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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2019 8:30pm-9:00pm CEST

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you know. i'm not nothing but. i guess sometimes i am less than nothing with me but i don't think deep into the general culture i. think that it's groundhog day i'll eat because it's all that who knows i might join me in the think that. i want to go and we're going to drive a deadbeat over your motor magazine. today's highlights about what a concept car we drive. around los angeles small but spacious four hundred jazz dynamic. and the new c.e.o. of leon cooper our esteemed.
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spanish brand see it shows the picture as rude surrounded home city of barcelona to show off what will be the last leon cooper to bear the sea logo a high performance machine for a final farewell. but the economy baker says there are lots of sporty station wagons offering plenty of space powerful engines and a bronnie look to boot whether it's an a m g for mercedes and b.m.w. m model or an r s from audi they all have their own logo which they're proud to wear and not to be outdone see i've recently turned its sporty kookery models into a separate brand with their own logo a cooper i take it was its debut model but they seem to have forgotten this one for the sierra leone cooper r.s. t. the badge on the grill is c. at night cool prague young wonders why it's not part of the cooper family it's certainly not lacking in the aggressive style i think so my mistake on. the
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cooperage does indeed look the part chunky air intakes plenty of carbon along with the copper colored accents all add to the racy appeal of the saying that liam cooper are nasty. and extended rear spoiler made of carbon fiber dominates the back of a large rear diffuser and quad tailpipes also emphasized the coopers sporting credentials. standards committee and says that only on cooper it comes with the launch control as standard for that you have to switch off and set it to support it allows you to go from not to one hundred kilometers an hour and four point nine seconds. the cooper which weighs in at one point six tons is able to crack the five second mark not least because of its all wheel drive the car is powered by
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a two liter four cylinder turbo charged gasoline engine boasting two hundred twenty one kilo watts of power and four hundred newton metres maximum torque the top speed has been electronically limited to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour. because i don't says the r. is t's all wheel drive gives it endless amounts of traction whatever surface you're driving on so speeding round bends is no problem but if you're on a longer drive and not interested in all that you can switch on the comfort mode which gives you lighter steering and softer suspension but if you're looking for more there's the sport mode and if you like it really hot there's the cooper mode where you never drop below two hundred r.p.m. in the steering is super responsive so you can really speed into the bends call that. the front axle has been reworked to improve haggling performance while ensuring a decent level of comfort during the drive i may get a camber
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a few degrees at the front and rear means higher cornering speeds are possible. behind the fence is the coin tailpipes might make you worry about upsetting the neighbors but the say it doesn't have a super noisy exhaust system that will terrorize your neighbors instead it's fitted with a sound actuator which sends vibrations up the windscreen and thinks it doesn't sound unpleasantly synthetic so you can get to enjoy the rumbling inside the car while still keeping your neighbors happy too in the wrong when they're not they're all happy. ok tara and carbon dominate the interior of a digital cockpit comes with a choice of display modes and designs. sporty buggered scenes covered in cantarell long with carbon with door panels roundoff the mildly sporty appearance. that
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finally yon wants to clarify the confusion over the missing cooper logo it's clear that this car has all the power and performance of a cooper by its spacious two offering up to one. thousand five hundred sixty leaders in a cargo space with a back seat folded down the answer is actually quite simple but a new generation leone is due out later this year so this is like a farewell to the previously successful generation and the form of a limited edition model the new generation of call them having a cooper logo in. the persian five thousand e g t is nothing if not i can't shake the french carmaker peugeot has come up with a distinctive design that is a crossover between an s.u.v. and event it's intended to be practical while looking guy namak masculine and
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elegant too but it's not a true off road vehicle i like its rivals it has no all wheel drive option. that has all car to salou is compos that is the new push zero five thousand eight hundred salute to do with its predecessor what was once a boring family van is now a sporty crossover it's looks that are closer to the peugeot three thousand eight with its smaller brother. but he says he is quite a bit bigger offering luxury and the latest technology from massage seats in the front to the sensor activated tailgate of five thousand eight has just about everything to make your day a little easier. inside the freak show is uncluttered and well laid out the small steering wheel and the digital iconic there are just two of the many highlights. but i call it
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lewis's proof shows second generation iconic it has been completely redesigned and he likes it a lot better if that's the fly on the steering wheel since just below the dash so you can clearly see this pedometer without ever taking your eye off the road. cup five thousand eight offers the latest driver issues features including active safety brake with front collision warning active lane keeping assistance and the wind speed detection and driver attention alert. with its wired hood and steel cut grill them to show looks ready for anything. and that chrome elements on the g.t. trim give it that extra attention of reelection. and crossovers tailgate enjoys an extra modern look thanks to the contrast between the rear lights and the black strip they're built into the real like catcher is the
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small group heads for the left. to make up for points sixty four meters long lewis says and who show gives you plenty of space there's even room for an optional third row foldable seats for two more passengers. have gone up as well as think this is where the persian really picks up points because it's very flexible although the seats are better suited for kids effort than adults. we've tested the five thousand eight stop diesel version with a blue h.d.i. engine and puts out one hundred thirty kilowatts in the g.t. variant it hits one hundred kilometers per hour nine point two seconds and tops out at two hundred eight kilometers per hour. the price tag for this version in germany starts in forty two thousand five hundred euro.
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i think that was since the six beat out of many transmission is a breeze to handle the steering is light and you get. sense for that she teaches link the first time you look in the rearview mirror. but despite its size the five thousand eight doesn't need much to get going because you know estimates one hundred kilometers of driving need she has four point nine leaders of these. make up as well as fines of five thousand each g.t. convincing it offers a huge amount of space on the luxury features and a modern design the third row seats just too small for adults but on the other hand good first smaller kids which could make it appealing for families of.
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mercedes e m g has released a race optimized version of its am g g t r pro sports car the chassis improved power to weight ratio and increased aerodynamic surges some of what's new the car is outfitted with a rollover protection system and have four point seat belt for the driver and passenger it reaches one hundred kilometers an hour in just three point six seconds topping out at three hundred eighteen kilometers per hour. bradley has brought out its continental g.t. convertible now in the third generation but unlike its predecessor a spending changes are subtle that top of the line version supports a twelve cylinder engine putting out four hundred sixty seven kilowatts and nine hundred metres of torque at continental g.t. convertible goes on sale in germany in june with prices starting at two hundred twenty eight thousand five hundred euros and you have in twenty nineteen to these luxury cars are still in hock demand and.
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we've come to the streets of los angeles where we've been given the exclusive opportunity to try out the east. manji key concept car that was unveiled at the l.a. auto show late last year. scarred face to remind awash a fair likes the look of each other on the straight up but he won't be on his own for the drive he's joined by dennis schmitz from technical project manager for the each. foot dennis says it's a fully fledged show car he's happy to show him on a well what the team is like that. accompanied by a police escort the pair begin their trip through the streets of l.a. the car has no number plates and is not normally permitted to drive on public roads a fully electric coupe a bush an impressive four hundred thirty four kilowatts of power so it could rival
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some sports cars out there and all with zero emissions but sadly here in the city they can't push the tron anywhere near to its limits aside from the electric motor the cabin of the car is also unusual. and does dennis explains that the interior uses only materials there are no animal based products at all the steering wheel uses microfiber the seats are fabric it includes recycled materials the floor mats for example are made of reclaimed fishing nets. it certainly looks quite futuristic the slimline hexagonal steering wheel in the style of the slide control for the automatic transmission are a break with tradition for audi the entire interior is tailored to the driver's needs there's also space for a head up display which would project information to where the driver can see it more easily. at first the seats were quite comfortable but during the drive the
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minimal starts to realize that while the each ranchi cheat as a good grip on the road it's also pretty hard the slightest bump in the road as he mediately. passed on through the seats to the occupants. of dennis explains that's because this is only a show car and doesn't yet have the suspension that the final each will have he says the final vehicle will be sporty but it will still be a comfortable ride. but there's something else that's still bothering him in a way it has got the only sees this as a touring car he says but the range of four hundred kilometers has finally get you around the city and a bit beyond but what if you want to go on holiday to another country for example on the how are you going to keep the battery charged. demonstrates your sim it's quite possible because the each has an eight hundred volt battery which allows up
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to three hundred fifty kilowatt fast charging so it takes about twenty minutes to recharge the battery to eighty percent that will take you another three hundred twenty kilometers so you can take a coffee break for twenty minutes and then you're off again. finally it's time to change drivers in manuel can now get his hands on the steering wheel driving a concept car on public roads with a police escort isn't something you get to do every day. while driving means immediately notice is something else. that when you take a foot off the gas it slows to a stop your dentist says that's right it doesn't creep at all he says audi decided not to have it creak so you have to use the accent reader if you want to go anywhere so that means it's recuperating energy right until you start it's this freak energy recuperation system along with
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a ninety kilowatt per hour battery fitted in the floor of the vehicle that audi says gives you a four hundred kilometer range. dennis adds that the american market requires electric vehicles to have the obvious. i'm which emits a sound up to a speed of thirty kilometers an hour so that pedestrians can hear it coming. so that was our trial of the audi tron in l.a. a gentle stroll that you don't do every day. should of dennis's he enjoyed it emanuel certainly did but now he's keen to try out the finished car and. dennis promises out he won't disappoint in two years' time. so perhaps we'll be back here again in two thousand and twenty one and then without the police escort. the honda jazz compact goes back a way since its debut in two thousand and one the carmaker has sold seven million
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of its latest models from twenty teams as a pressure forty year look. but that our card testing is paid three says until now the jazz was only available with a one point three meter engine at seventy five kilowatts now it's added a more powerful version with a one point five liter gasoline engine that puts out ninety five kilowatts. feet. but the new engine is only available with the dynamic model it also reflects the car's new sporty look highlighted by the red trim along the spoiler lid.
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colorful details define the interior to such as red stitching on the steering wheel seats and gear shift. the gas tank is under the front seats this allows for an especially roomy interior a red trim runs right along the rear diffuser. rounding up a sporty appearance a well defined roof edge spoiler but warner such a small car it's what's on the inside that really counts. are tested tells us that the jazz is in seniors in design or set out with a specific goal to create as much space for people and their needs as possible with a car and its features taking up as little space as possible that i'm moving boxes
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will test just how well this idea translates into every day use. packing the car is easy thanks to a lower loading height and wide rear hatch. intelligently stacked there's room for thirteen boxes in the back. with a big. folded down one hundred jazz offers a maximum of one thousand three hundred fourteen leaders of cargo space with the seats up and the parcel shelf in place you have three hundred fifty four leaders but even then the compact car has a little trick to offer he had enough that let you know says honda's magic seeds as it calls them are hugely popular you simply fill the seat upwards and then tuck away the supporting bar as well which fixes the seat and the upright position leaving you space for items that need more height like plants for example the.
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so would certainly spacious for such a small car but does it also live up to a sporty look in his hips the open road the new one point five liter i.v. take gasoline engine offers ninety five kilowatts of power with a manual transmission the jazz accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in eight point seven seconds if you're not so keen on a manual you can get an automatic transmission for an extra thirteen hundred euros . cockiness notices while driving that the biting point on the clutch pedal is very high then gears have a very short throw so it can feel sporty but in his feels she has to really work the gas pedal to pick up speed and then it feels like she has a lot of revs but it's not necessarily being transferred to the wheels that's because the one hundred fifty five nude meters a maximum torque only kick in at forty six hundred r.p.m.
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on the other hand if you're on the expressway and six year then you find the car still has a lot to give. on this is the compact car has a top speed of one hundred ninety kilometers per hour so that's actually no different to the smaller engine. but when you want to put your feet. down for a sudden spurt then you do notice the benefit of a new entrant with its admission all sure. that some of them and that death and i mean this really likes the design of the hundred she has dynamic she thinks the red accents on the front spoiler and rear diffuser work well and the arrangement with the seats provides a lot of flexibility for stowing cargo. the man that i know and with a new engine in his thinks it is on the right path in this but she thinks it could
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still be a little more sporty this in spite of how that. b.m.w. debuted its new was motorcycle on the estoril racetrack near lisbon. and here it is the new as one thousand r r and first came onto the scene in two thousand and nine now when its fair generation b.m.w. sets itself the goal of making a model that's lighter easier to handle and one second faster than its predecessor . the race track is the best place to let us fully test the bike and push it to its limits by bloggers einar friedman is checking out the as one thousand are for us.
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the us is it trying it for the first time he said the fit was perfect even for someone his size such a small racing bikes can be an issue but he fits on this one great the first time around was really exciting when you first had to check out the course but everything went very smoothly it was really comfortable with the road tires everything was fine the traction control. everything in check you could even make mistakes without a problem even breaking lay down a curve the a.b.s. took care of everything and it's obvious that i was thinking of. taking a closer look the m. version comes in b.m.w. is racing colors the side guards are in place and with initials are armed. with rims made of carbon the s. one thousand are is even lighter. and of course there's an m. sport seat.
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the six point five inch t.f.t. display has been updated and for ride modes range sport dynamic race become standard to ensure optimal driving in all conditions. but it's the redesigned motor and that's the true game changer her. those the noisy bar motor expert tells us the new b.m.w. s one thousand our engine is four kilograms lighter and incorporates b.m.w.'s shift cam technology for the first time shift cam allows for a two in one concept a torque focused engine for the road and a very powerful engine for the race track a shift cam is comprised of two actuators and a shaft with two sliding segments depending on the revs you drive either on horsepower or torque can of this ystem switches automatically at one thousand
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revolutions eating five millie seconds to go from a torque to a horse power oriented engine. naturally the tires also play a key role when it comes to driving at high speeds. so slow by car bike blogger says that a racing bike needs racing slicks because normal road tires are boring on the race track and that makes them particularly excited slicks are completely different type of tire from road ones with different mic. to ratios because road tires need to handle rain slinks are specially designed for asphalt and good weather so he wants to see how the slicks handle the. preparations before reiner friedman prepares to take one more lap around the track. the bikes performance clocks in at one hundred fifty two kilowatts it's lighter than its predecessor between nine and twelve point five kilograms lighter depending
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on the model standard features include a.b.s. pro and dynamic traction control and suring safer braking while leaning into corners. but odds are not i know says a motorbike needs to be a great ride and it was he says the slicks were perfect for it and weather like this and a race track like this you don't need road tires you really feel the tires groaning under the power of this thing that really takes to the road it's a lot of fun. to think about that the feet of the cotton and pull to cling so that they can. be as one thousand are are clearly performs well weather and every day use winding country roads or the racetrack in high performance mode and in germany purchasing one will cost you less than twenty thousand euros.
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the next time i'm driving we test out the opel insignia sports tour. and get ready for summer with a new b.m.w. aid series convertible.
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. play. play play. business news live from grief and outrage follow a wave of bombings in sri lanka on easter sunday seven blasts rif through luxury hotels churches and eight the explosion came during a police raid the death toll now stands at two hundred seven with hundreds more injured officials are blaming religious extremists and have made several.


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