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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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so i want to thank my family a lot of people flew when from all over the world lots of from from germany mike that's here my sister it's been an amazing ride. thank you guys so much for coming out. the one and only n.b.a. great derek novitsky are right what a storied career up next tuesday w a business africa thank you so much for spending this part of your day with me i'll see again tomorrow same time same place. and on demand. language courses. and.
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here's what's coming up poland the book loosely so much movement today that the police need to take the. mental side to go to structures like the local little dot means for the type of course. the bundesliga every weekend here w. o five. a call to modernize nigeria is sub-saharan africa's biggest tomato producer but so much of the produce goes to waste instead of the country imports count tomatoes farmers say the system needs to change. also on the show. growers discover
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a new and lucrative use for that leftover shelves that usually go to waste. and adding vaults to vintage cars one british startup finds a way of keeping posix on a roll. i'm jenelle. thanks for joining us nigeria's climate is just perfect for growing tomatoes but half of it goes to waste even before getting to market producers blame poor infrastructure and corruption and consumers turn to imported canned tomatoes instead our reporter fanny fish are met a young farmer who's trying to beat the system. millions of farmers in nigeria his life has always been circling around this tomato harvesting. week. i was a boy the twenty five year old makes about. a month roughly twenty dollars not enough to afford children he says not even enough to buy
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a fridge but. we need. to store the two made to. lose in the to make business because of the. story he's one of. one hundred fifty dollars too much for small formers. nationwide nigeria loses about forty percent of its to make to production and there's competition with cheap products from the supermarket shelves full of tomato ketchup and tomato paste so this tomato ketchup from the netherlands. is from egypt. in this supermarket. in the same situation with the tomato cans here as it is from the united kingdom. this one for example is
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from italy. nigeria the second biggest a major producer in africa is highly dependent on tomato imports to meet demand at the local market in ca do not it's full of domestic tomatoes but cannot be kept fresh these baskets right here of course used to store tomatoes but at the bottom this is where they get crushed and of course is the issue of price price for one so major can vary anywhere from twenty nine or on one day to one hundred ninety right it's about twenty five u.s. cents the next day. the major food component for nigerians quickly becomes out of reach so much that it would have to throw half of this away. bender's cannot compete with imported products and prices are already there in color tile. we call on the government to ban tomato imports when we tell people to come and buy zero
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tomatoes they say the turned ones are cheaper it's almost. every culture ministry says it wants to make tomato farm attractive to private investors and put policies in place to put nigeria to make sure first that local n.g.o.s see those policies are empty promises they say corruption and logistical challenges prevent the new tomato seeds or pesticides we chilcot farmers like me if things do not change soon he will give up his tomato business he says and turn to mungo and sugarcane harvesting instead. the need is turning cashew waste into gold for oil that is the country is one of africa's main cashew producers with one hundred thousand tonnes harvested over the last two seasons but the edible seed makes up only twenty two percent of the fruit the rest usually gets thrown away but that's starting to change. trucks have been delivering the popular kidney shaped
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knots in heavy socks since march the start of the cuts to season. here at the flu door factory in southern bend mean hundreds are at work shelling sourcing and removing the film around the kernels. they used to throw the shelves away but not anymore and the company learnt that people in the north of been interned the fleshy yellowish red catch to apple just above the nuts into fruit juice so i began to ask what else they could do with the waste they noticed that the oil made by crushing the shell can be used in industrial products. we were put off by the idea of producing something that will then have to release into the atmosphere or into the ground so we looked for the technology and we found it was. there's only southwest. other companies throw the caution shells
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into wilderness areas which is very polluting. we recover the shells we produce and also others and we extract an oil and liquids that's important for certain nice markets such as aeronautics or paints. to. paint and black are made with cashew oil is seen as a more natural alternative to paints made with chemicals right now that they need oil is exported to china india and japan the company hopes to make its oil known all over the world that way all cash to shelves could be used as a cleaner alternative for many projects. the supreme court of the united kingdom has granted nearly two thousand zomby and the right to have their case against mining company vidanta heard in england the plaintiffs allege that their land and livelihood had been destroyed by water pollution caused by the. copper
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mine in the north the donta delisted from london last year but maintains a legal base in britain the case could pave the way for more legal action against multinational companies with offices in the u.k. . japanese carmaker nissan will spend more than two hundred million dollars equipping its south african factory to build a new pick up truck capacity at the plant outside pretoria well increased by thirty thousand cars each year four hundred new jobs will be added production is aimed at the local and continental markets and opened the plant in one thousand nine hundred eighty three its only production operation in sub-saharan africa although many global carmakers only have plants in south africa and many rivals now the plan to open factories in nigeria gonna and kenya. struck you emissions rules are changing the streets of europe for the better as the small
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clears and electric vehicles start to replace diesels but also for the worse as some of the arguably most beautiful cars fall out of favor do we really want to give up on vintage cars a british startup has found a way to keep them on the road. out for a drive on the streets of london matthew quitter enjoys riding his nine hundred fifty three morris minor not the only classic car here but his is special it lacks the distinct noise. just a little bit so i know it's the sound of it like it's a fifty three car. through. just the sound of tires after quick to replace the original engine with a modern electric version it's business model at london electric cars in the u.k. we've got i think thirty seven million calls on the road for being in calls in the world on the road and i don't think anyone's have any doubt now that we are moving
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to a. society. which begs the question what is going to happen to all those calls that we treat in this crowd thirty seven million calls. to me that it's just untenable you know where they were going to be. two. and more importantly why why why sprout when there isn't actually anything wrong with them except for the power train. turns out it's not so hard replacing the poetry in even on an old traveller or any of the other beauties here so lovers of old cars don't have to be worried about stricter rules to come and they are coming. we know the transport is the main offender when it comes to an accusation and we need to make sure that we're getting to its diesel vehicles both our roads and most polluting vehicles. so we welcome the mission zone which as it is a really good first step but we need to see now is the man extend the explosions into the whole of britain and covering all vehicles so that all bluntness can feel
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its benefits it's a win win situation with fewer cars on the road and low emissions taking a classic car for a spin is even more fun. chinese premier league european tour is being touted as a success to brussels and beijing were able to agree on some key trade issues e.u. leaders want to create common policies for dealing with trade overtures from china but concerns remain that beijing is also trying to make any lateral deals with some e.u. members such as croatia. it's the first visit by a chinese premier to go asia a tiny market when compared to china but one of many european countries beijing is hoping to deepen trade ties with. want to hire that. we need to speed up negotiations on the china europe investment agreement with a view to making decisive progress by the end of the current year yet then we can
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conclude a high quality china europe agreement before the end of next year it should be fair for institutional investors from both sides and ensure mutual openness. and saying seem to be moving in that direction that's the european union council presidents take after this year's e.u. china summit. there goes the shows have been difficult about that fruitful. three managed to agree a joint statement which is that. there should be based on the reciprocity with you that means compromises china says international companies will no longer be pressured to disclose technological know how to be a chinese partner beijing will also cut back on state subsidies and in the future trade relations will be developed in accordance with the united nations principles and the world trade organization regulations the e.u. is also giving a lot of ground. in chinese telecoms giant huawei is unlikely to see its technology
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banned from use in europe's ultra high speed five g. mobile data network but that decision was controversial because of while we've government ties and fears of digital espionage so beijing's charm offensive in europe must carry on. and authorities in singapore have seized thirteen tons of pangolin scales valued at around thirty eight million dollars they were discovered in a shipping container on route from nigeria to vietnam it's the latest in a string of such seizures in southeast asia where pangolin smuggling has become a major problem who scales are used in traditional medicine are at risk of dying out experts estimate that twenty one thousand pangolins were killed to harvest such a quantity of scales. thank you for watching.
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the for. entering the conflict zone confronting the powerful coach situation in venezuela is going to have to remove complex markers chris week here in brussels it is called the summer. coen brothers warriors ambassador to the european union square the recorder of the cooling human rights abuses the first mr montoro fears the
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frustration office. conflicts ofin sixteen of g.w. the few. stories of people who hold over information behind. the scenes we want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter and up to date and in touch following. cuts. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes last year speaking out got him arrested and allegedly tortured now ugandan called stop and see speech campaign up all the while tells ditto view africa but he's far from giving up he's taking the fight to the country's highest office. also coming up.


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