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w. . the book. for this is the w.'s lie from berlin justice catches up with julian a songe a british judge finds that we keep leaks founder guilty of breaching bail after he fled to london's ecuadorian embassy and twenty twelve police arrested him there this morning in seattle face charges brought by u.s. authorities also coming up the sudanese army seizes power after the posing the long serving president the defense minister announces the beleaguered president omar al bashir has been arrested and there'll be a transitional government funded by the army for two years.
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on land iraq thank you so much for your company everyone good. a judge in the u.k. has found wiki leaks founder julian assange guilty of skipping bail in two thousand and twelve all that's when a songe sought refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy to avoid a swedish rape investigation. drew its asylum. on thursday morning and the seven year long game of hide and seek and allowing british police to apprehend the radical publisher. finally leaves the embassy where he's been holed up for the past seven years. or is the standoff began in twenty ten. of
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rape and molestation by two women after a conference in sweden that same year his wiki leaks website a whistleblowing platform became a household name after it circulated footage of an american air strike in baghdad the attack killed two journalists the video appeared to show troops firing on unarmed men. washington was investigating the leaks when sweden issued an arrest warrant for the alleged sex crimes a songe surrendered to police in london and was granted bail. the following year a british court ruled he should be extradited to sweden but a songe feared this would be used as a pretext to extradite him to the us. i have not been charged with any crime in any country. despite the european arrest for its third restrictive that it prevents u.k.
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courts from considering the facts of a case in two thousand and twelve he applied for and was granted political asylum at the ecuadorian embassy in london on human rights grounds. i think president correia for the carriage is showing and considering ending granting me political asylum fast forward three years later when swedish prosecutors were forced to drop the molestation charge after running out of time to question him in two thousand and sixteen a united nations panel ruled that assad was being arbitrarily detained but britain refused to budge on its stance the next year swedish authorities also dropped their rape investigation but vowed to reopen it if they got access to his launch meanwhile his relationship with ecuadorian officials in london was deteriorating in twenty eighteen of the accused to sancia violating the terms of their agreement and cut his internet access hasn't retaliated by threatening legal action against the
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embassy saying his fundamental rights and freedoms were being violated on thursday afternoon a british authorities were able to enter the building and arrest him the songes now facing extradition to the u.s. he calls the situation a witch hunt. are less secure now or two were charlotte boston london she is in front of the courthouse where sunshine had his hearing a little earlier on the show what did the judge say and how did a son strike you. as well as also arrived here a little earlier. in the afternoon giving the press the thumbs up seeming quite confident he pleaded not guilty to the charges but the u.k. judge found him guilty of skipping bail this is an old charge from two thousand and twelve before assaults that went to live in the ecuadorian embassy for seven years so the social is found guilty is sentencing hearing is going to be on may second
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and then a u.k. judge will also decide if a song is going to be extradited to the u.s. where he's facing charges of conspiracy and the judge in his ruling saying quite hosley. that it's also has a showing of behavior narcissist who cannot get beyond his own self interest a song just lawyers came out after the hearing saying that this sets a dangerous precedent for john the lists in the u.s. and that they would fight extradition to the u.s. for a song. so this is what we know right now now i mean we had some dramatic footage earlier today here sondra being dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy by british police after basically you bastard invited them in because ecuador terminated his diplomatic asylum what's behind that. well the relationship between assaults and his ecuadorian hosts and the embassy have been deteriorating far
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a while we have to remember that a so much was granted asylum by a different by the foma ecuadorian president so the leadership changed and with that the attitude towards assault changed so the new president moreno saw him as an unwelcome guest he cut his internet access he made assaults pay for his own food and assault apparently also being quite hostile to his posts so what all the moreno the most was that a socialist still engaging in political activity that wiki leaks was pub. information about other countries that could have relationships. with other countries and that is why in the end the ecuadorian embassy opened it is develop and its doors and finally let london police arrest assault and the reactions here have been quite different on the quiet. we've heard from supporters that are celebrating us also as a hero of free speech and transparency but also the u.k.
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government celebrating this as a success with theresa may saying the prime minister nobody is above the law. of your charlotte pos reporting from london thank you. and earlier i had the opportunity to speak to diffuse washington correspondent helen humphrey i asked her if a son jordan now frees us churches for computer hacking as well. that's right the indictment was unsealed at a virginia cool house not far from where i am here in d.c. it's a singular charge and it pertains to conspiracy that julian assange has worked with chelsea manning the former intelligence analyst to hock into a government computer to then release reams of american documents related to military involvement in iraq and death and in afghanistan in twenty ten we've just heard from the u.s. justice department and says that that charge could carry up to five years in prison
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if mr assad is found guilty here in the united states on that count so what is new in all of this is that mr saunders is being accused of breaking in to a computer essentially cracking the password to release that documents it is worth noting of course that normally in the united states a journalist is not prosecuted for releasing classified information but many people now are questioning mr song his role as a journalist there asking whether he's gone from being a publisher to someone who has partnered with foreign governments for example when you look at the twenty sixteen release of democratic e-mails and involvement with russia there are at helena humphrey reporting from washington thank you very much. i like to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world both british prime minister theresa may has addressed parliament defending her decision to the labor exit but she also urged lawmakers to come together behind a compromise exit plan with the opposition party the labor party well that's after
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the e.u. agreed to delay the u.k.'s departure for a second time britain now has until october thirty first to approve it would draw to your approval but if we can't then the a voting is underway in the world's biggest parliamentary election nearly nine hundred million indians are eligible to cast their ballots voting will take place in seven phases across different regions from now until may the one thousand and mammoth one million polling stations are being set up to reach even the most remote of areas in the country. the army is sued on has seized power they've ousted and arrested president armada bashir today's dramatic developments bring to an end thirty years of autocratic rule in a televised statement the country's defense minister announced a two here long transitional government run by the army he also declared a three month long state of emergency and set up a share is being held at
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a secure place meanwhile in the capital hard tonight as of thousands of people have taken to the streets the sudanese strongman departure comes after months of public anti-government protests. and we're joined now by an went to sit at home and he is a spokesperson for the sudanese professionals association they've held and supported protests calling for political change in sudan since december a very warm welcome sir this is a meant as day for your country for sudan did you ever think this would happen. thank you we do appreciate the support you can see on your channel today we are witnessing. reproduction for the same government from the same regime producing themselves been all. the one who was earlier responsible about the public security the security that they were using the snipers again in two thousand and
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thirteen in this revolution december two thousand and eight. this government. what you can call it the. reproduction of a mother but his brother redeemed. or we can call it addition to because they're using the same. general governing the state inside to done. ration and they're using the same impact that they have been under power of. support without any regard for the for the lies that have been. spilled on on on on the money that had been shed on the. on the path. out there. because i'm going to say i'm going to jump in here because i want to get your take as well because so if i understand from your from your answer is that you
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don't see what's happening right now unfolding today in your country as a meaningful change you just see this as a changing of the guard what needs to happen what does the army need to do to help implement real meaningful change in sue don. yes we see him are able to him for the same government and what our our aim is that all of the of the most professional association i love our allies in the freedom including forces we need a civilian government to govern the sudan for the of for the next four years with. with but special of the army of course with the participation of the of the military but not under the sole of government by the military this is the first thing the second thing we need all the human rights. human rights restrictions the laws that restrict restrict the home of the rights. to be provoked
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because. they're few up for one month and declaring his estate. they're out there with him or other basic human rights of protesting and and and refusing the water that if you were the political situation in sudan now as you know or as you might have hurt the u.n. security council will be meeting tomorrow to discuss what kind of response would you like to see from the international community do you even once the involvement of the international community. they woman of the international community have been have been in a situation so than for the past we can take the money and wonder why one of the axis. powers in the walls supporting obama but here every game because of because of some agreements they have held with it with him and because of
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something to fix they think that they can be only done at all america here again and they can support whoever comes. in how can holding control of the government week which done we can support their their benefits we have been saying this since december and we will give seeing seeing it again that there are the benefits and common benefits the mutual benefits between sudan and other countries in the region and in the international world can be helpful and can be and can be prospect under i didn't write big government that. had respect for these. relations what's what it is we expect from the international community that they're going to get this stuff and force the government to accept that. for this. civil civil government under under. understand i want to say ahmed we have to leave
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it there because unfortunately i've run out of time it was a privilege to have you on we wish you and your countrymen all the best time to see a. spokesperson for the sudanese a professional association thank you so very much. thank you for a spending this a part of a day with us we'll be back at the top of. your requests a big chain reaction of the press. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in fall to enable this many people became aware of their abilities and strengths and a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence i mentioned the first.


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