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this is e w news live from berlin and the u.s. house judicial committee demands the moeller report in full responsibility now to all of the congress told the president accountable for exactly. the committee issues a subpoena the report clears trump of collusion with russia but lists a series of attempts to obstruct justice will go live to washington also coming up the president and the committee at both candidates new prinz election give blood samples to prove their sobriety ahead of the vote sunday and their limbering up for
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a t.v. debate in a football stadium plus driving in northern ireland to lose one woman dad twenty one years after the signing of the good friday peace deal police say that it's terrorism and they launch a murder investigation. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the u.s. house of representatives judiciary committee has issued a subpoena demanding publication of the mole a report in full so far only a redacted version has been made available now the committee chairman said that he could not accept a version that leaves most of congress in the dark here's what he had to say about the release of the report by the attorney general. attorney general bar it appears to have shown an unsettling willingness to undermine his own department in order to
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protect president trump the most report outlines disturbing evidence that president krumping gaijin obstruction of justice and other misconduct in the responsibility now fuels to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions of get more now we're joined by our very own helen humphrey who has the latest from washington so helen we just heard that statement there from the chairman of the house judiciary committee what does it mean i think what you just heard sarah was the opening shot in what could be a lengthy legal battle carrying out of the chairman of the house judiciary committee confirming that he had issued a subpoena for the full unredacted miller report as well as all of the underlying documents the democrats now saying show me how you reached the conclusions that you did how you did your working out i think the question is what specifically they are looking for and i think that appetite was whetted by understanding that there are
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twelve criminal investigations currently ongoing which we do not know the details about now the department of justice has until the first of may to reply to that subpoena and they could well say no we're not going to give you access to for example details such as these criminal investigations so as not to compromise an active investigation at which point i think the democrats will have to regroup and look and see what they're trying to achieve now that the miller report has been delivered or be it in redacted form and of course make their game plan going forward into this twenty twenty election season so the democrats want more information but for talking about game plan i mean donald trump himself has said that this is the end of what he calls a hoax let's get some more on that and then we'll get your reaction helena. game over that's what donald trump tweeted after the release in redacted form of the miller report he appears to think his worries are over arriving in florida for the
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easter break he was characteristically bullish. trump's advisor kellyanne conway said it was case closed parents were accepting apologies today too for anybody who feels that grace in offering them there was no collusion and there certainly was no criminal conspiracy with any russians that report makes very clear that this white house and this president and none of us got in their way but democrats say it's far from clear that the president didn't try to obstruct the course of justice. the idea that the report proves no obstruction is completely at odds with hundreds of pages in the report which documented efforts by the president to undermine the investigation democrats are demanding that an an redirected version of the report is made available to congress allowing them to continue the investigation if the special counsel as he made clear had found evidence exonerating the president he would have said so he did not he left that
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issue to the congress of the united states and we will need to consider it for trump the miller report is finally behind him but the twenty twenty elections are looming and his political opponents are unlikely to be so accommodating. so helen i mean now we have this news from the u.s. house judiciary committee this statement how is it likely to go down with trump. well clearly not very well i think it's safe to say if we take a look at the president's reaction of course on twitter already this morning he's been writing that much of the testimony in the report was little more than b.s. using profanity all over it actually in full but you know he said that these people who spoke to miller were quote unquote no taken that the reality is that many of these no takers in fact what key political aides who seemingly walked back from the brink of potentially committing a breach when it comes to the obstruction of justice if you look at the white house counsel for example again who did not carry through on the request phone two times
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they're less for robert mueller to be fired if you look for example at jeff sessions the former attorney general who did not cut tail the scope of the russian investigation simply to look into future potential election interference but i think it's safe to say that now that this document has released it's been released and it's gone from being a legal document to a political document this fight is set to become far more fierce far more bitter if you just take a look at that quote said that we heard there from kelly and conway saying now today the president is accepting apologies alan humphrey in washington thank you. ukraine's presidential candidates go head to head tonight in a debate that will be televised nationally from the country's biggest soccer stadium it is the last big event ahead of sunday's runoff election between t.v. comedian the load amir selenski and incumbent president petro poroshenko sankoh has
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been holding a rally with supporters in the capital kiev opinion polls show him trailing badly making tonight's debate his last chance to boost his chances did he is nick connelly sent us this report from kiev. a sitting president rolling up his sleeves to give blood for drugs test live on t.v. not something most ukrainian voters ever expected to see but see they did because of this man comedian and actor realty lidsky president personally because challenger has turned ukraine's politics on its head in a matter of months when selenski demanded drug and alcohol tests pershing co had little choice but to agree after picking up just half as many votes as alinsky in the first round pushing those had to play catch up with his younger rival. gives lympics stadium capacity seventy thousand and the place was linsky says he
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wants to debate with petro poroshenko no dusty t.v. studio facility who prefers to talk to his supporters direct through social media really. feeling once again selenski throwing down the gauntlet and once again pushing the left with no other option but to agree. astonished observers with a late night reply by video message is that if it's the stadium you want then so be it i'll be waiting for you. paris to meet a man on a visit intended to underscore his diplomatic standing zelinsky again peeped in to the post meeting mccall and his advisors hours before pushing. all attention ukraine was focused on the mood music between the presidential candidates and their french hosts down to the number of minutes spent at the elite a palace. less than forty eight hours after his return from paris petro poroshenko
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was walking the turf of the limbic stadium alone with his supporters his challenge to selenski to bring the stadium debate forward had simply been ignored with his poll ratings flying high selenski is apparently in no mood to compromise three weeks have now passed since the first round of voting the ukrainians are barely any wiser about what their presidential candidates plan to do three weeks debating the how and the when of a potential debate instead of discussing the issues of which there are more than enough in a country locked in standoff with russia with more than a million refugees and millions more leaving the country in search of work so lets his critics argue that's no coincidence they say as a newcomer to politics he has little to win and much to lose debating the details of being president today ukrainians have one last chance to hear their next president whoever that will be set out his vision before they go to the polls that
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is if selenski can finally agree on the terms of the debate and. connelly i asked him what to expect from tonight's debate. so tonight will be the real test we've been waiting to submit for two weeks now and there's been lots of to ing inferring about the detail less about the actual content and from what we understand now if they do appear at this debate they won't even be sharing a single stage they will be on separate stages at opposite ends of the football pitch so let's see how much detail we actually get and how much this actually turns into being more of a concert for the respect candidates respective supporters the relationship with moscow we know it has been a very big topic in this election who is moscow's preferred candidate on the ukrainian side. you see in the first round we had a candidate who actually travel to moscow basically to show that he was supported by the russian leadership he met with the prime minister and with the head of
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russia's gas monopoly gas from and he came in fourth place so i think after the war of this conflict with russia being seen as moscow's friend doesn't pay off at the ballot box here in ukraine having said that of the petro poroshenko has been the face of ukraine standing up to russia on the world stage he's really put trade himself as the commander in chief and someone who'd stand up to putin so in that sense he has less baggage potentially he would be in a position to restart talks and to start a new page but for now it really seems like the consensus in ukraine that no one really wants to be seen as best friend. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world environmental activists have been rallying against climate change this good friday in rome the sixteen year old swedish activist for the chamber spoke to protesters at a fridays for future rally the group extinction rebellion tried to disrupt the london's heathrow airport and greenpeace blocked the paris headquarters of the bank
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such as say general. huge crowds have gathered in the sudanese capital khartoum to pressure the governing military council to immediately cede power to civilians protesters responded to social media appeals and joined a sit in outside the defense ministry the demonstrations are the largest since the military ousted longtime president omar al bashir one week ago. and in northern ireland a twenty nine year old old journalist was killed by gunfire during a riot in a suburb of the city londonderry the violence erupted after a large number of police searched a house in the area police identified the woman as the leader of a key they say that she was standing near a police vehicle when she was shot police are treating her murder as terrorism they suspect that a military republican group called the new ira which also took credit for a large bomb that exploded outside of a courthouse in londonderry in january now arlene foster the leader of the northern ireland's democratic unionist party condemned the violence. of course violence
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criminality terrorism was always rome still rome today and twenty one thousand we condemn it wholeheartedly we hope that everyone will work in london darien and be further afield with the place service to give them all the support that they need and can i command the officers last night who stood between the community and those who sought to do the community harm. and there is violence came on the eve of the twenty first sound of verse three of the signing of the good friday agreement that largely an. did the decades long complex between catholic irish nationalists and protestants in northern ireland but memories of the troubles are slow to fade in london derry or derry which was the original name of the city. john donnelly is a former ira fighter from derry in his home is a small collection of treasures from the decades of warfare known as the troubles show me a young lad for us the british soldiers belt back contains photos from
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a secret list of wanted ira members and it was a photo of myself there those are technically army. scale usually do not use their informer. using informers. may get worse martin mcguinness was the former provisional ira leader but later seen feigns chief negotiator for the good friday agreement twenty one years ago. for over three decades he and the ira for british rule in northern ireland. john donnelly was a leading political force in derry northern ireland second largest city. and he was instrumental in persuading ira operatives to lay down their arms. twenty one years on the conflict seems to have been settled but for many this is merely a superficial arrangement donnelly says poor areas of daring are still waiting for
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the peace dividend to kick in since a peace agreement opened up till now it there's been no tangible worker helping those worse off. yes he and a colleague tom court also a former fighter share one of the hardest jobs. so we usually room and they're there binders full of brutal stories. donnelly shows a particularly telling file. this type of shit will be out of it if it the client's name where he lives. what age group nature of threat expulsion beaten shit in the competition are all ours and this case was a neutral affair as expulsion from a civic. to punish so-called anti social behavior radical elements impose vigilante justice in the poor areas of derry. this is
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a holdover from earlier times when the ira policed neighborhoods. of tradition that radical irish nationalists are carrying on today. area a mother and her son visit a community center they want to remain anonymous york here the boy is accused of stealing a car his threaten punishment is to be shot in the leg. donnelly is trying to mediate. here to be. i talk to people here should the threat. because. because we needed it. we only know redell enter. a letter of apology will hopefully avert the looming threat. it's a typical day at the rosemont community center an indication that for some people in northern ireland peace has not yet returned twenty one years off to the good friday agreement. of french president emanuel has met with unesco officials to
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discuss ideas for rebuilding paris's fire damaged notre dame cathedral the u.n. cultural agency oversees global heritage issues and at the cathedral workers have been removing paintings and other artworks for storage across hopes to rebuild the cathedral in time for the twenty twenty four limping games which paris will host meanwhile elsewhere in the city people have been taking part in a procession marking the christian holiday of good friday the way of the cross marches are being held in a number of cities with the aim of commemorating the crucifixion of jesus christ. of bringing rebecca ritter's who is standing by with the latest for us from paris as we've heard rebecca today's good friday what is the atmosphere where you are. well you mentioned the procession the that much of the cross it is happening right
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now actually want to lower my voice slightly because it's very quiet it's happening just out of the frame the worshippers are walking past and carrying that cross i think you're saying you've probably got live pictures there as well and it's a very sort of summer affair actually they're carrying the cross it's being dragged followers there's obviously a lot of press following them and the followers are all singing hymns and they were before prior to that they were reading from the bible and they were being played through loudspeakers right here along the river the procession has come from not from not exactly but just nearby and it's going to go all the way around and then be met and one of the bridges just behind me here to the right but normally people would then go on to where the island where not is but i'm obviously today that will not be happening and we can just faintly actually hear people singing in the background behind you rebecca we know that the french president emmanuel macron
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that he has met with unesco representatives today he's really going full steam ahead on the plan to rebuild the cathedral as any. he is some are saying that he's trying to make it his legacy and that's why he's promised to have it rebuilt in five years that's unlikely i hope you can hear this beautiful singing that's coming from behind me sorry to interrupt but many experts are saying that five years is very unrealistic they're looking at more like ten to fifteen but possibly. could phaedra will be in some obviously be able to be visited even not in full repair and what about the investigation has there been any progress there. nothing more on that as we know you sara what we do know is that we some preliminary inspections yesterday assesses don't have full access to still a still fears of safety safety concerns we inside the cathedral so people are
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have been able to give a full assessment but. we do to know that it's most likely would have been an accident that it was some sort of electrical fault possibly that's there indication at at this point rebecca writers in paris thank you rebecca and with the restoration of notre dame did it take at least five years it's been suggested that a temporary wooden church could be erected on the square in front of the cathedral to accommodate worshippers that this is not the first time that a store of jam has fallen victim to flames so let's see how it is possible for architectural masterpieces to rise again from the ashes. almost lost to monday's fire no two down cathedral still stands proudly over the river center and with billionaires such as the owners of retail and a outpouring and money to rebuild the cathedral is now guaranteed to survive but
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will the new notes look just like the old one and how quickly can it be rebuilt france now faces those tough questions but not saddam is not the first culturally significant building to burn across the atlantic just last year brazil's national museum was destroyed along with its twenty million item collection unlike with not saddam just a quarter of a million euros have been raised just one percent of the estimated rebuilding costs . for a success story though france can look to germany's eighteenth century fallen kish to the church of our lady it was bombed by the allies in one nine hundred forty five. and after two days of fire the church finally collapsed. for almost five decades east german leaders left the rubble of dresden paroch masterpiece as
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a reminder of the horrors of war. painstakingly rebuilt beginning in the mid ninety's the new fallen kosha incorporates the ruins left from world war two and has received millions of visitors since its recants a creation in two thousand and five. call so in germany the mali a library environment part of the unesco world heritage site in two thousand and four its roof caught fire probably due to faulty wiring reconstruction was possible in just three years but the blaze took thousands of rare books with it. and in italy venice is famous laffin each a theater dating from the late eighteenth century burned to the ground in one nine hundred ninety six and took eight years to rebuild now back and as beautiful as ever that finishes social media team sent words of encouragement to not to tweeting
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we burned but we rose from the ashes stronger than before by. the mozambique now and the country is continuing to struggle with devastation from cyclonic di especially in the port city of beirut ninety percent of buildings there were damaged many people have been displaced it's a similar story along the country's coast for nearly two million people are still in need of help our correspondent adrienne creech reports from a community there. these fields where jackie's only source of income they were in fact her entire life she has always lived in farm tour with her family but this year everything changed. in meters of a ball kind of in this corner used to look much better than the sign clone had and everything died a day later the floods came and wiped out everything we lost everything we grew
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rice over there it's all gone now too we've already used up all the rice from last year we're waiting for this year's harvest all the corn and all the rice everything's gone. a month ago cycle and he dies swept through destroying homes in the region many people are still sleeping out in the open or intense. most people here. rely on foods distributions just the wife but it's also the case that jackie and her family. this is the first international food aid to reach the local people here one month after the cyclon hit aid organizations have delivered badly needed rice beans and although little jackie is really. because of it what about we suffered for so long and had nothing to eat day after day we just got by and the remains of whatever vegetables we could find. just today more than two thousand families came for rations most of the people here are farmers and
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they wait impatiently as the food is distributed. under water for quite some time so the i feel the affected in some location even in the cities of. almost west so you can imagine. the crops and scrapes to expect this community to be fair for quite some time. more than are finding in this area. jackie has arrived back home or at least what is left of it her previous home was completely destroyed in the cycle with the help of her neighbors the sixty one year old managed to build a small hats everything that jackie could save is in here it is also where she and three family members sleep. nevertheless at least they finally have rise to cook
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the family has not eaten a proper meal for weeks now. of course i'm happy right now but then again not really because when the food here is gone i don't know where i'll get more i don't know what will happen i don't have any money. nothing to rebuild my house with and then thing in the did. there's a glimmer of hope in the jackie's field at least a neighbor gave her a few seeds and they're just now starting to sprout if everything goes to plan and she could be eating her own crops again in the bud six months time. rick reminded of the top stories we're following for you here at g.w. in the united states the house judiciary committee has issued a subpoena to obtain the full russia investigation report by special counsel robert muller the top administration has so far only made a bad back to the version available. it is asia is next i'm sorry kelly in berlin
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thanks for watching.
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they came to a wasteland and turned it into a path to. a conversion to islam is hard land into india's only privately owned wildlife sanctuary. today it provides a safe haven for a number of threatened plants and. sixty minutes long. and during the supply chain reaction of congress.
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this is the the news asia coming up on the program but a life for reporting sexual harassment protests in bangladesh off a nineteen year old job dies after being attacked in her class. silenced because. china's rainbow community protests against censorship. and in malaysia. choosing a different quitting time thing.


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