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games left and a thrilling end to the season and a reminder of the top story we're following for you a wave of easter sunday bombings in sri lanka has killed at least two hundred and seven hundreds more wounded the government has called the attacks a terrorist incident and blamed religious extremists several people have reportedly been arrested a nationwide curfew is in place. you're watching live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the yeah with more news so that take care. of. her. birth place home to use of species. a home worth saving i'm. going to give those are big changes and most start with small steps global warming tears tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. but news that
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contributes to least drainage certain shots and deforestation. interactive content teaching the next generation of west environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation globally as the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. i said to me yang is that gabby is only female paralympic athlete. her next goal is the twenty twenty paralympic games in tokyo. and her dream is to bring home a medal. i see two trains instead of close to the capitol van
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jewel four times a week. basketball athletics and weightlifting. she's a single mother struggling to get by without state support. i. i i. was . i said to nine was born with an impairment to both legs all of her teammates have disabilities but she's the only woman many gambians object to this arrangement they feel men and women should train separately. it was i said to whom everyone calls ita takes a different view she sees the other players as her brothers. and as is common with
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siblings things can get a bit rough. oh yeah. i know. the club is like a family to the approximately twenty basketball players. discrimination against people with disabilities is common in the gambia. as the club founder and coach well knows. that first i said to couldn't play basketball. she dropped the ball and she wouldn't pay attention so the ball would roll away what do you want to know that i don't know how to make my point that that what it did do or did what i use the south was the good thing i guess is the best for me at this thought that for many years it did get nineteen years but twenty years yeah i'm done now you could see i'm not up to me this is for sure here after thirty
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years of my dough sure it's rooted out the belief that really. most to me there's an apartment in france you know it was one of the basketball players hopes that one day they will all be able to compete at the paralympic games together at the moment there aren't enough funds to send the whole team abroad the gambia gives no financial support to paralympic athletes meaning they rely on sponsors to fund their travels here and training. i. getting around isn't easy but i said to is used to making her own way. sometimes her son helps her. i want to push my wheelchair place.
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fled of again. i can't do it. there's too much sand here. just stop looking around concentrate and push me so to conduct can be a challenge to people in wheelchairs few roads are paved while public buses are often packed and don't have ramps. even a trip to the local market can be difficult. i know. but what. i said to buy is fish and other groceries there are only a few supermarkets in town most of which are expensive.
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for her son would like a new football. yeah but how much yeah. six hundred twenty one of oil. that's as much as a bag of rice. to people for a little. bit of well. maybe men would you sell it for three hundred a year but there will be three five hundred five hundred what's your final price. they get three fifty that's all i have on me thank you all for having. the groceries are heavy so i said who wants to take a taxi home and today she's lucky few taxi drivers are willing to take the time to help her pack a real chair. taxis are a luxury i said to him many people with disabilities can seldom afford. i.
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will not if i wanted i'm in. if. you want a whole lot of them about. them both of them of their local yellow. here at the universal gym i see two is we training. basketball isn't the only discipline i said to wants to compete in she's also a weight lifter. she can train here for free she comes several times a week. is
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a friend of hers he also started training at the gym a while ago which helps her stay motivated lower than. my lead. i see two tries to walk on her own legs as often as possible although she can't cover long distances. she needs to train hard to qualify for the paralympics in tokyo. you go. wow. this is in london yeah. this is my fourth. athletics but this appears. i came out fifth yeah i was very happy that day because it's the force them representing. twenty six
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i was not in the games because the one who used to sponsor me. i have the morning to be in my bills that's why i could not make it to games. at two pm it's time to pray. like most gambians i said to is a practicing muslim. do and i said to begin the journey home. she and her family live in one of set of hundreds poor neighborhood a sea. of relief where. that ten of us in the house move my boys my sister. my mom and father and my brother wife and my brother us we all sleep together. now that. i did.
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the family likes to spend sundays together. i said to got married when she was eighteen and had her first child one year later and then a second. she got divorced eight years ago it was a difficult time and she still doesn't like talking about it. i know what i feel right for. her family supported her back then and today then able her to take the necessary time to train travel and compete internationally and on the menu today is a rice dish called been a sheen which the family shares with a few guests i said to is close to her parents i'm grateful to god for giving her to me though it was difficult when she was a child i cried when they told me i had given birth to a disabled child they were going to let my boy. god gave her to me.
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and i accept her and good faith of course. but don't include it and asked encourage me she told me to take good care of vida and that she would go far one day. and everything. i said to smother is sorting copies every day she sells fried vegetable balls on the roadside like i said to she doesn't have a fixed income i'm. going. to do. it he got me here for this they will do what their low work for disabled people here all that all that all the a thing that we can do is to go outside and there because even if you have your application and drop it the moment they see you dating that you were there to look
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for my little one or two people who come and give your money and go buy a new not. stand to listen to your explanation or whatever you want to do. to gambia does not provide welfare for disabled people. so every morning at six am i see two sits on the roadside asking passers by for money she does this for three hours every day. and the people in her neighborhood know about her athletic success so many hesitate to give her money as they think she must be rich. but i see two made no money competing and will only be able to go to the paralympic games if she finds a sponsor. when the stores open people asking for money and there are many have to leave. i said who has been contacted by the head of the gambia as
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paralympic committee. i think it's safe. i said to lives on the breadline she gets by with the equivalent of around twenty euros per week far below the national average her family struggles to make a living. when defending. its for three of us i like on that. i said to is poor but she's holding on to her dream of competing at the paralympics . despite the many obstacles she faces she believes she can make it.
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worth. a go to africa. and hopes to save the country's mangrove. forests. that are also being damaged by cattle heads. yes on camera. next. they're the latest fashion in chocolate easter eggs. part of a special easter collection created by a confectioner the time was called. a concept this year in order. modeled on designs by great names in fashion eggs cuisine easter creations.
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sixteen. people who for information. the fenians want to express. on facebook and twitter are up to date to touch. the. hello and welcome to this edition of africa then vironment magazine cool produced by d.w. in germany channel's t.v. in nigeria and chris a here in south africa. and i'm joined by michael present in
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