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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is literally a news lie for girl and justice catches up with julie massage a british judge finds the wiki leaks founder guilty of breaching bail after he fled to london's ecuadorian embassy in twenty twelve police arrested him there this morning and say no fish charges brought by u.s. authorities also coming out the sudanese army seizes power after the posing the long serving president the defense minister announces the believe heard omar al bashir has been arrested and there will be
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a transitional government run by the army for two years. on way iraq is great to have you along everyone. a judge in the u.k. has found wiki leaks founder julian assange guilty of skipping bail in two thousand and twelve that's when the songe sought refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy to avoid a swedish rape investigation but ecuador woodruff's asylum to a songe on thursday morning and then a seven year long game of hide and seek and allowing british police to apprehend the radical publisher. police strong armed a song out of the ecuadorian embassy in london handcuffed and protesting the bearded wiki leaks founder resisted leaving his refuge of almost seven years the arrest comes one day after wiki leaks accused the ecuadorian government of spying
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on a song secretly filming his meetings with lawyers and a doctor inside the embassy ecuador had clearly had enough of the controversial guest in london accusing him of interfering in its foreign policies and violating the rules of asylum. or being less broke see math or death it will be in the body and in the next few hours the government will reveal some details of which the world is not yet aware that justify the decision taken by president moreno. they regard assad to stay at the embassy in london during the term of former president correa and foreign minister. the two of them tolerated thing such as mr assad putting feces on the walls of the embassy but it is the lane behind. the police van took a song to court where he was found guilty of breaching bail in an earlier case but person and a soldier's lawyer has confirmed that the arrest relates to an extradition request from the united states since two thousand and ten we've warned that china's signs
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would face prosecution extradition to the united states for his publishing activities with wiki leaks unfortunately today we've been proven right with today received a warrant and a provisional extradition request from united states alleging that he has committed conspired with chelsea manning in relation to the materials published by with the legs in two thousand and ten. the u.s. justice department accuses a song of conspiring with former u.s. army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to break into a government computer at the pentagon a songs has long said washington wants to punish him because wiki leaks published classified pentagon documents. a song supporters view him as a fearless defender of free speech someone who has exposed alleged u.s. war crimes and afghanistan and iraq his lawyers say the arrest sets a dangerous precedent for the rights of journalists and that they will fight extradition to the united states. are less secure now were to were charlotte parts
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of london she is in front of the courthouse so we're assigned she had his hearing a little earlier on the show but what did the judge say and how did a songe strike you. as well as sauce arrived here and little earlier in the afternoon giving the press the thumbs up seeming quite confident he pleaded not guilty to the charges but the u.k. judge found him guilty of skipping bail this is an old charge from two thousand and twelve before assaults that went to live in the ecuadorian embassy for seven years so a socialist found guilty is sentencing hearing is going to be on may second and then a u.k. judge will also decide if a song is going to be extradited to the u.s. where he's facing charges of conspiracy and the judge in his ruling saying quite harshly about a song that is also has shown
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a behavior narcissist who cannot get beyond his own self interest in songs as lawyers came out after the hearing saying that this sets a dangerous precedent for john alist in the u.s. and that they would fight extradition to the u.s. for a song. so this is what we know right now. you have your show pos reporting from london thank you. all for more on this subject let's speak to uncle tom schatz beric she is a member of the german socialist left party and a member of the german parliament says she joins us now from the parliament thank you so much for taking out the time to talk to us your husband was the spokesman of wiki leaks and he wrote the book inside wiki leaks what you make of his arrest today. i do think that it's an attack on freedom of speech and on press freedom as a whole because what he is accused of is basically that he provided
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a publicist platform for whistleblowers to publish knowledge about issues somewhere somewhere in the world without fearing negative consequences for themselves that is the basic issue why he has to be punished by the united states and that must not happen because it attacks press freedom everywhere in the world will be president's case so for you this is a very clear attack on free speech yes and it's probably made easier because as you said before it is a controversial person he is probably not the most moral person we know by his personal character but that has nothing to do with with persecuting him for what he does as a journalist and publicist we must distinguish what we personally think of the character of a person from the professional things he does and we must not allow this to happen because if it is a preset ends and somebody who provides
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a safe opportunity for whistleblowers to publish secret knowledge about problems somebody in the world then this will also apply to other media like new york times like the guardian like papers in germany and like any other media that is why it's more than just a case of julian assange right it's more than then that but the problem of course is that he play such a prominent and outsized role and sometimes also. wants to meddle in certain things and and pick sides and that makes him a little different than let's say the guardian or the new york times when you say. i want to agree but he is not sort and courts for his personal behavior that was a try by the state of the government of sweden who wanted to bring him to court for things he did as a person and i always was in favor of him being extradited to sweden to see court
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for this but today it's about something else it's not about him as a human being this fort it's not about him being a narcissist which is all true today it's about him being a journalist and publicist and that is why we must distinguish the things and that's why it's also very difficult of this case but it's really important that you do not confuse these different things so it's very clear what your position is these are the assigned do you think germany should give him asylum i think he would be a clear case for asylum because i see the persecution he would fear in the united states is kind of a political persecution they have something against the kulaks as a platform because there have been things published which were against their own political or governmental interest like the cables etc like the walk rhymes they committed in afghanistan and iraq they did not want these issues to be published
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and he made possible that they were published that is also the reason why chelsea manning was sentenced to thirty five years in prison and she only was set free because of barack obama in his last days of service but i think also during a sanskrit phase many decades of prison for that and i don't think it's justified so should he be given asylum in germany. i think you should be given asylum here the only issue we have with this is that he would have to set foot on german soil to ask for asylum and at the moment i don't see how how he can leave great britain because i really fear that he will be extradited to the united states i won't like to see that the german government. tell some strong words yet to resign me and reminds her of freedom of press and how it is supporting to protect him also i
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expect the european union to take a clear stand because it's a matter of also human rights and we should defend this person even if we don't like that person personally and don't shout barrack a member of the german parliament thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. u.s. president donald trump has welcomed south korean leader moon j.m. it to the white house on the agenda at the prospect of a third meeting between trump and north korean leader kim jong il and a second summit of the two leaders in february aimed at ending a nuclear standoff with pyongyang fail to bring any results. and india voting is underway in the world's biggest parliamentary election nearly nine hundred million indians are eligible to cast their ballots voting will take place in seven phases phases rather across different regions from now until may nineteenth and mammoth one million polling stations are being set up to reach even the most remote
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areas. it's about give me a say the manage charge with the murder of journalist yon pushout has confessed for she was investigating high level corruption when he when he and his girlfriend were gunned down last year his death sparked protests that led to the resignation of prime minister robert fico. the army is to dock and seize power they've ousted and arrested president omar bashir on today's dramatic developments to bring to an end thirty years of autocratic rule in a televised statement the country's defense minister announced a two year long transitional government run by the army he also declared a three month long state of emergency and said that al bashir is being held at a secure place where in the capital hard to tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets the sudanese strong as departure comes after months of public and government protests are to talk more about this unfolding story joining me in the
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studio is and it's weber's she is an expert in east africa at the german institute for international security affairs welcome very momentous day for sudan omar bashir is gone now. but this is not the regime change that the protesters were calling for no it's far from over i think they will call in clearly calling for the army to side with them but not to take over what they wanted was basically a civilian technocratic government. well based on our help the army but not an army takeover by those who basically were in the government or we're with bashir for the last thirty years writers propping him up basically so what are we likely to see just think that this the momentum of the protests will continue will they stay out and demand for you know make a demand for meaningful change despite the fact that the army has
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a curfew in place now well it's going to be decisive night because yes the demonstrators are definitely very clearly saying that they will stay on they will demonstrate they will continue throughout the night and the coming days to get that in mounds and of course the army was just repeatedly saying you have to be at home by ten they didn't say what will happen but they did say we cannot guarantee four years ok now let's talk about omar al bashir he is wanted by the i.c.c. what's the likelihood of him being extradited now that he's been deposed very small the likelihood is quite small because that basically nobody right now in sudan is really pushing for this and. you remember when when the i.c.c. became involved in the case of sudan there was actually a huge support for his position based on the question of sovereignty even by those who don't like him so i don't think it's next step that they that they will extradite him to the i.c.c. that might change in
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a couple of months we don't know what kind of government will come in but to me for the next coming days i don't see that and i happen to have a sister now as you know the u.n. security council is meeting at an emergency meeting tomorrow how do you think the international international community will respond to what's going on to the events and suit on what's interesting to. the african union the chairman of the african union if you see just making made announcements saying that they cannot accept military takeover they cannot accept the unconstitutional change and they won the aspirations of the people of sudan to be men so this is quite a strong statement and that's coming from the regional bodies so. i think it's clearly pushing those who feel that they are in power right now to at least open up and have civilians on their government what next for sudan. well i think either it's going well and there is a real change that might take a couple of days or of course the risk of escalation is still there so we're not at
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the end of the line but to me all hope that it's going in the right direction all right and that's they were expert on east africa at the german institute for international and security affairs thank you thank you very much all right so you're watching news up next all the business headlines from africa with ben for assuming that does it for me thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us on the rock n roll and see my. my first by saying was just sawing machine. where i come from women are almost by this ocean to even something as simple as learning how to write a bicep of isn't. since i was a little i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me me as them until. finally they gave up invention by me and i say that but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apropos to for those the.


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