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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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at the bakery john stretch this line with the rules set by the. cuts. being recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . the day after the attack. controlled detonations explosives that were meant to add to the carnage of his easter sunday suicide bombings nearly three hundred people have died tonight his government issuing an apology it received advanced warning of possible attacks and did nothing for coffee berlin this is the day.
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you have even asked me to express our regret that measures were not taken to prevent this incident. and also that the tourist destination. we kept calling had after we had of the incident but there was no response. to that. coming up ukrainians have chosen a new president a comedian turned candidate with experience in reading from the script soon president elect zelinsky will be commander in chief the only script is the one that he wrote. and self i think his campaign was no ordinary can and i think his
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presidency will be no ordinary presidency. zelinsky is not a sign of equality will start to school zelinsky is a sign of equality with disruption so expect the unexpected. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome but we begin the day counting bodies and pointing fingers in sri lanka nearly three hundred people died yesterday in multiple suicide bombings in churches filled with christians and hotels filled with foreign tourists and easter sunday massacre that now ranks as one of the deadliest terror attacks since nine eleven today the government of sri lanka issued an apology admitting that it had intelligence intelligence warnings about possible attacks yet did nothing to stop them the political consequences of such a grotesque failure well they will have to wait tonight
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a state of emergency has gone into effect there are concerns that more suicide bombings may be planned authorities have arrested twenty four people and say a local islamist group was responsible but the level of organization and coordination is leading investigators to say that this attack was made possible with international expertise and another reason why i said is that sunday's attacks had more then domestic planning is the fact that seven suicide vests went off practically as planned and in unison here's a rundown of what happened yesterday what we know so far at eight forty five am local time suicide bombers launched a first wave of near simultaneous attacks in and around the capital colombo bombers struck two of the city's luxury hotels the shangri-la and the kingsbury hotel there were also explosions at st anthony's church in colombo and further north at st
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sebastian in. now just five minutes later a suicide bomber attacked colombo's sitting in grand hotel and across the aisle a quarter of an hour later there was an explosion at the zion roman catholic church in batticaloa seen right there the east coast of the country however the terror was not over at one forty five pm a seventh explosion took place at the new tropical in just south of colombo and eight. thirty minutes later during a police raid at a house in colombo sri lanka is no stranger to ethnic and religious strife we have more now on the background of this south asian island nation that has not always been at peace with itself. for many outsiders and tourists sri lanka is a storybook travel destination an exotic island in the indian ocean offering
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pristine beaches untouched nature and eastern cultural heritage. the postcard tourism pitch is a more complicated reality a british colony until nine hundred forty eight the country kept its colonial era name silent until constitutional reforms in one thousand nine hundred seventy two tree lanka is widely considered to be one of asia's oldest democracies and it's a diverse one while sri lanka's population of twenty one point six million people is predominantly buddhist other religions are also significant hindus make up more than twelve percent of the population while muslims account for almost ten percent . and christians mostly catholic are seven percent of the population those religions are spread across sri lanka's major ethnic groups about three quarters of sri lankans are sinhalese. with tunnel groups totaling more than fifteen percent and sri lankan mors making up most of the rest. when
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nationalist thomas pushed for independence in one thousand nine hundred three it sparked a devastating civil war over the next twenty six years it's believed more than one hundred thousand people were killed the war ended in two thousand and nine with an all out government offensive that crushed the remaining tunnel strongholds human rights watch later said the fighting constituted genocide despite small scale acts of interethnic violence since tree lanka has been mostly at peace a tourism boom has bolstered economic growth and sri lankan officials are keen to shield the sector from instability and violence. expert christiane wagner he works with the german institute for international in security affairs here in berlin mr vargas good to have you on the show his government has apologized for failing to act on warnings about a possible attack that we saw yesterday what does it say about the government that
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no action was taken and they were they had the warnings they are. it could be the case that the government has and the security forces have simply put too much focus on the resources of the liberation tigers of tamil eelam which was part of the civil war. which was defeated some ten years ago it was ten years ago it was ten years ago but there is still a lot of focus on a possible resurgence of the l.t.e. also the tamil tigers only. active in the also it's just possible that they have over the so that they're so focused on the threat from their recent past that maybe they were blind to an islamist threat yes. and especially so because these islamist group which is no talked about has never been shown any major activity they have vandalized. but they didn't didn't make any attacks so
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this is why they may have not seen it as a threat in this small group that has been blamed we heard today from sri lankan authorities that the thinking is that they had to have international help. what do you say can a small local terrorist group in sri lanka can can they be solely responsible for a series of suicide bombings that were that were also excessive yes this is very difficult to imagine so i would also think that there should be some international collaboration with other groups or some inspirational some support from other terrorist networks but also not forget that about some thirty lankans have joined islamic state in syria some of them have come back to sri lanka so i think the government will investigate in the next weeks in how far some of the return ease with some battle experience from syria may have helped or may have some contact with the mobile so this could be a possible link so radicalizing the relic allies in the locals on the locals have
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already been ready to lie. takes place over social media this is not so much a problem the problem is to really stop to plan an. attack and to have a proper coordination i think more experience and this is what the returns may have ordered and we know that is a religiously diverse country is there a history of violent muslim militants in charlotte no interesting has hardly been any violent muslim groups even sure joining the civil war when two muslim communities especially in the north and east has also been no victim of the civil war there was hardly any militant reaction by the muslims what we have seen in recent years is a stronger of radicalization of the social media as i said about such a sri lankans have joined the islamic state bunch of not forget normally the average order muslim minority is very moderate community it's between the east
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coast and the west coast in the east it's mostly family that has never never been the law of radicalization we have seen gulf money coming in mosques been built on the west coast but this form of radicalization is a relatively new phenomenon to the fact that you can talk about. sri lankans who may have gone to syria and come back to you know this in forty of islamist terror. is it possible that the government we know was this really government monitoring these people i mean did they they have these possible troublemakers on their radar this is not clear at the moment i think this will be part of the law in best occasion lankan government really has to see and how far these people have really been monitored it would also be when they have come come back over thought so countries so it could also not be so easy for sri lankan authorities. to really follow these individuals but i think this will be all part of. the investigations
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that we will see in moving forward. the coexistence of different religious groups in sri lanka is that threatened by what happened yesterday i think one of the biggest challenges will be for the government to provide security to muslim population for the simple reason that we have seen retaliation. against muslim minorities and if the link is proven to be cold i think it would be a major challenge for the government to award it does kind of retaliation to take place in the next weeks and months. christiane we certainly appreciate your insights tonight thank you welcome well there is criticism tonight over how political leaders have expressed condolences to sri lanka compared to the new zealand attack last month here's an example after the christ church shootings former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton talked about an attack against the muslim community using clear terms like islamophobia racism and white supremacist
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terrorists or following the bombings in sri lanka clinton did not use the word terrorism and did not say that it was an attack against christians instead she used the term easter worshipers barack obama and to rescind may the prime minister of the u.k. used a similar wording in there to tweets oh my g.-d. now was a muslim activists and founder of a counter extremism think tank noted this strange difference in tone and the absence of words terrorism in christianity he tweeted this muslim stance with persecuted christians globally and all minorities everywhere and edward how his borg hungary's ambassador to the holy see tweeted it's christians that have been killed not easter worshipers let's repeat that for all who try to skirt the word christian and just once more christians.
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yeah. beatles officer i will leave will face the future but i would like to firmly stress that i am not leaving politics. yes i am staying in politics i will keep fighting for ukraine and i would like to explain separately why. don't you tell us your future india ukrainians i want to underline that the new president will face strong opposition very strong to see. but i want to say that the country our ukraine which is the best in the world will only benefit from it we are. ukrainian president poroshenko conceding defeat last night and what a defeat it was his rival the comedian and t.v. actor of little me as alinsky a candidate with their political experience won by
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a landslide seventy three percent of the vote he did connelly watched as history was made last night in ukraine he joins me tonight from the ukrainian capital it's good to see you nick i mean we expected you to win this election that is true but a landslide i mean did you see this huge win coming. well brant looking around at that election party last night selenski headquarters there were lots of shocked faces you got the sense that even his supporters didn't quite believe that the opinion polls have been right and were totally taken aback by the extent of the victory the real clarity of the gap between. petro poroshenko i think this was the best way to understand this is a vote against him because some of that was about those failings but also some of these things were about things that portugal couldn't really be blamed for so one hand it was his failure to clamp down on corruption particularly in his. political
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family there were scandals in terms of military right up to last week's campaign really hit him hard you also failed to campaign in a way using a language that would really appeal to voters on the other hand is not fully responsible for the fact that ukrainians standard living is now lower than it was five years ago before the beginning of the war that is something that he couldn't fully control simply the fact that ukrainians household bills have risen several times because ukraine is under the pressure of international lenders that are propping up this country these are all things he wasn't directly responsible for but which people have taken against him since he on the other hand able to sell himself as the face of a new generation someone with a clean sheet and an outsider who on the other hand had hundred percent face recognition from his career in show business you know let's talk about mr president elect a man with or maybe with a plan i want to take a listen to what his advisers said about what he would like to see happen.
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the draft law on people's empowerments the draft on lifting immunity for members of parliament judges and the president. pietschmann and recalling members of parliament in the good bit of these among others on the laws that need to be implemented and adult to this continent. but if it doesn't happen now. and i'm sure that the next parliament will vote for these draft laws. advisor is assuming an awful lot they are does he does he have such a strong mandate to to get whatever he wants or is his advisor revealing just how naive this political newcomer really is when it comes to the realities of governing . well i think they had there's the normal mix of hubris and naivety that that is kind of characteristic of this
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campaign but equally you can really blame them i mean four months ago this guy was ukraine's most famous comedian playing a president as an actor and now he's doing it for real so there is grounds there for that kind of bullishness lots of this campaign has reminded observers here in ukraine of a man who call someone who he went to visit just before the second round in terms of the nuts and bolts of getting his agenda into reality well ukraine's are due to vote in a parliamentary election and they have already been speculation that plans to disband parliament early get an early election and bring his own party into the parliament potentially even using political newcomers in the same way that did so potential there for him really to bring home his advantage while the popularity ratings are still high you know that's a very good point maybe he can do you know to take advantage of the momentum that he obviously has right now in the country we heard today that mr selenski is not for russia but the kremlin it is not shedding any tears over to take
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a listen. it is too early to talk about president putin congratulating mr selenski. about possible cooperation. it will be possible to tell unli after particular actions. this being said moscow respects the choice of the ukrainian people especially since the choice is quite obvious. i mean that's a very controlled spokesman there for the kremlin but you could hear that they're thrilled about the result zelinsky he has no experience in dealing with foreign leaders vladimir putin has decades of experience zelinsky looks like easy prey for putin is he. that has been attacked all through this campaign saying that he is the statesman that can stand
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up for ukraine against russia and as we saw at the ballot box the voters didn't care they were more interested in domestic issues in wages bills and pensions. i think the kremlin knows too that congratulations from vladimir putin are a kind of political kiss of death so even if they were happy they wouldn't express those if they were trying to do him a favor. good more seriously now i think he doesn't have much leeway here he's got ukraine's very active civil society breathing down his neck really watching his every move so even if he wanted to make big concessions to russia they simply wouldn't let him but so far he said he won't move ukraine from its course towards closer integration with the west the west being a bit elusive there about what perspective ukraine has in terms of membership of nato ukraine e.u. rather no one making ukrainian president he promises for now but i think what these elections really have shown is that after five years of war with russia conflict
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with russia in crimea being russia's best friend really doesn't bring any doesn't bring any benefits at the ballot box here there is very little room for him to make friends with the kremlin responding to connelly reporting from kiev nick is always thank you very much. zelinsky has been cold the king of the disrupter the effective use of social media no doubt helped him assume to the highest office in ukraine here to talk about how he went about it is where you swayed from our social media desk it's good to see you i mean let's talk about. his formula for success what did he do that was so different well it's really everything is different about this guy as you said he was an actor we have shots of his former acting career and this is really a life imitating art imitating life sort of thing because he played the fictional president of ukraine on his sitcom for many years and he's also just a middle class guy who grew up in a crumbling tower in ukraine is also jewish by the way but he was able to ascend
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but he the presidency with a very effective use of social media he was able to control his narrative thereby minimizing gaffes appearing more accessible he gave very few interviews very few press conferences during the campaign all in the name of getting his message out there unfiltered which is certainly something we've heard about before he even had a message for other post soviet countries during his victory speech saying hey look guys you can do this too so now we have to see if now this becomes the template for your bulgaria's your your bella versus their own political your surplice that's right or winning an election without really speaking about the issues that amazing what or ukrainian social media users what are they saying you know that alinsky has won of course social media is abuzz now it's fair to say that facebook is the most popular social media platform in ukraine we have
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a shot of his facebook page which has more than five hundred thousand followers and he really mastered things that you don't see a lot of politicians doing things like selfish videos he was wearing a hoodie hanging out he again you feel very accessible man of the people here he. is just going to the supermarket getting food with his friends like you do with your friends it was something that ukrainians haven't seen but i'm sure there are do that with my friends that are very used to these only darks in suits and that was definitely what part of shanghai was we have now of course social media debate raging this being a joke about this drug test to that. challenge polish i go to via social media this guy is one of ukraine's most prominent investigative journalists and this was his message to partially go supporters saying welcome to the opposition guys this is how democracy works get used to having to keep tabs on the landscape this guy most often i am was one of the founders of the my don protest movement if i remember a few years ago and here he's telling is
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a lengthy you need to reject the oligarchs reject corruption and not be like poroshenko and that is the way you will stay in power so now we have to see if he can move selenski can turn social media prowess into political power what you know they say he had success in a job where he had to read from the script and we has a job where he himself has to write the script see how he does when he's waiters always thank you. the white house says there will be no waivers for countries who want to import arabian oil the u.s. re imposed sanctions against iran last year threatening to punish any country that buys renewed oil washington granted eight countries waivers to this asians allowing them limited purchases of oil for six months where there are fears that today's move could reduce oil supply in the global market that is already typed washington says any shortfall could easily be picked up by other countries. the trumpet
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ministration has issued a blunt warning to nations buying oil from iran after may second there will be no exceptions to sanctions norway various nations that continue to buy uranium oil will be made to suffer. we're going to zero. cross the border we will continue to monitor compliance any nation or entity interacting with iran should use its diligence on the side of caution the risks are simply not going to be worth the benefits pump a zero said the u.s. had granted enough time for the affected countries to wean themselves off a rainy and oil and find alternative supplier it's before washington reimpose sanctions against around last year to run produced around two point three million barrels of oil per day that surround five percent of global i pushed until now washington had granted some importing nations waivers on the oil sanctions china
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and india are the biggest buyers of rainy and crude recently they've stepped up their purchases along with south korea italy and greece on the other hand have managed to cut their demand turkey had been fighting until the last moment for sanctions waiver extension. company a went on to say that there would be no grace period for those economies to comply despite sanctions iran's oil exports are said to have increased around twelve percent by the end of march but it's hard to say how accurate that figure is iran conceals the exact in mind by making good use of its armada of oil tankers the second largest fleece in the world. well the day is almost done the conversation however continues along and you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at brit golf t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now
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and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that it.
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