs officials work to rule before in the job's very slowly as a form of protest to cope with breaks that the french government has promised seven hundred extra officials the trade unions say that's far too few especially if there's a new deal brings it. each day the euro tunnel shuttle train carries four thousand five hundred vehicles through the channel tunnel new color alone stalls over
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britain were to leave the customs union goods inspections would immediately become more stringent. but the infrastructure isn't in place for that it's still under construction and there aren't enough personnel for. the new building for veterinarian food inspections is not yet finished the brakes of delay could be more than a mere inconvenience to cal a ferry harbors planned for a potential no deal breakers it and budgeted some six million euros for it if it came to increased customs inspections here in the future it's hoped things would still run smoothly as losing time means losing money frank areas for example would be able to fill out forms on line in advance two million trucks use the ferries each year in cali. what we're afraid of is loss of revenue if the british economy imports and exports fewer goods but we're
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not pessimistic but instead we're optimistic about the future as well. the ferry port is a major economic motor in an otherwise structurally weak region many jobs have been cut in the textile and fishing industries especially and now briggs it could be measured but i prefer it if things stay the same for both sides no question there's more inspections would be a huge hindrance mainly for the transport branch but i think british tourists would keep coming. that's what shopping centers on the outskirts of cali also hope british day tourists are unimportant leon tell british visitors account for about forty percent of sales here up to now at least. and staying on the issue of bilateral ties european leaders have called it a breakthrough the e.u. china. summit in brussels all beijing make concessions on key trade issues like market access and intellectual property this at
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a time of growing european unease over china's brand of economic ambition on the world stage. the choreography is still a bit shaky but when it comes to matters of trade at least the relationship is going in the right direction that's european union council president donald to take on the final communique for this year's brussels summit. negotiations have been difficult about that fruitful. we managed to create a joint statement which sets. out this shit based on the reciprocity china has compromised on several key questions international companies will no longer be pressured into disclosing their technological know how to their chinese partners also cut back on state subsidies and in future trade relations will be developed in accordance with united nations principles and world trade organization regulations. or higher that. we need to speed up
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negotiations on the china europe investment agreement with a view to making decisive progress by the end of the current year. then we can conclude a high quality china europe agreement before the end of next year it should be fair for institutional investors from both sides and ensure mutual openness. there are good reasons for the chinese compromises the complaints by european companies about unfair competitive practices in china have become increasingly bitter. the e.u. has also given a lot of ground chinese telecoms company while we will likely not see its technology banned from use in any future ultra high speed five g. mobile data network in europe its inclusion was a controversial matter because of the company's government ties and fears of digital espionage. now both sides have to live up to their grand declarations something they've often. and short of in the past. strict new emissions rules are changing our streets for the better as the smog clears and electric vehicles are
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starting to replace these rules for example but also for the worse as some of the arguably most beautiful cars are falling out of favor vintage cars around the midst of a time when it was all about the looks of a vehicle and no one really cared about the dark clouds coming out of his exhaust pipe do we really want to give up on those classic cars while a british startup has found a way to keep them on the road. out for a drive on the streets of london matthew quitter enjoys riding his nine hundred fifty three morris minor but the only classic car here but his especial it lacks the distinct diesel noise. just a little bit tired noise was the sound of the lights of fifty three car. probably through the crowd. just the sound of tires after quick to replace the original engine with a modern electric version is this business model at london electric cars in the
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u.k. we've got i think thirty seven million calls on the road over a billion cause in the world on the road and i don't think anyone's have any doubt now that we are moving to a teen carbonized society. which begs the question what is going to happen to all those calls that we need treat in a scrap thirty seven million car. and to me that it's just untenable you know where they were going to be scrapped. and more importantly why why why scrap them when there isn't actually anything wrong with them except for the power train. turns out it's not so hard replacing the poetry in even on an old traveller or any of the other beauties here so lovers of old cars don't have to be worried about stricter rules to come and they are coming. we know that transport is the main offender when it comes to you should we need to make sure that we get it to its diesel vehicles and most polluting vehicles. and so we welcome the mission zone
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which as it is a really good first step but we need to see now is the extend ultra low vision zone to the whole of greater london covering all vehicles so that all bluntness can feel its benefits it's a win win situation with fewer cars on the road and lower emissions taking a classic car for a spin is even more fun. and that's it for me and the business team here in berlin for more business news on background stories go ahead and check out our website at v.w. dot com slash business or better yet simply fall on twitter. thanks for watching and here's a quick look at. your
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. most catholics. around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in fought. with people became aware of their abilities and strengths and
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a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence. the. darkest. the renaissance factor. w. . the enemy. hi there and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture with me karen helm said in this edition one of berlin's most famous paintings by german romantic artist. gets a virtual reality make over and here's what else is in store. contraband the talking horse meat heart not only one of germany's best live acts they're also the
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subject of a new documentary film. the two director cardillac copulate. with ice cream so you can just around the corner this delightful novelty deserves a german invention just celebrated an anniversary. it was first shown in berlin in the fall of eighteen ten it seemed like the emptiness picture of the art world had ever seen the monk by the sea by cars is a masterpiece of german romantic painting with the natural landscape functioning as a mirror of the soul well now thanks to virtual reality visitors to the national gallery can immerse themselves in the painting and commune with the monk and more. a tiny figure standing on the beach in front of a rough sea in the sky
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a heaped up mountains of clouds. that friedrichs the monk by the sea is a radical image.


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