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don't expect happy ending. this is the unit is a live from berlin a mixed verdict that could prove troublesome for u.s. president donald trump no collusion with russia but some attempts to influence the course of justice the u.s. government publishes the much anticipated result to be a better education into russian interference in the twenty six seems presidential election. also coming up rioting in northern ireland leaves one woman dead twenty
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one years after the signing of the good friday peace deal police say that it is terrorism and a murder investigation plus the candidates in ukraine's upcoming presidential election give blood samples to prove their sobriety you will find out what else is different about ukraine's on the usual run off election. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president don trump tried to influence the course of an investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election that is one of the conclusions of the mulla report that's been published in redacted form in the united states but the special counsel robert muller stopped short of charging trump he could not reach a concrete legal conclusion that obstruction had indeed taken place donald trump
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says the report marks the end of a hoax but democrats say there are still questions that have to be investigated. game over that's what donald trump tweeted after the release in redacted form of the miller report he appears to think his worries are over arriving in florida for the easter break he was characteristically bullish. the report found trump made numerous attempts to obstruct the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election but miller said he could not conclusively determine the trump had committed a criminal act he also detailed extensive contacts between the trump campaign and russia but said they too didn't amount to a criminal conspiracy trump's advisor kellyanne conway said it was case closed and i think it's very accepting apologies today too for anybody who feels that grace in offering them there was no collusion and there certainly was no criminal conspiracy
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with any russians that report makes very clear that this white house and this president and none of us i got in their way but democrats say it's far from clear that the president didn't try to obstruct the course of justice. the idea that the report proves no obstruction is completely at odds with hundreds of pages in the report which document efforts by the president to undermine the investigation democrats are demanding that in an redirected version of the report is made available to congress allowing them to continue the investigation if the special counsel as he made clear had found evidence exonerating the president he would have said so he did not he left the issue to the congress of the united states and we will need to consider it for trump the miller report is finally behind him but the twenty twenty elections are looming and his political opponents are unlikely to be so accommodating. so as we heard there could be up to the democrats in congress to take the next steps including potentially pursuing charges the special counsel felt
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unable to process self or maybe even using the report's findings as the basis for impeachment proceedings if you don't use helen humphrey assessed how likely that was. they're going to have to be pretty sure that they're going to have a good case for impeachment pietschmann should they want to push forward with proceedings or not front because if they try and they fail people in the rest of the country are going to either say that you know exam was vindicated this was a witch hunt or that the democrats spent too much time caught up in the to ing and fro ing off the report when significant issues today on whether it's wages health care child care the green new deal environmental policy whatever it may be on the left which has voters concerned is not topical in the run up to the twenty twenty alexion so really there's going to be some soul searching now i think in the democratic party with how they move forward now that they've got this report in their hands and that was helen hunt now to our northern ireland where
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a twenty nine year old woman was killed by gunfire during a riot in a suburb of the city of london derry police say that the violence erupted after officers conducted a search of a house in the neighborhood we have the statement from the police spokesperson we have no launched a murder inquiry here in the shooting we believe this to be a terrorist act the police being crowded very violent this republicans. are session at this time would be that the new ira are most likely to be the ones who are in this are not form your primary line of inquiry. and police identified the journalist as the liar of a key she had reported extensively on the conflicts in northern ireland and was working on a book police say that she was hit while standing near a police vehicle militant groups still pose a threat in northern ireland in january a large bomb exploded outside of a courthouse in londonderry but caused no casualties. it's
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a quick check now some other stories making news around the world huge crowds have gathered in the sudanese capital khartoum to pressure the government military council to immediately receive power to civilians protesters responded to social media appeals and joined us sitting outside of the defense ministry the demonstrations are the largest since the military ousted longtime president omar al bashir one week ago. and activists with the climate exchange group extinction rebellion have staged protests to london's heathrow airport organizers were hoping to shut their port actually down but so far no major structures have been reported greenpeace staged a sit in at the offices of such a state general bank and parrots. hundreds of nicaraguans to fight in police bands of joy a holy week of session for the capital. they were marking the start of anti-government protests a year ago opposition groups say that at least sixty seven people were arrested
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a police crackdown on last year's protest left at least three hundred and twenty five people dead. ukrainians go to the polls on sunday to choose their next president after a first round vote at the end of march two remaining candidates are villota mears a landscape a television star and petro poroshenko the incumbent president now so let's is the front runner he won the first ballot with more than thirty percent of the vote he's a comedian with no political experience but he's put forward very few policy. proposals his willingness to speak both ukrainian and russian has brought him a lot of support in the countries mainly russian speaking east meantime petro poroshenko a businessman from the confectionery industry and he's one of ukraine's wealthiest people he was elected in a snap vote after former pro russian president viktor yanukovych was toppled in the twenty fourteen might on revolution his reputation as
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a reformer has been damaged as corruption remains a big problem in ukraine let's get more on this now we're joined by our correspondent nick connelly who is standing by with the very latest on this election so you know one of the biggest questions that really comes up here is how has a comedian been able to gain so much support there in the country. good afternoon sara well i think the important thing about all of them is alinsky is that he did not need to explain to ukrainian voters who he is he has been across the t.v. screens of this country for the past decade as a comedian and actor so he was really had just one hundred percent facial recognition and had the access to people through social media through his t.v. shows and more importantly while being very familiar to everyone he didn't have the political baggage of his competitors but cohen for prime minister yulia timoshenko who were the front runners going into the first round they were all associated with
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the corrupt politics the past twenty years and he could come away as a fresh faces someone from a younger generation and as his critics would say someone who promises all things to all people so he's being pretty pretty slow to give detail what exactly he wants to do and in the last two weeks since first round we thought we'd hit him or we thought he'd come face to face with a porsche but it seems like he's been doing his best to avoid coming face to face with the incumbent let's have a look how those last few weeks been putting out. a sitting president rolling up his sleeves to give blood for drugs test live on t.v. not something most ukrainian voters ever expected to see but they did because of this man comedian and actor will be misled still present pershing because challenger has turned ukraine's politics on its head in a matter of months when selenski demanded drug and alcohol tests pershing co had little choice but to agree after picking up just half as many votes as alinsky in
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the first round goes had to play catch up with his younger rival. here lympics stadium capacity seventy thousand and the place was immense he says he wants to debate with petro poroshenko no dusty t.v. studio for the landscape who prefers to talk to his supporters direct through social media. feelings once again selenski throwing down the gauntlet and once again go left with no other option but to agree. to observers with a late night reply by video message that you want if it's the stadium you want then so be it i'll be waiting for you when pershing could travel to paris to meet him a visit intended to underscore his diplomatic standing still and again picked him to the post meeting mccall and his advisors hours before pushing. all the tension
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in ukraine was focused on the mood music between the presidential candidates and their french toast down to the number of minutes spent at the elite palace. less than forty eight hours after his return from paris. was walking the turf of the olympic stadium. his challenge to bring the stadium debate forward had simply been ignored with his poll ratings fly high he's apparently in no mood to compromise three weeks have now passed since the first round of voting but ukrainians are barely any wiser about what their presidential candidates plan to do three weeks debating the how and the when of a potential debate instead of discussing the issues of which there are more than enough in a country locked in standoff with russia with more than a million refugees and millions more leaving the country in search of work. critics argue that's no coincidence they say as a newcomer to politics he has little to win and much to lose debating the details
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of being president today ukrainians have one last chance to hear their next president whoever that will be set out his vision before they go to the polls that is if. i can finally agree on the terms of the debate. so nic tell us if selenski does indeed win this election what does it mean for the country. well we thought we were going to hear more from him in the past weeks he has been very vocal about fighting corruption taking away members of parliament immunity from prosecution modernizing the the ukraine's government bring in more digital governance also he says on the really big issues like joining nato or the you he'll put that question to the people through referendums but it has been preciously thin on the detail but it doesn't seem to be
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doing him any harm if anything the polls show him increasing his lead of petro poroshenko since the first round so tonight will be the real test we've been waiting to see but for two weeks now and there's been lots of two inferring about the detail less about the actual content and from what we understand now if they do appear at this debate they won't even be sharing a single stage they will be on separate stages at opposite ends of the football pitch so let's see how much detail we actually get and how much is actually turns into being more of a concert for the respect candidates respective sports is the relationship with moscow we know it has been a very big topic in this election who is moscow's preferred candidate on the ukrainian side. you see sara in the first round we had a candidate who actually travel to moscow basically to show that he was supported by the russian leadership he met with the prime minister and with the head of russia's gas monopoly gazprom and he came in fourth place so i think after the war of this long conflict with russia being seen as moscow's friend doesn't pay off at
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the ballot box here in ukraine having said that of the petro poroshenko has been the face of ukraine standing up to russia on the world stage he's really put trade himself as the commander in chief and someone who'd stand up to putin so in that sense he has less baggage potentially he would be in a position to restart talks and to start a new page but for now it really seems like a consensus in ukraine that no one really wants to be seen as moscow's best friend connelly in kiev thank you nick. so let's head to football now and the german team i'm trapped frankfurt made a remarkable comeback in the europa league to reach the semifinals of a european competition for the first time since one nine hundred eighty they trailed portuguese club benfica four two from the first leg but overturn the deficit with a two nil with at home a boisterous crowd roared them to victory first as two of kasich. borda
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scored before and after half time to send frankfurt throughout away goals frankfurt now face chelsea for a place in the final. coming up next now i'm d.w. news that european elections special are married to max hope on all have a look at what the vote will mean for asia i'm sorry kelly in berlin that you so much for watching us here and. have a great time. it's crunch time for europe you know elections are just around the corner of the shooting is here you might ask who said why should i care what the european market is one of the biggest in the once everyone everybody needs to get to watch our special show you elections why it matters to asia.


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