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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight sudan's army takes over and immediately clamps down on dissent troops arrest the country's beleaguered president and say they'll run a transitional government for the next years a curfew in the country is now in effect also coming up a british judge of fines wiki leaks founder julian assange guilty of breaching bail after fleeing to london's ecuadorian embassy back in two thousand and twelve police have arrested him there this morning and they say he'll also face charges for all
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trying u.s. authorities and one of europe's greatest ever basketball players pals al after a glittering career in america's m.b.a. german started it's played his last game for the dallas mavericks after twenty one seasons in the spotlight we'll look at his legacy with german national team coach henrik brutal right here in the studio. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight the army has seized power in sudan and warned anti-government protesters to stay off the streets tonight as it imposes a strict curfew it's not quite sure what demonstrators were hoping for when they demanded the end to the presidency of omar al bashir. after thirty years in power
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the country's defense minister those says troops have arrested al bashir and will preside over an interim government for the next two years as the country's transitions into new leadership. the regime has fallen the people are celebrating. but amidst the triumph it's easy to forget that this is just a first step in remaking sudan. the country has been rocked by successive coups and coup attempts ever since it gained independence in one nine hundred fifty six. in one thousand nine hundred nine omar al bashir seized power in a coup of his own and managed to hold on to that power. up until just now. but the way in which bashir was ousted has left a bad taste in the mouths of many sudanese to them this seems like simply another coup and the new leader might just be another military dictator. to disobey
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god the good is all this is a false death the regime did not fool you this is a reproduction of his same vision. we do not accept this and we will stay on the streets and to the regime changes can legally reportable is plummeting it's not right that the government has repressed us and now still wants to see control and power over us. as young people and citizens we see what's happening the government is manipulating us. not that kind all to be enough the regime looks like this man is a bloodthirsty leader and he wants to bring is another regime that no other means of this is completely unacceptable who. will study his the regime of fools of this judge you know what the sudanese people will not. how does the shuttle doesn't go on. now the question is who's who done it really be able to transform itself or
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will another military dictatorship take hold. in that one of the big questions tonight to talk about that and more i'm joined here at the big table by next of a version is an expert on east africa at the german institute for international and security affairs it's good to have you back on the show omar al bashir is gone but this is not the real regime change that protestors were hoping for is it no it's not the protests of a clearly hoping for the civilian government not the military government but the backing of the military and what they see right now is basically the same same old people the old structure and being in place minus bashir gone so nothing really substantially has changed and i think this is what we will see for the next couple of days that they will not just think that they will continue whether it's just strict curfew that's now in effect i'm wondering are we likely to see more protests if we have you to the authorities right now clamping down the way they are i think
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they will test the authorities i think they will continue the the protests for sure and then see if really the the army and the government forces. will enforce the fourth year or if they will be pushed towards opening up this transitional government for the next two years and what about the way the world sees this the european union had given him money the united states has done business with them in terms of fighting terror. what are they thinking tonight i'm going to show that nobody is really crying tears for bashir. and i think what they saw and what they still see in sudan is of course you know a country that is placed in the middle of africa between the side hell and also the red sea so very strategically located and of course it's a very important country and the to keep you know to keep. on doing business with
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sudan will continue and of course those who they call for it is on with on counterterrorism and it was basically more the intelligence service rather than him . his departure will not impact that you think no actually i think it makes things more easy because you know he had the arrest warrant of the i.c.c. on his it and dealing with him of course is you know was was critical and impossible for the west in countries because they couldn't is he an example though of leaders you know there were lots of reports recently about abuses of human rights in sudan and yet the european union the u.s. government you know they have worked with him to see an example of the west's critics would say hypocrisy we preach one thing but we do business with leaders who do something very different well i think it's much more well they would say because of course there is the arrest warrant and of course you know there is
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there's a lot of critique and a lot of well known dealings with him for example germany had no development corporation so it's not like that there is a lot of money flowing into these properties from from germany from germany are from western countries but of course one would have wished that upholding the rule of law and human rights or is more strictly you would have would have set the tone early on and of course that's also something that i think is necessary know with the transitional government with the military to to keep to keep pushing on you know human rights and the rule of law rather than having stability is what is going to happen to president bashir now. well a couple of scenarios he could just stay there if the military stays in power he could to stay there he could go to a friendly country. as well then gulf states there are a couple of countries of players who are not sick. terese to their own statute you
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might you know offer him refuge. but i think it's early too early because we still don't know how things are transforming if there's a clampdown on the demonstrations that could escalate massively sudan and then this would eventually also determine his fate so i don't see him and linger in prison and you don't you don't sometimes you don't see him ending up you know on trial in the hague not now it really depends on who will be in the government in sudan and you know if it's the military they they don't seem to find this important to push him around and do you see after all that has happened do you really see all of this leading up to real change in sudan is there reason to think that things will get better yes i think because the masses the huge huge number of young people of women of everybody who is on the street and who will not stop demanding for real
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change and also i think in terms of the capacity that's in these now you know civil society is strong they do have good people who could take overs i am still hopeful and that's a vaporous always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you very much. well a judge in the u.k. has found wiki leaks founder julian assange guilty of skipping bail back in two thousand and twelve that's when a songe sought refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy to avoid a swedish rape investigation but ecuador withdrew its asylum to his aunt's on thursday morning in thing a seven year game of hide and seek and allowing british police to apprehend the man he was known as a radical publisher. police strong armed a song out of the ecuadorian embassy in london handcuffed and protesting the bearded wiki leaks founder resisted leaving his refuge of almost seven years the arrest comes one day after wiki leaks accused the ecuadorian government of spying
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on a song secretly filming his meetings with lawyers and a doctor inside the embassy ecuador had clearly had enough of the controversial guest in london accusing him of interfering in its foreign policies and violating the rules of asylum. or being left broke the math or death it will be in the body and in the next few hours the government will reveal some details of which the world is not yet aware that justify the decision taken by president moreno. they regard a songes stay at the embassy in london during the term of former president correa and foreign minister. the two of them tolerated things such as mr assad putting feces on the walls of the embassy but it is. the police event took a song to court where he was found guilty of breaching bail in an earlier case but person and assault as lawyers confirm that the arrest relates to an extradition request from the united states since two thousand and ten with that join
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a sign she would face prosecution extradition to the united states for his publishing activities with wiki leaks unfortunately today we've been proven right with today received a warrant and a provisional extradition request from united states alleging that he has committed conspired with chelsea manning in relation to the materials published by with the legs in two thousand and ten. the u.s. justice department accuses the songs of conspiring with former u.s. army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to break into a government computer at the pentagon a songs has long said washington wants to punish him because wiki leaks published classified pentagon documents. view him as a felix defender of free speech someone who has exposed alleged u.s. war crimes in afghanistan and iraq his lawyers say the arrest sets a dangerous precedent for the rights of. and that they will fight extradition to the united states.
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and how did. it happen extraordinarily quickly today so a kick out of the ecuadorian embassy picked up by london police and brought to the courthouse that you see behind me there he gave a thumbs up to the journalists seem quite confident pleaded not guilty but the judge said he was guilty of breaching bail in two thousand and twelve old charge seek asylum in the embassy and the judge said he was a not too cannot get beyond his own selfish interest. saying this sets a very dangerous precedent for us journalists and saying they would fight extradition and we've seen very different makes. did gather in front
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of the courthouse. for free speech and transparency and of course the government though on the other hand celebrating this arrest as a success and saying nobody even. is. in. the. terminated. as we understand it do we know what. right it's a really interesting backstory basically relations between assaults and the ecuadorian host have been deteriorating for a while that someone had asked for asylum. when the following president was in place he was more us critical then more rain or took over as president of ecuador
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and the two of them did not get along moreno saw a small says more of an unwelcome guest he cut his internet connection made a song pay for food according to a social was also on him and basically wanted to push him out of the embassy and so finally he said this is enough. to still going to wiki leaks and whatever wiki leaks published this could hurt ecuador and this is white day the ecuadorian embassy opened its doors and let london police arrested on ecuadorian soil. in one day to thank you this story will most likely move across the atlantic to washington d.c. and that is where. he is standing by or is going to needs you know the u.s. justice department is charged with computer hacking conspiracy what is you
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accused. that's right fred that indictment was unsealed and of virginia courthouse not far from where i am here in washington d.c. one single count that mr sellars deliberately conspired with chelsea manning the former military intelligence analyst to obtain access to a computer at the pentagon to then crack a pos would release reams of classified documents regarding military operations in iraq and afghanistan that is what this charge essentially relates to when the justice department has told us that that could carry a prison sentence of up to five years for the charges could be added once missed a song which is back in the united states now it's worth pointing out that ordinarily brant in the united states journalists are not prosecuted for the publication of classified documents not said questions are being raised now as to whether mr a song indeed remains a journalist or whether he's become
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a publisher who has then become a partner with foreign governments for example if you look at the wiki leaks publication in twenty sixteen of democratic e-mails for example. with russia you know that's a very good point in his case will not be helped by the fact that polled man a fort the former trump campaign manager visited him several times in the ecuadorian embassy there and what did why no hell no why is this happening now in what is what's next extradition. right and i think that's something we'll be looking at in the days in the weeks to come if you sacked me why now of course the fact that this comes i'm sure the off the release of the mother report as well is highly significant i think as you begin to point out there were and i mean bear in mind of course that the obama administration decided not to pursue this case further with mr assault and then take into account the fact that president trump had previously said that he loves wiki leaks presumably referring to that twenty
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sixteen release of documents which were very damaging to his political opponent at the time hillary clinton today at the white house president trump said that he has no opinion about julian assange his extradition he says that that is up to his attorney general in terms of what is next may the second is the extradition hearing in a british court mr summers his lawyer has said that he will appeal that and when somebody appeals an extradition normally it's because they say that they are being politically prosecution indeed mr song is now alleging that as opposed to it being something that is rooted in legitimate legal concerns who reverdy interesting to see what the reason is that is given. to washington helena thank you very much. there is no doubt julie dishonors is a very divisive figure opinions about him have always been divided joining me here
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now with a because people to discuss the reaction to his arrest today is our very own problem for the public good to see you so let's let's talk about the people who have supported him i mean he got a lot of support during the time he was in the ecuadorian embassy you're absolutely right i mean over the past seven years essentially huge amounts of support as you can imagine today there has been an outpouring of support and criticism will get to the criticism in a second but i'll start with the support and the best is actually if you take a look at what people have been writing online and of course you know people have been tweeting and we heard from mika leader now he's a computer security engineer and he writes for the intercept of people aren't aware what the intercept is it claims to hold fearless adversarial journalism the holes the powerful accountable. i mean it's clear what they do and he said that the indictment against the sun sets a dangerous precedent and if it does sticks what stops them from charging other journalists the conspiracy for deleting metadata and chat logs to protect sources
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and courage and sources to make documents or using whistleblower submission systems so it's very clear there that what the fear is that you know the people essentially journalists may find themselves in trouble now if we take a look at this tweet from david kay he's a un special rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression he said a prosecution might feel good for a lot of people a proxy too for other very serious concerns it might even be strictly legal under u.s. law but it could what it would almost certainly end badly for the press and ultimately for its democratic watchdog role we expect to play in that what is he referring to when he says the proxy leaks didn't let's not forget this just released documents related to the alleged u.s. war crimes but also allegedly other material like e-mails from the u.s. is that. radek national committee which were educate given to wikipedia weak leaks by russian hackers so russia is popping up here and you know and particular
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and interestingly in america people from both sides of the political divide have been critical of him and russia by the way today i'm letting it be known that it finds the arrest of julian assange today to be a tragic event so you can do with it what you like you'll talk about the critics of julian of songs there are plenty of those as well you're absolutely right like i said there have been many voices who actually believe it's a good thing and it's a good idea that a song has been arrested one in particular is banned sas now he's a republican senator from nebraska and he did not mince his words he said this arrest is good news for freedom loving people julian assange has long been a wicked tool not a mere putin and the russian intelligence services and he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison so once again receiving at the mention of russia there and the russian intelligence services so once again you know it's very clear that this is a man who really sort of that divides opinion and particularly now in the united
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states and it's interesting too as helena was saying the u.s. president today suddenly trying to distance himself from wiki leaks you have to wonder why is he doing that now considering what he said before when he sixteen election. is always public exert your reporting. some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world british prime minister theresa may has addressed parliament defending her decision to delay she also urged lawmakers to come together behind a compromise i suppose with the opposition labor party that's after the e.u. agreed to delay the u.k.'s departure for a second time now has until october thirty first how when we approve the withdrawal deal from slovakia and media say the man charged with the murder of journalist has confessed which was investigating high level corruption when he and his girlfriend were gunned down last year his death sparked protests that led to the resignation
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of prime minister robert fico in india voting is underway in the world's biggest parliamentary election ever nearly nine hundred million indians are eligible to cast their ballots voting will take place in seven phases across different regions from now until the nineteenth of may a mammoth one million polling stations are being set up to reach even the most remote areas. sports news now basketball dallas mavericks star. hung his m.b.a. jersey up for the last time last night that it's he played for dallas for twenty one seasons and led them to their only n.b.a. title back in two thousand and eleven his final game against the san antonio spurs ended in defeat but it's he was the star of the show even many spurs fans more. jerseys and the ground cheered every time that he touched the ball. is the only
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european in n.b.a. history to win the most valuable player trophy and he finishes his career six on the all time scoring list while. the great if you could have a chance to play with him the man sitting next to me did that i'm sure the big table now to talk about their legacy and that is germany basketball coach henrik who also played on the german national team it was directed to us district so. what sort of a player i mean you played with them tell us about when you played with them what sort of a player was. well played with them in ninety nine when he was just starting to be on the national team i was telling that. you could see a lot but then. you never know if you guys can develop from not one in two thousand and two when we played the world championships in the indianapolis he was already maybe one of the top three players in the world he was unbelievably gifted but also
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what always stood out was as this work ethics and the ability to to incorporate new moves and different things to his game always develop always got better civilian credible too and he's also incredibly toll right mean you're a tall man but he's taller than you right now he's definitely taller and he seems like a nice guy i mean there he is signing autographs we know that the fans in dallas i mean there was this outpouring of emotion for him and from him at the last game i mean is he really is nice and as he seems to be i think it's very authentic. my experience with him as a teammate but also coaching him in two thousand and fifteen as an assistant coach on the german national team. and it never failed him that he was really a movie will be good with his teammates a family guy funny always funny and funny jokes about himself but it also how to have people is really fun to be around and i think people appreciate that i mean
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he's it's very authentic and special you know people around the world really think of germany they don't think of basketball but then there you've got this guy who has become a global star what do you think his legacy is going to be for basketball but also for german sports for worldwide he's changed his position as about a ballplayer. has brought some some moves to the n.b.a. at the end there with the four and now are being used so he's changed the game. for everybody in the world the he's put. only on the mark about basketball and i think that germany has benefited largely of his contributions and we do have a couple players in the best league now and then you have another year. coming up that you can see becoming is as good and big of a star it's now i think we have a lot of talented players but it's unique and i don't think we'll ever have another one we'll have
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a lot of good players and maybe also great stars we have one on the good way that is what a great job in the n.b.a. and but still growing and we'll see where he ends up but there's no comparison today ok before we get about thirty seconds here of what's your favorite memory of the year ok playing in the boss' medal game where forty he gets subbed out and we find out that he needs two points to be the top scorer of the whole game and he looks at the scoreboard and says no i don't need to be plain i don't need to be playing no he didn't need the scoring title so that's why i'm a zero phil you know that's that's what he is and that's what he was about and we appreciate you coming in and sharing your your thoughts and your memories with us thank you thank you. all right here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you at this hour sudan's army has imposed a curfew in the country and more to anti-government protesters to stay home that's after it a rest of the beleaguered president omar al bashir and installed the military council to run the country for the next two years and
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a british judge has found wiki leaks boss julian the songs guilty of breach of failed that's after his arrest earlier today at the ecuadorian embassy in london he's been living there for the past seven years. coming up next my dream go focusing on the u.s. fighters returning to their european home countries i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the day the siege of the.
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country go international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week coming up on quadriga there are some one thousand battle hardened islamic state fighters and their families. from germany for now heading home after i assess collapse what should germany do with them and how dangerous are they all that and more coming up. quadriga next on d w.
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i'm not going to think it's them well i guess sometimes i am but i stand nothing with that and we should have been think deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype question but if you think the future of the country that i know not . need to take his grandmother day out to me it's all about a new time a job join me for me again and from the top you. post when the water starts rising people fight for survival and when the sun up and get people to budget but when there's a flood water comes up to your waist buy your clothes fast and everyone needs money . but a lack of water is equally dangerous. there's junk you can see people move south
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so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any kind of keeps not if you want and probably most of them to come from. the climate exodus starts people thirty years on d w. hello and welcome to the w.'s international talk show quadriga where today we're talking about the one thousand battle hardened islamic state fighters and their families from germany some of them are now on their way back home many are already here following i asked this collapse in syria and iraq both men and women and among them are vicious killers and war criminals of those who have returned a number are.


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